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Thomas Wiegandt

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Ailin Becker (drums, perc.), Daniele Trevisiol (violin), Rafael Wiegandt (drum kit, perc.), Thomas Wiegandt (vocals, guitar, sitalin, jaws harp, Ngoni, perc., sound editing)

01 Unwind + Unfold (a.k.a. the un-song)

unfinished business
unnecessary repetition
unsolicited advertising
unwanted information

<> unwind and unfold
to the untold and unsung truth
unwind and unfold
to the unlimited potential <>

undo and un-condition
unlearn and re-position
unleash your own decision
unearth the unspoiled mission


undivided attention
unconditional love
unlimited possibilities
in an undisturbed environment


unheard voices
unseen visions
unlocking doors
to an unknown land
unbelievable future
with uncovered wisdom
unforgotten goal
untouched soul


02 Fall In Love

I love fall
I love to fall in love
I see colours everywhere
and that’s not all
I breath the sweet air
love is all around
it’s everywhere – everywhere

I also love spring
giving birth to everything
a new song to sing along
I love all the seasons
I need no reasons
life is free
to do what it pleases

03 Lovers

lovers, let’s have fun tonight
lovers, enjoy and celebrate your life
the fire inside is burning bright
lovers can see the eternal life

dance in a trance until you shake
love is a game of give and take

lovers, let’s make love tonight
lovers, let’s keep the universe alive
recharge the the universal energy
lovers, renew your own vitality

what goes around comes around …
a lover – all over – all love her

this dance of ecstasy and oneness
it knows no sorrow
make love today
don’t wait until tomorrow
it gives you peace and energy
it’s a natural high and it’s free

04 Play The Game

Play The Game ?

first we are wild
and then we get tamed
we learn to play the game
and we buried the child inside

time to turn myself on
time to sing my own song
a song without end
and time and time again

I’m feeling complete
no need to compete
I got rid of my frown
I’m shutting down

it’s getting dark around my computer
no, no, don’t save
no, don’t save anything
it’s not necessary

I’m going to bed now
nothing makes sense somehow
tomorrow is another day
all will be going my way

I keep saying that to myself
over and over again
I keep saying that to myself
over and over again

first we were wild
and then we got blamed
we learn to play the game
but we don’t want to play it anymore

we set ourselves free
just to live naturally
freedom and fun
for you and for me

05 Inspire

Don’t tire, don’t tire !
do your best to inspire !
inspire before you expire !

guard your fire
don’t be a buyer
try to fly higher
fulfil your desire
to reach the top of the spire

sometimes even aspire
to be a live wire –
without being wired
you won’t get fired

Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions
you may drop all idiotic illusions
and forget all the customized confusions

Don’t tire, don’t tire !
inspire before you expire !

06 Animal Sense

before we get rid of every -ism
we need to intensely practice animalism
we can sense what we’re missing
it’s a simple and earthy natural rhythm

<> think with your body – feel with your mind <>

when finally all the numbers run into one
the mind stops thinking and body is having fun
our souls enjoying themselves in the warmth of the sun
a new life has just begun

<> think with your body – feel with your mind <>

surprise yourself
with what you can find
if you think with your body
and feel with your mind

<> think with your body – feel with your mind <>

let your nose and feet find the way
always – anytime – each and every day
let your nose and feet find their way
right now and each and every day

07 Some People

some people are talking to the stars
some people are talking to the stones
some people are talking to the animals
some people are talking to their bones
talking to their bones (3x)

<> who are you?
and who am I?
why do we talk?
when we can fly! <>

some people are talking to god
without a capital G
some people are talking a lot
some people are talking to the trees
talking to the trees (3x)


some people are talking to themselves
some people are trying to be free
some people in my busy head
are talking again to me
talking again to me (3x)


some people are talking non stop
some people are talking to their pet
some people just shut up
some people are talking to forget
talking to forget (3x)


some people have nothing to say
some people simply prefer to pray
some people are a pain in the arse
some people are talking to the stars
talking to the stars (3x)

08 Oblivion

lovers are floating in their bubbles
unaware of the rest and their troubles

the energy flows
where the attention goes

09 Internet

I’m surfing the internet
with no regret
I’m leaving my digital finger print
and no one gives me a hint

on which journey did I embark
do I ride a dolphin or do I ride a shark
on which journey did I embark
on my colorful screen in the dark

www dot – is it true or is it not?
www dot – what’s the plot?
I don’t know any more! – thanks a lot!

information or manipulation?
is it true or malicious invention?
recreation or numbing distraction?
and what is the real intention?

illusion – confusion – no clue – no conclusion

www dot – is it true or is it not?
www dot – what’s the plot?
I don’t know any more! – thanks a lot!

hey Mr. and Mrs. Follow-Follow
this is really hard to swallow
virtual reality might virtually be
just more confusion for you and me

how can I know – I have to grow common sense
common sense – is protection and self defense

you just can’t believe
everything you see and hear, can you?

oh no – no – no !

things on a screen
are not what they seem

oh no – no – no !

you just can’t believe
everything you see and hear on any screen
in whatever form and shape it might appear
that much is truly clear!

trust yourself and your friends
and the people with good intent
trust your family
live in your local community
www dot is virtual – it ain’t real …

10 Into There (Watchtower Update)

(an update of the song “All Along The Watchtower” by Bob Dylan)

there must be some kind of way out of here
that’s what we used to sing
but it always led to nowhere
maybe something new now must begin

there must be a way into there
the thief said to the clown
all this confusion ain’t going nowhere
get up, rise from feeling down

business men forget your crazy game
plough man care for planet earth
you don’t have to be so god damn insane
there will be a spiritual rebirth

<> there will be a spiritual rebirth
people will care for planet earth <>

11 Graffiti In The City #1

<> Can you see me? (4x) <>

graffiti in the city (4x)

I see the writing on the wall
urban graffiti covers it all
urban graffiti, urban graffiti
urban graffiti covers it all


I sometimes see my name passing by
I’m feeling lonely and I start to cry
I see the writing on the wall
urban graffiti covers it all


I wonder who will finally see my name
because to be seen is the name of the game
I know there is no point to blame
but I feel the rage inside just the same


I carry on spraying my lonely message
in a long tunnel, in a narrow passage
and I hope soon someone will see
someone who wants to connect with me
one day someone will see my graffiti
here in this grey and lonely city

graffiti in the city (4x)

12 Relationships


keep gently leaning
into each other
and feel the gentle touch
and don’t ask too much
keep the balance
and don’t fall either way
don’t fall away
don’t fall – at all
and heed that call
from someone
who is still recovering
from more than one fall

may happiness be a delicious food
enjoy the ride as long as it’s good
and let go when it’s not good anymore
that just might open a new door
a door that wasn’t there before
walk right through
who knows what it is good for

13 Up In The Sky

Up In The Sky

there are so many clouds up in the sky
and there are too many thoughts in my mind
and life is passing me by – and by
and life is passing me by

and just around the corner
there are so many new ways to find
so many other things
to replace the old thoughts in my mind

I simply need to re-arrange
and be ready right now
for a change

14 Eventually

if I look into the light
it is blinding me
and I have to look away
close my eyes eventually

I’m a mole, I’m a mole
locked up in the dungeon of my soul
but everyone will see
will be free eventually

someday I will step outside
and will float with the tide
from the dark into the light
and I will be you
and I will be me

15 Universal Energy

colors, lines and shapes and spirals
universal energy
colors, lines and shapes and spirals
omniversal geometry

it is kind – it blows your mind
it sets me free – and it is for free

16 Back In The Driver's Seat

sometimes I feel I have to abandon
the freedom of random
and leave the kingdom of fun
stop eating my chocolate bun
maybe I need to jump the gun
just for a while
and even with a smile
yes, I have read my file
and with a certain regret
so I don’t entirely forget
for a change follow a plan

there are 3 seats in a van
but only one is the driver’s seat
where I can even put down both of my feet
and stop at the red octagonal sign
and get out and take your time
and start walking …

<> get your feet back on the ground
get your feedback on the ground <>

17 Stones

I was sitting by the stones
the bones of the Earth
and the stones started to talk
they told me the story of my birth here on Earth
and many ancient stories I needed to know
so that I would be able grow
and hear the spirit call
and make sense of it all

I’m a link in a chain
and nothing has been in vain
but the chain twists around and tangles up at times
and can be a maze of confusing lines
which in the end leads back to the beginning

it’s an unbroken chain
and I’m holding on to it now
as I’m sitting by the stones
the bones of the Earth
staring into timeless space
almost forgetting everything
and only vaguely remembering
that I have been here before

in another life

18 Eureka

keep your cards to your chest
and your ears to the ground
keep calm and look
look all around

have a good look all around
that seems to be the best
and then don’t be too proud
to shout out loud
I passed my own test

I passed my own test
now I can forget all the rest
and what is best
I can take a deserved rest

19 Brainiac Maniac

I’m a half awake walking contradiction
to me it’s normal and it’s stranger than fiction
and then again fiction is stranger than me
and my mind on autopilot won’t let me be
I’m too often up in my buzzing head
but my body feels dead without the daily bread

I’m looking to be in balance
to use and enjoy my talents
I’m entitled to have fun in the sun
with nothing urgently to be done
being happy without guilt in a relaxed way
the price for achievements is a high one to pay

so how can I find
peace of mind ?
feeling the body is the solution
it is the true soul-revolution !

20 Time Is A Joke

Where has youth gone so fast
the endless nights of love and laughter
replaced by a little wisdom
and an aching body
and the days are getting shorter

Live today, young people
don’t die as yet, old folks
enjoy yourself, don’t work too much,
and if you can finally start to relax
and don’t waste time
fuzzing and fighting
don’t waste time

Don’t die as yet, young people
live today, old folks
and make love
do what ever you desire
and laugh and laugh and laugh
time is a joke
and ageing, oh well …don’t think about it too much
don’t think about it at all!