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Virtual Memory of Thomas Wiegandt, Multi-Art Composer, 1955 - 20??. Now decomposing.

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I would like to publish a book
publisher, please have a look
I have been writing for a while
just on impulse and quite a pile

I must say my writing is really quite unique
not thinking too much at all does the trick
that way there isn’t really too much to it
I listen to the voice and then write down a bit

I must admit as a poet
I occasionally seriously blow it
but that doesn’t really matter
often it even makes things better
as each and every poem
consists of a funky and flexible foam

sometimes I’m guilty of the crime
that I try too hard for a clever rhyme
some sweet randomness from time to time
brings a bit of a surprise and is sublime
I sometimes even dare to break a rule
and I hope that this is acceptable and cool.

Thomas Wiegandt
your outsider poet on the ground

Since I was 17 I have been writing hundreds of songs and poems, some of which I used to sing in the anonymous setting of busking in the streets of foreign cities.

It took me a long time and a lot of courage to put some of my poetry that had not been lost over the years up on the internet.

Finally I did it because after all I heard them on Cosmic Radio before falling asleep or driving alone in a car or being out in nature.

Most of these poems/songs have been scribbled on little scraps of papers and have been scattered everywhere in the house and when I find them, I now put them into a bag to type them later into the computer.

If some of my poems ever where published under my name at some stage as a book which some people have suggested to me (with my permission obviously or posthumously), I think a good title for one book would be: “A BAG OF POEMS”!

I am aware that with so many poems I have to sort my poetry into categories or themes. These could be:

Life experience, spirit messages (title: COSMIC RADIO), love, Irish identity (title: NO MORE IRISH POUNDS), German Poetry (title: DEUTSCHE UND AUSLANDSDEUTSCHE GEDICHTE), Haiku For Me And You (title: HIGH CUE), Blues, Childhood etc.

Another Book could have the title “TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH!” and would consist mainly of the political and philosophical poetry of 2 multi-media performance pieces “Going Back- a reflection on a species of 2 legged animals, who ignores his greedy and power obsessed wrong doing” and “SoulScape – an archaic and contemporary tribal exploration”, possibly in combination with some of my art work and photography, related in a meaningful way to the subject.

I like to encourage musicians and performers to use them, all you have to do is to contact me and tell me if you use any material commercially or in public, and please send me a copy of our co-operation!

Also please put on my name and as contact:

Please email me some feedback. I’m curious … individual perception is wonderful !

Poetry is amazing, written by spirit hands, it reveals mysteries in beautiful and mysterious words, leaves linear logic and everyday consciousness behind.

The veil is lifted for a very short moment, and we can catch a sneak preview, a glimpse into the essence, a taster of the truth.


Ramble on, old man, from beyond beyond, talk to the young folks over yonder who never will listen anyway, they need the experience. The old should know that they have been there at one stage, but maybe it’s the hope of one in a million seeds will actually germinate and grow into something beautiful beyond analogue deductions and the wildest imagination that keeps me going on and on, even getting stronger and maybe that’s all part of the big plan.

Sometimes we get a sneak preview in a song, a painting, a dance, or a poem – or when making love and exploding and being scattered throughout the omniverse, defying all human limitations, being just another humble cosmic spirit drop.

You can scroll until you find what you are looking for, or click on the image below for your random poem of the day.

English Poetry

(by a wayward foreigner)


special words – poetry
sacred words – poetry
scared words – poetry
daring deeds – poetry
language of the soul
no aim – no goal
not making sense – poetry
no wall – no fence – poetry
out of the ordinary – poetry
no tomorrow – no yesterday – poetry
language of the soul
no aim – no goal
you and me – poetry
pure and free – poetry
roots and fruits – poetry
multi-coloured blues – poetry
language of the soul
no aim – no goal
gathering feathers
in all kinds of weather
follow your vision
without permission


The little wisdom we acquired
along the way yesterday
seems to drift away
if we don’t apply it today
and might be lost tomorrow
but tomorrow never comes
that’s what they say
and anyway
is the tomorrow
I worried about

A New Start

(Chorus or harmony vocals singing: “today and everyday”)
Unfulfilled dreams
so many it seems
need living
and some giving …
today and everyday …
it always needs
what it takes
and more …
today and everyday …
more dreaming
no more dreaming
and no confusion
less illusion
a new solution
and no mind pollution
today and everyday …
know your heart
play your part
make a new start
it’s in your chart
today and everyday

Poet Looking For Publisher

I have been writing for a while
just on impulse – I burnt my file
there isn’t much to it
somehow I just do it
I admit as a poet
I often blow it.
It doesn’t really matter
surprisingly it makes things better
as each and every poem
consists of a flexible foam
but I’m guilty of the one crime
to try too hard for a clever rhyme
sometimes, not really all the time
sometimes I even break the rule
and I hope that that’s cool
your anarchist fringe poet

CV of a multi-artist

1955 Thomas Wiegandt’s birth
on a spaceship called planet Earth
lives in Ballydehob near Bantry
travelled to many far away countries
lived high and low
almost kicked the bucket a few times
last time survived a brain hemorrhage
but it wasn’t yet time to go
(thanx for all the good wishes from here and there and beyond …)
travelled to inner and outer space
dropped out of the rotten rat race
now enjoys the magic of a happy place
trying to find a way through the maze

Searching For Words

I’m still searching for the words
searching for a song
a song that makes sense after all
a song I can sing
sacred, scared and daring words
to leave my mind
my heart is beating fast
and I just can’t stand it anymore
to be misunderstood
even one more time
so please be generous
please be kind
forget to judge
just for this one time
and try to connect with me
and dare to connect with yourself
just for this one time
I must admit
I’m not too sure what I’m saying
but I know I have to try anyway
and I know after all the tune is true
and the sound is sound
and the essence is pure
and it’s all simple, very simple
I have a song
you have ears
sometimes I’m far away
and you are somewhere near
when things are upside down
and I keep forgetting
again and again and again
this song is our song
this song is about me and you

Ocean of time

is an ocean of time
the joy to be here
to be free without fear
Time – time is mine
no one can take it away
no rush – no delay
everything will be coming my way
is an ocean of love
sent from the spirit above
more than enough
Love sweet love
sent from heaven above
no one needs to starve
there is more than enough

Changing – again – forever

again again again
birth and death are the same transition
we are just on a different mission
forever and ever and ever
changing changing changing
the hourglass is turned upside down
again again again
trickling grains of sand
first unnoticeably slow
changing changing changing
at last mercilessly fast
again again again
the hourglass is turned downside up
changing changing changing
squeezing through
into something new
again again again
upside down downside up
forever and ever and ever

Sound Healing

(slow drum song in 6/ 8 with call and response)
Flow river flow
sound healing
feel the feeling
sound healing
go slow – go slow
flow river flow
heal the feeling
feel the healing
go slow – go slow
flow river flow
here and there
sound healing
for all to share
sound feeling
plants and animals
go slow – go slow
and you two legged animals
go slow – go slow
earth and universe
flow river flow


(Funky rap song with roots reggae drum)
Relate and connect
treat everyone with respect
Lets be one tribe
spread a happy vibe
Everyone is
your sister or your brother
your father or your mother
we are a tree
one big family
just dare to care
and care to dare
to share what’s there
and play it fair
and if you’re alert
no one gets hurt
it’s the way to be
one big family

Some Sunny Day

(slow dreamy song)
I used to watch us dancing,
our cold feet touching the ground…
our naked souls soaked with soft rain
dripping from the trees into our brains
the leaking gutters are still filled with leaves
and the water is still pouring out
flowing to the west, disappearing into the grey mist
that hides the turquoise sea of the sunny days
with their weightless seagulls
screaming their songs into the blue skies…
but isn’t gravity a blessing in the end?
Thoughts may take us into space
away from Mother Earth,
but we surely will touch base again…
some sunny day

1 – 2 – 3 – again

(ascending guitar riff E-G-A-C-D-E)
1 just for fun
2 for me and you
3 let it be
4 is there more on a distant shore?
5 feel alive
6 get your kicks and learn some tricks
7 life can be heaven
8 relate, create and wash your plate
9 let my eyes shine
10 here I go again, again, again ….


anyway – as a poet
I often blow it
and it doesn’t matter
it makes things actually better
as each and every single poem
seems to consist of some kind of foam
to be blown in unpredictable random patterns
on the sands of crowded and deserted beaches
much much further than the mind reaches

Always new and already outdated

(guitar G-F)
Always new and already outdated (repeat some lines for building up intensity)
like a butterfly drifting by
drunk from the morning due
and it still makes me wonder …
Sometimes I awake
pale and naked
after another soul quake
and I am glad about that I actually feel safe
My awareness is the only mirror I got to go by
when I fly
as I still do
and some of you have reminded me too
I only hope the light is not already fading
as I find myself in a wooden boat
thrown around by the ever rolling waves of time
out on an ocean of love
in a dream inside of a forgotten cave
But after many many moons
the thoughts in my head are sill raging
and I never know
is there an end
and I never know
is there a land
beyond beyond
where I don’t draw a blank
and where things might be different
just nice and easy
and just around the next bend
where I can find
peace of mind
and a voice is whispering:
Just be
and be kind
to yourself
and that won’t hurt anybody else
you have already crossed over to another shore
And I find myself again
drenched to the bone as I am crawling in the sand
and I must say it is a bit strange

I feel high and the tide is low
and I still don’t know where to go
when I feel low and the sky is high
and I hear my heart beat and see my feet
passing by
and I guess
there is not much I can do
I just have to leave it at that
for now

Mantra Song

(to be sung repeatedly with layered voices, musically between an Indian chant and a Gospel song, with both calm and lively parts)
Child of the Earth
child of the Universe
live love
love life
be alive and happy!

In Our Dream

I’m living in a world that doesn’t feel right
an alarm clock wakes me from a peaceful night
I never care to know where I am
and I don’t even seem to give a damn
I’m programmed to rush around everyday
I’m busy all the time, I hide my feelings away
letters on paper, clocks and screens
are constantly killing me and my dreams
and even if I’m with you
it is not easy to get through
but together we are not so sad
not too numb and not too mad
and finally we can feel a quake
when our naked souls start to shake
and we know now where to begin
we have the power deep within
to make a change
to newly arrange
to dream our dream
to scream our scream
we can go where we have never been
and see what we have never seen
we can be awake or asleep in our dream

Death Of A Hero

You put me there
and it wasn’t me
and I told you so often
that I didn’t agree
and you still insisted
and things got twisted
and I became an illusion
in your world of confusion
or was it the other way around?
anyway – I couldn’t be found
and I was nowhere to be seen
and I don’t know where I’ve been
in an empty dream
in a time machine
when finally you decided to turn away
a hero dies in the end anyway

Through The Mist

When I walk back through the mist of time
when I walk back through the mist of mine
when I dare to visit these scary places
when I find the ancient and painful traces
when I look the demon in the eye
when I finally wake up and cry
when I see the candle still burning
melting the mist and pain of yesterday
then I begin to feel
the love hidden in my soul
shining like the sun
that had been hiding behind all these rainy clouds
I know – I don’t know
(call and response gospel-style song) (not finished yet?)
I don’t know (call)
I know (response)
do you know (call)
I don’t know (response)
live simple
I know (response)
own little
I know (response)
take your time
I know (response)
enjoy your time
I know (response)
live your life
I know (response)
love your life
I know (response)
be generous and kind
I know (response)
strive for happiness
love and happiness (response)
don’t settle for less (everyone)
don’t settle for less (everyone)
don’t settle for less (everyone)

I don’t know (call)
I know (response)
do you know (call)
I don’t know (response)


I wonder where are you tonite?
to be honest I have lost touch
are you at home somewhere
do you have central heating now?
I must admit meanwhile I’m thinking about it too
do you feel comfortable inside now?
or are you still on fire
like in the days
when we were convinced that we had no home
like in the days
when it was the only way to be always out there
like in the days
when we tried to change the world everyday
and now it is late and I’m tired
I wonder where are you tonite?


if I look into the light
it is blinding me
and I have to look away
close my eyes eventually
I’m a mole, I’m a mole
locked up in the dungeon of my soul
but everyone will see
will be free eventually
someday I will step outside
and will float with the tide
from the dark into the light
and I will be you
and I will be me


(guitar song)
why should I live on the edge
when I can be happy at home
why should I be happy
when I can live on the edge (chord bridge)
I feel like a commuter
a commuter with a laptop computer
living in a real virtual world
living in a virtual real world (chord bridge or solo)
but actually I would like to be awake
in a dream instead of a world of fake
watching swans on a quiet lake
just stop for a while and take a break (chord bridge)
but then here it goes again
clouds of confusion in my brain
it is hard to be just a simple man
I’m still outside listening to the rain

Music of today

(ancient sounding tune)
I just can’t listen to the music of today
it ain’t no music anyway
beauty, magic and passion
have gone out of fashion
I think I will follow my own instinct
before I’ll find myself all extinct
but that just can’t be
I’m gonna set myself free
painting beauty
weaving magic
exploding with passion
don’t care about fashion
I know what feels right is good for me
the brainwash media will disagree
bring the vibe back into the community
tribal spirit for you and me
I just can’t listen to the music of today
it ain’t no music anyway

Time is a joke

(Jazzy Blues in F#m: | F#m C#7 | B7 A E F#m | AE DA EF#m |)
Where has youth gone so fast
the endless nights of love and laughter
replaced by a little wisdom
and an aching body
and the days are getting shorter
Live today, young people
don’t die as yet, old folks
enjoy yourself, don’t work too much,
and if you can finally start to relax
and don’t waste time
fuzzing and fighting
don’t waste time
Don’t die as yet, young people
live today, old folks
and make love
do what ever you desire
and laugh and laugh and laugh
time is a joke
and aging, oh well …don’t think about it too much
don’t think about it at all!
Live while you can
When we were young
we did not know
and we were invincible
without a doubt
without any worries
Now we are older
maybe even wiser
but no more invincible
and doubts are creeping in
and this is a real worry
Live while you can
as good as you can

Enjoy Life

(guitar song A – Bm -Em – A)
Enjoy life, enjoy life today
Enjoy life in every possible way
Enjoy life, each and every day
and remember
today is the tomorrow
you worried about


L-Imitation (rhthm phrases)
Imi-Limitation (rhthm phrases)
let them leave us behind
we don’t mind
we are not blind
we can free our mind
just listen to yourself
yea-a-eahh! Yeah!
I can feel my body move
to a new kind of groove
just listen to yourself
taka dun ka – taka dun
the L-Imitation generation
creates the Imi-Limitation nation
I belong to no one
because I belong to everyone
I belong to everyone
because I belong to no one.
uuuh – aaah
L-Imitation (rhthm phrases)
Imi-Limitation (rhthm phrases)
let’s do what feels right
moving into the light

I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I

(the vowel wave)
I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I
I’m chanting the vowels
as they used to do
long time ago
long long time ago
I’m shifting shape
as they used to do
long time ago
long long time ago
I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I
I’m a she-man,
I’m a show man
I’m a shaman
I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I
the walls must fall
one is all
all is one
I’m trying to have fun
I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I
everybody burns
everybody yearns
everybody learns
eventually ….
sooner or later ….
I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I

Play The Game ?

guitar intro: rock’n’rolly C, G, then 2x rhythmic F?
first we are wild (C)
and then we get tamed (G)
we learn to play the game (F)
and we buried the child inside (Am-B7)
time to turn myself on
time to sing my own song
a song without end
and time and time again
I’m feeling complete
I don’t have to compete
I already lost my crown
I’m shutting down
it’s getting dark around my computer (Am-G)
no, no, don’t save (Am-G)
no, don’t save anything (Am-G)
it’s not necessary (Am-B7)
I’m going to bed now
no need to make sense somehow
tomorrow is another day
all will be going my way
I keep saying that to myself (Am-G)
over and over again (Am-G)
I keep saying that to myself (Am-G)
over and over again (Am-B7)
first we are wild
and then we get tamed
we learn to play the game
but we don’t want to play it anymore
we set ourselves free
just to live naturally
freedom and fun
for you and for me
guitar outro: rock’n’rolly C, G, then rhythmic F? -D3 D2 D0 A2- C

Bayefall Reggae

(dedicated to Demba Sow)
(guitar reggae Em Bm Am Em or Em D C Em or Am Bm Em)
la ilaha il allah
la ilaha il allah
akassa – let it be
akassa – set me free
Reggae music, love and peace
Bayefall Reggae, Love and peace
djef djill – djef djill -djef djill
chain reaction
djef djill – djef djill -djef djill
what ever you do
is gonna come right back to you
Amadou Bamba – Amadou Bamba – Ibra Fall
Ibra Fall – Ibra Fall – Amadou Bamba
Reggae music, love and peace
Bayefall Reggae, Love and peace
akassa – let it be
akassa – set me free
la ilaha il allah
la ilaha il allah

Sound Aspects of Speaking in Tongues

hi folks!
salamat pagi!
listen, listen to the sound
listen, what I found
don’t try to make sense
at least not too much
leave space
viel spass!
pas de problem!
akassa, akassa
let it flow!
listen, listen to the sound
it’s all around
and a word may have no meaning …
I ate a sandwich
in the restaurant of language
and that’s how it all started
und ueberhaupt: ich lebe jetzt von luft und liebe
l’amour toujours
pourquoi pas?
tomorrow never comes
uwaga, uwaga!
achtung, achtung!
ei verfflucht, Eifersucht
sucht eifrg,
vielleicht findet ihr ja was
liberté, égalité, fraternité
ces mots va tres bien ensemble
hakuna matata
auf dem papier, aber leider nicht hier
l’amour pour tous le monde?
you must be joking!
wir wollen ja nicht uebertreiben
je ne sais pas
c’est ne pas professionelle
t�g é go bog é
cigar , cigar – kali nikta
ich bin muede
fuer heute danke schoen
auf wiedersehen.
Bom dia,
inshallah, inshallah
that feels better
today is the tomorrow
I worried about yesterday
die sonne scheint
die nacht ist vorueber
seni sevi yurum
noeke in de koeke
spass muss sein
e subito, ho fame!
vla en pindakaas
why not another sandwich
from the restaurant of language
e apres ?
un vero paradiso:
dolce far niente
for a good while
quatsch, alles quatsch!
kann nicht sein!
habe ich ja gleich gesagt
und ihr habt nur gelacht
errare humanum est
quod erat demonstrandum
it’s all sound and sound enough
and mighty craic!
it seems I just can’t be serious!
ich hoer jetzt auf
terima kasih
I received love.
go raibh maith agaibh (gore mahagut)
and good luck to ye

The Repair Song

(an anthem for Mother Earth)
care and share, we can repair
we can repair, share and care
live and let live
let live and live
all you need is love
love is all you need
go and let things flow
flow and let things go


Barack Osama and Obama Bin Laden
one alive – God bless America!
the other shot in the head- dead
and dropped into the sea – Allah akbar!
this is not a poem
this is a cock and bull story!


I’m surfing the internet
with no regret
I’m leaving my digital finger print
and no one gives me a hint
on which journey did I embark
do I ride a dolphin or a shark
on a colorful screen in the dark

www dot – is it true or is it not?
www dot – what’s the plot?
www dot – thanks a lot!

information or recreation
is it true or is it invention
and what’s the intention

illusion – confusion – no clue – no conclusion

www dot – is it true or is it not?
www dot – what’s the plot?
www dot – thanks a lot!

Mr. Follow-Follow
this is hard to swallow
virtual reality might just be
more confusion for you and me

how can I know – I have to grow
common sense – is self defense

you just can’t believe
everything you see and hear, can you?
no – no – no !
things on a screen
are not what they seem
no – no – no !
you just can’t believe
everything you see and hear on a screen
That much is clear – have no fear

trust yourself and your friends
trust your family and people with good intent
live in your local community
www dot is virtual – it ain’t real …

Unwind and Unfold (the un-song)

(reggae-ish, Am C G Am, Am? F? G Am)
unfinished business
unnecessary repetition
unsolicited advertising
unwanted information
unwind and unfold
to the untold and unsung truth
unwind and unfold
to the unlimited potential
undo and uncondition
unlearn and re-position
unleash your own decision
unearth the unspoiled mission
undivided attention
unconditional love
unlimited possibilities
in an undisturbed environment
unheard voices
unseen visions
unlocking doors
to an unknown land
unbelievable future
with uncovered wisdom
unforgotten goal
untouched soul


lovers, let’s have fun tonite
lovers, enjoy and celebrate your life
the fire inside is burning bright
lovers can see the eternal life
dance in a trance until you shake
love is a game of give and take
lovers, let’s make love tonite
lovers, let’s keep the universe alive
recharge the the universal energy
lovers, renew your own vitality
what goes around comes around …
a lover – all over – all love her
this dance of ecstasy and oneness knows no sorrow
make love today don’t wait until tomorrow
it gives you peace and energy
it’s a natural high and it’s free

A Long Long Time

a long long time ago
I was lost in my own world
for a long long time
I almost drowned
a long long time ago
I drifted under water
for a long long time
I swallowed a lot of water
a long long time ago
no one was there and I screamed
for a long long time
there was rarely a reply
for a long long time
I did not know what to say
a long long time ago
I was very young
a long long time ago
I had not learned to speak words yet
a long long time ago
I stayed on my own
for a long long time
some times I did crazy things
a long long time ago
now my head is above water
and it was about time
I can breath and I do
it feels like freedom
but still I’m searching
for solid ground under my feet
and sometimes I dare to swim
there is a voice in my head
never give up
don’t even think about it
after all it’s little we know
I don’t know what is around the next corner
and it’s not a long long time

Blue Morning (Blues song)

I woke up this morning
and the sky was blue
fuck the blues
I have better things to do!
this is a sunshine day
for me and you
and I look around
everything is new
but actually …
this is not quite true
but actually …
this is not quite true
neither for me
nor for you
here we are still
no free will
same old story
it’s a worry
being inside the fence
seeing through a lens
not making sense
in a bad way!
not making sense
in a bad way!
lacking meaning
we lost the way
how did it happen?
hard to say
media mania
prescribed video
media mania
shallow audio
where can I go
when I’m feeling low
where can I go
when I’m feeling low
when I want to grow
I can hear the wind blow
I’m in the front row
how can I stop the show
I simply want to go home

Funtasies Of The Thin King

the thin king did some thinking
and after burning all illusions
he came to the conclusion
to take the pain out of painting
and replace it with fun
so that it became a fun thing
what a fun-tastic fun-tasy
not silly at all
Flow River Flow
flow, river flow
I cannot make things happen
but I can drop my illusions
and enjoy the ride
flow, river flow


(talk: one line ascending, next one descending)
empty eyes
empty space
too many lies
human race
all too fast
it can’t last
must play my role
empty soul
it’s all too much
I better let it go
voices in my head
I must feel my heart instead
I better let it go

New Morality

I have enough, more than enough
I can afford to give away
yeah, yeah
and that can make me feel even better
all smiles!
I’m sitting in a cave
feeling completely safe
sheltered from the storm
I have a soul mate to keep warm
love is the absence of fear
fear is the absence of love
it’s up to me
I can decide

Brain Surgery

(I am so lucky, thanx everybody)
I’m riding on a train
rain in my brain
things are revolving
everything is dissolving
all runs into one
it’s no fun
the unknown is scary
very scary
but I was lucky
I made it home
and I’m not alone
happy end in the end
had been just around the bend
and on a unrelated matter
I hear a voice in my head
if you have no money
and no time
something must be wrong

NOW is always HERE

(I heard this song in a dream,
sung by a gospel choir,
to a slow 4/4 pulse with shakers and rattles
with konkelo bells
Kuku drum pattern a la Moussa Camara, TTB*B*B*TT**S*
and wah-wah guitar)
I’m a scribe
who takes no bribe
who will be forgotten
as change is the name of the game
and all I can tell you is this:
many worlds have existed
they vanished into oblivion
they have disappeared
everything will disappear
only NOW is always HERE
so there is nothing to fear
you are not alone
you are all one
com’on, com’on
just pass it on, pass it on

Back Then

I walked into this garden again
the garden with a high hedge
where we used to walk around naked and timeless
youth on our side and self forgotten
sometimes the farmer from next door
would pass by sitting high on his tractor
catching a forbidden glimpse into our world
which was a paradise he hated
because he could not enter
I walked into this garden again
the garden with a high hedge
but time had passed
no one was there but me
and some vague memories


(inspired by Bob Allen)
iPod – iPad
iThis – iThat
iPhone – I’m all alone
me gone – so long
I, myself and me
the holy trinity
I, myself and me
the lonely trinity
iSolation – iInsanity
we – that is you and me
(people shouting)
not enough – too much

Cookie Suzuki

(remember the 5A Cafe in Bantry in the 80s + 90s)
Cookie Suzuki – I got your cosmogram
Cookie Suzuki – you send a message to me
Cookie Suzuki – you send a message in my dream
Cookie Suzuki says you can live your dream
Cookie Suzuki says everyone can live many dreams
Cookie Suzuki says and there is another message
make art from recycled material
that tells a story
a story with meaning
a story with feeling
and there was more
a lot
but I forgot …


Bring a bit of sunshine into the room (C-G, “R’n’R”)
your smile surely could lift all the gloom (D-C-G)
let’s not submit to the media doom
give happiness a chance – a chance to bloom

let’s spread a good vibration
to each home in the whole nation

a smile is contagious (D, “punky”)
courageous – outrageous (C-G)

No more human sacrifice

We, the people, don’t need to be ruled
we, the people, can’t be controlled
by these dishonest and false guys
in suits and ties – telling lies
and the people pay the price
for these parasites to live in luxury
it’s time we set ourselves free
equals among equals is the way
we, the people will have our say
and the good old line from playschool
still and always has a bearing
sharing is caring
no more people sacrifice
no more human sacrifice
fear kills love and laughter
love kills fear, that’s what we are after
Remember Bob Marley said to us:
Wake up and live now!
Wake up and live!
Life is one big road with lots of signs,
So when you riding through the ruts, don’t you complicate your mind:
Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy!
Don’t bury your thoughts; put your vision to reality, yeah!
(B5 C5 G5 D5)

Longing for the sky and beyond

I’m an eagle in captivity
and you came to visit me
spread your wings pretty bird
and set me free
I’m in a cage I know, I know
and you are outside
and I ask you: “Are you really free?
and where, where might you be?”

Playing – playing guitar

I’m playing guitar with no strings attached
I hope words and rhythm are well enough matched
I like to keep the sounds real, play what I feel,
and I hope it’s not too far fetched
I hope your patience is not already getting stretched
while I just follow a feeling
which I cannot name
floating around and drifting by
on a rainy day
with no intention or aim
just plucking away …
I’m playing guitar with no strings attached
I hope words and rhythm are well enough matched
floating around and drifting by
on a sunny day
just plucking away
on a sunny day

The triangle of balance

(spoken rhythmically by many people plus some good instrumental grooves in 3s!)
(sung melodically in a free but sensitive polyphonic way)


no confusion
human pollution
not a solution
not a solution
the heart better listens
when the soul speaks !

Star Wipe

(have fun with this one!)
let’s make a cheesy movie
shall we?
star wipe
stars and stripes
star wipe
the glamourous type
(never mind the less fortunate ones in them poor countries)
star wipe
another stereotype
(we’ve seen it all before)
star wipe
the prototype of HYPE
(refrain,sung in acheesy way)
I’m so special, special
superspecial, uhh yeah
and I don’t care
except for my hair
and there (screech)
oh my god! there is a spot
star wipe
star wipe
and few more
maybe four
it’s a cheesy movie after all
(bit of silence, then rustling and coughing)
yawn – yawn
it’s a new dawn
the people are waking up
we had more than enough!
star wipe
what a bad vibe
no more brainwash media
no more egomania
we don’t need no celebrity
we need everyone to be important
and equal in the community
star wipe!!!
(maybe Softmachine quote, sung)
why, why, why
why are we sleeping?
(a few times and fade)

Zero The Hero

(a reworked Punk song, now acoustic)
from E minor to zero and I’m your hero
I play my guitar
I won’t go to far
just to the next bar
from noise to silence
no defense – no pretense
no more sitting on the fence
can I stop my fears?
and can you hear my tears
when I unplug my ears
can you stop my fears?
oh, no, no, no – not now!
maybe tomorrow – tomorrow – tomorrow …
I know she’s not a fairy
I know she can be scary
she does not eat meat
she does not eat wheat
and she avoids dairy
her name is May – Mary
she does not look like a fairy
not one bit
this is such a simple song
that’s ok – it ain’t wrong
and I keep it short
so you won’t get bored
oh Lord, you won’t get bored
from E minor to zero
I let it go
I got to go
I’m not your hero


it’s that uncomfortable feeling
no one really wants to know about
so I better be quiet, keep it inside
and don’t shout it out loud
what is really going on
at best it’s expressed in a muffled song
that’s what it is
and that’s what it is all about
it is that underdose
that underdose of love
you and I – we never really got enough
weve overdosed on an underdose of love
it starts the minute we are born
and it’s a stinging and painful thorn
if you are not lucky
and it can happen to almost everybody
and might last until you die
and that’s unfortunately no lie
but I can decide to shout it out loud
what it is and what it’s all about
I don’t need to be too proud
everyone knows what it’s all about
it is that overdose
of the underdose of love

Be You

(happy Senegalese tune)
Bijou Bijou
B U – B U
be you – be you
ever youthful you
be beautiful

Another Day In Paradise

I was walking
I looked down the empty street
but I couldn’t feel my feet
I seemed to move
but I couldn’t feel myself moving
I felt almost nothing
there was only a distant vague something
I knew I had lost my soul
I had fallen into a black hole
it seemed I had swallowed myself
and still somehow found myself
sitting on the same old shelf
trying to please everybody else
and I had to scream
to wake up from a bad dream
and I heard a soft voice
you can wake up now
it’s your own choice
sun light shone on my warm bed
when I lifted my head
and I said to myself
another day in paradise

Open Love

I love the lovely openness
of all the open lovers
open love
your key can open the door to my heart
this is why you can contact me anywhere and anytime…
this is why you can connect with me anywhere and anytime…
love knows no limits
love doesn’t pretend
love doesn’t need gadgets and gimmicks
love leaves behind the limitations
open to give
open to receive
open flow
river of love

Fun Lost And Found

(to the lifelong subscribers to grayness)
I tell you to shut up
once and for all
your orders are too tall and too small
you are being non-non-sensical
in the worst way sensible
and along the way the pun got tossed
time for you now to get lost

Play A Game For A Change

P.S. , this time not a post scriptum but a philosophical summary
well, we can leave meaning
it’s our own decision and requires dedication
it’s one of the hardest things to do
because we have to stop the flood of thoughts.
we can play a game
to eliminate our resistance to a good degree
we can start to take a holiday from words
no need or necessity to judge or even naming things
we can leave even music behind
and enter into sound space
our ocean of emotions can be expressed
through billions of variations of sound and movement!
scary? yes! but we all have done it!
just for a while to begin with

Only Once

sometimes you catch your luck
without a plan and enjoy the moment
in ecstasy just for that one time.
Its unique end exquisite.
It does not last
that’s why you will remember it.
Conclusion: do it, it will be real, very real.
rather than securing what ever it might be
for an unrealistic eternity

Worth Trying

empty your cache
start from scratch
it won’t cost you any cash
and there is no catch
turn things around
upside down
what is beneath
what is underneath
this is the e-Revolution
this is the re-Evolution
it could be a solution
empty your cache
start from scratch
it won’t cost you any cash
and there is no catch
just strike a match
and light a candle
it’s worth trying


the poet-tree grows wild and free
if you allow it to be
and in case of any doubt
I better shout
shout out loud
especially when I’m in that lull
which makes me feel dull in my skull
I have to make some sound
and turn around and around
until I drift into the queendom of random
and random will overcome the beast of boredom
instantly – naturally
I just make some sound
and turn around and around
the poet-tree grows wild and free
if you allow it to be

Trance Dance

you are moved by a higher force
to a higher place
that’s the space of healing
feel the feeling
never mind the mind

far away vision

(intro in E)
things start closing in (G)
I’m staring onto a screen (A)
more and more and more (C)
I’m stranded on a virtual shore (D)

things start closing in
I’m still trying to catch my dream
more and more and more
I’m stranded on a virtual shore

and when I finally go blank
I say: Gott sei dank!
and I suddenly realize
it is actually quite nice
seeing things thru my far away eyes

I can see the horizon (E)
with my far away eyes on (C)
I see the new sun rising (D-E)

(I can see the seasons
and I need no reasons
I feel high, when I see the sky
thru my far away eyes)

I need to look into the distance
to stay in balance
to experience the essence

now when things start closing in
I go outside walk down the bohreen
more and more and more
I catch my dreams on a real shore
more and more and more
I feel so much more self assured!

Never shut up – never close down (E-C)
Never shut up – never close down (D-E)

magic forest version:
when things start closing in
and I had enough from staring onto a screen
I finally wake up from an artificial dream
I run outside and walk down the bohreen
before I have to scream

more and more and more
I catch my dreams outside in nature
instead on a virtual shore
more and more and more
I feel so much more self assured!

I need to look into the distance
to stay in balance
to experience the essence

The Arsehole Gene

there is a curse on the human race
which is in an absolute wrong space
acting totally out of place
having really lost their face
fallen from nature and from grace
and if there was some kind of a god
who had the power to change our lot
I would hope he could intervene
and stop the effect of the arsehole gene
that is present in many a human being
and I wish they could be freed
and leave behind all the greed
after all it’s not that much we need
why then the obsession to accumulate
to change our destiny is our true fate
so we better stop right now before it’s to late

feel the feelings

let’s not jump to conclusions
feel your own feelings
as an individual human being
I don’t need to follow somebody else’s illusions
I rather just check reality and see what there for me to see
don’t follow leaders (yeah Bob!)
watch your parking meters

Money and Time

Time is money
money is time
non of it is mine
Time is money
money is time
do you get it
no, you don’t
99% is owned by a 1% elite
1% is owned by the people
people like you and me
so how can we be free?
and why is that so scary?
there’s still only one solution
it’s still called revolution
are we afraid of our own power?

Back In The Driver’s Seat

Dm Am C Em? Am
sometimes I feel I have to abandon the freedom of random
and leave the kingdom of fun
stop eating the chocolate bun
maybe I need to jump the gun
for a while with a smile
I read my file
and with a certain regret
so I don’t entirely forget
for a change follow a plan
there are 3 seats in a van
but only one is the driver’s seat
where I can even put down both of my feet
and stop at the red octagonal stop sign
an get out to enjoy the sunshine
and start walking …
get your feet back on the ground
get your feedback on the ground

The New Dawn

(Dm? Em Am?)
the new dawn is daunting, in the end it can’t last
the sun is rising fast
and then there’s task after task
but finally shortly after dusk
I hear the rustling of an unknown nature
it disturbs my unavoidable tasks
of going into the dark velvet of the night
and I feel that familiar fright
maybe I don’t want to leave behind the light
maybe I don’t want to give up the sight
and all that once has been so bright
maybe I don’t want to be out of sight
maybe I don’t want to be guided by the dark knight
and being embraced by the the velvet darkness of the night
maybe I still want to be a child and fly my kite
not a worry where it would take me at this flight
even not of getting caught in the electric wires up high
I still would hold on tight
I would just pull with all my might
I would not surrender without a fight
I like feeling strong and know it’s alright
what is it all about
I have not met myself yet
but I can see you in a distance
so there’s hope
meanwhile I have to trust my luck

inter fear!

I like to inter fear
and listen to my ear
get out of my head
please come into my bed
we are both not yet dead
why not throw away the gun
and have some fun

The Beach

place of eternity
forever from here to infinity
ever rolling times
blue blue skies and sunny sunshine
countless grains of sand
running through my hands
witnessing impermanence
I got another lease
in this place of peace
nothing to do
life is new

In A Bookshop

getting lost between the shelves
full of piled up books
discarded to be sold
again and again
I cannot find humor
(though you pointed it out to me!)
between psychotherapy and trash can
I really tried, but I couldn’t.
no one can
no one can
put sense into a crazy man
nowhere in the universe
and not even in a bookshop

Maire’s Email

Guitar Song
(G Bm F Am Em Am)
Actually its cooold. But I discovered unseen parts of the city today and
its nice and wintery and street music and old books for sale (which i
managed to resist) and after doing some Spanish homework don’t see
myself spending 3plus years studying something academic in university.
Been playing with clay and string and thinking I would quite like to
do an art course but its scary.

Drum Song For Spiral Stairs

(to be worked into a video!)
(drumming on parts of spiral stairs)
I’m feeling so high
am I flying into the sky?
or do I have to go down
am I enlightened or am I a clown
is it a dare
is it my fair share
going down the stairs
down the stairs
to be turned around
upside down
still feeling high
flying into the sky
hahaha – hahaha – hahahigh – (o)high(o) (6/8 pattern)

A camera hanging on the wall

(good old analog days, dark rooms and paper prints)
I see a camera hanging on the wall
what has the camera ever seen at all
I wonder which pictures it took
I would like to take a look
and where are the pictures now
are they in the darkness of a pretty box
rarely opened, it doesn’t really need a lock
and who in future still will take a look
at a gone by page of an old book
what can we capture at all
being here in the free flow
can we recall the changing colours of last fall
that camera is still hanging on the wall

Heart On Fire

my head is empty
but my heart is on fire
from love or desire
there is all the feeling
(I admit I need some healing)
and no words to tell the story
but maybe I don’t have to worry
as everything is changing anyway
except of that burning feeling
low flames get higher
I’m staring into my fire
and my head is reeling
what’s going on
what’s wrong
is something wrong at all
summer is turning to fall
that’s all


Ieeh Samala – uh gunovoyeeh
(this chant I heard in a dream,
I don’t know what it means, but its peaceful vibration calms me and others down.
It is good to chant it! It is some kind of a mantra, please try it yourself)
(I play it too to familiarize myself with a new situation or as a first song of a gig,
it’s an arriving chant)
Tuning In
I’m tuning into the space
I’m tuning into the time
the time is now
I’m tuning into the vibe of the tribe
I’m tuning into you and into myself
I can hear myself singing
this is the beginning
this is a new new song
life has just begun
and it goes on and on
everyday is a new song
I can hear myself singing
this is the beginning
Ieeh Samala – uh gunovoyeeh
it’s an art to make a start
I feel I can open up my heart
I am free like the sea
the way to be

Free Music

music is free
it grows like a tree
and there is no fee
it’s not there for business
music is expression and bliss
music is no egotistical competition
it’s the sharing of vibrations
music is true
for me and you

Walking Bass Tune

I don’t know how far will I go
I don’t know will I go thru this door
I don’t know will I dance on this floor
I don’t know does it take much more
my feet are already feeling sore
but I’d like to reach another shore
where I can explore or inplore
just playing a simple beat on the count of four
it wouldn’t really be much of a bore
I still could whisper or I could roar


long, long time ago in the West of Africa
mysterious sounds could be heard in the dark
sometimes near – sometimes far
long, long time ago in the West of Africa
Bolon walk on – walk on
Bolon walk on – walk on
5 strings and and empty space
lead us to the spirit place
5 strings made from gut, a stick and a gourd
inside of an empty hut, sitting on a board
strings talk, fingers walk
ancestors talk, spirits walk
all the way back
Bolon in West Africa
Bolon talk about the people
that have long gone
it’s a old, old song
Bolon talk about the people
who have moved on
who live in a spirit song
spirit sound – sound spirit
Bolon also talk about plants
Bolon also talk about animals
strings talk, fingers walk
ancestors talk, spirits walk
Bolon walk on – walk on
Bolon walk on – walk on

The Dare Song

close your eyes and tell me what do you see
are you still scared or do you finally feel free?
tell me what’s going on
so we can work it into a song
well – really – I’d like to know
who would dare to give it a go?
who would dare to give it a go?
maybe we could sing a song together
maybe we then can fly like a feather
being reborn as a phoenix on the wing
transforming into a queen and a king
and maybe we can connect
maybe we then can reflect
how to break on thru
and really stop feeling blue
now here is a dare
we can care to share
as love is a game of give and take
give and take
life is alive when I’m right awake
when I’m right awake

B flat or B sharp

be flat
I know, I know – this I might regret
maybe the worst instruction I ever will get
then rather be sharp
and to get out from under the tarp
and dare to play that self built harp
yes, I think I really prefer it – be sharp!
and most of us know this is actually C
quite a simple key
to play in easily
and why do I still fail to see
keep it simple is a simple way to be free


no one can shut up freedom
we can expose these few criminals
called politicians and business men
who are hungry for power
who are greedy for money
and mostly even both
no one can stop freedom
we can stop these few criminals
who want to control others
who make people suffer
and we can get rid of these criminals
who are only out there to rob us
who cause misery everyday
no one can imprison freedom
we can tell those criminals
to get lost and leave us alone
and to mind their own business
we know ourselves what to do
we know what is good for us
we will not accept those criminals
freedom is our birth right


slam – the door closed – bang
damn – I have been dosed back then
a phone rang
I didn’t answer it – instead I sang
in a somewhat slurred slang
that I myself strangely could not understand
nobody could
and no one would even bother
everybody rather blames the mother
who had screamed at the father
as he walked out of the living room
slam – the door closed – bang
damn thing – all these kind of memories
slam – I better close that book -x bang – damn
P.S.: note to myself: don’t look back, it’s alright!

Fall In Love

I love fall
I love to fall in love
I see colors everywhere
and that’s not all
I breath the sweet air
love is all around
it’s everywhere – everywhere
I also love spring
giving birth to everything
a new song to sing along
I love all the seasons
I need no reasons
life is free
to do what it pleases

Modern Daze

(spelled D – A – Z – E)
endlessly nowhere
never somewhere
I can sense it
you play music to calm yourself down
in order not to hear the voices in my head
and not to be bored anymore or frightened
while I sing a new song and tap along
that way tuning into what’s going on
as I don’t want to hear the music in your head
which sometimes really drives me mad
too many layers – too artistic and polyphonic
leaving linear logic behind – and the secret prayers
to stop anything that troubles me within
and then bubbles up without a doubt or a shout
quiet determination is never very loud
and I feel humbled and I am not too proud
to admit that I don’t believe in achievements anymore
I rather walk through a newly painted door
and lie naked on the fluffy carpet on the floor
drifting away on the count of four
at the count of three already feeling free
freed from bipolar and binary one and two
(one and two – one and two – is it me – is it you)
and yes, you can see me in that mirror – that is you
and thanks for the constant reminder
this time I won’t forget to flush the loo

refuse to follow

mothers and daughters
fathers and sons
follow the spirit light
with a light spirit
and let’s be one
don’t follow leaders and politicians
strange people you even don’t know
you cannot trust their decisions
but you can trust the good people you know
so just say “No!”
I refuse to follow
we alone can look after ourself and our own

Jammin’ In Heaven

jamming’ in heaven
from eleven to seven
oh Lord – have mercy
so many have gone
jamming’ in heaven
and sometimes I wonder
that I still can be found
that I’m still around
after all the hurt and abuse
crazy drugs and all that numbing booze
finally I won’t refuse to cut myself loose
before I leave – before I have to go
knocking on heaven’s door
jamming’ in heaven
from eleven to seven
oh Lord – have mercy
I have blown my mind
too many times
having a good time
just looking for some love
here on earth – not in the heavens above
looking for some love
oh Lord – have mercy
where can you be

Too Much – Not Enough

I don’t need it – but I want it
that’s what they tell me
that’s what they sell me
too much – not enough (monkey chant = kecak style choir)
original man is a 2 legged animal
as far as I can tell
original woman is a 2 legged animal
as far as I can tell
it’s good enough to survive
to enjoy a simple life
no need to accumulate
no need to work till late
no need for greed
better plant a positive seed
(polyphonic choir with a simple Afro waltz drum pattern):
i See – i Hear – i Care – i Share


being lazy is not at all crazy
being crazy is not at all lazy
I hope that’s not all too hazy
and not too elusive
it can be all inclusive


(descending chords, minor – major in half tone steps)
I hear the voices of the past
I really don’t want them to last
any longer – no, not any longer
I need to get much stronger
I’m still too fond of her
I’ still like to hear her purr
all dressed up in that velvety fur
that really needs to stop
that bubble must pop
now the penny must really drop
finally I don’t need to talk in tongues
I only need to breath deeply into my lungs
to know that I can belong
to someone who listens to my song
I’m sure we will get along just fine
without small talk and a bottle of wine
if we relax and take our time
to reflect as we allow ourselves to shine
in the end all will be fine
it will be sublime
shine your light – let it shine


sun is shining
let us have a good time
sun is shining
let’s all wear a smile
it’s not too courageous
but it surely is contagious
everybody wear a smile
let us have a good time

La Defense

(true memories of a visit to the French capital)
Am Dm Em Am
On y va, (H)iggins!
Higgins is a dog with the usual sad look in his eyes
but he doesn’t mind and that’s no lie
though he finds it only remotely amusing
to other beings it would be at least confusing
but after all nobody knows you
and no one knows me either
surrounded by concrete, steel and glass
with it’s strange appeal and the absence of trees and grass
how much longer will this empty dream full of emptiness last
before the future is fading gradually into the past
modern times – le weekend a Paris
we are only visitors – you and me
that’s how it feels
no body lives here
except a lonely tear
and you are out of your mind
and seem not be able to find
what you are looking for
passing so many transparent doors
but fortunately you are not alone
Higgins is looking up to you, faithfully
he can’t help that
I have seen that slightly worried look on his canine face
and I know he feels out of place
maybe even fallen from grace
and God, there you go again
On y va, (H)iggins!
et le chien pense:
Mon Dieu, ouvrez la porte!
vite, vite …

Bird Of Paradise

(kind of Highlife tune GCD)
I’m a bird of paradise
I fly low and high
and let my colors shine
I celebrate this day – I feel fine
I enjoy being alive
in this beautiful paradise

A chant in time – into space

(waltz C Am F D7 – C Am D7 G7)
(this is my chant into space
I hope you all can hear me calling
it’s very important to connect
I can hear the timeless waves rolling
everyone needs some time to reflect)
Oh Mama, Mama
Where have you been so long
too many misunderstandings
not a happy song, things went so wrong
Oh karma, karma
it can turn around in the end
you really always believed in me
but couldn’t understand or give me a hand
Oh time wind, time wind
blowing autumn leaves
everything is changing
nothing ever is what it seems.
Oh children, children
learn to understand
happiness dances within you
be free and don’t pretend
Oh energy, energy
flow wild and free
the only way to be!
the one way for you and me
Oh Papa, Papa – C Am
willI find you somewhere in the end? – F D7
I’m not really sure what to do – C Am
but I owe my life to you too – D7 G7

Pleasure Of Creation

the 3 pearls of unimaginable pleasure
are the love goddess’s divine treasure
beyond linear logic and male measure
oblivion is the nature of fun and leisure

it’s an open secret
so it is no secret
yet it somehow is –
hidden right here and out in the open
(time to sigh followed by a short pause)
I’m eventually coming to some sort of realization
nothing is needed to be in the flow of the creation
but I’m lacking trust and I’ have been taught – taught – taught
and wasted much more than just a thought
I must confess: it’s definitely not easy to let go …
annoying and compulsive brain
and here the headestrian goes again
so who is the creator ?
is she maybe a beautiful creatoress ?
all naked or wearing a colorful dress ?
is she black or white ?
relaxed or uptight ?
or tied up ?
or cut loose ?
consumed too many drugs or too much booze
a repenting procrastinator
who’d given up on later
now an agile agitator
maybe the eternal animator
is no more or no less
an illusion born out of confusion
on my mental screen
or in my wildest dream
nothing more than a faint glimpse
or a vague guess at best
and trying to leave behind the chimps
before taking a well deserved rest

Why wondering at all ?!

why right – why wrong
it’s all part of the song
why right – why left
why left behind
why out of my mind
why stuck in my mind
why write – why write anything
for myself or anybody
why not just to be – be quiet
and leave everything behind
no need to seek as long as I can find
when I can find you – yeah you
and you and you too
when I have left it all behind
and feel your gentle touch
I promise not ask too much
I promise to stop dreaming
as long as we are gently leaning
into each other
holding one another
and who needs a mother?
we all do – me and you
and we need the earth too

Magic Happens

You turn me on
You get me high
You have me floating
Up in the sky
You’re out of sight
You’re all I see
Sometimes Im not sure
Am I you or are you me?
Without that I noticed
I lost all control
As magic just happens
To our bodies and souls
And I really hope
it will be always like this
No beginning – no end
Just eternal bliss
Or am I still dreaming
And not in touch with reality
But I feel wide awake
and your still here next to me

Mainstream Scientists

I enter numbers into a list, I’m a scientist
as far as I recall I really know it all
I test on mice, calculate the rise and the size
but rather ignore the inevitable fall
I’m intellectual and superior
inside I’m small and feel inferior
I can’t see the earth – I can’t see the sky
because I always have to ask how and why
I don’t admire the beauty of a flower
I prefer to know the height of a tower
I know about the fatal impact and chain reactions
but I can’t be held responsible for my own actions

Let Go

everyone finds out in time how far to go
and eventually there comes a time to say no
when there is nothing left but to drift with the flow
you can laugh or cry but you have to let go
and i have decided to now enjoy the ride

Solid Ground

poetry are thoughts full of meaning and emotion
dreams inside a small wooden boat
out on an ocean of beauty, love and pain
believing that it has not been in vain
though to others it might seem insane
but maybe there is a beach within reach
I’m hoping to finally drift ashore
and wish to walk through the invisible door
that has definitely never been there before
looking for that little hut with a wooden floor
I feel the solid ground under my feet
I start shaking all over – I hear my heart beat
in the shelter of the green forest

When I die

When I die
I will fly
high in the skies
no more lies
no disguise
I will be free
boundless cosmic energy!
until I fall down again by gravity
things don’t matter much anymore
I’m stepping through another door
I’m ready when you are – here we go
flying high and sinking slow
I’m ready on the count of four
and on the count of three
I bid ye farewell – my illusions of identity
I bid ye farewell – holy trinity
I, myself and me – egotistical insanity
finally and accidentally also the end of duality
no more tic
no more toc
no more tic toc
no more watching the clock
clock out in time
on the count of one
no more worries
just having fun
freedom instead of lies
and watch out – here comes my super hero
it’s the endless circle – the infinite zero

Progress – Unaware Of Troubles

progress better be a careful and delicate process
with a lot of consideration like in a game of chess
the illusion of having more may mean to feel less
too much really is too much I guess
not enough care is causing distress
too much – it’s not enough – more is less
less is more – a new open door
ecstatic oblivion – on a velvet dance floor
lovers are floating in their bubbles
unaware of the rest and their troubles
the energy flows where the attention goes

The Poem That I Forgot

(noreciting = silence! :), wait until the audience reacts in what ever way)

Not Cured

I have gone too far
just slightly – again
but actually not far enough
I know it can be quite tough
and I admit I had high hopes to be cured
after having been often knowingly lured
and again I have been murdered by love
no intervention from the forces above
and where will I go from here now
I still really don’t know
but this time I won’t shed a tear

Brainiac Maniac

I’m a half awake walking contradiction
to me it’s normal and it’s stranger than fiction
and then again fiction is stranger than me
and my mind on autopilot won’t let me be
I’m too often up in my buzzing head
but my body feels dead without daily bread
I’m looking to be in balance
to use and enjoy my talents
I’m entitled to have fun in the sun
with nothing urgent to be done
being happy without guilt in a relaxed way
the price for achievements is a high one to pay
so how can I find
peace of mind ?
feeling the body is the solution
it is the true soul-revolution

Blue Monday

intro RnR g c D7 – (C D7 G7-C Em D7-C D G-Em D
even a blue Monday
can be a fun day for me
if I choose it to be
and open my eyes to see
and open my ears
and drop the old fears
and open my heart to make a new start
(instead of the same old stinking fart)

The Whistle

I remember the ruins from the war,
Where I used to play as a seven year old boy,
Occasionally finding an empty cartridge.
Which I blew like a whistle,
into the emptiness.
The bullet had been shot many years ago.
As I blew that piercing note on the cartridge into space,
I remember that I was glad that no ghost answered.
And luckily there was no ricochet either.
I was sure the bullet must have missed back then,
and had fallen to the ground somewhere
no harm done
And back then I thought: that bullet cannot kill me now.
the cartridge had become a whistle

graffiti in the city #1

i see the writing on the wall
urban graffiti covers it all
i sometimes see my name passing by
i’m feeling lonely and i start to cry
i see the writing on the wall
urban graffiti covers it all
i wonder who will finally see my name
to be seen is the name of the game
I know there is no point to accuse or blame
but i feel the rage inside just the same
i carry on spraying my lonely message
in a long tunnel, in a narrow passage
and i hope soon someone will see
someone who wants to connect with me
one day someone will see my graffiti
here in this grey and anonymous city.
and I hope I don’t finally meet you in the I – C – U
pale and almost fading in the Intensive Care Unit

graffiti in the city #2

i see the writing on the wall
urban graffiti covers it all
someone sprayed some paint and left a mark
on an endless factory wall or in the city park
in broad daylight or secretly in the dark
in Berlin, Bejing, Moskow and New York
would you notice me in a city of 10 million and one people
would I notice you waving from the top of the steeple
would we notice one another inside the empty cathedral
or out in the streets where all people seem almost equal
maybe one day I will stand just there
holding up a sign saying: I am here
but maybe that would be too crazy
too courageous and also too amazing
it would be the ultimately scary dare
no, no, not ready yet, not quite there
someone sprayed some paint and left a mark
on an endless factory wall or in the city park
for me to read in the rain or urban desert heat
I sometimes have to get up from my cosy seat
have to walk down another unknown street
wondering how can real people really meet
and how to weave a fragile but tender bond
from here to everywhere and beyond beyond

givers and the takers and the bottomless black hole

we have the givers and the takers
noble souls and fearful fakers
and we need to find out
what is that bottomless black hole
in some people that never can be filled
why is having much more than others necessary at all?
why can we only rarely hear the humble call?

get back on track

let us not loose the way along the way
listen too what we used to say
back then we knew the way
time to get on track with no delay

don’t talk – do!

(no more to be said, so much to be done!)

Loop Station

I’m lonely and alone again
and again I’m going loopy
feeling lousy and drousy
my head hangs droopy
today no one is playing with me
and I feel forgotten and gloomy
but sadly I’m unable to enjoy just to be
yesterday they talked again behind my back
or did I still hear the old voices in my head
that whispered that I’m a loony
and my brain feels too roomy
quite obvious and plain for everybody to see
that strange kid even talks to a tree
well then, I better switch my loop station on
thy kingdom come thy will be done
and now I’m not lonely anymore and not alone
but I am not all one
I’m an absent father’s son
my loopy ego is instantly multiplied,
I feel numb inside, but I’m occupied
and all the me’s* and I’s* join into the fun
so many of them, yet they pretend to be just one
I’m playing on and off with the me I was seconds ago
not sure who he is and if he is friend or foe
and instantly it’s fed into the loop …
* plurals of me and I!

Show Offs

show offs – the show is off,
the gear , the gadgets , the hip brand names – it ain’t it.
it’s all a matter of letting go
of the famous names and the logo
reality is not a show off show
there’s no need to go so low
relax and let the spirit flow.
forget about the gear and the gadgets
what ever you are missing – no gadget can patch it
it’s not needed, everything is already here.
and the show is off
and you are on!

Open Heart Surge

many of us ventured to expand our minds
we tried to see what we would find
we tried to explore new and far away shores
in an effort to open colorful doors
the mysterious doors of perceptions
were merely windows of deception
even now we are still trying to pull up the blinds
and we really thought we had expanded our minds
we did it in the one way or another
but we still could not care for each other
and still could not treat each other
like a sister or a brother
in a warm and loving way
but be that as it may
we can open our hearts today
and I’d like to step forward and say
after such a long search
I feel a strong urge
to create that soft surge
that opens the heart
the human art and be a part
of helping that open heart surge
finally emerge!


you tell me you never thought I could be like this
but I’m only walking on thin ice – thats what it is
and sometimes I really don’t know
what it’s all about, especially when I feel low
and if i’m able to carry on with the show
maybe it’s time to quit and just go
where there are no expectations
but understanding and consideration


art – why?
I mean really, what for?
Search for beauty and harmony, distraction from unhappiness and lonely pain and emptiness?
Or just random creations, one giant cosmic folly ?
That seems unlikely! There must be a reason, a purpose, or a motivation, why otherwise even bother?
A need to fill the void?
Maybe. Just being is not good enough, it’s too scary.
Screaming silence.
So rather producing art, some sort of a healing, working through something which is even not clear to me what it is and to what degree, but I hope to see clearer in the future, eventually.
And then I’m not really sure, if that is art and if this is a good thing in the end or if I just prefer to pretend, maybe ignorance really is bliss, the seduction of the sweet kiss of instant oblivion.
Art also might be just a way to pass the time, a gift from the Gods, who we created in the first place and then later feared.
For a child art is a way of having fun, not a whole lot of meaning to it as such, just to follow a feeling of freedom, walking down an unknown trail full of surprises into some kind of wonderland.
That sounds just wonderful to me. I’ll go with that.

Lovely And Slow

youth is doing things fast
it’s not going to last
it’s over in a blast
so when we make love
let’s make love slowly
Feel every moment as love is holy
the energy flows
through you and me
as we immerse
in the void and the omniverse
this divine pleasure
it is truly our treasure


sometimes I wonder why love does not last
sometimes I wonder why time passes so fast
and i wish in a perfect moment time would stop
and this bubble of paradise would never pop
but we have to go through a lot of changes
walking through confusing and amazing mazes
flow eternal river flow
all I can do is let go
flow eternal river flow
all I can do is drifting slow
no more wondering
why love does not last
not much use wondering
about the future and past
flow river flow
I try to let go


exclusion – execution – egotistical illusion
listen and remember – listen – listen
what ever you do it’s gonna come right back to you
listen to this glamourous people in all your glitter and bliss
who love to be seen in all their faked hipness across the abyss
stage struck and fucked up
the bubble is about to pop
soon no one will see you anymore
in the spot light of a lonely stage floor
everybody will just see through you
no more irresistible but simply invisible
and no one will hear you screeching desperately
because you lost the power to manipulate
you did create your own fate and it’s too late
now it’s happening to you too
exclusion – execution – egotistical illusion
it’s karma and dharma will resolve the confusion

A Dare My Dear

(C Em C D G)
hello my dear – I beg your pardon
I’d like to visit your magic garden
I’d like to get lost in the magic forest
I like to imagine that would work out best …
meanwhile I pledge to remain on my ledge
standing right here near the scary edge
wearing my heart as a throbbing badge
while I cut the red roses of your hedge
just to catch a glance of you
that would see myself through
while glowing in an electric kind of blue
and the high hope to finally talk to you
but I feel like an old fool
who has to regain his cool
because I actually know
if things are in a natural flow
that’s the way they are meant to go
then there’s absolutely no need for a show
and if you felt inclined and really would want it
you surely would be the one to make the first contact

The Operation

they opened me up,
I mean they drilled two holes in my head
they did the necessary adjustments,
the operation was successful.
thank you, thank you
to all the kind people, the ancestors, to the omnivese
a polite applause and a long pause
how did these words slip in?
where have I been?
lost in a dream?
I had collapsed in the surgery, isn’t that right?
anyway, you did a great job, what ever you did.
“just a bit of plumbing really” said the neuro-surgeon
but really a celebration of the art, guided by a higher force
that means everything and leaves the waters still and void.
Don’t look back, this moment will always be there.
mirrored mirrors and still not the reality.
I hear the voices in my head again, Im a scatterbrain.


i’t seems more of the same everyday, but hey!
that’s not the way
I can decide to see it with today’s eyes
discover more than one surprise
it’s an everyday call
it comes at no price at all
the seemingly same everyday
is like a vast open plain
the land of the free
is open to me
I can turn around and around
the full 360 degrees
I can choose or follow my heart
everyday is a new start on my part
leaving the monotonous tunnels
no more brain wash funnels
everything starts from scratch
no particular badge to attach
nothing to catch
definitely not the 6 o’clock train
I have my own plan to hatch

Busy and Buzzing

the head is buzzing like a city
where the traffic never stops
even at four in the morning
I hear the ticking of the clocks
even at this ungodly hour it’s still noisy and busy
the never-ending thoughts are making me dizzy
and i wish there was a traffic jam
and it all would just stop with a bang
followed by a second of silence then
yes that is a good plan
but there it goes again
I hear the drums in my head
telling me you are not dead yet
I feel moved by the grooves
I have to get off from my seat
and start moving to the syncopated beat
to manifest the vibe from inside
outside in nature to stay alive
everything is all over the place
really no where in particular
but right in the face
I try to be mindful not to get lost again – in my dreams
I try to be mindful not to get lost again – in that daze
wasting more of my lifetime, in the end nothing remains
and anyway as you came into this room now
and are looking over my shoulder
as I am now older and bolder
I tell you if it’s worth your while
take the whole pile
you might as well publish that stuff
that I wrote down from a voice above
it wouldn’t matter to me much at all
but it could be someone else’s call
maybe to break down the conventional barriers
the terrestrials might finally release their terriers
to play free in the wild with a smile
and for a while again act like a child
make sense without any sense at all
as long as you manage to fly you can’t fall
connect via feeling
spiraling up without a railing

two types of medication

1) oneness with all – blankness of mind – just being
2) reflection of myself and others in all aspects, commonly referred to as meditation, seemingly impossible to do for a longer period of time and also scary for the majority.

Words And Voices

all these words come streaming in
I’m awake but also in a dream
sometimes I know what they mean
sometimes I just want to scream
to wake up and get out of this dream
I’m receiving lots of puzzle pieces
I throw them away to get new leases
I am shedding the old skin
dump my sin in the bin
but the voices in my head are still talking
but I just keep on walking and walking
ready to meet you in nature or in the street
feeling the heat of the beat under my feet
ready to throw away any outdated picture
ready for anything but the holy scripture
hoping for a warm connection
forgetting the ideals of perfection


Watch the trailer on YouTube.
Listen to the Websample on Bandcamp.

Welcome to SoulScape
it is not an escape, but an invitation
to join this special nation
the land with a minimum of mind pollution
the only imaginary country that has banned media brainwash
let’s look around ….
what do I see? ….
aahhh, Utopia, the sleeping Beauty, is finally waking up from a deep and too long slumber
she opens her sleepy eyes
yawns and stretches herself
now ready to summon her butterflies again …
to give the order of the day with her irresistably soft voice of velvet:
“go, all of you fly, visit the poet”


I’m a poet – as is everybody else
I’m guessing my way – as does everybody else
I’m not sure what to say – as does everybody else
I do it anyway and I’m curious what you have to say
we can allow ourselves to relax for a change at this stage
there’s still much too much civil surface in this day and age
No need to make always sense
yes we can climb over that fence
Maybe even tear it down, leave this town
And discard the crown and stop to frown
And dare to simply go by feeling
I’m sure everyone finds that much more appealing
To meet each other on another shore –
off guard for a change
no particular agenda for a while
You are a poet – so am I
sang the butterfly

Secret Thoughts

wickedly wired and tired
of being fired
rather than being desired
still in the frontline
waiting for some sunshine
what if it was it’s the other way around?
wickedly wired and tired
of being desired
rather than being fired
still in the frontline
waiting for some sunshine

Blur And Sharpen

(for Oliver)
life is a game of blur and sharpen
until we hear her purr and the light starts to darken
in our everyday room
that’s when I zoom
into infinite infinity
into divine vicinity
for a timeless while
until I say good bye
and it’s time again to sharpen
reality is really our best bargain
but the inevitable hurt
can make it all blurred
but after a while
you surely will smile

What to do with the zoo

(Cm Bm Am)
it’s no magic trick
that time passes so quick
quick time
quick sand
always tickling through
into something new
from beginning to end
into to another land
the shaman’s tongue was true
but now it’s up to me and you
to do what we have to do
can we free the animals in the zoo
so what are we gonna do
me and you
we can flow
and stop the time
and slowly grow
forever – one more time

Important Message

a simple poem
but no simple task
take it or leave it
we can retrieve it
nothing will grow
nothing will flow
until we let go
we will be free eventually
when we have learnt
to let most things be
when we stop
to want and to judge
when we drop
to rush and bear a grudge
wake up sweet dreamer
your dream is about to begin …
look around you and within
around and within


What is that whole show?
How can I grow?
And where will I go
When Im feeling low
And I have no clue what to do
When I’m lonely and longing for you
What is going to turn me on?
Where can I have a bit of fun?
And who is going to turn me down?
Who in the end will turn me in
with shaky knees and a scared grin?
And after I have been in the loony bin
Will I later remember what I have seen?
How is it going to turn out in the dungeons of a cloud?
Will I laugh in ecstasy in my crazy fantasy?
Or will I bash against the unlocked door and shout
Let me out, Let me out
for crying out loud!
What is this all about?
And when Im out again in the street
With an aching heart and wandering and sore feet
Will I knock again on your colorfully painted door?
And ask you to let the butterflies dance once more
And once again I might turn myself in
And tell you everything and where I’ve been
Inside of you and in my meandering dream
And tell you everything and all that I’ve seen
All my hopes and fears inside of the relentless machine
The grass on the other side surely is always only too green
And sometimes I get so blue, it’s true
That’s when I’m thinking and dreaming of you
I feel so high when we are together
interwoven like a beautiful fabric and light as a feather
Like stars in the soft and dark velvet sky
That would be the perfect moment to die
eternity is growing wings, but are we ready to fly?

Seeking Permission

may I throw my my words like pebbles
into the deep pond of your soul
and watch the the circles of the ripples
witnessing the resonance of magic and beauty unfold

Getting Real

I live in a world of fantasy
between brainwash and poetry
I need to taste reality
to finally be free

For Jimi

if 6 turned out to be 9
I don’t mind, I don’t mind
if 69 turned around to be 96
you and I still would get our fix
heavenly pleasure and cosmic kicks
und allés umsonst, Spass kostet nix

Keep On Trying

all these artistic activities keep me somehow afloat
but ever so often I have to have my ear to the ground
heat that deep drone and listen to the sound all around
the only way not to be distracted by the pictures in my head
and even worse, the children watching television.
I can hear my heartbeat and the heartbeat of the earth
and remember the heartbeat of my mother before my birth
and again I’m running against a wall
it seems I can’t stop that at all
I’m obviously deaf the emergency call
and oblivious to the immanent fall
I find it difficult to listen at all
so maybe I really have to feel
to finally fall awake and become real
that is definitely the far better deal
even if its first the pain, I’ll have to feel
It takes so very, very, very long
to be independent and strong
to insist to sing my own song
to be finally able to move on
I know I can walk right through the door
I can even make it the other shore
where I don’t have to worry anymore
where I don’t have to wish for more and more.

my 6 word biography

random suffering awakens awareness for freedom

Togetherness Reggae

(a pagan carol)
listen to what I have to say
about the days we all call christmas
there’s no need for shopping and all the stress
when we can celebrate togetherness
this winter solstice
it’s the shortest day
but it’s the longest night
together we drum, sing and dance
together we feel alright
rooted deeply into the earth
we fly our cosmic kite
our present is our presence
that is real and makes much more sense

Another Watchtower

(the missing 4th verse!)
there most be some kind of way out of here
that’s what we used tho sing
but it always led to nowhere
maybe something new now must begin
there must be a way into there
the thief said to the clown
all this confusion ain’t going nowhere
get up,rise from feeling down
business men forget your crazy game
ploughman care for planet earth
you don’t have to be so god damn insane
there will be a spiritual rebirth
there will be a spiritual rebirth
people will care for planet earth

(you can drop this frown)


you want to have some fun
then just go down the N71
and make sure to stop
in the village of Ballydehob
and drop into the social club
and drum, sing and dance until you drop


everybody is homeless
more or less
more is less
less is more
open the door
homeless in a lonely celtic tiger mansion
homeless out in the streets without a pension

Waiting Rooms

waiting rooms
places of doom
and the gloom of the unknown
time is slowing down
no point to even frown
from here everything runs its own course
without mercy, without remorse
so the mind wanders
and is slowly going blank
and beyond beyond beyond
until its my turn to learn
what I need to know
my name has been called …
it’s my time to go

Undercover Lover

I would like to be (E)
your undercover lover (A)
I would like to discover (E)
your sweet secrets (A)
under your cover (E)
I would like to be in your dreams (B7)
so many delicious delights it seems (A7)
I would like to be (E)
your undercover lover (A)
day and night (A# A E)
night and day
sweat secrets of delight (E B7)

Facebook and the hidden eye

FB(I) – now you know why, where there is FB there’s always a hidden eye, ehmm… I mean: (I), social media = control, if you know don’t let them also catch your soul. hippy solstice!
Oh! You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout I’m telling you why
FB is coming to town
FB’s making a list
Checking it twice
Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice
FB is coming to town
He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!
and wake up – for fuck sake!


technology is developing much too fast
for the stone age man to still be in the cast
the bright future turns into a forgetful past
in the end inevitably nothing will last
open you mind, listen with your third ear
and you’ll hear, have no fear
eventually it will get clear
change appears often quite strange


the guitar is my raft
playing it is my craft
my fingers are the oars
to carry me to distant shores
I visited many a land
sometimes alone , sometimes with a band
I’ve been around for some time
and Im still having fun and feeling fine

No Regret

everyone knows killing is a crime
but killing time seems to me just fine
it’s an artistic skill and it’s sublime
in a non-stop overdrive land
idleness is truly your friend
where as the manic and artificial activity
leads you into isolation and captivity


this is dedicated to you
but being rational and detached
I cannot see why you even would listen to it
I suppose we all have to stop playing games
that are not fun

the anarchist child

the art of living
is to preserve
a child-like joy
to express yourself
the way you feel
when you feel like it.
and not being tied down by others
or conventions of society
or social control.
life is free
to do what it pleases.

“the freedom of beach” – the forgotten human right

please allow me just a few words,
I promise it wont take too long,
take your time,
the time you rarely take for yourself,
take the time to listen.
allow yourself to be idle and take the time just to be.
try to stop the voices in the head,
that tell you to do things .
who are these voices anyway?
to tell you anything!
its your time after all,
and its my time too.
remember: as long as you don’t harm other beings,
or have a negative impact in any way,
you are free to do what you like,
and you are not accountable to anyone.
so feel allow yourself the freedom of beach
as a reminder you can call it “the freedom of beach”
no one can tell you or make you do anything,
only you can do that
so can everyone else!

Escapes And Escapades

I’m making my escape from shallow entertainment
and the hollow containment of ridiculous restraint
I rather sing and laugh and dance and paint
no need for me to pretend that I’m a saint
I just ain’t, because I have fun until I faint

Love is Lovely

who do I love (C Cd C)
when I love (De D)
do I connect with someone (C Cd C)
who I am not (De D)
resonance and recognition (C Cd C)
on the spot (De D)
or do I love finding someone like me (G C G)
who is the prisoner and who is free (G C D)
is it you or is it me (G C G)
up in a tree in my dreams (G C D)
so let us both take off all our clothes (G)
is that really the way it goes
love might be the answer, sweet romancer (C D)
cosmic dancer (C e G)
love, sweet love
we can feel it,reveal it, even steal it
smell it, spell it, yell it
hear it, fear it,
love it, float high above it,
we can taste it and we better don’t waste it
we can follow the sun
and all can have fun
life has just begun

inside the cell (phone) (l’oefre de solitude)

(A – G reggae)
will you really get in touch?
or is that asking too much ?
too much seems not enough
it’s tragic and too tough
you are always on the phone
because you are all alone
and you send another text
and you think who to text next
non stop empty conversation
the perfect disguise of the isolation
outside in the street
is where the living meet


let us play, but not playing the old game
of playing games
pretending over and over again
playing the game
fortune and fame
games are lies
what a shame
and now for a change
let us be playful and really play
come on let’s go for it, what do you say?
play and pride
nothing to hide
just to ride the tide

With What Now?

we are jars, vessels, bottomless pits
it’s so hard to admit
a lot of the time
we have to fill ourselves
with something or the other
food, drink, clothing
in moderation that’s only natural
it’s necessary
but all the other stuff,
superfluous goods,
better called “bads”
and the head stuff
knowledge, TV, etc., etc.
all sorts of junk
simply substitutes for the missing love …
to fill that bottomless hole …
that can’t be filled …

Break Through

(G F)
in my hitchhiking days
I was lost in a maze
too much purple haze
lost in inner space
I did not recognize any place
it’s been a much too long trip
passing through oblivion and back
I must have crossed this seemingly infinite hall
and eventually I broke through the stoned wall
because I want to hear your sweet call
I want to see, taste and feel it all
I will get up again when I fall
and when I fail
and cannot find the holy grail
blown away by a fierce gail
I still want to tell my tale
and it definitely won’t be for sale
to be bought by remote controlled ghosts
who boast that they own the most
in their dying rooms dark and pale
with the air dead and stale
they must have been choking
for a change I am not joking

Flow Motion

there is so much to be scared about
that there is no point in being scared at all

whatever it is – it won’t last – it will pass
everything living
will lead into oblivion

it is enough to just get on with life
life unfolds to survive
mortality might be scary
but change is necessary
immortality is absolutely impossible
it would be utterly irresponsible
many tried desperately
and just failed miserably
gimmicks like getting nailed to a cross
instead of running off …
some managed to be remembered for a few thousand years
not much in cosmic dimensions!
dimensions beyond comprehension
being forgotten is the name of the game
it’s no shame at all because it’s all the same
Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, and all the others
forgotten as their sisters and brothers
forgotten as their fathers and mothers
everyone will be eventually forgotten!
rotten mummies in Egyptian cotton
so better strive to be alive
to get on with living life.
listening, moving, grooving
to the eternal rhythm
inside the the cosmic prism
dancing forever
in any weather
free and easy
moving slowly
in flow motion only
it’s a long dance
it’s a chance
to go slow and flow
is the eternal way of letting go

what you’re gonna do?

what you’re gonna do
what you’re gonna do
you are sitting in an office of a big corporation
in the jungle of loneliness inside the concrete nation
you earn a shit-load of dirty money
what you’re gonna do with it honey?
so I’m asking you and you
what you’re gonna do
when you’re feeling blue
better stay in tune
choose the right things to do

No More Judgement Day

judgementalism is a bad vibration
to be better dropped at once
and without hesitation
judge not, so you are not being judged
people who judge pretend to know
but no one can ever know!
no one knows all the factors and criteria involved!
to still pretend to know is human arrogance
it translates into:
I know, you don’t
and I have the power over you!
it’s an egotistical illusion
it’s not possible nor appropriate to judge at all
so judge not!

cross the border

if everything is in order
you may cross the border
even if you are borderline
that still will work out fine
as long as you are humble
you won’t stumble
if you really listen
you don’t learn by dismissing

does it really matter ?

identities, similarities, opposites, etc.
does it really matter all that much?
what does it mean
if I reject or ignore or agree
some drink coffee, some drink tea

Gay Or Whatever (It Doesn’t Matter)

it’s nobody’s business, but your own
what you stick in where
entirely depends on who lets you do it
permitted is whatever all involved can agree upon
and hopefully enjoy

A mystery on a beach

When I walked on a wind-swept beach outside Ventry on Dingle there were huge boulders to keep the dunes in and from being washed away. Some of these boulders were inscribed neatly with a chisel, a secret message, words and signs and numbers which did not make any apparent sense at all.
It made me wonder what that was all about and my mind tried to understand and tries to know the story behind this. quite some work to carve that into stone, in fact dozens of hours of chiseling. in a way that is more mysterious than the wavy patterns left by the sea in the sand which have been rounded off by the the strong winds.
Some things are plain to see but can’t be explained and in fact there is no need for that either.

Animal Sense (Think Body)

| Bm G | Bm G | Em A Bm | G A Bm |
before we get rid – of every -ism | Bm G |
we need to practice a lot of animalism | Bm G |
we can sense what we’re missing | Em A Bm |
it’s a simple and earthy natural rhythm | G A Bm |

when finally all the numbers run into one | Bm G |
the mind stops thinking and bodies are having fun | Bm G |
our souls enjoying themselves in the warmth of the sun | Em A Bm |
a new life has just begun | G A Bm |
think with your body – feel with your mind | Bm G |
think with your body – feel with your mind | Bm G |
let your nose and feet find the way | Em A Bm |
always – anytime – each and every day | G A Bm |
let your nose and feet find their way | Em A Bm |
right now and each and every day | G A Bm |

Planet Talk

The planets have being talking as they do once in a while (G B)
and again they talked about planet Earth (F)
or as they call her, Blue Gaia,, Blue Gaia. (Dm E (4) Am)

She had been spinning in a very subdued manner on her orbit for a while
Gaia was apparently not well at all
and seemed all dazed and confused.

Mars said to Venus: Gaia must be in a lot of pain
you can tell by all the bad vibrations
like earth quakes and floodings that get quite heavy now at times.

Venus replied to Mars: yes, she really needs love, a lot of love
but I think she has got the Humans,
that bleed her, suck her life and her blood.

Jupiter shook his head and muttered: that’s very nasty indeed.
The clever planet Mercury thought for a moment and added:
it’s bad now, but she will get rid of the humans – eventually.

if the humans don’t assume a modest and humble attitude
and care for her with love and gratitude
Gaia will unleash storms and earthquakes, droughts and floods

We all know that Gaia always has been resourceful and very strong
and managed to get well again
and it won’t be long until we hear her sing her happy song.

Kronos happened to be present as well as an always welcome guest
and he chuckled and said: as I keep saying, it’s all a matter of time �

Saturn adjusted his majestic rings and passionately exclaimed
just make an effort to align
and concentrate and act before it’s all too late

The Beast Inside

there will be no more feast for the beast
screamed the priest since many centuries
but finally now there might be hope at least
that the crimes might be named
that the criminals might be shamed
can the beast ever be tamed?
the beast is a child
and it is wild
inside the beast will always stay insane
thats what the media continuously is trying to claim
and they try to bribe
the innocent tribe
but the beast doesn’t really care about fortune and fame
nor the seductive manipulation or the fabricated reputation
broadcasted to the majority of the brainwashed nation
what a shame that the rotten old game
always seems to unfortunately stay the same
time to fall awake and break the mental chains

Think and Feel

think with your body
feel with your mind
don’t look for anything
and eventually you will find

I don’t remember
I always have been looking for something
I didn’t know what it was and I couldn’t find it either
I must have lost my mind a long time ago
and also body and soul
I don’t remember
probably didn’t get the right care
I don’t want to remember
nothing can be expected to be fair
it’s nobody’s fault
there is no one to be blamed

I am a smiling survivor
a bit scarred but not scared anymore
a secret highway driver


Paris ‘tait amour, amour est mort, Paris n’existe pas …
ghosts of a glamorous and glorious past
haunt the boulevards today
an oyster consumed for its reputation
and the empty shell thrown away
as zombies are cashing in
on the charm and the ambience
of priceless precious bygone days
filled with a lust for life in style
and now we are looking at the mere hollow relics
but we still can even now catch a vague glimpse
in our dreamy imagination
being carried away by a slight scent of that sweet perfume
yearning for the nostalgia of the perfect day

Cosmic Consciousness Tribe Communication

The resonances of feelings and sounds within beings are the manifestation of the omni-versal vibrational truth which is communicated non-verbally in an intuitive way among all the members of the cosmic consciousness tribe. The experience is hugely enhanced by a similar wave length.


I am sitting in that makeshift cinema in Schull during the film festival watching some of these short films, submitted by hurt dreamers, and I see snapshots of my own past, some of them almost completely forgotten. How did they know, how did I know, when I went inside into the darkness of the projection room without knowing that I was meant to reflect on these fleeting illusions filled with joy and painfully pulsating life and wild passion.

change things around

Let me tell you what I found out
but find it hard to do, so hard to do
though we all could benefit from it
me and you and you, too
Sometimes I just have to change things around
and that’s not only that worrying frown
sometimes it got to be the opposite
or it could be a new composite
or maybe even only a part of it
and hold tight
it’s dynamite!

Committing A Rhyme

only because it rhymes doesn’t make it poetry
its probably somewhat boring
like the prescribed 4 o’clock tea
a rhyme can be a crime
or accidental fun
like an unintended pun
but should we give it the gun?
no rhyme, no reason
just random treason


I thought I’d really overstand
though it is a real effort
but I have to admit to myself
I am still underwhelmed
by so many situations
and all these programs and concepts
they must be deleted – write now
what do you really feel?
break the silence with a scream
fall awake from your dream
the shadow is getting longer before it dissapears into oneness
fall awake little dreamer
you dream is about to begin�

The Right Tribe

why think – why reflect
why write – why publish
why to be read – why to be heard
why to be listened to – why to be understood
why anything???
here the answers – loud and clear:
I would like to be witnessed
I would like to be recognized
I would like to be all one with my spirit tribe


(5th fret Dm C B B(b) A)
Love is miraculous and beautiful bird
settling where and when it pleases
this bird must be free
and the wings must never be clipped.
It cannot be caught or bought or sold
and she cant be told
she can’t be chained
or even remotely tamed
she knows her natural beauty
her own reality is her duty
I can only wish for it
and I can only wait for it
she will come to you
don’t tell her what to do
eventually a lovebird will come to you

The Journey

( D# – D – C – Em )
I had to go beyond
just to see the sun
will someone please tell me what I have done
what did I not do
walking through
and out the colorful fog of sweet nowhere
looking for you
you, who I never knew
who you were
because you weren’t there
and in the end
I met myself
no more sitting stored away on a shelf
what relief, now I finally believe
because I know …


( half a confession )
I better give up on memories
to keep my inner peace
that thinking of the past
dwelling on things that have past
back then painfully slow
with nowhere to go
in hindsight almost fast
so why at all ponder upon the past
not a good place to be
in the end nothing can last
so why are memories so important to me?
I suppose I am trying to see
who was this me back then
when I was not able to be free
lost days in a dark haze
lost in a maze – a hopeless case
I could not conquer all the fears
and kept drowning in my tears
even if I sometimes vaguely knew
there was nothing I could do
it was a waste being wasted
too many concoctions I had tasted
despite all I managed to survive
and somehow got on with life
for a while or an eternity it seems
I was imprisoned inside a dreadful dream
a cold place with little affection
no sense and no sense of direction
I had been at a complete loss
everything comes at a cost
but I and nobody else gave a toss

so where was I when I was not there
all that remains
are worrying stains
in my broken book
of hazy snapshots that I took
so what was the story – if there was a story?
no point at this point in time to be even sorry
thou it’s still unnerving and a bother
but I couldn’t ask anyone or my brother
and I still feel uneasy but now its bearable
the past itself has been much more terrible.
I better give up on memories
to keep my inner peace

Babylon must go down

(a reggae song Bm Em F#m)
Babylon system is the vampire
every political system is a vampire,
systematically consolidating the empire
of the evil and wicked over-creation
everywhere in this beautiful nation
the best system that there is, is the sound system
to spread a positive vibration
through out this beautiful nation
we need to go back to our tribal ways
that’s what I say
back to community based politics
no more poly-tricks
the only good system is a sound system
not a system of destruction
no system of corruption
a sound system of construction
equality and communal satisfaction
so fall awake and make no mistake
don’t accept brainwash or fake
it’s a simple game of give and take


(a reggae song Bm Em F#m)
the best nation is the ImagiNation
no limits, no borders, no orders, no limitation
just use your ImagiNation
it’s a freedom groove
get up and move
just use your ImagiNation
leave the limitation nation
it’s not a happy nation

Random Reggae

that’s all their is to do
when you are feeling blue
Random Reggae
right now – right on
pass the message on!
spread a positive vibration today
what do you say? hey?


(Am F E Am)
have a walk on the wild side
at least once in a while
it can turn the tide
it will be alright
and make you and me smile
open the window, walk through the door
ask for more and dare to explore
leave your desk at your own risk
it’s your right, your own responsibility
and no liability will be accepted

True Fool

who is the true fool
who is just trying to be cool
who just wants to hide
from the incoming tide
who has just so much fun
doing what just needs to be done
who doesn’t really need to know
what exactly to do and where to go

Brainy Reign

there is rain in my brain
and that constant drain
there is pain in painting
and it’s also in Spain
I got a brainy brain
it’s impossible to explain
but if I drop the L or H
all is left is the edge
you get the eye, dear
watch out, you will see

Antique Shop

antique shops – modern day treasure boxes
visited by romantics and dreamers
in search of the unknown something
they often don’t even know themselves
what it is and still they are looking for it
but they know that they will recognize it
when they finally unexpectedly see it
that this moment of the delightful discovery
will make their day
it will be a special day
it will quench their thirst
for something beautiful
and will interrupt their mystical quest
at least for a while
that longing for something long lost in time
a vague shadow momentarily reveilling its source
no more present in today’s world
a world that lost almost all the magic
and only a few knowingly exchange a wink
and keep the spell alive


We are like the swaying leaves (E 4th fret)
We don’t know when we will drop from our tree (Am 5th fret with 7th on E string)
And where the wind will blow us to (Dm)
I don’t know, neither do you (E Dm E)
no one knows, neither you or me (E Dm E)
but we will be free eventually(E Dm E)
all we can do is to flow and grow � (E Dm E)
until we finally will know (E Dm E)

Secret Dreams

there is plenty of talk tonight in the bar
about almost everything as usual
with the exception of the old secrets
we don’t want to remember them anymore
as we create unknowingly new ones every moment
also to be forgotten by future generations just the same
and at a glance it feels like that there are no secrets at all

only the bar tables stay sticky as they always have been
and the swell of the noise of ninety nine odd voices
gradually transforms into dreamy silence in my tranced out head
too much to take in altogether
smiles all around me
some of them vary and worried and dreaming
trying hard to cross over to a better place
maybe not in high definition format
like on the wide screen television on the wall
now ever present observer of the drinking crowd
but some of the hopes are even not in Technicolour
but long for an old fashioned black and white romance for a night
maybe a week – maybe even longer – maybe for ever
ever present secret dreams
as the drink fueled conversation rolls on ferociously
to ever louder numbing noise levels
and even later
finally at home
I mumble to myself
so why are we often sleeping
with the light on
and why are we rarely listening
to our own song


(G#m – F#m | E A E)
what will happen to my soul
will I in the end have reached my goal
after I’m gone and all has been done
no more in my physical form
but being a part of everything and nothing and all
having been duly returned from my earthward fall
will the earthlings then at their hearth
read or hear my written words
and listen to the vibrations of my song
after I’m long gone
and what would it matter to me
when I’m finally needless and free
freed of the fire of desire

Gateway Timeout

it’s a lonely, lonely world
I would have preferred
not sitting in front of a machine
staring, staring, staring
staring at a screen
at a screen
a screen
where have I been?
another Gateway Timeout:
can’t connect to remote host


lover of wisdom or lover of gain
same old same thing, over and over again!
Pythagoras stated that already 2500 years ago
and it’s still my choice where to go


forget everything you knew
and just do
don’t talk
just walk


keep your cards to your chest (A)5
and your ears to the ground (C#m)4
keep calm and look (Bm)7
look all around (A)5

look all around (A)5
that seems to be the best (C#m)4
and then don’t be too proud (Bm)7
to shout out loud (C#m)9
I passed my own test (A)5

I passed my own test (A)5
now I can forget all the rest (C#m)4
and what is best (Bm)7
I can take a deserved rest (A)5

Meaningful Craziness

(rap song)
It was 1977
I was in the city and not in heaven
I was a paranoid humanoid
working self employed
shooting SX70 polaroid
was it meaningful craziness?
maybe just meandering laziness

Some People

some people are talking to the stars (A-G)
some people are talking to the stones (A-Bm)
some people are talking animals (A-G)
some people are talking to their bones (A-Bm)


some people are talking to god
without a capital G
some people are talking a lot
some people are talking to the trees

some people are talking to people they know
some people are talking to people they never met
some people just shut up
some people are talking to forget

some people have nothing to say
some people simply prefer to pray
some people are a pain in the arse
some people are talking to the stars

(C Bm C D? E? D?)
who are you?
and who am I?
why do we talk?
when we can fly!


(a rhythmic inquiry for any numbers of speakers and singers, possibly eventually accompanied by hand clapping or hectic guitar 0 F F# G only on adg strings)
why would you?
would you?
why would you do that?
would you do that?
why would you do that to me?
to me!
why would you do that?
why would you do that to anybody?
would you do that to anybody?
to anybody?
why would you?
would you?


(Em 0 A 0)
brain numbing noises
heart warming choices
trancy humming
aha gade
heavy drumming
taba catoum
the spirit is coming
aha gade
the spirit is coming
taba catoum
ancestral voices
cosmic choices
the ones that have been here
here before
knocking again
on your door
talking to you
talking to me
talking to everybody


freedom of thought
freedom of speech
freedom of tongue
freedom of song
freedom of drum
freedom of dance
take a chance
no one has the right to control
the ocean of emotions of the people
we will shout it from the steeple
flow wild and free

who is in charge?

it’s impossible to achieve the aim without suffering
that seems to be a common fatalistic belief
causing a lot of grief
and proven right time and time again�
or is there another way?
who is in charge of the situation
we call the human condition?
after we have drowned in an ocean of emotions
time and time again
after decades of useless expectations and assumptions
finally our savior might be after all the rational mind
who probably had gotten us into the mess in the first place
that rational mind will be possibly also the noble knight to rescue us
after he finally somehow has managed to harness his horses
these horses with big heads of their own
but very strong and well able
to pull cart out of the mud with endurance
in a well planned co-ordinated effort


(Am B7 G F#)
where are you?
where have you gone?
you used to be
in my song

you always used to be there
now you are everywhere
and I admit its hard for me to bear
that you are not there

you are not there anymore
you walked through that door
just got to love myself
a little more

Instant Flash Fiction (without friction)

Once upon a time they lived happily ever after.
on their own

Conditional Happiness

I’m happy
when the sun is shining
I’m happy
when I eat yummy food
I’m happy
when people like me
I’m happy
when people are nice to me
I’m happy
when I have a beautiful lover
I’m happy
when I have a lot of money
I’m happy
when I have a big house
I’m happy
when I have a new car
I’m happy
when I live a luxurious life
I’m happy
when people envy me for my wife
I’m happy
when I can tell people what to do
I’m happy
when people obey my orders
I’m happy
when everything goes my way

Unconditional Happiness

I’m happy that I’m living without too much suffering.

This Life

(F# – Bm)
we better make it good
this time around
both feet on the ground
what we do is who we are
we don’t have to go too far
after and despite of all
we better listen to the call
before we fall
after and despite of all
this is not a bad vibration dump station

spread a positive vibration
through out this beautiful nation
we need to go back to our tribal ways
that’s what I say

Young And Old

the world belongs to the young
the old can only gently guide them
by sharing their experience and wisdom
they can’t avoid the pitfalls of the young
that helps them to grow in a unique way

Time Wind

I heard the time wind blow
I watched the cosmic seeds grow
before my miraculous birth
when gravity dropped me onto planet Earth
until I will die
and again I will fly
into multi-colored dreams
in infinity and beyond it seems


bells jingling
consumers mingling
in the shopping mall
fuck it all

jingling bells
might as well
ring in hell
if no one buys
no one can sell

we can celebrate the darkest day
without having anything to pay
just relaxing together and play
completely for free
without any obligation or fee

Old Song Lines

there must be some way out of here
and I can’t get no satisfaction
going down slow
on this highway of desire
on this byway of broken hearts
where the traffic lights turn from red to blue
with nothing else to do
I better take it from here myself
than sitting on that dusty shelf
start again searching for you
as you are searching for me
and you must be somewhere out there
same old song
and baby you can drive my car
on this highway of desire
on this byway of broken hearts
into the night
when the music’s over
turn out the light

We Met

yes we have met before
yes we will meet again
we have been swimming in the waves
we have been walking over quiet graves
we have been out in the streets
listening to our merged heartbeats
on full moon nights
we did not pay any price
for walking in our sleep
and sinking so deep
touching each other
being close and naked
we didn’t need to fake it
just being here right now
not a bother
blissfully dissolved
and having evolved
in this eternal moment
in our cosmic tent
yes we met
ever so often
after being light years apart
in our own worlds
we even may meet again


if I wanted
I could do it today
If I really wanted
I’ll do anything anyway
and when I closed my eyes
it was a pleasant surprise
that I finally had lost my heavy head
and they told me I went completely mad
and I could not remember a thing
when I heard the phone ring
and I heard a clear voice
saying it is just your choice
if you have the privilege
to live on the sunny side of life
and also still have the knowledge
how to be alive and really jive

I have heard too many words from nerds
but ultimately only action speaks louder than words
my body started moving
I started grooving
my feet grew roots
right through the soles of my boots
now my heart is at peace
and my mind flies with ease



authentic songs and poems
felt deep inside my bones
nothing to hide
crossing over to the other side
with the seductive sound of an exotic perfume

Almost Expired

feeling weird and wired
and at the same time tired
almost expired
but somehow inspired
I feel like a cursed courier
some kind of a romantic warrior
despite that honor, honesty and passion
have gone largely out of fashion

Time To Go Home

when all the words have gone to bed
and conversations are truly dead
and one last beer is all I can get
it’s time to go home
in bed when I’m counting sheep
and still can’t go to sleep
and the waters are too deep
to hear the reversing lorry beep
it’s time to go home
at last I realize I am all alone
because this beautiful bird has flown
I’m almost home
I write words to loose my thoughts
let no intent be my friend
I’m almost home

Mia Moglie Messina

I need to forget without regret
the “living theatre” and all that
in Messina where we met
before going to bed
it seemed almost like an intrusion
into a dreamlike illusion
it was almost scary
clowns and acrobats and a fairy
dared to breathe freedom
as I watched with disbelief


as I rose innocently in the east
I was blinded by my own light
as the world was fire red

as I climb up high in the south
to shine so brightly
everything is there for me

as I finally sink in the west
the mild light
made me see and understand

as I entered the dark north
I was not to be seen anymore
as I was born again on the other side


don’t buy into money, honey
money – its bad news
not one bit funny
nothing to win, a lot to loose
but you decide, you can choose
don’t give it weight, think straight
don’t try to accumulate
live today, it’s never too late
enjoy yourself
and delph into whatever …
you don’t know
when you have to go

Let Go

I wanna let go some day and enjoy the ride
with no second thoughts
just pure life
a perfect dance
where reality meets trance
no more tired but all inspired
no more selling short
no whispered words
I gonna let go some day
I will have to in the end anyway

that’s what it is!

I am looking for something
and I don’t know what it is
it is somewhere between contentment and happiness
with a sensible amount of boundless bliss
and a kiss from you!
that’s what it is!

and you?
you press the remote control
to switch on the remote control
that controls you
why you keep coming back to it
again and again
and why am I coming back to you
again and again

I am still looking for something
and I don’t know what it is


something hollowed me out
then it swallowed me up
and spit me out
and despite all that
I’m still around
shouting out loud
cosmic consciousness is as far out as it is deep
but it still has to sink in

Within Reach

today the angels fly so high
they don’t hear me laugh or cry
tomorrow I’ll be too old to die
I should have blown out the candle that early and try
to see in the dark
and hear the lark
that spirals up over the tree
for everyone who looks up to see
me and you, perfect together
you and me, together perfect
birds of the same feather
no fault to detect
continuing our destined random flight
always within reach
and still out of sight
staring into the velvet night
to be able to see the eternal light
that is far too bright
for someone relaxed or uptight
dissolving finally
finally forever to be free


I’m feeling restless today
most days really
since quite some time …
please don’t digitize me tomorrow
not anymore
I had already more than enough
I find it a challenge meanwhile to go outside
to smell the damp earth
to feel the rain on my skin
to shiver with life
my pulse is too fast
but the breath of the trees is slow
that I still know

The Capitalisation of I and God – a linguistic contemplation

why are God and I capitalized?
Is the egotistical I so important?
and what about God?
after all I invented him in my image!
so he must be egotistical and important too!
and then, why for God’s sake should we capitalize anything?
is it not bad enough that the capitalists capitalize?
why then should we accept any capitalisation at all?
after all, the privileges of a few
cause pain and suffering for many.

Choose Not To Loose

(a percussion song)
I have a choice
to use my voice
you better use it
or else you loose it
choose not to loose your soul
stay on track, follow your goal

Drumming Time

(a percussion version of the summertime song)
it’s a sunny day
and the drumming is easy
rhythms flow
and the vibe is high

smiles all around the room
and everybody is happy
so forget all the gloom
baby don’t you cry

One of these mornings
You’re gonna rise up singing,
You’re gonna spread your wings,
Child, and take to the sky
everything is gonna be alright
today and tonight
so baby, baby don’t you cry

Digital Wasteland

(a rap song)
I’m loosing my way in digital wasteland
a seductive maze around every bend
I’m alone in a darkened room
locked up in my self-chosen tomb
while the bright sun is shining outside
and the waves are dancing on the tide
here it goes – again, again, again …
let’s just have a quick look
on mind-boggling Facebook
on mind-bending Facebook
on mind-fucking Facebook
let’s have another drink
let’s click on that link
that sometimes even tells me about the danger
of getting strange and stranger
and I’m on the brink
of going extinct
I’m loosing touch
I’m sitting to much
bent forward in a bad position
I’m having tunnel vision
being on someone else’s mission
everything is closing in
the ice is very thin
soon I’ll be breaking in

here we go – again, again, again …
sucked in by digital fiction
it’s just another addiction
neither here nor there
but everywhere and nowhere
nowhere, nowhere, nowhere

here I go – again, again, again …
not feeling my body anymore
and my soul in pain and sore
no redemption or heaven’s door
how far can I still go
before I will scream ” NO ! ”

I’m loosing my way in digital wasteland
a seductive maze around the next bend
I’m alone in a darkened room
locked up in my self-chosen tomb
while the bright sun is shining outside
and the waves are dancing on the tide

Why Write?

why do I write at all ?
why do I heed that call ?
to prove something to you and me ?
that I have something meaningful to say
? why put this moment into a cage of words ?
I could be releasing these wonderful birds !
Why not enjoy the unknown ride
and float happily with the tide!
so why then put words on a shelf?
to embalm myself ?
to calm myself ?
maybe it’s that ?
I bet !

Oh well – on to the next poem…
I’m blown to a windy beach
with waves and foam

No More Messing!

we met for a reason
either you are a blessing
or a lesson
it all starts with respect, awareness and compassion
so please no more messing!
no more messing up


time to make sense now
no more negative nonsense
only light hearted positive nonsense
for a delicately delightful balance


I refuse to become a gutter poet
to be noticed
by a handful of intellectuals
that will forget me tomorrow
being unpublished
is an honor of the honest kind
poetry is my personal investigation
into my dilemma
the dilemma I share with millions of others
what on earth then makes me indulge
in an elitist kind of suffering inside my head

I give you words
you give me attention
I see you
you hear me
can you reach me
can I feed you
or the other way around
traveling from town to town
homewards bound
with no frown or crown

Find Out More

you never know whats on the inside
it can be calm and wild
my insight is dark and blind
and also blinding bright
it could be the dark side of the moon
you’ll find out more later or even very soon
and there’ll be the right time to bloom
outside in the garden, in our real living room

Clear Vision

whats the difference between
a pigeon and a dove
whats the difference between religion and love
its your own decision and its tough
clear vision is not enough


if you see my public persona
you would never guess that I’m a loner
you would never guess
that inside I’m a mess
and I urgently need to confess
and become a transparent performer with no agenda
no more the polite or polished pretender
only what is plain to see
only just that is me
now you may ask me out for tea

Rhyme Crime

feeling emotionally constipated
mentally, mildly fascinated
with obvious and obsessive rhymes
like endless repetitive crimes
now I repent and am asking for redemption
before applying for my old age pension

without anxiety and tension

Flag Day

instead of playing hide and seek
it would be very helpful indeed
to hang our flags out of our windows
for everyone to see
no more misunderstandings
neither for you nor for me

Blown Mind

I wish I had not blown my mind
now the words are hard to find
the words are like birds
and I need to set them free
even if it sometimes hurts
they must be released eventually
best right here on the spot
thanks a lot!
it is actually fun
and it must be done
I wish that I wouldn’t have had to blow my mind
anything back then was difficult to find

Just Can’t

(a percussion song)
You just can’t have everything
all the time
you can have something
some of the time
you can have music
most of the time
(that’s common sense
which is not common)

Yeah !

I’m turning everything around
no more undecided or up side down
instead both feet firmly on the ground
a healthy change being sane and sound


today – is the first day of the rest of your life
so why don’t you have a nice day in paradise
so stop the complaining
stop doing the same thing
here comes the surprise
it’s a great day in paradise

Being An Artist

why do I have to perform
that ritual again and again
to reinvent the world over and over and over
by creating a piece of art
in one way or another
why do I bother
to prove to myself
that there is any meaning
or even the necessity of my existence
and I remind myself:
rather to be mindful
than having a full mind
or being more or less
habitually mindless

Falling Behind (a call and response brainwash)

You are falling behind
you are falling backwards
and are running forward
way to fast
you are falling behind
do you really mind
have you lost your soul
and what really is your goal
running after the newest gadgets of technology
as prescribed by the media and capitalist philosophy
you are falling behind


your perfume, that room, your bloom
vanished much too soon
faded like the moon
burst like a balloon

now I am here with myself on the street
watching the steps of my feet
thinking what do I really need?
not to feel the cold or the heat


you cannot jump over your own shadow
but you can create a shadow
that you are happy with

Keep It Simple

(a percussion song)
keep it simple
simple ist best
let things grow
it’s the way to go
you can put it to the test

keep it simple
simple ist best
don’t want to much
don’t loose your touch
and sometimes take a rest

A Diction

(a percussion song)
you can
you can get
you can get addicted
you can get addicted to almost anything but mindfulness


(a percussion song)
I’m running
running, running, running
until I’m running out
running out, running out
until I’m running out of words
no more mental dirt
and it even doesn’t hurt
running out of words
no more crazy world
running out of words
sound is safe and sound for a while
I feel relaxed and I smile
no more dealing
no more stealing
no more appealing
in a land of feeling

Poetic Drift

I only have little to say in store
and I promise I won’t fight another war
with myself or with that punk from next door
I rather growl and howl until I feel better
and you’ll ask me “what was the matter”
and I answer “it is in the past”
it just couldn’t possibly last
now I know
after a high
I must feel low
that is the way it goes
that is how everyone grows
and after a low
I will then feel high
make love, talk nonsense and eat pie
and then again everything will change
it is not at all one bit strange
every so often we have to rearrange

My Friend Jack

his name was Jack
he was black
and white and brown
I rarely saw him frown
most of the time his tail was wagging madly
Jack did what he liked and obeyed badly
he had fun in the rain
and fun in the sun and no pain
but his time was up in the end
I lost a dear little friend


timeless space
abode of the free soul
I can sense you sometimes
from the captivity of my manifestation
on this side of the fence
or is the grass just greener again
beyond the prison walls?
one way of knowing:
I have to feel into it
and stop thinking
to reconnect for a while
unaware of my smile
where the words are writing themselves
being blown around like autumn leaves
onto the pages
and now it’s time to breathe
again and again and again

(why do I have to write this at 4.30 at night or is that already morning?
animals should be sleeping at such an ungodly hour!
instead of writing poems as a witness report of the human dilemma)

Hey You

(african reggae-ish C Em Dm)
hey you, you haven’t found the truth yet?
then better listen to your feet
and feel the beat
and discover a new sensation
of a new sensitivity – a greater vibration

it’s a chance to make sense
get up and dance

try to forget
and don’t ever regret


the magic of touch
unites our souls
and liberates us
from the cage of self
to join the cosmic dance
of unconditional love

Inquisitive Poetry

That’s right, the enquiry into the depth of my and everybody else’s soul
to temporarily reconnect with the eternal vibrations of the cosmic source.
The ultimate yearning,learning, discerning
Sometimes I wonder: Is there a plan?
Any plan whatsoever?
Or does creativity just randomly explode or implode
in the same way like mine does on a microscopically small scale
in the lower world of a 2-legged animal in the outskirts of the omni-verse?
or are these just the inexplicable transformations of occasional shockwaves from a trauma like the big bang and some resulting suffering as consequence that inevitably can’t be helped.
The hope and consolation in poetical form that everything will heal itself over time.
For a moment the former mental patient might be at peace in the imagined world of the now in a distant future.
That is way to bleak.
These superfluous thoughts are just mind gymnastics at best.
I discard them right now.
The demons are driven out.
That feels way better.
Relaxed for a while, with no agenda at all,
I am just grinning for no apparent reason,
like an innocent imbecile in the heartless mind of a lonely scientist.
To really come clear
I sometimes also speak or sing in tongues now
without sounding an intended or recognizable word
and it doesn’t even hurt one bit,
it just exercises my lungs
and keeps my mind blank
It is a fresh breath of air
and I shake the blues out of my hair
Gone- no more there
all these desperate thoughts of confusion and despair.

Get It

(funky rap song)
get up from your seat
follow your feet
and get down
don’t frown
get it on all day long
sing your own song
all night long
all day long

Now Is The Time

leave yestermorrrow today
welcome to the heartland of NOW!


I am living in a crowded void
and still trying to get on with myself
not always first pleasing anyone else
rather work things out self-employed

I have to avoid the void
and look out of my window
and keep telling the shadow
not to get paranoid

and keep telling the shadow
not to eclipse the light

and keep telling the shadow
not to look out for a fight

Chant For John

power to the peaceful
power to the peaceful right on
if many stand up against terror
we can stop all that pointless horror

power to the peaceful
power to the peaceful right on
we can’t wait until tomorrow
the world would be dead and gone

power to the peaceful
power to the peaceful right on
we can live in peace together
free without a tether


When I saw you for the first time I was dazzled by your fiery bright orange blossoms in a sea of slender light green leaves. I admired your dance in the atlantic winds of the west coast of Ireland. I got drunk from your exotic beauty and being a tourist back then in the 1970s, of course, I had to take many pictures of you. close-ups, general views of a dizzying ocean of orange, razor sharp fotos frozen in the time of a fraction of a second of some extraordinary pose, only visible through a camera lens, and of course blurred atmospheric impressionistic shots in orange and green.
years later, I bought a small cottage, and was delighted to discover a small patch of Mombretias in the yard. this patch got bigger over the years and I was well pleased to eventually dig up some of them, and transplant them to other spots.
the Mombretias kept multiplying and eventually I managed to plant a ring of them around a circular exposed bedrock which would burst into flames by the end of July, burning bright for around 2 months and then the fire would die down eventually, with a last spark as late as Christmas.
not only did the Mombretias look very beautiful, they also covered big areas in the garden with hardly any weeds in them, in fact they seemed almost like a beautiful weed killer getting rid of everything else with the radiance of their fiery beauty. The combination of exuberant beauty and low maintenance seemed an unsurpassed gift of nature to a lazy gardener.
many years passed and the Mombretias spread more and more, everywhere, near and far, I had stopped transplanting them a long time ago, there was no need to anymore, they were well capable to do that themselves. They popped up everywhere and what at first was a nice accent in all that green had become the ordinary as it was way too much. I noticed that for me beauty somehow did not come in large numbers, rather the contrary, it had to be somewhat rare and just for that fact it seemed to be noteworthy and desirable. Of course the individual Mombretia looked just the same as ever but there were whole armies of them now everywhere trying to conquer even more ground as if they where on a mission to spread the colour orange for 2 months in a year. At last I had to admit to myself now that this was an invasive species, that had -dazzled me with their elegant and colorful beauty.
Action was required. this spreading fire needed to be kept at bay, restricted to some wisely chosen areas.
I should have known this. There is surely an over abundance of Fuchsias here in West Cork.

Tolerant Friends

Don’t fit in here
Don’t fit in there
But I can fit in anywhere I like
so let me be, let me be
Can’t do it this way
Can’t do it that way
But I can do it my way
If you don’t mind
Can’t live in a box made of blocks
Need a relaxed space to show my true face
I tell you all that is cool if you are no fool
just got to give and take and be no fake

Judgmental Disease

You can’t judge me
no-one can judge anybody
I didn’t give you any permission
and what do you know about me anyway?
maybe a minimal fraction of a fraction of my life
something which might be even not true
what do you know about my good sides
what do you know about my struggles
or even about my many weaknesses
and why I have them
and that I don’t really want them
or my occasional thoughtlessness
when I am out of touch or when I get things wrong
don’t you have all of those things too?
So what makes you judge me?
Do you want to feel better,
by making me feel worse?
you are not very understanding or compassionate are you?

i suspect you have been judged yourself too many times
but instead to stop judging you carry on spreading that disease
I say this to you:
you can’t judge me
no-one can judge anybody
but you can tell me about your troubles
and I will try to listen with attention and respect.


If everything is out in the open
everything is plain to see
and there is no room for assumptions and expectations

in reality we are fairly similar
and not all that different
and the unnecessary judgment poisons our interactions
and causes a lot of harm!

who wants harm?
probably nobody!
secrecy and unnecessary embarrassment hides reality
a reality that is still there even when it is hidden and disguised
only openness and transparency will be a solution
as one can see what one is dealing with

A dancing on the ceiling
is a new kind of feeling

I stare
onto a square
onto a screen
I am in my separate dream
my mind is occupied
I have fallen

say good bye to yestermorrow
say hello to the heartland of the now

Never Mind

My mind is playing mind games
distorted views in confined frames
The mind should be my tool
otherwise I am the minds fool

Lost and Found

all the words in my head have drifted away
and now it is just sound that is here to stay
after all has been lost and found
and finally the corners are round
there is not much more to say


I am burning tonight
you set me on fire
you’re just playing with desire
I know I am losing that fight

I tell myself it is alright
until I finally will tire
and you find another buyer
to hold you tight

and with some luck
I might
be in a situation less dire
than getting caught by desire
you are truly out of sight


they have been twisted by an unexpected shock or trauma
from parents with and without diploma
so their feelings were bent
and they had to pretend
and give up hope for land
and they had to learn to see
and figure out eventually
what it all really means
and without the words that were bent
just follow that feeling
which is natural healing

Captain of my Ship

how do you navigate your only ship
without being too square or too hip?
it is too much pressure
to accumulate and guard a treasure
when you can be free and wild
you’re neither an only nor a lonely child
you sail to a near or distant shore
wanting nothing, nor asking for more
you surf the big wave each day
until your grave
and beyond and beyonder
through eternal wonders


the need to impress?
definitely not!

the need to express, yes!
you better not resist
flowing with the flow
before sinking too low
or to fly too high
you might fall out of the sky
just scary, not daring

control is fear
love is freedom


inside the medina a giant fair
an amazing maze on the main square
on y va
Jemma El Fna
which translates into “the place of the nobodies”
bodies rushing and minds drifting
grooves and melodies monkeys and snakes
friendly and fake
mostly for money’s sake
some give and some take
it’s a gamble and a game
without guilt – without shame
ultimately an exuberant orgy of the senses
a place full of kindness and blatant offenses
a place to be carried away
what else can I say

The Body Knows

the dreams of nostalgia blend into
the screams for utopia but I’m still here
and now finally I know it
a million times before I had to blow it
but not today
what a beautiful day

my body knows
and my consciousness grows
but sometimes the thoughts are still crazy in my head
that’s when I need to feel my body instead
the body never is crazy
it wants to move
it wants to groove
and sometimes it wants to be lazy


on a street corner
for nothing in particular
for something out of the ordinary
some excitement to kill boredom
the ultimate fulfillment of an unspoken promise
whispered into young ears
waiting hungrily and drowning in tears
inside a seemingly endless dream
from which everyone eventually will awake
sooner or later with or without a scream
dissolving illusions and fake
it’s never too late
you don’t have to wait
not anymore
your feet touch the floor

Confession Limerick Plus One

I love recognition and resonance
that’s how I meet you as my lover and my friends
you and I can feel it
and again we heal a bit
there is no fence
it just makes sense

Left Behind

leaving behind
left behind
(repeated many times
whispered like a prayer
repeated even more times
layer upon layer)
it always will be there
so to avoid despair
I better let it be in the past
I don’t want it to last
I blow it up with a blast
to finally find
peace of mind

Mobile Phonies

mobile phonies with phony mobiles
and a 1000 selfie smiles
I wonder if you ever feel lonely
because there is no one within miles
to give you a hug and real smiles

Lunar Switch

so much to find
in a moonful mind
beyond the milky spoon
out of the lagoon
rises a mindful moon
now flick the lunar switch
and transform into a witch


Instant Flash Fiction

Once upon a time they lived happily ever after …

Conditional Happiness

I’m happy
when the sun is shining
I’m happy
when I eat yummy food
I’m happy
when people like me
I’m happy
when people are nice to me
I’m happy
when I have a beautiful lover
I’m happy
when I have a lot of money
I’m happy
when I have a big house
I’m happy
when I have a new car
I’m happy
when I live a luxurious life
I’m happy
when people envy me for my wife
I’m happy
when I can tell people what to do
I’m happy
when people obey my orders
I’m happy
when everything goes my way

Unconditional Happiness

I’m happy that I’m living without too much suffering …

Stone Phone

(how I built a musical instrument in 1988 from stones from the beach at the airstrip Bantry)

stoned at the beach
but still within my reach
red stones

I am picking up red stones
striking them with bleached bones
and listening to the piercing tones

later at home
resting the resonant stones
on two black pipes
to be played with white bones
and listening to the stone phone
to an almost metallic sounding high-pitched tone

and listening, listening
to the water and the wind on my own
and melodies in stone

telling an unlikely tale
8 out of 12 stones
formed a major scale!


most islands are fairly similar
and we like to visit them
we don’t really know why
it seems to be a far cry
so why are we seekers?

are we trying to find something, that we consciously don’t know what it is?
something off the mainland, that is not so oversaturated?
yes, hoping whatever it is that it has been preserved in a much more basic way and in a more natural world
with few houses, some even just ruins with a rugged coast and lonely white beaches
windswept and without the gloss of the postcards
yes, too much and not enough
I need a break

Healing Art

why would a happy person bother to make art?
the artist is the sufferer
who must create art
to distract from pain
to focus on the healing power of beauty
no need for blame
just simply proclaim:
I am not going insane

here I am, still hurt but determined that I am going to be alright
if I follow the light
if I take no bribe
and subscribe to the positive vibe
and join the universal tribe
of loving awareness and compassion
it’s a long long session

Table Top Drummer

(a percussion song)

tap tap table top
never stop, never stop
tap tap table top
tic toc grandfather clock
tap tap table top
quivering strawberry jam blob
falling from the table onto my sock
tap tap table top
never stop, never stop


the ego and money driven music industry
is non inclusive and not about an alive community
it is neither about you and nor about me
so lets play true music ourselves
being together and free!

No Need

why reading other people poetry
their pleasure, their pain
doesn’t everyone not have their own?
is it identification, consolation, or distraction?
yet another fraction of a refraction
but we are still alone
until we are all one
only then all is done
is there no more need for a poem or pun!


(there! T’Here … T’Here … here! T’Here … T’Here … echoing … echoing …)

I try to catch the moment
A petal is my boat
Stripped of all romance
No words left in my throat
Just the rhythm of my heart
No need for a new start


I lost my foothold on the eroded slopes of my mind
The loose gravel of thoughts made me slide and fall
but I was surprised to find
the fall was not painful at all
I fell on my arse
kissed the soft and lush green grass
that was all


I would like to meet your demon
and take her out of you again
but then second time around
I know it sounds arrogant and insane
and I wonder would you still be my friend
or would I this time have overstepped the line?

All And One

I’m a drop in the ocean
one moment of emotion
a sea of ever rolling waves
an ever changing maze


Words drenched with feeling
And saturated with meaning
on a palette reaching from joy to neediness
Not to mention all the other ingredients
The heavy and worrying ones
The light and playful ones
Molten into one new artifact
still hurt but more intact
Hoping to communicate the unsaid
now less afraid, yes, less afraid
feeling almost reborn
speaking the unspeakable to someone unknown
Who is hoping to be recognized too
In one of the many deserts or in a prison or in a zoo
Longing for feeing
Searching the meaning

A Simple Song – not too long

she don’t care
he’s a dropout
and he hangs about
but at least he is there

Talking In Tongues

talking in tongues
playing on drums
start to dance
entering trance


there is nothing to be done
all is good
but it is not easy
and when things are bad
mad and sad
it is not easy
it is still up to you
and especially up to me too

I’m trying to get rid of the rhyme
and any conventions
and the concept of time
and my self inflicted detention
it is good enough just to be
no expectation
no anticipation
just follow the feeling
right on without reeling
and as you is me
and all is one
we have permission to be
the way it all began
before there was rain or sun
but then there was change
and change is life
it still sometimes feels strange
the deeper I dive
life evolves
with ever-changing waves
slow and fast
the past won’t last

all I can do is trust
I have to trust
trust I must
that it is good enough just to be
and resist to rhyme this again with “free”
as it has always been like this
yet it is all new
bright and darker than blue
(and a butterfly is fluttering out of my brain


I’m an outsider
a freedom rider
I need to be outside
to see the light

Constructive Communication

create a safe space
slow down the pace
bring plenty good will
we find better ways
and happiness

talk and act with respect
don’t assume and expect
dare to share and care
just be fair
express needs
see where it leads to
and hey!
it is okay to disagree
you will see!

Soapy Slope

soap, soap
slippery slope
smoke no dope
on a soapy slope
better bring a rope
and rely on no pope
on a slippery slope
never lose hope
and try to cope
like an antelope
on a soapy slope

New Ways

Let’s breathe deep into our lungs
and start talking in tongues
and avoid any painful word
so no one can get hurt
the tone of our voice
to communicate with is our choice
to express the feeling
a new way of dealing
with all situations
avoiding violations
being aware of our personal bubble
to stay out of any trouble
having regular non-hurtful sessions
to express and release
frustrations and aggressions

New Ways #2

gotta get out of there
gotta get into here

Ain’t It Strange

Ain’t it strange
that we sit in our cage
with our shackles on
rattling on and on and on
same old way

why not get on stage
break the old stage
break the chain in the brain
get rid of the insane pain
a happy new day
is starting today

Too Much Out of Touch

If you are full of virtues and don’t have any vices
you are missing a lot of the spices of life
tell me what is your strife?
confess what is your desire?
what brings you down?
what gets you higher?
and after all if you want too much
you are in fantasia and out of touch
with reality
have a cup of tea
take a break
for your own sake
just wait a while
it takes a while to see!

Dear Reader

if you can fathom the meaning
of these felt, but not quite understood words
or the randomly meandering thoughts
would you please be so kind to alert me
with any means available to you
and shre your insights!
my efforts have been in vain
we both would be richly rewarded
by comparing the mental pain
we both would gain…
I am not insane and don’t mind if you are…
judging never has helped anyone

We Know

me and you know
we need to grow
all these sharp observations will not do
we got to lose that urge to act
with all our acquired intellect
that only leads us into the restless lands
into a sticky and merciless goo
and leaves us empty and blue
the only cure we are missing
is to regain our natural rhythm

The Name of The Game

they shout your name but your name will be forgotten
anyway that whole game is rotten
rotten to the core

no one is really overly important
I won’t play that game no more
these are not my rules
these rules are for fools
worship is only game
it’s crazy and insane.

Lost Paradise

so many fears, tears
sometimes some listening ears
on the way out of paradise
she looked into my eyes
and said “sorry about the apple”
but it just tasted so nice
I am not telling you any lies


to me it seems to be
meaningful craziness
and I can’t look away anymore
I have reached one conclusion:

I am a beautiful flower
that grows in the toxic soil of a polluted mind
the emotional scars are invisible
at least for most of the other fellow beings
who don’t yet know that pain is transformed
into many different artistic expressions

maybe to get some recognition
or resonance from others
that feel in similar ways
but then again ultimately there are only two sides of one wish
everyone wants to love and be loved

I’m Talking To The World – the poem

life is a dare (alternately loud and whispered)
for everyone out there
for me to do this here
to conquer the fear
for you to be curious and listen to it for a bit
it might very well reflect you as it’s true
such is the nature of information
such is the nature of vibration
words are pebbles thrown into a pond
and then the ripples do their thing
unfold and meet and create
and confuse
nothing to lose
I can see clearly now the thoughts are gone


master and child
calm and wild
within and without
smile and shout
let it in and let it out
two are one
omniversal fun


we are warriors
on the battleground of love
worrying a lot, much too much
everything seems to be never enough
was it meant like that in the name of a god above

when will we stop the futile fight?
relax and stop being uptight!
when will all that be left behind?
all and everything will be alright!
in the end!

we are warriors
on the battleground of love
until we finally have learned
the cosmic game of love

Bang On

we have something special going on
we weave it into an instant song
all is right and nothing is wrong
Cosmic tuning in and fun: Bang On!


tell me Bobby what happened
over the years
of hidden tears and fears
along the way of fame
when everything stayed the same
when they worshipped you
but you were feeling blue

the wind has been blowing through your ears
but no answer you could ever hear
love had left town
and like a clown
you wore a frown
under your crown
and the tired ego
still had a long way to go
where to? you didn’t know!
just left feeling low

you must have gotten hurt
from all the dirt of the rotten world
disillusioned, cynical and more
and could not see an open door
you didn’t used to be that way
but be this as it may
it was the price you had to pay
but anyway if you are all alone
it’s time to bring it all back home

A Challenge And A Surprise

You could have asked for it
it’s the naked truth
for you to choose
you can only win
and there is no sin
and nothing to lose

sometimes something goes wrong
no need to work it into a song
please try again
get up and fly free from pain
at least walk
even on your own
or even better talk
to your bones
don’t waste any time virtually
it won’t help you spiritually
just do your best
and forget the rest

there is not always a free chair
on top of the stairs
but I can sit there


The end rhyme pretends
that everything will be resolved when it ends
maybe even make in the end some sense
but the end rhyme pretends

but luckily
there are only new beginnings
and again the bell will be ringing
and I will be sure of one thing eventually
change will evolve and flow quite naturally


(prayer-like whispering, getting louder…)
I try to refrain
from this repetitive refrain
I’m a slave of the machine
and it is mean
a mean machine

I try to refrain
from this repetitive refrain
I even confess it
long ago I have even done my bit
but nothing changes

I try to refrain
from this repetitive refrain
a sin is a sin
and this is one
I ask myself was it at least fun?
what ever I might or might not have done?

I try to refrain
from this repetitive refrain
I am now well used to use the machine
it gives the the illusion of pleasure
a lot of trash, or a hope of very rarely an occasional tiny treasure
and of course the machine really is using me
oh yes, I see

I try to refrain
from this repetitive refrain

Play Love

Love is a game
don’t get too serious
that is so lame
remember there is no shame
and no need to be tame
just play the game
enjoy to play
there is nothing to say
and hey, don’t judge
it is never the same
just play the game
and don’t rhyme
there is no time
all is enough
when you play love.

Can’t Trust A Word

I can’t trust any word
I easily get hurt

only feelings are true
sometimes mild, sometimes wild
sometimes light, sometimes blue

sound is pure
and a magical mystery tour too
sometimes you are me, sometimes I am you

all the vibrations gradually change
that is not strange
everything must be re-arranged

change changes
all and everything
thick turns into thin
so many beings I have been

all this are words
captured birds
fuzzy and blurred
in a cage of hurt
refractured light
I better let go and hold on tight

Coffee And Tea

instead of coffee and tea
I rather have toffee and chi
or would I rather have toffee and a key
to unlock the door to be free
I wonder how it would be…

Early (the confusing pronunciation of the English language in the ear of the Earl

I tear a tear from my eye
it’s clearly early
the gates are not yet pearly
and they never might be
but the dew drop on a nasturtiam leaf
is the most beautiful pearl I will ever see…


On an autumn day in the big city
under a lonely, majestic chestnut tree
I decided to conker my fears and the world
not to be hurled and swirled
and to be more free

Gregorian Chants

Gregorian chants, my early childhood experiences in monasteries … For worse or better! it did something to me, seriously…. I still can smell dampness, cold and incense and insanity woven into the endlessly timeless monotonously trancy chants echoing in the candle lit chapels and in all of my bones. curse and contemplation and no mercy or the consolation that all that would be gone eventually …. once I would walk through that high and heavy oak door and I would be resurrected in the temple of nature, colours and birdsong all around me and whispering trees, the smell of earth and the lapping soft waves of a stream, the dream of the truth of the reality of being.


I have 2 legs
I do not lay eggs
I am a mammal
I am an animal
in my forgotten captivity
when will I be free?
I don’t need a cup of tea!
I even don’t need cake
when will I make
a prison break?
just for my own sake

One More Time

I wanted to fly high
with you
it’s true
but I was too shy
I was afraid to touch the sky

I was afraid to fall so very low
and that the fall would be slow

that’s when you knocked at my door
and asked “are you home?”
and in a flash
without a crash
I came back from far away
and I asked you to stay

this time it is different
this time is another time
time to try one more time
because this time it is our time

Out In The Rain

if you had my brain
you would do all sorts of things
just when you remember them
and not stand in the rain
getting soaked again and again

Loose Words

what ever we will do
what ever we have done
where ever we go to
we will come back to square one
where words lose their meaning
which is not at all a mean thing

(archaic choir singing)
trance formation

back into sound
where everything flows free
and without a bound

and now we see
without eyes
and we realize

there are no ties
and lying suits

only white mice
and flying fruits

Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll

please check the amount
on your personal account
if it’s a bit of leisure time
having pleasure is just sublime
but if it is always then it is addiction
to forget the pain and other afflictions
and ends regrettably possibly deadly
when we have overdone it just too madly

Less Control

giving up some control
allowing the freedom of random
let non-chaotic random structure evolve
don’t judge too much
dare to basically accept
you won’t regret
and if necessary
make some adjustments to suit


the seemingly unproductive charge up time is essential
A minimum of one third of two legged life time is necessary,
otherwise the result is a burn out.
Nothing comes for free.
Often you must pay later!


Fragments of Nellie’s Dream Funeral

… all I ever can be here
is a vessel for the spirit
to settle in for a while
and learn to smile
I am a battered bowl from the dump
sounding sweet and mysterious…

Spaced Out

spaced out chimes
assembled from the junk of the dump
hung into trees
outside in nature

in times of need
no talking
listening to random sonatas
from cosmic stratas
an ever-changing intermodulation
is a welcome invitation
and a complete surprise

trash transformed into treasure
nature nurtures me with leisure
I made use of a random resource
and have no remorse
my trash gives pleasure
at no expense

To My Lover

all I can be for you is naked
that in our nakedness
we can touch each other
and share the bliss

To The Priest

all you can do is throw away the book
and try to understand
the merciful meaning
of all and everything and nothing

To The Doctor

all you can do for the patient
is to be aware and a vigilant friend
and not to forget to communicate
how to create the ideal conditions
for healing to happen.
You will have to realize
you can never be the healer.

To The Friend

all I can do is to respect and support you
in your state of imperfection
the imperfection we share
and recognize your vulnerability
and be available any time
and when you need me
and other than that
having great times together.

To The Artist

all you can do is not to limit
never to limit the creative energy
that you needed to explore
and never to depend on approval by others
but experience pure joy
in the occasional happy moments
somebody understands and gets the meaning of your creations
later rather than sooner
you are the instrument of the cosmic and the earth energy
you are a mediator

To The Politicians

grow up and let go
forget money, power and ego
all you can do is to serve
serve the people and the community
for the well being of each and all
rise before the fall


a rhyme is fine
but really does not mean
anything in particular
it is not really that spectacular
because of that alone

neither does a rhyme make anything better as such
and simply can be just too much
still it also can be kind of a magic spell…
here we go again! oh well!

Mental Mission Discovered

constantly my thoughts want to and actually manage
to distract me from just being
by pretending that so many things are important
which is a huge and massive mass scam
I ned to establish strict controls immediately
only positive and purposeful mental activity
is from now on permitted and encouraged

Dental And Mental Hygiene

almost everyone practices dental hygiene
however mental hygiene is far more important
as it causes worse damage
to the mind polluted 2 legged animal
and its range of influence
fact: establish your own mental discipline
warning: thoughts are potentially harmful if not controlled
recommendation: mindful and thought-free breathing

Searching For Something

I am searching for something
but I don’t know what it is.
Could it be me?
Could it be you?

In The Wind

I tried to find
what I could not seek
what I could unwind
in the wind

I felt I should not worry
I better wait patiently
wrapped in a warm coat
in the wind

finally I got the message
a colorful paper drifted by
I could not read it
in the wind

I closed my eyes
it was not dark
and there was nothing to be dreaded
in the wind

The she caressed my ears
she spoke no words
and took me away
into the wind

Heaven And Hell

heaven and hell
curse and spell
don’t forget to yell
hell and heaven
open not only from 7 to 11
as everyone can tell

Why Bother At All?

The cosmic dimensions are beyond imagination
the same is true for our inner space
there is really no need to be too far out or too far in
it just takes too long to come back and to adjust again
being comfortable with one’s own sole soul reality is a challenge
but worthwhile
it makes you smile
as this gives you a happy heart
for yet another new start
everything is reality and measured according to reality
even these illusions and mental intrusions.
Luckily all can be discarded or at least scaled down with questions three:
is it true?
is it real?
is it applicable?

Energy (dance performance for 3 people)






May I?

Senora, may I play the Flamenco on you?
we can sing and dance too
quite frankly between me and you
I would like to make love to you


we are going astray
we have lost the way
too much work
not enough play
what do you say?
what can we do?
me and you?

Empty Business

empty business
busy emptiness
you still can touch me

I reached the border and can’t cross over
and I ask myself why
why don’t I grow wings to fly
why am I still timid and shy

I write the words
that you cannot hear
in your own world
of tears and fear

all I see is green
I am in a dream
I have always been
do you know what I mean
I found my archives from the past
and I hope they are gone at last
the time that it takes to grasp

words, words, thoughts in my head,
I ought to do all these necessary things
it’s my duty as a responsible adult
rushing, rushing
no rest, running after something
again and again
falling into pools of pre-programmed thinking
drifting away further and further

I forgot to check in with myself
I forgot to feel my feelings
my pain is covered up by rushing around
and thinking what to do next
everything is so important

I am staring into the distance and watching
and am I still watching
am I listening at all
while I do what I’ve been doing for a long time
a very long, very long time
falling, falling into pools of pre-programmed thinking
drifting and drifting and drifting further and further and further
losing my pain conveniently

we share the passion for gates – pathways to another world and beyond!


who am I?
and why?
where are you?
and who are you?
where am I now?
still in that groove
pulling a plough?
I need to make my move!


why do I still care
if it has all already then been there
aeons before I even started to write
in order to maybe see the light
seems to me a futile fight!
a pitiful plight!
full of fright!
maybe I am simply too uptight
instead of happily letting go
and for once just go with the flow
a matter of trust
trust I must!

Secret Wish

I am still giving birth to sounds and words
to release all the almost forgotten hurts
throwing away my white shirt
and getting rid of worlds full of dirt
overnight I wish to secretly grow fur
and transfom into a cozy cat that purrs

Loneliness ( a performance piece)

(multi-layered choir singing) loneliness
no less
no more

we are born
to be
all one

just one
for some time
turning over pages
for a while
going through stages
walking many miles

we die
to become
one with all
and be free
in eternity

gravity strikes
nothing has been in vain

An Irish Song

let the sunshine shine today
on a rainy day
and sing this song
and drum along
it can’t be wrong

Human Being (upbeat 4/4 percussion song)

haha hihi
I am barking up the wrong tree
I am a human being
I need to wake up
from this dream
I need to scream
I need to wake up

Down The Line

it has been in the family
it is my family tree
for hundreds of years
panic, tears and fears
family drama
family karma
it will stay
until it is resolved one day

after it has been resolved
I will have evolved
I will have learned to sing
and be used to live on the wing
almost enlightened – bing!
trotting down the lane
a bit bored but no more insane.


if life is an illusion
virtual reality is an illusion
of an illusion
it is a diluted delusion

Flow Related

the sculpture we create between us
when we are relating
in a relationship
is up to us

together we are creating
a vibe
almost a being
it is our doing
and our not doing

we are able to be aware
of this sculpture we created between us
the shapes and spaces
will flow and grow
high and low

Positive Statements – A Communal Dare

It is time for me now to move on.
This is the finale – involving the audience – hopefully each of you!
I need your help now.
here is a dare for you to participate.
Please just say out loud
whisper or shout
a positive word or sentence
something positive you care about.
something you want to promote.
something you want to become reality.
Please join in
don’t let the conditioning win. (Pause)
I will create a sound carpet of multicolored noises
to encourage to use your voices
and say or even sing a word or sentence
I dare you to make your choices!
here comes my background sound carpet
to add your positive statements!
(Dan Moi jaws harp + sung in tongues and “there will be change”)

Raps + Rhyme Crimes

Rhyme Crime

feeling emotionally constipated
mentally, mildly fascinated
with obvious and obsessive rhymes
executed like endless repetitive crimes

I know! I did it! Many times even! I confess!

Now I repent and am asking for redemption
before applying for my old age pension
without anxiety and tension

Committing A Rhyme

only because it rhymes doesn’t make it poetry
its probably even somewhat dull and boring
like attending obligatory afternoon tea
being far removed from remotely scoring

a rhyme can be a crime
not just accidental fun
like an unintended pun
so maybe we’d better give it the gun!
no rhyme, no reason
not at all random, almost treason

End Rhyming

The end rhyme pretends
that everything will be resolved when it ends
it might even make in the end some sense
or will it be just a letdown
after a senseless suspense

eventually and inevitably
a new start will be another beginning
and again the bell will be truly ringing
and I can be sure of one thing luckily
change will evolve and all will flow naturally


Inhale, exhale
female or male
breath a gale
slide slow like a snail
tell your tale
don’t get too pale and frail
obviously follow your own trail
don’t derail
and sail to your destination
without delay and hesitation


please don’t try so hard to please
strive to be at ease
and breath, yes, breath!
any tickle and tease needs a release
and please don’t freeze
and refrain from saying cheese
no more selfies please
wipe that artificial smile
of your face for a while
and for a change be real
and do what you feel
and refrain from saying cheese


Don’t tire, don’t tire !
do your best to inspire !
inspire before you expire
guard your fire
don’t be a buyer
try to fly higher
fulfil your desire
to reach the top of the spire
sometimes even aspire
to be a live wire –
without being wired
you won’t get fired

Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions
you may drop all idiotic illusions
and forget all the customized confusions

Don’t tire, don’t tire !
inspire before you expire !


(a rap letter from hell)
yell and yell
you might as well
ride the swell
as far as I can tell
and ring the bell
at very high decibel

yes, yell if you smell
hell, yes, Mademoiselle
get rid of that gel
misbehave and misspell my belle
and as well say farewell
to Coco Chanel and caramel
you are a gorgeous gazelle

tell all about that spell
and don’t sell your bell
you might very well get well
when you crack the shell
cut up the padded cell
and rebel in your luxurious hotel
while the personel is busy in the citadel
or trying to propel the carousel
or even might quell a parallel cartel

don’t dwell upon to undersell
and yell and yell
you might as well
ride the swell!
Yours truly, Marcel


we are stressed
we need to rest
to pass the test
there will be no unrest
lest to save us from the worst
I suggest find the treasure chest
within the worries of the west
later then you may finally rest
in peace under trees – at best


could have been a queen
in my dream, in my dream
when I was a teen
to be noticed and seen
I admit I was pretty green
but also very keen
to be a radical rapper
even a side stepper
but I was way to dapper
not a crazy and lazy leper
and also not a father mucker
or a mindless macho sucker
neither I am a pheasant plucker
or a driven down town trucker
who again has hit that damn ditch
and needed more than one stitch
ain’t that a bitch – ain’t that a bitch
that I’m even not rich or at least a witch ?
I feel a twitch and an itch
to swiftly switch to perfect pitch
to just avoid another glitch
I got derailed
no harm to have failed

Bubble Wrap Rap

(dedicated two times to the band CAN)
bubble wrap – bubble rap – bubble wrap – bubble rap
bubble – bubble – bubble – bubble

bubble trouble – double trouble
leaving nothing but rubbish and rubble
pop the giant Babylon bubble – Babylon bubble
lay waste to the wicked over-creation trouble

I’m locked up inside in my comfy cozy bubble
all on my own – all alone – afraid of trouble
I must burst this lovely luxury bubble
and release the accumulated trouble

I have to start unwrapping and unwrapping
and now I’m stepping out and dare to do some rapping
while obsessively compulsively popping
all the bubbles
leaving behind a lot of my troubles
stabbing and popping all the bubbles
leaving behind all of my troubles
all the padding of the bubble wrap
is a well constructed bubble wrap trap

(sung like “Spoon” tune)
I am popping all the bubbles of my bubble wrap trap (3x)

doing the bubble wrap rap
doing the bubble rap

no more padding and protective wrapping
I better carry on doing some more rapping
rapping while I’m walking down the street
and feel the rain and feel the heat
and touch the ground with my naked feet
looking around for some people to meet

no more bubble – bubble – bubble trouble
no more Babylon trouble bubble
no more bottling down the brainwash crap
I’m alive and kicking and not yet dead
I must unwrap – unwrap – unwrap
I better do the bubble wrap rap

it’s my first step out of the Babylon trap
unwrap and doing the bubble wrap rap

Just having some PUN

(and causing a real PUNdemic)

Once aPUN a time a PUNda, a right son-of-a-PUN, thought it was really PUNny to open PUNdora’s box in PUNama and released a plethora of PUNtastic PUNs into the world creating a PUNorama full of public laughter, really second to PUN.

Subsequently the PUNda was PUNished for the PUNdaemonium he had caused with all these PUNs, that son-of-a-PUN, what a PUN in the arse!
He had actually caused a real PUNdemic!


Going Back

(an acoustic performance of roots poetry and music)

a reflection on a species of 2 legged animals, who choose to call themselves Homo Sapiens, who actually ironically does not know despite the name and out of male ignorance and arrogance does not want to know about his greedy and power obsessed wrong doing, which will be inevitably fatal for this species and possibly even for the mother planet, spaceship Earth, if not corrected soon by stopping the wicked over-creation.
Roots Jazz Poetry – an ethno-ambient music performance
(sound meets words meet rhythm)
by Thomas Wiegandt + Ailin Becker
a poetical journey through sound and rhythm to the origins of Jazz many centuries ago back in West Africa.
Multi-instrumentalists Thomas Wiegandt and Ailin Becker will play acoustic ethno-ambient music to conjure up the spirit music from long time ago, the music of the ancestors. Jazz originates from West African village music and dance which still is happening in remote parts as the community gathers in the evening in a village square after work for communal enjoyment and recreation. On a spiritual level, music and dance acknowledges the ancestors as guardians of the living.
The performance has been premiered at the Ballydehob Social Club during the Jazz Festival Ballydehob in 2012. A DVD will be available soon.


1. Going Back(with Bougarabou and percussion)
2. Trip or Journey(N'goni, main phrase 6/8, A D 7 10 7 || A D 3 3 D,basic groove A D A D with down slides in between, covered Bougarabou + shakers)
3. Business as usual?(slow bell pattern, wah on thigh, Maracas + Caxixi)
4. Body Soul Drum Spirit(Djembe swinging 6/8 pattern,| TtB*B* | TtBBB* | or: | BtTbTt | BtTtTt |Dondo: solo in between verses)
5. Roots(N'goni, pulse stroke, riff 3 2 D D || 2 D A A?bim – bom, Djembe+Bougarabou with soft beaters, shaker)
6. Words(dolfin Kalimba, bones)
7. A Drum Song(Bougarabou: DeGeDoGo, goat hooves + caxixi)
8. Song with no plan(N'goni riff: A 3 D 3 D A 33 D * )
9. Beyond beyond(Djembe – muffled with scarf or cover, KuKu-ish, dead bell)
10. Into Reverse(the whispering song) (BougaChon, ocarina 4, egg cutter, Kenia calimba)
11. Jazz(scarve muffled Bougarabou, 6/8 Jazz pattern like pa*dupa**,Maracas + Caxixi)

Going Back

(Going Back To The Beginning #1)
(Bougarabou, percussions)
(=) (spoken intro)
a friend once said to me:
we live in the privileged world
most of us here are white, right?
that's why we can be seen easily in the night
never mind, never mind, never mind
you better loose your mind
at least for a while
loose your mind … that's right!
(=) (Bougarabou 3s – dodededodada …)
(=) (sung)
cast your mind back
cast back your mind
you are on the right track
there's so much too find (2x)
there's so much too find
the eyes are wide open, you are not blind
(=) (caxixi) (spoken – descending voice)
walk down the old – the old spiral stairs
of the collective consciousness
collective consciousness
(=) (caxixi stop)
one-ness – nothingness – naught !
(=) (Bougarabou stops)
(=) (rainstick-egg cutter-Kalimba-Ocarina 6)
(=) (sung)
yaaaaoooown – a new dawn
yawn – a new dawn
(=) (Bougarabou starts again in 3s)
(=) (caxixi + temple block)
we wake up centuries ago
back in Africa – back in Africa
no printed words – no printed numbers
no watch, no clock – no tick tock
tick tock – tick tock – no tick tock
centuries ago back in Africa
(=) (caxixi + temple block stop)
(=) (spoken)
when God made time
he made plenty of it
and it's getting more all the time
no media back then, no screens back then no distractions – just life itself
(=) (goat hooves start)
just nature – plenty of it
roots and fruits
and spirits – plenty of them
the spirits of the ancestors
the ones that came before us
our creators – the ancestors
without the ancestors
there would be no creation
always remember
remember the ancestors
(=) (sung)
they speak thru drums
they speak thru bells
animals and plants
they speak as well (2x)
they speak mysterious words
mysterious words
(=) (spoken)
mysterious words
in another language
in a foreign tongue
(=) (goat hooves stop) (=) (sung)
I know – I don't know (Bougarabou stops)
I know – I don't know …
(=) (KonKeLo on red dead bell)
(=) (spoken)
the eternal language of always
for ever and ever and ever
plentiful, fearless and timeless
timeless, fearless and plentiful
language of the soul
no aim – no goal
for ever and ever and ever
(=) (sung)
being all one
here and beyond the sun
eternal waves, unstoppable rhythm
feel and listen – feel and listen
(=) (KonKeLo stops)
(=) (Bougarabou starts 4s – degedogo)
(=) (sung)
everything is moving – grooving
everyone is moving
(=) (caxixi) (=) (kind of rapping)
all are listening
taking in – listening
inside out – outside in
let's begin – let's spin
(=) (chanting)
around and around
in spirals and circles
around and around
spiraling out of control
no wanting anything
no aim – no goal
just feeling the body
and freeing the soul
around and around
and upside down
blissful smiles – no need to frown
around and around
in spirals and circles
around and around
loose your mind
all around
there's so much to find
loose your mind
never mind – never mind
we can leave it all behind
when we choose to loose our mind
there's so much to receive
there's so much to retrieve
c'mon everybody join in
it's communal healing
re-born with a new feeling (2x)
(=) (Bougarabou+ caxixi stop) (=) (spoken)
a blank slate – time to create
and a lot of space
(=) (pause) (=) (whispering)
space – space – space is the place
(=) (pause) (=) (take ocarina 6)
(=) (Bougarabou: BbTtTtT* || BbT*Tt** )
no need to rush – no need to run
we are not in a race (take ocarina 6)
time to be – time to be free
time to feel – time to be real
it's up to you and me
no need to repeat – repeat repeatedly …
(=) (outro: rain stick + ocarina 6) or horns

Trip or Journey ?!

(Going Back To The Beginning #2)
(N'goni, play nice intro, swinging
main phrase 6/8, A D 7 10 7 || A D 3 3 D,
groove A D A D with down slides in between, covered Bougarabou + shakers)
(=) (spoken)
Well, I brought them there
I am a tour guide.
Now all of us are lying on the grass
inside a stone circle – in the sun.
(=) (sung)
sunny sunshine shining down on us
inside a stone circle lying on the grass
(=) (spoken)
a warm and light feeling
eyes closed – colours everywhere
(=) (sung)
floating through timeless spheres.
never shifting gear
(=) (solo) (spoken)
Years + years are passing faster + faster
and still there is something
within or without – without and within
Ihave not yet seen
(=) (sung)
I know – I don't know – I know – I don't know – I know …
Oh what a trip! – Oh what a journey!
I can easily loose myself in your eyes (2x)
no surprise – no surprise
and find myself again
inside my ear listening to the magic sounds
to all the magic sounds
listening to cosmic radio – cosmic radio
( D D 7 10 7 )
breathing in – freedom!
breathing out – beauty!
( A D D 3 D )
be you – be you – be yourself – be beautiful
beautiful, beautiful beauty
be you – be you – be you – be you
Oh what a trip! – Oh what a journey!
lying inside the magic stone circle
tuned to cosmic radio
we are about to return
we will leave the magic circle
we will return to the world!
(AD AD, 12 downslide)

business as usual ?

(Going Back To The Beginning #3)
(=) (slow bell pattern, wahwah on thigh, maracas, caxixi)
(=) (chanting)
Eile mit Weile, Eile mit Weile, …
Weile ohne Eile
(=) (sung)
there are easily so many excuses
not to do things the way we feel
but it is me and you who chooses
to decide right now to become real
why to continue with what feels strange
why repeat all over when we can change
after all I only have to slow down
I only need to slow down after all
to hear the call before I fall
to heed the call before I fall
no, no, no – no more busy-ness
no more business as usual
time to stop, time to sigh
time to be happy, time to cry
time to live, time to die
time to feel low, time to fly high
space is the place – the place to be
speed is often just fear or greed
separating me and you and you and me
separating you and you and me and me
now is the time to plant a new seed
to finally wake up to be happy and free
after all I only have to slow down
I only need to slow down after all
no, no, no – no more busy-ness
no more business as usual
(=) (chanting)
Eile mit Weile, Eile mit Weile, …
Weile ohne Eile (fade)
(=) (spoken)
you go nowhere – nowhere
nowhere in a rush
you go nowhere in a rush !

Body Soul Drum Spirit

(Going Back To The Beginning #4)
(=) (Djembe swinging 6/8 pattern,
| TtB*B* | TtBBB* | or: | BtTbTt | BtTtTt |
Dondo: solo between verses)
(=) (sung)
The spirit talks
from soul to soul
the spirit talks
the body moves
(=) (spoken)
it's because
the drum is physical
the body moves
it's because
the drum is spiritual
the spirit talks
talks to the soul
drum talk
spirit talk
drum spirit
spirit talk
moves the body
(=) (sung)
the drum talks
to me and you
the spirit moves
through me and you


(Going Back To The Beginning #5)

(N'goni, pulse stroke, 3 2 D D || 2 D A A
Djembe+Bougarabou soft beaters,shaker)
(=) (sung)
I'm going back to my roots
listening to the heartbeat
playing my drum
(=) (drum: DeGeDom*)
(=) (spoken)
I'm going back to my roots
loving my life
and having fun
I'm going back to my roots
taking my time
feeling fine
(=) (sung)
I'm going back to my roots
listening to the heartbeat
playing my drum
(=) (spoken)
you go nowhere in a rush


(Going Back To The Beginning #6-not used)
(guitar riff Am G Dm? reggae-ish, F Am)
No one can create
reality with words
Action speaks
louder than words
Love is not a heart
Love is not a rose
Love is… beyond words
silence is magic
because there are no words
and when hearts sing
there is no need for words…
but then again…
the right word
at the right moment
is sometimes all it needs

A Drum Song

(Going Back To The Beginning #7)
(call and response, TtTtB*** || Tt*tB**t )
(=) (Bougarabou drum: DeGeDoGo, goat hooves + caxixi)
Every – everybody — everybody
Feel the spirit
moving you – moving me
feel the vibe of feeling free
Every – everybody
Every – everybody — everybody
Let your hands dance
on your drum in a trance
enjoy yourself – get up and dance
Every – everybody
Every – everybody — everybody
I hear the rhythm of my heart
please join in and play your part
c'mon let's make a start
Every – everybody
Every – everybody — everybody
Move to the groove
feel your feet – feel the heat
loose your mind – never mind
Every – everybody
Every – everybody — everybody
enjoy life – have some fun
dance – in the rain
dance – in the sun
dance while you can
and let's be one
it can be done
Every – everybody
(=) ("universal" 4/4 drum pattern: De*De*De*DeGe*DeGe*Do*Do*

Song With No Plan

(Going Back To The Beginning #8)
(=) (N'goni riff: A 3 D 3 D A 33 D * )
(=) (intro)
song with no plan (2x) (riff)
no paper, no pen ( D 33 55 )
no control, no aim, no goal (7 77 | 7 5 55)
let it flow, let it flow, let it flow (5 3 D )
let go (A 3 D )
a song with no plan (2x) (riff)
no paper, no pen ( D 33 55 )
make it up as you go along (7 77 | 7 5 55)
that can't be wrong (5 3 D )
can't be wrong (A 3 D )
there is a magic spell (riff)
inside the well (riff)
there is a magic well ( D 33 55 )
inside the spell ( D 33 55 )
just ring the bell (2x) (riff)
I might as well (D 5 77)
leave my shell (3 55)
ride the cosmic swell (riff)
inside the well (riff)
ride the cosmic swell (riff)
inside the well (riff) (=) (outro)

Beyond beyond

(Going Back To The Beginning #9)
(Djembe-scarf or cover muffled , KuKu-ish, dead bell)
(=) (sung)
I have nothing to tell you (3x)
(=) (spoken)
everyone can listen
into the emptiness
into empty space
to Cosmic Radio
it all can be found
found in waves and sound
somehow – anyhow
(=) (sung)
I have nothing to tell you (3x)
(=) (spoken)
no one can influence us:
we decide ourselves
we can feel
any vibration
it's all there – everywhere
it's there all the time
if we take our time
it's our time right now
it always has been our time
it's our time anyway
(=) (sung)
I have nothing to tell you (3x)
(=) (spoken)
there is no message
that is the message
that there is no message
we can trust each other
we can free our mind
everyday in any way
it's up to us
(=) (sung)
I have nothing to tell you (3x)
(=) (spoken)
if we
to feel
we can think beyond
and then feel beyond beyond
even further then beyond
I mean we can decide to wake up now
and realize we are actually here
against the odds
right here
somehow – anyway
having travelled
beyond beyond
having finally arrived
right here – right now
after having embraced
any sound – any vibration
any wave – any sensation
beyond beyond is right here – right now
anyway …
(=) (sung)
let go, let it go
let it flow – beyond beyond

Into Reverse (the whispering song)

(Going Back To The Beginning #10)
(=) (intro ocarina4, egg slice, Kenia calimba)
(=) (whispering)
going back
going backwards
going back backwards
(=) (spoken)
and moving upwards
moving upwards
(=) (BougaChon starts 4/4 degedogo)
(=) (chanting)
uphill through the jungle
through the jungle
of another dream
following a stream
of whispering voices
(=) (spoken)
eventually reaching higher ground
and a clearing on top of the hill
(=) (BougaChon stops, shakers start)
(=) (spoken)
the place of the spirit
and the ancient vibrations
felt and left behind by the ones
that came here before us
(=) (pause) (=) (horns)
(=) (BougaChon) (=) (chanting)
going back
all the way back
going back
back to the beginning
back to the source
where clear water streams out of the earth
(=) (whispering)
and the ones that created us
keep whispering repetitive words
repetitive words into the wind
the wind is telling us to listen to our ears
listening to the inner ear
(=) (spoken)
forget all fear
listen to the ear
forget all fear
(=) (BougaChon stops)
and stop making sense


(tapping a 6/8 Jazz pattern on a table)
(Going Back To The Beginning #11)
(=) (scarve muffled Bougarabou, 6/8 Jazz pattern like pa*dupa**)
(=) (spoken)
what is Jazz
it's everybody's guess
this must be Jazz
more or less
but how to carry on?
com'on, com'on, com'on!
yes, you know
let go, let go
and let it flow
this must be Jazz
more or less
it's our turn
to improvise
we can learn
to sympathize
and I like to emphasize:
there's no need for disguise
this must be Jazz
more or less
there is a chance
get up and dance
drop the defense
it makes no sense
yes, yes, we know, we know
we all know
yes we can jump over this fence
yes, yes, yes (fade out)
this must be Jazz
more or less


+++ a tribal multi-media performance incorporating poetry, music, dance and painting +++
Shamanic Art Film "SoulScape"trailer
Soulscape Poems and Archaic Roots Music played on authentic ancient instruments from around the globe by Thomas Wiegandt, Ailin Becker and Amanda Vonricken, spontaneous painting by Det Schlich and Carina Thornton, plus dancers at the Ballydehob Social Club, 5-5-2012, 4 p.m.
Poetry is the backbone of this performance.

Music can be described as archaic, rhythmic, minimal, trancy, earthy, intense … the idea is to tune into the Now and leave the everyday consciousness and 21st century social control behind with its brain wash and fear of being judged from the outside for who we really are (scary:) – I hope to upload 2 music samples soon.
Musical instruments: some ancient instruments like a Kundu drum with a lizard skin from Papua New Guinea and a David's harp from Ethiopia plus a Balinese Gangsa and many others.
Dance or better authentic movement: tuning into the music on an individual feeling level by the dancers/movers at the time of the performance exploring the reality of the now on a deeper level, with an emphasis on slow earthy vibrations. Costumes/masks also earth tones. (more detail obviously will develop during the rehearsal – only one rehearsal! = not to dilute the essence)
Painters will paint a picture onto a blank canvas/card board during the performance

Intro: 1 or 2 laptop computers on the empty stage play clips of the anti nuclear demonstrations in 70 s Germany, while people find a seat.
Performers come on stage, Thomas plays octaphon while Ailin closes the laptop computers and the performance begins..

1) (T: Octaphon stops)

Blow-ins In The Wind (spoken)
I saw the best minds of my generation blown
Alan Ginsberg wrote this in 1955
the year I was born
and the best minds of my generation were still blown
when I grew up
to many were too stoned and too alone
same old story is still going on and on
we were blow-ins in the wind
naive and on the mend
enjoying the storm at the beach
blown away and out of reach
with empty hands and all alone
and we did not dare to go home
to keep on mowing the lawn
hoping to be eventually reborn
but instead waking up before dawn shivering
as does my neighbor Mr.John O'Blivion
and what would that be good for
being in denial as before
awakening on the same familiar shore
same old same thing and more …
so let's move on and relax
no worries about money and tax
and have a break
at the shore of a lake
just a quick reality check
shivers of happiness down our backs
and no more wishing to forget
and no fear – of being here …
just timeless paradise – without lies

2) (AM: chimes intro, T: Ethiopian Harp, AI: frame drum, AM: Djembe + shakers)

… and the beat goes on (sung)
first there was the big bang
everything started then
and the beat goes on
and on and on
(drums + perc. carry on)
listen to the music and move
be alive and move to the groove
and the beat goes on
it's been there all along
(drums + perc. eventually ends)

3) (AI: gangsa harmonies, T: ocarina, AM: Ocean Drum, spaciously),

Tuning In (sung)
I'm tuning into the space
I'm getting to know the place
I'm tuning in time
I'm taking my time – it's my time
(AM: Ocean Drum stops, T: egg cutter)
the time is flowing thru the now
and I'm floating along – somehow
I'm tuning into the vibe
tonight we unite as one tribe
and we take no bribe
(AI: gangsa)
I'm tuning into you
and iI'm tuning into myself
we are tuning into nature itself
and we are tuning into the omniverse

4) (AI: Bamboo-phone, T: log-phone, AM: shakers)

Magic Forest (spoken)
(little written notes – or: small posters?, given to various members of the audience to read out loud or hold up)
long time ago
the 2- legged animals lived a simple life
in the magic forest
magic times long time ago
(T: jaws harp, horn, AI + AM: percussions , eventually ends)
long time ago
the 2- legged animals lived a simple life
in the magic forest
magic times long time ago

5) (AI: bones pulse)

Human Animals (spoken)
why do human beings often don't feel their bodies anymore ?
why are human animal so often unhappy ?
why do human beings live in their heads a lot of the time ?
why do they talk and talk so much ?
why do so many things need to be said ?
talking almost non stop – talking non stop
why all that racing and rushing around ?
rushing around almost non stop
have we lost the plot
watch your cat, watch your dog
watch any animal – look around – it's time to stop
(Bones stop, just voice)
the human animal really needs more care
let's retrieve what is missing
something that is not there

6) (T: Kundu Drum – pa.dupa.. , AI: caxixi + shekere, AM: scraper, then block)

Good Vibration (sung)
spread a good vibration
through out the whole nation
this is not a new revelation
it's been true for every generation
media brainwash is a bad attraction
money and power – the old corruption
disruption of the natural flow
rushing around and nowhere to go
how low can the 2 legged animal go
stop the mind pollution
get rid of the old confusion
be part of the new solution
it's called re-evolution
we can unite tonight
we can shine a light
and we can drop our fear
for that we need no special gear
shed no tear – play your part
follow the heart – listen to the ear
spread a good vibration
through out the whole nation
(T: Bougarabou, other carry on, all perc. stops eventually)

7) (T: horn, AM: chimes – eventually stops)

Questions (spoken)
what is going to work out in the end
is not so hard to understand
but some questions need to be asked
some questions need to be answered
to be answered by someone
some questions need to be answered
by everyone
how do we survive
what is acceptable in life
and what won't be regrettable
which people are actually compatible
which pieces of the puzzle are fitting
what do I see from where I'm sitting
and how can I know
that I'm in the flow
and how would it feel
to be free and real
would I sense it
would I be able to make the right decision
with no hesitation and no concession
make the right move
move to my groove
walk into the right direction
with or without reflection
and keep on moving
towards you and towards me
and how will it all be
will it be easy then — finally

8) (T: jaw harp, AI: Kalimba, AM: hooves rattle – eventually stops)

Up In The Sky (sung, acapella
or: reggae-ish Bm – A, then G – A – B)
there are so many clouds up in the sky
and there are too many thoughts in my mind
and life is passing me by – and by
and just around the corner there are so many things to find
so many new things to replace the old thoughts in my mind
I simply need to re-arrange
and be ready right now – for a change
(AI: gangsa, T: Suling flute, AM: rainstick)

9) (AI: bones, AM: block, T: Kundu drum – rubber beater – eventually stops)

Stones (spoken)
I was sitting by the stones
the bones of the earth
the stones started to talk
they told me the story of my birth
and many ancient stories I needed to know
so finally I was able grow
and hear the call
and make sense of it all
I'm a link in a chain
and nothing had been in vain
but the chain twists around and tangles up at times
a picture of confusing lines
which lead back to the beginning
it's an unbroken chain
and I'm holding on to it now
as I'm sitting by the stones
the bones of the earth
staring into timeless space
forgetting… and vaguely remembering
that I have been here before
in another life

10) (AM: rainsticks, T: long bamboo flute – eventually stops)

(AI: caxixi 6/8, AM: slow rainsticks)
Relationships (sung)
keep gently leaning
into each other
and feel the gentle touch
and don't ask too much
keep the balance
and don't fall either way
don't fall away
don't fall – at all
and heed the call
from someone
who is still recovering
from more than one fall
(T: bamboo flute)
may happiness be a delicious food
enjoy the ride as long as it's good
and let go when it's not good anymore
that just might open a new door
a door that wasn't there before
walk right through
who knows what it is good for
(T: bamboo flute)
(all music stops)
control and regulation
are the tools of insecure people
who do not trust their fellow beings
control and regulation
are the tools of selfish people
who abuse their power
and who take advantage of a situation
equals are caring
and able to act self responsibly
for the individual and common good

11) (AI: Bamboo-phone, T: Ethiopian Harp)

The Warm Healing (spoken)
people are hurt, people are crazy
that is surely for definite, not just maybe
no need to work too hard
nor to be too lazy
the sharing a lot of a warm feeling
will do the healing

12) (T: Kundu Drum, AM: Djembe – AI: various – eventually stops)

Mask Dance (spoken)
when wearing the mask
we can accomplish the task
and then we can take off the mask
as we dare to be ourselves
and be out there on our own
no more hidden away on top of a shelf
and for our own sake
finally falling awake
and starting to shake
this time for real and not a fake
starting to shake all over
starting to shake before it shakes us
let music and dance be a powerful magical ritual
and allow that to become eventually habitual
music and dance and all the arts –
outer expression of the inner spirit
from deep within our hearts
the free spirit of joy and creation
out in the open
(T: HD bell 4/4, –> AM: Djembe, AI: shakers, and then group improvisation)

"In Another Life" – an Art Exhibition Performance 7-2012 (O – 7)

(singing the stories how some of the art work came about, numbers of pictures in brackets)

0 GUITAR: instrumental in Em –> "Samala"

–> trip to Guinea, West-Africa 1990 – Famoudou Konate, Griots
(musicians who sing the history of families and community events as well as moral stories)
I'm western modern day "Truebardour" and I sing about this exhibition,
about the stories of the pictures and how they came about.

1 GUITAR: (11 – 13 – 1)

Early Memories (same chords as "Lovers",F?-Am-Em-Am)
I'm floating thru timeless spheres
clouds of colors everywhere
eventually forming shapes
and lines and scripts
script beings becoming alive
dancing to rhythmic sounds
unity – no you – no me – unity
eternal time
this was 1954 or 1955
I was alive, but I hadn't been born yet
hadn't been born yet …
I'm floating thru timeless sheres
clouds of colors everywhere


Art School
When I was 22 years old I went to Art School
after a few months at Art School
I noticed that most art students did copy
they copied a famous painter or one of the professors
who themselves copied a famous painter
this seemed to be a useful technical exercise
but spirit and fun were missing
I was more interested in creating something
that I did not know before what it was
that I had not seen before
an unexpected surprise
before my eyes
something that happened magically
something I didn't have to think about
I liked to work with found objects
transform them following an impulse
the mood of the moment
no aim – no plan
magic happens – it does!
and it's a surprise
it's always a surprise

3 SHAKERS: (3)

The art studio in the squatted house at the height of Punk
let's go inside – into my room
unwanted things left behind, a lot of rubbish and some old house paint
an old sheet of tin – let's begin
but wait a minute:
let's get a bucket of water – just in case
but don't do this at home, folks
or at least do this on a concrete floor
now I begin
that sheet of tin on the floor is my canvas
I apply some gloss onto the tin
then some white spirit
it sure has its merit
you will see!
I strike a match
and set it on fire
when the flames get higher
I extinguish them with paint
dripping paint onto the flames
quick – open the windows
a lot of smoke
and the toxic stink of burnt paint
bursting bubbles – don't faint
this painting has been on fire
vielen Dank


In A Maze
drawing doodles in school
marginal art with only one rule
drawing doodles in school
marginal art with only one rule
just don't interrupt the line
that will just do fine
just carry on and after a while
be amazed in a maze
in an amazing maze
I'm seeing something new
and I know you can draw a line too
Wikipedia: A doodle is an unfocused drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied.

5 KALIMBA: (18, 19)

Book Without Pages and Second Dream (=Zweitraum)
once upon a time, actually in 1993 in Heidelberg
there where 2 fancy boxes of chocolates
and yes we ate them! – hmm, hmm
all that was left was the golden package.
too golden to throw it away!
nail varnish remover turned gold into silver
gold into silver – gold into silver
modern day achemy
a hairpin drew some lines
and nail varnish added some color!
and there it was:
Book Without Pages and Second Dream

6 SITALIN: (6 – 10)

Universal Energy
colors, lines and shapes and spirals (2-5-10-7)
colors, lines and shapes and spirals (2-5-10-7)
universal energy (2-5-low3-0)
omniversal geometry
it is kind – it blows your mind (5-7 7-10-7)
it sets me free – and it is free (0-5-2-0 0-low3-0)
colors, lines and shapes and spirals
universal energy
it blows our mind
blows our mind for free
universal energy
(universal pattern in 16: 0-0-0-00-00-0-0-)
Trees are our friends
Trees are our friends
Trees are our friends
trees give us oxygen to breath
trees are home to birds and bees
trees are very strong
trees have been here long
trees have deep roots
trees give us plenty of fruits
trees are beautiful
trees give us wood
wood is beautiful – and useful
it warms me on a cold day
(sticks stop)
neel ain teen tohn
mor a heen tohn fayn
(Irish: there is no fireplace like your own fireplace)

Chronos – or – Time Eats Soul (a chronic dis-ease)

a multi-media performance incorporating poetry, music, visuals and dance.
(a critical reflection on time)
— a provisional version, open to improvement! —
Backdrop (either a real prop or a pre-fab projection onto a big screen):
a giant clock with 2 people tied to the hands of the clock, which move sometimes slow, some times fast, eventually then stops and moves backwards, which allows the captives to free themselves and dance a tribal dance of freedom)

intro: playback of "Time" demo version by Pink Floyd, eventually fades into
a choir of interwoven spoken and sung:
Chronos eats soul ! – Tempus Edax Rerum!
ending with a "crash-endo"

(short silence, interrupted by a metronome
leading into a simple monotonous 4/4 percussion piece)

Watch it and clock out (male rap)

measuring time is a crime
the clock has disturbed our natural rhythm
and only because we grew up as we did
we don't know what we are missing
the clock is the violation of the true vibration
every wristwatch a shackle and chain
the clock imprisons body and soul from inside our brain

my mind has been polluted
my energy diluted
I'm feeling all deluded
I have been excluded (or: my soul has been intruded)

(female rap)
I'm out of sync
I'll soon be extinct
if I don't restore
my (natural) instinct

my mind has been polluted
my energy diluted
I'm feeling all deluded
I have been excluded (or: my soul has been intruded)

(female + male rap)
finally I must speak out
watch out – watch out
and never never mind
never mind the crowd

(female rap)
I make my own choice
I sound my own voice
I claim my own rhythm
I feel what I am missing

(male rap)
I get on my bike
I do what I like
it's entirely my decision
and I give myself permission

(simple monotonous 4/4 percussion piece changes into a lively improvisation and eventually stops)

Time Out In Time
(live painters in the background (or a projection of them) start writing: "your session has timed out!")
(simple 6/8 background rhythm)
(male narrator, in an outgoing manner with expression)
Chronos, the god of time has not been appointed
by the 2-legged animals on the third rock from the sun
but there are rumours he might have created the universe
with the help of a serpentine
be that as it may
it does not really matter
but I can tell you
Chronos doesn't care how the body feels at any time
Chronos doesn't even consider any feelings or the soul
the problem is this:
Chronos never stops
Chronos didn't even notice the invention of the clock
because he never stops – he never stops!
Chronos does not hear tic nor toc of billions of clocks
he just does not listen at all nor does he take any notice
how everything unfolds and closes in
and even a secondhand second hand
fixed to a broken inherited clock
is a razor sharp and bloody sword.

(simple 6/8 background rhythm plus KlingKlongs)

we have to stop to console ourselves
and make a conscious choice
to raise our voice
and shout out loud
"it is not too late – we will change our fate!"
we can wake ourselves up
and stop staring at the rectangular omniverse
of the prescribed media on the screens
in our cozy and comfortable dying rooms
we can wake up, get up, open the door
and step outside.

(live painters in the background (or a projection of them) finish writing the sentence: "your session has timed out!")

Sorry, your session has timed out a long time ago
and the simple reason for this is
that we just did not notice
when the mechanical clock was invented
and that it would eventually spread like cancer even to the most remote corners of the earth
but no-one was alarmed at the time

(simple 6/8 background rhythm stops)
(a scary clown stumbles on stage, loughs hysterically and recites repeatedly:)

die zeit die luft im sauseschritt
Eins, zwei, drei, wir laufen mit
(stops and shrugs and says: "I know that was not helpful!")

now we, the 2-legged animals, are slaves
we have to watch out and clock in
we better function in order to justify our existence
as we always did since hundreds of years
we don't want to obstruct the holy clockwork!

or do we? – do we?
well, there is a thought that even feels right

(choir in a rhythmic way:)
maybe we can stop the time terror
maybe we can stop this time error
and get rid of the terror time
and just stop – yes stop!

(a moment silence)
(percussionists start "expanding" KonKeLo bells and one drummer playing AfroWaltz as reference, dancers move playing shakers

why not?
can you imagine!
why obey any longer and whom actually?
we can go back to our natural rhythm
we are 2-legged animals
we are capable
we can walk – we can drop
we can talk – we can stop
it's our own decision
we can go back to the natural rhythm
day – night
dark vastness – bright light
we are not mechanical
we are multi-dimensional
we are alive!
(KonKeLo AfroWaltz improvisation, eventually stops))

Cut myself loose

(female + male rap over simple 4/4 DeGeDoGo drum piece)
I shout out loud
what about
time out – time out
count me out
don't tie me
don't time me
don't tie me
don't tie me down
I can't be tied down
I need to be free
free, free, free

(the 2 people free themselves by cutting the ropes that ties them to the hands of the clock and dance a tribal dance of freedom)

(choir in a melodic way:)
and finally, finally, finally
I am free, free, free
I open my 3rd eye
what a surprise
we crossed the abyss
timeless bliss!

(dance and percussion 4/4 improvisation plus jaws harp + flute)

Animal Sense (Think Body)
(male singer, maybe TW ?)

before we get rid – of every -ism
we need to intensely practice animalism
we can sense what we're missing
it's a simple and earthy natural rhythm

when finally all the numbers run into one
the mind stops thinking and bodies are having fun
our souls enjoying themselves in the warmth of the sun
a new life has just begun
(chorus sung by choir)
think with your body – feel with your mind
think with your body – feel with your mind
let your nose and feet find the way
always – anytime – each and every day
let your nose and feet find their way
right now and each and every day

(Bamboo-phone, log-phone, shakers)

Magic Forest (spoken by several speakers)
(little written notes – or: small posters?, given to various members of the audience to read out loud or hold up)
long time ago
the 2- legged animals lived a simple life
in the magic forest
magic times long time ago

we better strive to be alive
to get on with living life.
listening, moving, grooving
to the eternal rhythm
inside the the cosmic prism
dancing forever
in any weather
free and easy
moving slowly
in flow motion only
it's a long dance
it's a chance
to go slow and flow
is the eternal way of letting go

(Maybe it could END here or it could carry on, I'm not sure at this stage)

(=) (sung)
yaaaaoooown – a new dawn
yawn – a new dawn
(=) (Bougarabou starts again in 3s)
(=) (caxixi + temple block)
we wake up centuries ago
back in Africa – back in Africa
no printed words – no printed numbers
no watch, no clock – no tick tock
tick tock – tick tock – no tick tock
centuries ago back in Africa
(=) (caxixi + temple block stop)
(=) (spoken)
when God made time
he made plenty of it
and it's getting more all the time
no media back then, no screens back then no distractions – just life itself
(=) (goat hooves start)
just nature – plenty of it
roots and fruits
and spirits – plenty of them
the spirits of the ancestors
the ones that came before us
our creators – the ancestors
without the ancestors
there would be no creation
always remember
remember the ancestors
(=) (sung)
they speak thru drums
they speak thru bells
animals and plants
they speak as well (2x)
they speak mysterious words
mysterious words
(=) (spoken)
mysterious words
in another language
in a foreign tongue
(=) (goat hooves stop) (=) (sung)
I know – I don't know (Bougarabou stops)
I know – I don't know…
(=) (KonKeLo on red dead bell)
(=) (spoken)
the eternal language of always
for ever and ever and ever
plentiful, fearless and timeless
timeless, fearless and plentiful
language of the soul
no aim – no goal
for ever and ever and ever
(=) (sung)
being all one
here and beyond the sun
eternal waves, unstoppable rhythm
feel and listen – feel and listen
(=) (KonKeLo stops)
(=) (Bougarabou starts 4s – degedogo)
(=) (sung)
everything is moving – grooving
everyone is moving
(=) (caxixi) (=) (kind of rapping)
all are listening
taking in – listening
inside out – outside in
let's begin – let's spin
(=) (chanting)
around and around
in spirals and circles
around and around
spiraling out of control
no wanting anything
no aim – no goal
just feeling the body
and freeing the soul
around and around
and upside down
blissful smiles – no need to frown
around and around
in spirals and circles
around and around
loose your mind
all around
there's so much to find
loose your mind
never mind – never mind
we can leave it all behind
when we choose to loose our mind

there's so much to receive
there's so much to retrieve
c'mon everybody join in
it's communal healing
re-born with a new feeling (2x)

(put this in also ???)

???Reduction??? (stop the wicked over-creation)

I'm very unhappy
I'm feeling really crappy
that's when the program kicks in
the program kicks in
the program kicks in
I must go shopping
shopping – shopping!
I'm feeling low
and here I go
I'm shopping for love
for a little love

but love is not for sale
shopping will always fail

need less, buy less
re-cycle more
is my own guess
I look out of my window
I look out of my door
I step outside
I look all around
and feel my feet
on the ground
where our ancestors walked
let's appreciate what we got
there's so much we can do without
that's certain – without a doubt

let's spend less money
for things we don't need
things that won't make us happy
we can reduce – we can re-use
there's really nothing to lose
no need for greed
no need for speed
speed is often simply greed

go slowly – take your time
and please don't take mine
time is yours – time is mine
let's work less to earn money
let's taste our own honey
let's not buy unnecessary things
that soon will end up in the bins
it's enough to enjoy just to be
money only for an emergency
for our essential and real needs
we can make things ourselves
we can re-use and invent
no need for abuse and to over-spend
there's a lot we can do
we – that is me and you


A Potpourri of Pot Poetry

More or less randomly chosen poetry, possibly via the random poem button on the website, recited over a rhythmic sound carpet of miniature Gamelan consisting of Kling-Klongs, which are recycled aluminum pots worked into randomly tuned polyphonic metallophones, played and read without the use of pot 🙂 Always definitely new and and a surprise, food for thought and pleasant sounding new harmonies.

A Potpourri of Pot Poetry 
is not what you think … it's literally music played on old aluminum pots called KlingKlongs that have undergone angle grinder surgery to produce celestial sounds.

Multi artist Thomas Wiegandt however has undergone brain surgery and had amnesia for weeks and can't remember anything very well, especially not his own poetry … which means he has to make it up on the spot after listening to the cosmic radio of the now … or read it from scattered bits of paper … or ever so often talking in tongues … or do something totally different … always definitely new and non-chaotic and a surprise … food for thought and pleasant sounding new harmonies … 


Think Less !

(according to Thomas)

in the beginning there was nothing.
there was no motion, just silence
it was like that and there was no change for almost ever.
then a mystery happened which cannot be ever understood.
a vibration was born out of nothing.
the time wind started blowing
and the motionless cosmic egg started to move.
the vibrations multiplied infinitely
and thus the shell of the cosmic egg cracked and broke open
and in an ecstatic cosmic dance the omniverse was born and unfolded
and everything was created
and it was neither good or bad
it just was

after a long time in a suburban solar system
on the third rock from the sun
which is called earth
a four legged animal started to walk on two legs
and is now called "man"
this gifted two legged animal began to evolve
to due to a higher perspective and a better overview
and the resulting loss of maximum earth contact and proper grounding
man started to reflect upon the world
man started to think about everything
most men were very proud of their acquired knowledge
every man seemed to know more than their fellow humans
and most man could not stop thinking
the species man needed help urgently
to find a way out of this dilemma
so man created God in his own image
and started praying to God to ask for help
but God was quiet and did not answer

the human beings had lost the path by thinking too much
and by not paying attention to their bodies and ignoring their feelings
and even God that man had created in his own image did not send help
then a few clever men declared themselves priests
the priests told there fellow men they could reveal God's wisdom
but they were not honest and abused their power
and that did not improve the human dilemma
it made things worse and many men became very confused
as they did not trust their own judgement and their own feelings anymore
confusion is a very unpleasant state of being that other animal only rarely experience
man eventually became all confused and helpless and did not know what to do anymore
scientists tried to explain everything on earth and under the sun and even beyond
but even the intelligent scientists were not able to change the general bad feeling of feeling bad
many men started even to hurt and kill each other in large numbers
and there was a lot of pain, suffering and unhappiness caused by man
meanwhile some people realized the only salvation was to think much less and to feel a lot more
to be mindful rather than to have a full mind
to be aware what is really going on
to feel the earth under their feet
and to be aware of the breathing
and the beating of the heart
and to share and care
and to heal and become whole again
by doing what feels good
to be true to our animal nature and our cosmic spirit
after and despite of all man can realize
that man has a choice
to hear the voice within
without somebody else
man lives in hope

Animal Sense (Think Body) | Bm G | Bm G | Em A Bm | G A Bm |
before we get rid – of every -ism | Bm G |
we need to practice a lot of animalism | Bm G |
we can sense what we're missing | Em A Bm |
it's a simple and earthy natural rhythm | G A Bm |

when finally all the numbers run into one | Bm G |
the mind stops thinking and bodies are having fun | Bm G |
our souls enjoying themselves in the warmth of the sun | Em A Bm |
a new life has just begun | G A Bm |
think with your body – feel with your mind | Bm G |
think with your body – feel with your mind | Bm G |
let your nose and feet find the way | Em A Bm |
always – anytime – each and every day | G A Bm |
let your nose and feet find their way
right now and each and every day

Attention to all human and humanoids and human nerds
a dark force sends lots of thoughts
this is a cosmic virus
beneficial thoughts can be recognized by that they are applicable in a positive constructive communal and omniversal way!
for that wo/man needs to remember him/herself through body awareness and must resist over-activity and the wickedness of the over-creation and become a balanced part of the sound system of the positive vibration imagi-Nation!

Inevitable Chaos
sometimes the creation needs to forget itself
and then there will be chaos and nothingness
for a spell
everything will be spiraling out of control
all around
and around and around
and upside down
and inside out
everything thrown all about
in a random way
an unpredictable play
eventually bits will repeat themselves and form patterns again
and new structures will be born and evolve infinitely
and thus creation starts anew
order and chaos are the cosmic breath
the original dual principle

I'm talking to the world 
(a performance with KlingKlong metallophones and spoken (improvised? poetry) in a public space (moderately crowded), an anonymous setting, addressing random passers-by.)

Why am I doing this??
This is a dare!! (alternating loudly and whispered)

If I stay detached in an engaged way
I will encounter momentary bliss, freedom and truth.
Now, what about you?
Curiosity made you stop!
or something else?

I'm talking to the world – the poem

(obviously dedicated to the two legged animals, who will hopefully wake up and refrain from destroying our wonderful spaceship, we are traveling on)
(alternately spoken loudly and whispered)

life is a dare 
for everyone out there
for me to do this here 
to conquer the fear
for you to be curious 
and listen to it for a bit 
it might very well reflect you 
if the mirror is true 
such is the nature of information 
such is the nature of vibration 
words are pebbles thrown into a pond 
and then the ripples do their thing 
unfolding,meeting, creating 
even elating
just to confuse your mind
and a blissful moment to unwind 


I can see clearly now the thoughts are gone.

Loneliness (a performance piece)
(multi-layered choir singing)

no less
no more

we are born
to be
all one

just one
for some time
turning over pages
for a while
going through stages
walking many miles

we die
to become
one with all
and be free
in eternity 

gravity strikes
nothing has been in vain

Philosophical – Political

States Of Being

(not a poem as such, but a philosophical structure!)
( symbols: (0)=neutral, (+)=positive, (-)=negative) )
(0) contentment is the neutral state.
there is one positive strand:
(+) happiness, joy
(++) ecstasy
(+++) oblivion ( = back to the source = unity= oneness = 1)
there are 2 negative strands, A + B:
A(-) sad
A(–) depression
A(—) self-destruction (= annihilation = 0)
B(-) mad
B(–) aggression
B(—) destruction (= annihilation= 0)
? annihilation = death = birth into unity ?

The People's Benefits

an attempt of a " bullet list of recommendations" for community projects based on awareness, rather than lengthy legal jargon
(this is not a manifesto as such, but some main focus points for creating an organic "social sculpture". these are check points for the individuals of any community group which is based on good will and social mindfulness rather than conventional enforcements in legal terms of the do's and don't's. This list can be amended any time according to the specific situation of the project until a comfortable majority of the people can agree to it)

community spirit
all for all
self- responsibility
positive attitude
common sense
communal decisions

temporary "leaders" or "committees" may hold key positions for directing the project, but for not too long time periods to safeguard against establishing power structures that will result inabuse. these "important people" can be voted down at any time by a majority of the people, if the people are not happy with the leadership and can be replaced by workable constructive alternatives.


Bob Marley:
Why not help each other on the way, isn't that much easier?

Bob Dylan:
Don't follow leaders, watch your parking meters!

Jimi Hendrix:
When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Jim Morrison:
Specialize in having fun.

Relationship Maintenance
safe space
good will to find a better way and happiness
no expectations and no assumptions
sharing and caring
expression of our needs

Revisionary Art
Revisionary Art promotes with multidisciplinary recycle and nature art
to go forward and work towards positive change
by revising the current toxic and destructive values and power structures
and moving towards a constructive and self-responsible community attitude
through caring and sharing
living close to nature
with individual spirituality
instead of the oppressive prescriptive and limiting self serving organized religions

Property is an Illusion
No one can own anything, simply because we are two legged animals sharing that planet with many other beings. We don't have any privileges to anything, we are just a part of everything and therefore, should have a humble and modest attitude toward our surroundings and our fellow beings. The idea to own anything is particularly absurd if we look at the relative size and the lack of emotional intelligence in the whole context of the omniverse. However, in reality, in every country you only have the possibility of relative freedom if you own a piece of land which is your property. Own is an inverted commerce. So if you want to have a little bit of freedom, your only way is to buy a property, preferably in a more remote part of the world with a relatively liberal/political system. That will enable you to realize some of your visions to some degree and you be able to create some works of art on a bigger scale in collaboration with Mother Nature. Of course, that piece of property must be public and open to all positive beings on the planet. Which means even to other two legged animals as long as they respect your property there is no reason why not to grant them access. So if you have set up some nature and art spaces, which I call Magic Forest, which I encourage people to do and to share your land and the artworks that you have set up there. Ideally the Magic Forest should be a space where people just can be in a peaceful natural surrounding with specially created art spaces of a particular theme. I suggest as a focal point to think about these spaces as fun and healing and being not too intellectual as the head heavy civilization of the two legged animals is one of the main causes of the general unhappiness. Rather than investing in money and possessions, I would think it's more beneficial to everyone to invest in happiness moments, because everything will pass anyway. Or as my grandma put it, "the last shirt has no pockets." I hope I made it clear that possessions are an illusion which cannot really exist in any sane person's sound mind. However, the brain wash machine goes on and on and we have to train ourselves to decide what we do with our lives and to make conscious decisions rather than just become another Mr. or Mrs. Follow Follow.

The Artist's Toolbox
First, I have to agree wholeheartedly to Joseph Beuys's statement, "every human being is an artist." Being an artist just means to be playful at any age, not just as children. This observation has been of course made many times by philosophers and founders of religions. The toolbox of the artist depends entirely on the environment and the personality of the artist. The whole wicked over creation culture created by greedy specimens of the two legged animals have created so much waste which can be reused in a meaningful way, most of the time free of charge, so no need to enter an art supply shop or leave it to the privileged people. The urge of creating art is a natural impulse, other animals play and create artistic objects too. As the toolbox is very individual, obviously, there is one thing the attitude would have in common which is free and non-hurtful expression of feelings without mental limitations as art really is mainly about the process of playing and creating things and there are no limitations to playfulness other than naturally getting tired.

Positive Vibration
The positive vibration is the most important survival tool at the beginning of the third millennium as despite of so much wrongdoing and lots of pitfalls, the two legged animals still don't seem to grasp what is needed. What is needed is goodwill, cooperation and compassion to share this wonderful planet with our fellow beings. What is required as well that there is a critical mass of people subscribing to positive vibration, thus tearing off the mask of greed that capitalists are practicing and trying to program into their slaves that work for them by selling their lifetime. Once people have a practical understanding of what the positive vibration means — to see the happiness in the face of your fellow beings and that that is revolt enough to be positive, things will change. In the way that laughter is contagious, positiveness will be contagious in a similar fashion and at some page there will be a waking up from being in hell and the majority of two legged animals will have the ability again to create their own paradise. The positive vibration is about the empowerment of the individual to be deeply convinced that this is possible, because the capitalists brainwash machine is telling you the opposite each second through a multitude of media. Once an understanding is reached, that happiness is a real feeling and that it doesn't depend on money or possession, things will change. Equally negative, beside the worship of money and possession, is the striving for power. There is no need for power if we can share. There is no need for power if we are happy. Jimi Hendrix said "once the power of love has overcome the love of power, the world will know peace." 

Mental Humbleness
The overactivity of thinking and the unnecessary accumulation of non-applicable knowledge by the two-legged anima called human being  is superfluous, harmful and dangerous. Non-applicable knowledge that is not in a positive  and caring way is an obsessive and compulsive activity of the ego resulting in a accumulation of mental bulk  and ultimately a waste of lifetime. Instead the "feeling body" is getting neglected and lacking attention. The energy flows where the attention goes. Attention and awareness is the foremost mental goal and it will radiate in a positive way.  mental capital, ego that is in a positive  and caring way

Any Problems?
these are my recommendations: follow your heart, talk to people and other beings, walk outside in nature and absorb natural healing, express yourself in non-harmful ways, hold yourself and care for yourself like you would for a baby, love yourself and others unconditionally.

The development of the two legged animals in retrospect 
nomadic lifestyle, the use of tools
settled lifestyle, growing crops and keeping animals.
thinking and mental overactivity, the use of money, writing, accumulating non applicable knowledge, the invention of the book press.
greed and accumulation, industrial revolution, bureaucracy, alienation from nature
sedentary lifestyle (headestrians), digital revolution, communication and an abundant use of media.

Requirements For Life (body, mind, spirit)

stamina and perseverance

Some Big Topic (more to come, maybe…)

mother: western therapist tell that joke, if its not the one thing, then its your mother.
too true in the western world most of the time but not all the time.
Many of my african friends find this to be beyond comprehension, because they love their mothers, who had carried them around for the first two years and by that they absorbed closeness and the rhythm of life.
Anger: anger would be for me something that is triggered by an outrageous injustice. Anger is scary.
It needs wisdom and courage to decide when to contain or to express anger and to do the right thing then in an appropriate way and hopefully not to cause too much damage and unnecessary harm.
Sex: probably the strongest motivation, obviously nature's trick to reproduce, resulting at best in temporary union and short lived post-ecstatic blissful oblivion and then it's back to duality again – fuck.
Death: The best symbol would be the hourglass, sand is trickling, first slow then fast, squeezing through into something new.
Reborn into the omniverse again, being part of the boundless cosmic energy.
The journey from individual being to be a part of all and everything.
It is scary because it is kind of unknown, but somewhere there is also the sense that that has happened before.

Some Reflections:


come to think of it, there is nothing to wait for as it either is already there or it will happen in its own time. No point to think about it then, no point to think these kind of thoughts at all. It is now anyway.


what is that ? this always chasing after something or another and another and on and on and on? It will have to stop at some stage anyway as nothing can last forever but that still could be a long way, a long time away, a very long way, a long time away, unless I decide to stop all the chasing after something by stopping the cause, the desire to do so. No desire: would that be a blessing or a curse?

Three Liners or High Cues

HIGH CUES – a pun-tastic undertaking

admittedly not really a traditional haiku
just three short enough lines in english – boohoo
that will do just fine as a High Cue

Non HIGH CUE Three Liners

it's not 5 7 5
but 3 lines
that are alive

(HIGH CUE VALIDITY expresses high feature informativeness.)
(cue = signal, sign, indication, prompt, reminder)


some times I fly so high
to visit you just to ask you
for a signal, a sign, an indication, a prompt reminder, for my cue)

Catch It While You Can HIGH CUE

a new song is like butterfly
just one time it flutters by
and then it is gone


a HIGH CUE is quite handy
short, succinct, just follow your instinct
you might even catch a glimpse of some sense or meaning

Finally HIGH CUE 3X3

(descending Bass: D7560, D7G5G7D7
or guitar A string7654 – C – Em)

a HIGH CUE passionate and true
is the love letter
I left in her shoe

HIGH CUE number 2
is also true, but blue
she didn't wear that shoe

HIGH CUE number 3
yippie – she saw me finally
waving from the top of a tree

Certainty HIGH CUE

sharing compassion has gone out of fashion
I, myself and me – the holy trinity
and then in the end there will be change


I'm an over-achiever
brain washed, delirious in a fever
all i'm looking for is a whole lot of love


I'm an under-achiever
looked down and spat upon – a scumbag and a believer
all i'm looking for is that little bit of love

Body Lotion HIGH CUE 4×3

the rational mind is cold
and I long to be in your heart
but you seem to be far away

I'm getting old so I'm even told
and tired to perform my art
anyway I'm not sure what to say

the rational mind drowns in an ocean of emotion
while the clown laughs out loud with a fragile frown
trying to clean his painted face with body lotion

It takes courage and honesty
to let out what lives inside of me
for everyone out there to see.

Borderline HIGH CUE 6×3

they call it borderline
this is the life of mine
but in the end it's all fine

I never, never knew
no idea what to do
feeling strange and blue

I am a drop of water
in the waves of the sea
I am an ocean of emotion

I am here
I am nowhere
I am everywhere

I am sound
now I can be found
both feet on the ground

I'm still borderline
this is the life of mine
but in the end it's all fine

Dream Shadow HIGH CUE 4×3

long shadows in the sand
and I still don't understand
the dream that you never dreamt

the red sun drowned in the blue sea
left only the faint glow and eventually
my eyes opened wide and I could see

she used to be here, now she is gone
some have been on the road too long
only to be remembered in an old song

a dream shadow
of a green meadow
in the grey ghetto

Contained Contentment HIGH CUE
far far away I can see the other side
it really seems much greener
but I won't go there

1 – 2 – 3 HIGH CUE

I sign in with a dot, already caught on the spot
now I wish a line would bring me from A to B
now fenced inside of this triangle I imagine to be free (to drink my tea)

Silly Goose HIGH CUE

still the rainy day blues, despite that I paid for my shoes
expectations and assumptions and you are such a silly goose
many friends have left already and still there are more to loose

FAQ Hi Q(=bad pun)

Hi! said Q. and turned around
and A. replied: how do you do?
and by the way, F. still has to come up with an answer for you …

Mirrorless HIGH CUE

I'm living mirrorless now, more or less, I had to confess
I mean really, why should I look at my own face
I play by my own rules and walk at my own pace

Sunflower HIGH CUE

I fell out of my soft bed, I was dead
a smile on my face, not one regret
soon to be reborn as a sunflower instead

High Cue Validity

high cue validity
how clever can I be
too clever to be free

Nailing it (kind of the HIGH CUE way)

Ok, I'll drive you in, you don't have to shout so loud
You are a nail and I'm a hammer, without a doubt
so what's the fuss then all about?


I wrote one, I wrote four
I could have written many more
But that's not the point


I feel confined in my thinking mind
Finally I come to my senses , or do they come to me?
I walk through the unlocked door and Im free!


I need to sleep, sleep, deep, very deep
I'm counting sheep, millions of sheep
Off goes the alarm clock's merciless beep

Fucked Brain HIGH CUE

I did not take any booze or drugs
But my brain feels fucked
Time to go for a walk outside…


The loony moony buzzing energy is in my head,
Even in the purple pillows of my cozy bed
That's what she just said, she drives me mad!

Essence HIGH CUE

Just three lines
Maybe rhymed and a bit confined
still the essence shines

Sweet Defeat HIGH CUE

Its hard work to wrestle with words to write a sensible sonnet
dirty hands and bleeding knuckles from under the bonnet
A haiku only seems easy – even lazy – and is indeed a sweet defeat and sometimes a bit crazy

Achievement Berievement HIGH CUE

Writing haiku's seems to be an achievement
even to be turned out by the dozen without fussin'
but short lived and soon to be a bereavement

all one HIGH CUE

I'm trying to kill the loneliness
with being all one
instead of being all alone


the full moon rises over Mount Kid
like an egg yolk balloon and soon
turning paler the higher she goes

Unicorn HIGH CUE

I was born an unique unicorn
into a world so torn
I almost felt forlorn


the driveness
finally stops
in the Now


create and inspire
love and desire
slow and easy – so you don't tire


inspire or expire
whatever gets you higher
infinite rhythm, eternal fire


one haiku is a haiku
the plural of haiku
once and for all – is also haiku


we all need to look no further!
if we are aware of it or not
we are already here right now!


the magic of rhyme
allow it to shine
for a spell …


the thinker, the talker, the doer
cut out the middleman
action speaks louder than words

can't be explained HIGH CUE

Some things are plain to see
but just can't be explained
and there's no need for it neither


I'm a bird and I feel hurt
maybe it's better not t
o sing, or say anything
and clip my own wing

Cosmic High Cookoo or Head Stuff HIGH CUE

we are the oscillations
of the cosmic vibrations
caused by the eternal and infinite orgasm

Reality HIGH CUE

somewhere between brainwash and poetry must be reality
maybe kind of halfway between oneness and duality
we all find out, eventually


In time everyone will be running out of time
perfectly on time to be reborn
on the other side

Lonely Guitar HIGH CUE

so many lonely souls playing guitar
singing songs – reaching out – so far
burning like a shooting star

Eary HIGH CUE (ouch!)

there is an ear in fear
there is an ear in tear
an ear is near my dear


there is rust in trust
it's a risk but trust I must
not to be ruled just by lust


love is quite often against the odds
as we don't know the full picture – not as yet
so we might as well spread our wings and fly

Futuristic Horror HIGH CUE

mental eraser
emotional taser
soul destroying laser


the words to express what I feel have left me for a while
I'm not sure if it is good or bad
these mostly unknown and unnamed feelings remain


I could write a haiku
but I'm thinking of you
is that the best I can do?


We are like the swaying leaves
We don't know when we will drop from our tree
And where the wind will blow us to


Old beings cast long shadows
Before the sun sets
And everything is wrapped in black velvet for a while


Too much of everything was never enough
just an empty lie and a big blown up bluff
I need real beauty and a warm feeling, no artificial fluff


I'm walking into the darkness of a cave
it is like returning home to the mystery, to my story
to a magical understanding beyond words

Togetherness HIGH CUE

togetherness, threegetherness, fourgetherness
many many gatherings
the rainbow feathered wings of like hearted friends


Too much of everything was never enough
just a lot of brainwash and a big bluff
I need warm beauty, no fluff and more stuff

Frog Concert HIGH CUE

They are croaking their nightly percussive chants
it's a habitual ritual and a life celebration of insane intensity
no holding back until it stops as if rehearsed

Testosteron HIGH CUE

I male and 21
walking around with a loaded gun
desperately trying to have some fun

Ultimate Edge HIGH CUE

to allow and experience pure feeling
with awareness and without judgement
as long it is not toxic and hurtful!

Never Mind HIGH CUE

my mind wants to take me for a ride
but I politely decline
everything is fine!


Every addiction is a scream for the love
I was not lucky enough to get earlier on in life
to enable myself now to give love to myself

Plain Truth HIGH CUE

what is it with us artists?
we are drawn to each other
but we are still looking for a home.

To Get There HIGH CUE

there's always a free chair
on top of the stairs
I only have to get there


sound and skin to skin – the healing within
the welcome of the magic forest warm
time and hurt trance-form


(woke up this morning and the sky was blue …)

Tell it to yourself

(guitar song)
What ever happened (E Blues solo phrase)
can you tell it to yourself? (E Blues solo phrase)
can you feel the pain (G – A7)
out in the rain (G – A7)
before you can let it go again? (G – A7)
get it out of the system!
in a non hurtful way
don't let it hang about
don't let the bad vibe stay
and if you can tell it to yourself
tell it also to somebody else
to hand it down to a witness
so it won't happen again
and hurt somebody else
and cause unnecessary pain
get it out of the system!
in a non hurtful way
don't let it hang about
don't let the bad vibe stay

The Blues

(improvised blues song of the now, never the same!)
Whoever you are whatever you do
the blues always will be looking out for you
the blues is the risk you take to be real
everybody who cares about you knows how you feel
it's always the same old deal
everyone can tell what's fake – or what's real
yeah! yeah!
it's always been that way
and it's gonna stay that way too
everyone wakes up one morning
feeling nothing but blue
I'm searching for my love
trying to find you

Multi-coloured Tune

rhythmic guitar song with alternating chords
E7/A – D7/B – solo in B Blues mode,
also Indian scale and rhythmic chords)
This is just the soundtrack of my dreams
I really don't know what it means
but it sure is not what it seems
If I want to grab it
it just slips away
it's always been like that
that's all I can say
(solo in B Blues mode)
It's gone, it's gone
same old song
always changing
but I just carry on, carry on
I'm playing a multi-coloured tune
coloures floating by
(solo Indian scale)
I see shapes in the sky
one might say
the world passes me by
(rhythmic chords)
Day dreaming
sound painting
on an acoustic guitar
in the third millenium

Valentyne's Day

(a true story, worked into a guitar song)
inside you hear a scream
you are sitting in front of a screen
you are writing on the wall,
it's a facebook call for all
you sure got the blues today
but wait until tomorrow
because today is actually not the day
and anyway it's just a business holiday
invented by capitalist money making society
maybe be brave and wear a small badge tomorrow
"I'm ready for LOVE!

Mosquito Blues

I must admit I have been stung before
and I am sure I get stung some more
it's a hot hot nite – mosquito blues
uh love, what are you doing to me
uh love, can't you let me be
it's a hot hot nite – mosquito blues

Blue Morning

(Blues song)
I woke up this morning
and the sky was blue
this is a sunshine day
for me and you
and I look around
everything is new
but actually …
this is not quite true

Different Kind Of Blues

I had the blues along time ago
you said you never let me go
but then you were gone one sunny day
I was so hurt and didn't know what to say
the story seems always to be the same
but there is really no point to complain
now things have moved on and there's still plenty to do
there is still that feeling, but it's a different kind of Blues

Duality Blues

man is the hunter
woman is the game
the chase is on
it's nature's way
there are only 2 questions
will he really finally get her
and does she really want to get away
anyway, it's the same old game we play

Drifting Blues

(my version)
I'm drifting, I'm drifting
like a boat out on the deep blue sea (2x)
I'm still searching for your loving
why can't I be free
I'm drifting, I'm drifting
like a boat out on the deep blue sea (2x)
the waves keep on rolling
my love where might you be
I'm drifting, I'm drifting
like a boat out on the deep blue sea (2x)
I have been out here such a long time
love sweet love please set me free

Moon Blues

I'm counting the bars no more
I've been to too many before
up and down all over town
I'm counting the bars no more
I've must have played them all
on the fret board of my guitar
at least that's what it feels like
And now I'm just drifting – drifting to another shore
I'm counting the bars no more
I'm just playing how I feel
it's the only way now to be real
it's my way to be in tune
with the vibrations of the moon
I'm counting the bars no more
some people call it lunacy
to me it's just trying to be free
and to just play how I feel – how I feel
and not having to stop too soon …
and not having to ramble on and on and on
after all it could be a very short song
just having fun and being all one with the sun

Goddess Have Mercy

(Em – A)
I rather enjoy you as my muse
than keep singing the same old blues
God knows I paid my dues
too many drugs, too much booze
and way too much too loose
(Goddess have mercy!)
she can't keep her colors inside the lines
she is so beautiful and out of her mind
she can't be confined and that's fine
she got rid of the lines
for the colors to flow and flow
she blows my mind
for the colors to explode

You And Me Blues

(E7 A7 C7 B7 A –> B7
E7 A7 C7 B7 open E open B7)
I've tried to get the picture
and it was just another blast from the past
I've often been your blues
and surely paid my dues
and you've always been just a dream
as crazy as it seems
that's why I still play the blues for you and me
And I'm trying to get the picture
And I walked down this road so many miles
With lots of frowns and lots of smiles
And I set the colors free
and things are getting easier to see
But I'm still trying to get the picture
still trying to make sense
without being too serious and too tense
but sometimes its getting quite intense
putting the pieces together
in any kind of weather
and finally I am free to see
relaxed enough just to be
and now I know what its all about
and there's no more any doubt
There is no need to blankly stare or swear
It's just what has been always there
for everyone who cares to see
same old story of you and me


my love is like a river
it must flow into the sea
there is so much i would give her
oh goddess where might you be?

Blues Change

why not turn the blues around
just keep your feet and ears to the ground
transform despair and misery into sound
whatever you were looking for can be found
you gotta open up and look around

Out Of The Blue

people, people, people
how blue can you get?
wouldn't you eventually turn a dark violet
or even all black
don't you long for someone
or that something you really lack?

and do I really have to choose
between gutter ecstasy and highway Blues
all these crazy thoughts
about nothing, everything, all and nought
I ought to set them free
let it all be
now I can shine my love light in the night
so you can find me
and we hold each other tight

Irish Mutterings

Possible book title: "No More Irish Pounds"

The Half-Day

Where is the old Irish half-day gone?
Chewed up by the greedy Celtic Tiger,
the half-day that left sleepy towns and villages even sleepier,
that well deserved time to take your time even more,
has been replaced by the hamster wheel.
Being idle is not permitted anymore.
It has been declared a public offense.
We never knew what we had,
but we were fooled to believe,
that we were better off joining the continental lifestyle.
To become Europeans
Now many of us have lost their souls,
in big wallets full of plastic cards,
and in huge houses with no stories to be told anymore
but with wifi in every room.
Big are the houses alright, but not cosy enough
to spend an unscheduled half-day.
O thee witnesses of change,
these bygone days shall be no more.
It can't be helped,
so do not dwell upon it.
Pursue happiness leisurely
and resist all the rushing around –
we used to know better
you go nowhere
you go nowhere in a rush!

Snake Day (Paddy Day)

I'm reborn and unwinding as a snake
surfacing from the depth of the lake
a legendary man drove me in for my sin
16 centuries later I uncoil and rise again.

Paddy, Paddy, Paddy
you've been a bad laddy,
you broke the eternal spiral and drove out the magic snakes
out of the forests and fields into the sea , into the lakes

your religion didn't teach you to respect
mother nature and to protect the sacred life
and you yourself did not bother to reflect
that the snake always is born again and will survive

so on this spring day we celebrate the snake
with an ancient chant that makes us shake
and we invite the coming of the light
we will dance in spirals through the night.

rise mighty and eternal Snake
get rid of all the fake!

UCC – you see see – you will!

(written at University College Cork, under a CCTV high definition surveillance camera after a Big Brother voice from nowhere said: what are you doing there? you are obstructing the traffic. which I did not actually do as a lot of cars were passing me by)
the limitations of the mind
are not too hard to find
they are here and there – They are everywhere
they are straight and square
these limitations cause separation
the annihilation of the free and natural flow
how low are you willing to go
just relax , straighten your backs and allow a curvy and wiggly line
the free flow is natural and will do just fine
even at UCC you can be free
to open your mind
and take in everything
you see see

Mr. Digger Man

(Am-Dm or Em-Bm)
Hey digger man – you' re a big boy now
hey digger man – you're playing with a big toy now
Hey digger man – you have to assume responsibility
you should not harm or tear out any tree
a tree is a living being
with similar feeling like you and me
only interfere if you really must to a minimal degree
nature is perfect – so leave it be

the tall will fall

there were these strong gales in spring 2014 in Ireland
four or five of them in short succession
many roofs have been damaged
many trees broke off or were unrooted
the power of nature, powerful in deed
the human achievements are temporary
not lasting forever at all
everything that grows too big or too tall will fall
maybe there's an advantage in being modest and small
maybe it's a wake up call for all
without strong roots there will be no fruits
flexibility and modesty are true virtues
indeed very important – not only for a tree.

Tinariwen in Cork

jailed in the comfy confinement of my Cork opera house seat
listening to the Tuareg band Tinariwen
music from the desert exported to the desert of a city
there was no chance for my dancing feet
and finally I got up driven by the rhythm
and I danced in the empty aisle
and the singer gave me a smile …

Waste Is Not Cool

(funky guitar Am C D C funk Am)
its not cool
to waste
its not cool
to be wasted
its not cool
to work in order to waste or being wasted
its not cool
to declare something waste which is not waste
its not cool
to waste what can be used
its not cool
to waste anything at all
its not cool
to waste your lifetime to work to then waste
its not cool
to be a stupid fool
its not cool
to pollute the pool
its not cool
but it seems to be the rule
its not cool
to be ruled by the brainwash rules
so don't copy, don't copy the fools
use your own power tools
it's cool to be no fool

November Day

a wild November day out at Long Strand
we saw the high waves rolling in
mist and spray and white horses in the gusting wind
only the quivering and forlorn foam on the wet sand
and a flask of hot coffee to return to in the car
and 3 dogs at home waiting for our return


God Bless and all the mess
a drink and a laugh and all the rest
sophisticated crudeness
crude sophistication
there is always a chance to confess
fuck all and everything
you can't call it rudeness

The Angelus

nothing is black or white. especially not sounds. At noon the serene bell still rings softly despite all, but even nowadays in 2014, in a post-celtic-tiger society, the rushing still gets a little bit slower. The bottom does not drop out of the bucket anymore as in the last centuries. Even during that short and almost nervous slow down, it seems we still have to pay homage to the rat race, except for a very few who never believed in the whole thing and refuse to go along with anything. These few men and women still smile, oblivious to the world for one minute or longer, a moment of relief, maybe even without religion, dropping into unscheduled timelessness, connecting with ….. the source.



Looking down onto the floor of the consultation room in Bantry Hospital, stains of worry, real ones / not imagined, the linoleum never being replaced in many decades due to lack of funding.
There is no necessity either, after all we only walk on it, patients, doctors, nurses, all alike. But the reality of it feels like an anachronism in these modern times of the western civilization, telling the true story of imperfection rather than the perfect cover up with an immaculate floor. No immaculate conception here. At least these stains are honest, but we don't like to see them there on the floor, so we look up to the ceiling for salvation, only to stare into a clean and clinical neon light, the cold strip light that strips us of our warm humanity and makes us look down again to seek comfort in the worrying stains. We try not to picture where they actually come from. We won't go there. At least most people walk out of here, maybe even over the stains.

Gerald's Removal 2015

I arrived more towards the end.
the people present had their conversations
whispering with a low voice in the echoing church
why were they not speaking, if they needed to ?
or just being quiet altogether, out of respect ?
people arrived and went.
they kept whispering
like naughty school children
afraid to be punished by the teacher
or maybe even punished by God
the God who man had created long time ago
for many reasons or no reason at all.
no one dared to speak out loud in the church that day
even not in humble honesty and from the depth of their hearts
or about any event during the life of Gerald.
the echo of the church would have carried each word
without a doubt!

his son in the first row looked uncomfortable
and all of a sudden had inherited his fathers facial expression.
it was a long wait.
people arrived and went.
that's how it always had been done.
I realized I was the only blow-in present in this close knit community
paying my last respects to a friendly and always cheerful neighbour.
I felt like playing the harmonica that I happened to have in my pocket.
A kind of last offering to Gerald.
I didn't. I didn't want to cause any upset,
didn't want to break the rules that I was not sure about for the sake of the son.
it was my silent farewell to my neighbour.

Book Launch at Anah's Bar

Words in big letters on an old tea chest
and lots of meandering feet on 60s linoleum floors
open doors, lots of people in Anah's basement
noisiness rising
alcohol levels too
the usual good times I suppose
I keep writing not to miss the flow
I keep writing to stop thinking
while others keep on drinking
Ballydehob is upside down
somebody exclaims
upside down
thats what happens normally anyway
as well as downside up
after the time gets timeless
and people mingle and mingle
Sean the gardener finds it noisy too
also kind of claustrophobic
he prefers the open landscape
and I'm trying to escape too
nothing much to say
just sitting and watching
my son Rafael is unimpressed
he keeps playing his gadget
he lives momentarily in another world
for a spell
so do I
I suspect everybody else too
that's the way it is

we need to touch the ground
come back to earth
and move, groove, dance
action speaks louder than words
louder than all the noisiness

and at the end of the pain
the songs stop coming in
and finally the emptiness feels full
nothing bothers me much anymore
and I'm out of the door
I just walked from the inside out
and the outside is walking in at the same time
sinking like a stone in water
and I remember again
that happiness is a short innocent moment
without a song
no noise at all
but not silent
just an exquisite explosion
that can be felt all through the universe

Not Lost

on a visit to the city of Cork
I stood at a crossroads looking around
an old gentleman stopped and asked me
"are you lost?"
without thinking I replied
"not really,`I'm only wondering where to go next"

Irish Prayer

I surrender to the greenness,
the grayness and the wind
I breathe towards change
in the knowledge of the sun
every raindrop caresses my skin


tidal + idle …
tuning out + in …
Inish here – Inish there …
spaced in and out …
everywhere and nowehere …
idle + tidal
in-ish ear

An Irish Song

let the sunshine shine today
on a rainy day
and sing this song
and drum along
it can't be wrong

German Poetry

Deutsche Und Auslands-Deutsche Gedichte

(Nicht viel ist erhalten von den alten verrückten Tagen und den merkwürdigen Gestalten)

Heitere Gelassenheit (1974)
(Gitarre: G-F#-Em | C-D | Am-Bm)
Ich möchte mich bewegen
in diesem Leben
auf all meinen Wegen
mit heiterer Gelassenheit
keine Eile und jede Menge Zeit
am besten fang ich gleich mal an
mal sehen ob ich’s kann 

Translation into English:
Happy and Relaxed
I would like to move 
with ease to the groove
relaxed and happy everyday
no rushing around – no rat race today
I think I give it a try
I don’t want to live a lie

Das Alte Lied (Mitte 70er) (Dm Bb C Dm)
manchmal bin ich vergnügt
manchmal bin ich verrückt
manchmal bin ich verzückt
und dann bin ich beglückt
von dir

ich weiss nicht was passiert
aber es läuft wie geschmiert
das hab ich schon immer gespürt
und dann werd ich sanft berührt
von dir

manchmal ist mir ganz bang
so viele Stimmen und kein Gesang
aber wo geht es lang
es ist ein langer Gang
von hier

gehen wir zu dir
oder gehen wir zu mir?
sind wir überhaupt wirklich hier
sind wir Mensch oder Tier
bitte sag es mir

fühle ich jetzt Glück und bald  doch wieder Leid?
es gibt kein zurück und es ist noch  recht weit
bin ich denn noch ganz gescheit?
irgendwer in mir schreit

bin ich allein oder sind wir zu zweit?
weiss denn jemand noch bescheid?

Auf der Strasse (1977)
Auf der Strasse der Sehnsucht
tanzt er durch die Nacht
und lacht und lacht und lacht
sucht Sucht nimmermehr
setzt sich nicht mehr zur Wehr
das Herz schlägt
der Boden trägt
der Fuss federt leicht
etwas ist schon erreicht
und ich leiste mir eine Pause
höre auf mit dem Gesause
was er kann, kann vielleicht ich auch
es ist so ein Gefühl im Bauch

Vergangenheitsbewältigung (1978)
… und plötzlich dröhnt ein Megaphon
Sie befinden sich in Niemandsland
wenn Sie nicht sofort umkehren
begeben Sie sich in Lebensgefahr

weder Ost noch West
eine neue Pest
wo einem keiner mehr lässt
das gibt mir den Rest

Tühringen oder Hessen
kann ich alles vergessen
vielleicht hätten die Volksgenossen
wirklich auf uns geschossen

ist jetzt kein Spaziergang mehr
ich leiste keine Gegenwehr
ich drehe um
ist doch zu dumm
von wo kam ich hierher
mein Kopf ist ganz leer

In allen Fragen und Lagen
nicht verlegen
überlegen und überlegen
und noch was drüber legen
Lagen und Lagen auf Lagen
Auflagen auflegen
überlegen und überlagern
Auflagen auflegen
drüberlegen und überlegen
auffegen freilegen

Wir machen einfach weiter (End 70er Gitarrensong: D Am,G Am,Em C,G D)
Es ist schon eine ganze Weile her
da dachten wir es wär  nicht so schwer
dass wir verändern diese welt
so dass sie uns gefällt

wir dachten wir brauchten nur Luft und Liebe
und dann bekamen wir dafür Hiebe
von den Eltern und der Polizei
aber das war uns einerlei

ein leben ohne Radioaktivität
dafür ist es nie zu spät            
eine Welt ohne Waffen
wir werden dass schon schaffen

früher oder später sieht das jeder ein
auf der Demo oder im stillen Kämmerlein
die Politiker sind nie dabei
aber die Leute sind frei

wir können tun was uns gefällt
auch ohne Unterschrift und ohne Geld
die Leute haben die Macht
das haben wir so gedacht

wir machen einfach weiter
jeder ist ein Arbeiter
wir brauchen keinen Boss
in seinem einsamen Schloss.
""No Name"" war eine Pank Bänd in Bremen für einige Monate 1979/80.  
Hier ein paar der Song Texte:

Null Herzschlag (""No Name"" 1979, D E F E = 023-045-056-045)
Ich möchte dir mal was sagen
dein Herz hat aufgehört zu schlagen
du läufst tot durch die Welt
weil dir das gefällt
und ich muss dir jetzt sagen
du kannst's vergessen
du bist von dir selbst besessen
mich brauchst du gar nicht mehr erst fragen
null Herzschlag
was für'n Scheißtag

Pycho Scheisse (""No Name"" 1979)
Pycho Scheisse – du hast ja 'ne Meise
Sado Kacke – du hast ja 'ne Macke
hau ab, hau ab
und grab dir dein Grab

Hit (""No Name"" 1979)
ja diese Scheibe ist ein Hit wann kriegt ihr das endlich mit es ist die Scheibe fuer die Doofen die müsst ihr koofen!

Tantra ((""No Name"" 1979)
(gewidmet dem Bhagwan)
da vorne steht ne Ma die ist wunderbar die ist gar nicht schlecht und machst dir recht

Hautnah (""No Name"" 1979)
Du und ich hautnah wäre doch wunderbar olala, olala so wunderbar
Ich habe mich in was verstiegen jetzt hilft nur noch fliegen au wei, au wei bald ist es vorbei

Klassenbuch (""No Name"" 1979)
Ausser Rand und Band das Klassenbuch verbrannt von unbekannter Hand

Karussell (teilweise geklaut von "Der Plan" und ansonsten von ""No Name"" ~1980)
wir fahren Karussell
aber bitte nicht so schnell
es geht rund – alles ist bunt
rund und rund und kunterbunt

ja, ja – wir sind die Spass Mafia
gefährliche Clowns stehen am Strassenrand
und es riecht verbrannt in Stadt und Land 
bald werden wir verbannt und verboten 
von den toten Regierungsidioten

ja, ja – wir sind die Spass Mafia

nicht's ist mir geheuer
ich hab Paranoia
draussen halt ich's nicht mehr aus
drum geh ich bald in's Irrenhaus
und lasse die sogenannten Irren 'raus
in die Klappse kommen dann die Bonzen
und der Nikolaus

ja, ja – wir sind die Spass Mafia

Totale Verarschung (""No Name"" 1979)
(Schweine laute Zugabe!)
Totale Verarschung
au wauwau au

Julia Kuschel (nomen est omen)

Die grosse Freiheit ist es sicher nicht
und du verbirgst verständlicherweise dein Gesicht
und verkaufst deine Muschel
dein Name ist tatsächlich Julia Kuschle
und es gibt viel Getuschel und Tratscherei auf dem Flure
unter vorgehaltener Hand nennen sie dich eine Straßenhure
mit der Spritze beruhigst du deinen Schmerz
unter Federn und rötlichen Farben pocht dein Herz
und in dunkler Nacht gabst du mir Unterkunft
im Hamburger Hafen und gegen alle Vernunft
wir hatten die Zeit total vergessen
bis morgens in der Küche gesessen
und als ich aufwachte war es hell
und ich lag auf einem synthetischen Tigerfell
für ein paar Tage hatte ich ein zuhaus
doch manchmal schicktest du mich für 'ne Stunde 'raus
dann kam ein zahlender Kunde – fertig aus

NirgendAll (ca.1980) Dm Bb C Dm

von nirgendwo nach überall
wie eine Schnecke mit Überschall

am besten auch noch nach NirgendAll
ganz klatschnass von den Wasserwerfern und von Quatsch und Krawall

und überhaupt erstmal nach nirgendwo
und noch schnell ein Graffito im nächsten Klo

Viel ist schon getan,
viel ist noch zu tun,
sprach der Wasserhahn
zu dem Wasserhuhn.

ich finde es ist eigentlich genug jetzt
und es wäre wirklich ganz nett
gehen wir doch nach haus zu mir oder dir
ich möchte so gerne mit dir ins bett

Wir machen einfach weiter (70er Gitarrensong: D Am,G Am,Em C,G D)

Es ist schon eine ganze Weile her
da dachten wir es wäre  nicht so schwer
dass wir verändern diese Welt
so dass sie uns gefällt

wir dachten wir brauchten nur Luft und Liebe
und dann bekamen wir dafür Hiebe
von den Eltern und der Polizei
aber das war uns einerlei

ein leben ohne Radioaktivität
dafür ist es nie zu spät
eine Welt ohne Waffen
wir werden dass schon schaffen

früher oder später sieht das jeder ein
auf der Demo oder im stillen Kämmerlein
die Politiker sind nie dabei
aber die Leute sind frei

wir können tun was uns gefällt
auch ohne Unterschrift und ohne Geld
die Leute haben die macht
das haben wir so gedacht

wir machen einfach weiter
jeder ist ein Arbeiter
wir brauchen keinen Boss
in seinem einsamen schloss.

In allen Fragen und Lagen
nicht verlegen
überlegen und überlegen
und noch was drüber legen
Lagen und Lagen auf Lagen
Auflagen auflegen
überlegen und überlagern
Auflagen auflegen
überlegen und überlegen
auffegen freilegen
frei leben und nicht aufgeben

Leben leben
Leben erleben
erleben beben
Beben bewegen
bewegen streben
streben geben
geben Leben
Leben leben
Leben erleben 
ich – du – wir – jede und jeder
alle leben
und sind aus dem selben Leder

Zu Zweit
Ich schaute in die Sterne 
unter einer Bogenlaterne
unsere einzige Gemeinsamkeit
ist unsere zweisame Einsamkeit

Der Ball
er rollte erst hin und her
und flog nach überall
lautlos oder mit einem knall
dann fiel er runter
der ball war rund und bunt
und machte unser leben bunter

Gott Sei Pank
die engen Gassen und die endlosen Straßen
die nassen die mich betäubten und auffraßen
und überhaupt über alle Maßen vergaßen …
ich hatte halt wirklich nicht alle Tassen
im Schrank
irgendwie war ich damals krank
im Herz im März
im Kopf zu viel Pank
und ich hab's gemerkt
Gott sei dank

Besonders Zerstreut
Wörter rennen durch mein Gehirn
Gedanken runzeln mir die Stirn

schon lang hab ich nicht mehr gedichtet
ich wurde dafür schon mal hingerichtet!

man muss verstehen das war kein Versehen
es war eben ein Vergehen im Lande der Feen

und da war auch so ein seltsamer Duft
ich war ganz hoch oben in der Luft

und eine Fliege im Flugzeug
äugte verwirrt und halb betäubt

und lachte
als sie dachte

was machen sie nur, all die fleissigen Leut
sie sind heut wieder ganz besonders zerstreut

Die Gedanken schwanken
Ja bin ich denn nur ein Schöngeist
der alles andere weit von sich weist
entgleist, verweist, vereist, nie gereist?
nein! ich hab auch die Gossen genossen
Und die Genossen manchmal begossen,
und habe nie etwas verdrossen beschlossen
aber überall verweilt, ein bisschen gefeilt
und manchmal trotzdem noch zu sehr geeilt
mich hin und wieder von hier nach dort zerteilt

und nochmals hab ich die Gossen dann genossen
und nur wenig war wirklich verschlossen
im düstern Dunkeln ist halt gut Munkeln
und es munkelt sich genüsslich im Dunkeln
das ist die Gelegenheit für die wilden Hormone
aus der verbotenen unteren getarnten Zone
die lieben Leute wieder zügellos zu überrumpeln
dass ihre Augen wie Sterne funkeln

und jetzt endlich bin ich da
wo ich vorher wohl auch schonmal war
bloss war es mir damals nur nicht klar
und dabei lasse ich es jetzt beruhn
ich gebe endlich auf das viele getriebene Tun
und ich habe auch keine Eile schon ewig zu ruhn.

menschliches Versagen
ist schwer zu ertragen
und man kann es nicht beklagen
dabei geht's manchmal um Kopf und Kragen
dann ist man nicht mehr Herr in allen Lagen
da braucht man nur die Damen zu befragen
die wissen viel dazu zu sagen
sie warten schon seit unzähligen Tagen
und die Zeit hört nicht auf zu nagen
es ist zwar zum Verzagen
also nicht verzagen, nicht verzagen!
(tempus edax rerum, ja, die alten Lateiner …)

Verdammt Entspannt
verdammt schon wieder
verspannt im Gestern und Morgen
und dann noch all die Sorgen
das brauch ich nicht
ich liebe mich
und dich 
ganz entspannt
auf Seide und Samt

Ein Altes Lied
Es wird dunkel und der Tag entflieht
drum sing mir doch ein schönes Lied
über alles was in der Welt geschieht
über das was man mit dem Herzen sieht 

über Lust und Liebe und Leid
über den Sonnenschein zu zweit
über die Einsamkeit wenn's schneit
das Gefühl weiss doch immer Bescheid

sei doch nur gescheit mein Kind
nutze die Zeit bevor sie zerrinnt
das Schicksal seine Fäden spinnt
und am Ende alles neu beginnt

so mach dir nicht zuviel draus
lebe in Ruhe und in Saus und Braus
das Leben ist ein Festtagsschmaus
geniess es bevor das Licht geht aus

aber auch in der samtigen dunkelen Nacht
wird fröhlich gefeiert und laut gelacht
geliebt und was man sonst noch macht
mach's beste draus und habe acht

Ich hab's am Kopf!
Gestern vage gesehen in tiefen Seen
heute vielleicht sogar verstehen
morgen möglicherweise eingestehen
und doch will ich das eigentlich gar nicht wissen
dann wird man nicht pausenlos beschissen
gebissen vom ewig schlechten Gewissen
man braucht eigentlich nie was zu vermissen
aber dazu braucht man distanzierte Disziplin!
und das is ein verdammt weiter Weg bis dahin
wer will schon wirklich eingestehen
das wir ganz allmählich vergehen
verglühen irgendwo im All
ohne Rauch und Schall
als pulsierendes Licht im besten Fall
Ich hab's wieder am Kopf! – auch egal.
und übrigens und überhaupt: Ich bin eine kosmische Synapse
und gehöre deshalb nicht in die Klapse

Eine kleine Reise
Ich machte mich ganz leise auf meine Weise
auf eine kleine Reise ohne Geleise …
und plötzlich wurde es sehr laut 
weil einer auf die Trommel haut
und dann auch noch schreit
das ist viel zu weit und es hat geschneit
das macht alles keinen Sinn
ich spinne halt nur so vor mich hin

Die Vernichtung der Dicht-ung
ist Erleichterung und Bereicherung
Der Dichter entzerrt das dichte Gewebe
wird zum Lichter, zerbricht die Stäbe
erhebt das Schwere in die Schwebe
damit es sich dann nun leichter lebe
und die suchende Seele sich erhebe

Nimm dir Zeit mit dem Gedicht
als wäre es ein leckeres Gericht
und entspanne auch dein Gesicht
nichts hat letztlich viel Gewicht
selbst auf die Gefahr dass nächste zu verpassen
denn wirklich verpassen kann man nichts

Ein alter Zettel (ca.1981)
(Guitar: Asus4 A Em R&B riff and B C D spanish var.)
und dann fand ich einen alten Zettel
konserviert in einem Zeitloch
das gibt's tatsächlich immer noch
das zeitlose Zeitloch
und da war also zu lesen:
zwischen hier und nirgendwo
wohnst du
und dass lässt mir keine Ruh
ich weiss das wirklich ganz genau
denn ich bin auf meine eigene Art schlau
und am besten treffen wir uns doch endlich mal im Tempel
ganz ohne Geplänkel
oder wenigstens ganz zufällig an der nächsten Ampel

Was wenn das Gute und Schöne gar nicht existiert
dann hätte ich mich aber doch gewaltig geirrt
"so ein Unsinn, das kann überhaupt nicht sein!"
widersprach aus der Gartenmauer leise ein Stein.

Gedichte (gehDichte)
Warum lese ich Gedichte?
um mich zu spiegeln in jemandes anderen Gesichte!
oder will ich etwas lernen
von wohlwollenden Sternen
aus weiten Fernen
und in erleuchtetem Lichte
hören eine heitere Geschichte?
fliegen zu meinem Sterne
das würde ich gerne

Nochmal Kind Sein
Ich mochte nochmals ein Kind sein
Das wäre sooooo schön
Die Welt gross und neu
Mit leuchtenden Augen zu sehen
Noch nicht viel zu wissen
Und immer ein gutes Gewissen
Und noch nicht betrogen, belogen und beschissen
Wind, Sonne und Regen zu fühlen
Und Alles zu spüren
Wohin mag es mich wohl führen
Die Vögel zwitschern zu hören
Diesen Gesang kann Niemand zerstören

Ach die liebe, böse Zeit
Haut uns irgendwann dann doch breit
Betrogen und weit entzweit
Und der Weg zum Glück
ist weit und Stück für Stück
Führt er uns voran und zurück

Keine Worte
und wenn mir endlich die Worte fehlen
brauche ich sie dann auch nicht zu stehlen
der ersehnten Stille will ich nicht befehlen
noch meine Freude darüber verhehlen
das so oft besorgte Runzeln
nun ersetzt durch Schmunzeln

Im Glück haben wir die Uhren verloren
und die Zeit hat aufgehört zu sein
und der Moment hat uns auserkoren
und wir sind weder groß noch klein
alles fliesst sanft und wild und frei
und für eine Weile sind wir mit dabei

Oh meine holde Liebe
wie süß sind doch die Triebe
wenn ich dann schließlich explodier
in dir und mir
wünschte ich daß es so bliebe
doch ich bin nicht mehr hier

Das letzte Hemd hat keine Taschen
da fällt alles durch die Maschen
alles ist dann fade und nur fadenscheinig
und alle Feinde werden sich doch noch einig

des Lebens holde Erinnerungen
veräussert und verklungen
gesungen aus alten Lungen
ungehört von den Jungen
sind heute wage Läuterungen
ertrunken im tiefen Brunnen

Das erste Mal ist eine Initiation
und vorüber ist es schon
und danach ein fast ewiges Streben
es wieder zu erleben

Ich lebe in einer unsinnigen Welt
von Gefühlen die in mir wühlen
wo die Flut eigensinnig steigt und fällt
ganz egal ob mir das gefällt
es malen die Mühlen
und Nachbar's Hund bellt

Das Lebens-lied

Du musst dein Leben ändern
du musst dein ändern leben
du musst dich bewegen
manchmal auch schweben
Fang mal an zu leben

Du musst dein Leben ändern
du musst dein ändern leben
du musst auch mal was geben 
und machmal auch vergeben
neue Muster weben

wir deutschen Dichter
sind meistens kleine Lichter
sind ganz dicht und dichter und dichtest
Du mal wieder im Fieber
erhebe deine zerfranste Feder
dass sie lodere als leuchtende Fackel
danach geh dicht neben deinem Dackel
aus der Türen
geh spazieren

Rhythmus der Liebe
das ist der Rhythmus
wo jeder mit muss
das ist der Rhythmus der Liebe
da gibt es keinen Sand im Getriebe
alle werden glücklich
ja das ist wirklich möglich

das Wunder ist in mir und um mich herum es ist nur zu dumm dass ich es meistens nicht sehen kann aber immerhin manchmal so dann und wann … 

anstatt etwas anzufassen und zu begreifen, denken wir darüber nach …
wirklich eine Schande … schade! 

Ein Walzer Schunkellied
macht doch was ihr wollt! am Ende wird doch alles verzollt all das glänzende schöne Gold und dann wird darüber geschmollt!

Seelen Tausch
Zarte Seele in der kalten Stadt Wer hat dich erkannt? bist verwand und auch gebrannt beide drehen wir noch am Rad
Derbe Seele auf dem Land was geschah mit der frühen Saat niemand spricht von der Tat von verloren Gefühl und Verstand
Opfer, sei kein Opfer, hör! jetzt ändere die Zeilen ruhig und ohne zu eilen Wachse neu und immer mehr!
raus aus dem Alptraum
der Alptraum ist aus
Traumvergessen wirbelt die Welt Keiner fragt irgendwen ob ihm das gefällt

Hoffentlich verbring ich meine Zeit immer und überall mit heiterer Gelassenheit und ohne Angst und tiefen Fall

Auch Eben Manchmal Daneben
Wenn alles nicht hinhaut und das einem den letzten Nerv klaut dann geht es eben mal daneben so ist das im Leben trotz allem Streben und nach dem Sterben kann man das Verderben und die Scherben dann vererben
Nicht mehr

ich verblühe ich verglühe ich versprühe mein letztes Licht ich! Mein liebes Ich bald ist es nicht mehr nur noch Meer unendlich einst gewesen ein Gedicht

wir streben zueinander wir beben miteinander wir erschaffen Leben ineinander was für ein Durcheinander

Ohne Worte
Die Worte die an so manchem Orte ich zusammentrug und weiterhin zusammentrüge auf Papieren jeglicher Sorte jene Worte würde ich feilen ohne zu eilen und würde sie dann mit Würde zusammenfügen trotzdem aber wären sie nur lahme und arme Lügen unzutreffend und unzureichend verzweifelt nach Wahrheit und Wirklichkeit heischend manchmal bestenfalls etwas herzerweichend aber sehr vergänglich unverbesserlich und unzulänglich.
So lasse ich dann besser die Worte unausgesprochen und ungeschrieben an ihrem Orte und esse Kuchen, esse Torte jeglichem Geschmackes, jeglicher Sorte denn eines ist klar "Ohne Worte" ist witzig einfach wunderbar!

Dein Nasenwind kühlt meinen Rücken lind und geschwind und dann auch meinen Bauch mit zartem Hauch

Sucht und Sucht
fast jeder sucht oder ist auf der Flucht und ist versucht und flucht und flucht ob der Suche und der Sucht und immer weiter er sucht so lange schon verflucht es ist ganz verrucht egal ob zerlumpt oder betucht und viel zu oft viel zu verrückt aber manchmal auch verzückt oder sogar tief beglückt und ganz weit entrückt ob er es wohl mal blickt?

Romantik und mehr!
gäbe die Leidenschaft mir Flügel flög ich auf deinen Venushügel dann rutschte ich ganz munter mit Verlaub noch was weiterer runter

Ich habe die Sprache verloren es rauscht zwischen den Ohren es racht aus dem hadernden Hirn zerfurcht und gerunzelt ist die Stirn wäre lieber munter muss wieder runter runter auf allen Vieren auf den Boden auf die Soden

Heinz Erhardt
Heinz, Heinz
du kannst immer noch eins
du machst mich schmunzeln
und ich höre auf zu runzeln
die Stirn
und zu verrenken
mein armes Hirn
und setze ab den steifen Helm,
Heinz du warst und bleibst ein Schelm.

Joachim Ringelnatz
Bin nicht gern fremd fern ein Unstern
von gestern
langsam ich lern
ganz ganz gern mein Stern

Wo Lang?
sag mir doch einer wenn er kann
wo geht es hier denn lang
bin ich frei dann und wann
oder handle ich unter zwang
am Ende ist doch alles Klang
Schall und Rauch
dann vergessen auch 
bald verklungen
einst mal gesungen
nicht so wichtig
vielleicht auch
aus dem hohlen Bauch
weder falsch noch richtig

so 'ne Sonate 
für Renate oder Beate
ist besser als
eine gemeine Granate
oder die Rechnung im Quadrate 
oder dem gespritzten Salate
im herzlosen Staate
ich deshalben rate
nimm von jedem Auge die Tomate

Ich brauche mehr Freiraum
für einen ungewissen Zeitraum
in meinem Zweittraum 

das geht nun unwirklich zu weit 
und wirklich gibt es doch keinen Zweitraum zu zweit
Mensch, bin ich breit! 
wer weiss denn noch bescheid?
wer scheisst denn jetzt beweiht!

ich bin auch nicht ganz gescheit
auch nicht ganz gescheitert
nur etwas angeheitert

Schöne Töne
Schöne liebliche Töne
mitunter ein Gedröhne 
manchmal leises Gestöhne
wenn ich dich verwöhne
ungestört und unerhört
ein heiterer Heidenspass
denn Christen hassen das!

Warme Weisheit
Ein kühler kopf ist manchmal gut,
ein warmes Herz jedoch ist immer besser.

Klima Wechsel – Was kann ich tun?
Kauf nicht so viel Scheiss
dann wird's auch nicht so heiss!

Muse und Verdruss
oh Suse, oh Suse du bist meine süsse Muse
lass uns plaudern mit einem bischen Geschmuse
oh meine holde und angebetete liebliche Liebe
ich verspühre fleischliche Triebe
wie wär es mit etwas körperlicher Liebe
nur so zum Genuss und Zeitvertriebe

aber nein, nein, nein, leider weisst du mich zurück
es entzückt uns kein ekstatisches Glück
und ich werde jetzt schmollend schmachten 
und dich begehrend und begehrlich betrachten
und warten und warten
aber vielleicht gehe ich doch lieber in den Garten.

Immer Mit Der Ruhe
Mit Rasen fang ich gar nicht an
das passt mir gar nicht in den Kram
denn ich bin ein Schlendrian
ich eile mit Weile
und schreib eine Zeile
an der ich dann feile ohne Eile
so ist mir das recht und lieb
so zum entspannten Zeitvertrieb
denn ich bin eher so ein Urlaubstyp
zu viel Arbeit schändet
wie man es auch dreht und wendet
man besser beendet
was da ist zu viel.

ich hörte Joe Cocker in Spanien
da sah ich gegenüber Daniel
den gescheckten Cockerspaniel
er wedelte und spitzte ein Ohr
das kam mir wirklich Spanisch vor
dann rannte er fort und hob ein Bein
das macht er oft und lässt es nicht sein

Ein Reim
ein Reim kommt selten allein
manchmal fall ich darauf rein
und lasse es dann meistens sein
bis von selbst treibt Keim
das macht er oft und lässt es nicht sein

(gewidmet allen andern randlosen Arschlöcher) 

Ich bin ein Dünnbrettbohrer
der größte Dünnbrettbohrer in der Welt
ich bohre dünne Bretter
weil mir das halt so sehr gefällt.

In manchen Käse bohre ich sogar Riesenlöcher 
und hebe dabei bieder den biervollen Becher
weil mir sonst und überhaupt nichts besseres einfällt
denn auch ich perforiere ja selber ebenfalls diese schöne, heile Welt.
Edler Adel
trotz der Bläue im Geblüt
und all der edlen Stuten im Gestüt
schlägt mir die grausige Gräue aufs Gemüt
was mir wohl sonst noch alles blüht?
an der Zeit dass sich jemand bemüht!

ach wäre es nicht wunderschön
alles mal ganz anders zu sehn
unbeschwert und einverstanden
ausser Rand und ausser Banden
und ohne Ränder und ohne Band
verliere ich gerne mal den Verstand
doch leider war ich nur eingedöst
und bin jetzt doch ein wenig aufgelöst
über Gott und die böse, böse Welt
und was mir sonst noch so nicht gefällt

nicht noch mehr Lug und Trug 
lieber jede Menge Unfug
mit Recht und fug jetzt ungefügig
aber plötzlich und zügig 

Lied an eine Katze
Moppel, Moppel, Moppel
ich glaub ich sehe doppelt
das bist wirklich ganz schön fett
und ich finde das auch noch nett

ich fühle mich so oft getrieben
von sieben morgens bis abends sieben
überhaupt nicht so nach meinem Belieben
ich habe mich schon ziemlich aufgerieben
von all der Rackerei sowohl hüben und drüben 
so dass die Funken stoben und immer weiterstieben
hechelnd von Hast und Hörigkeit angetrieben
wo ist die Rast zwischendurch nur geblieben
bin  beraubt meiner Zeit von feinen Dieben
die nur von ihrer irren geifernden Gier getrieben
unfähig sind andere leben zu lassen und zu lieben
und aber die Wirklichkeit verbiegen und verschieben
wo ist nur das Gute und Schöne geblieben?

Ein Satz für Elektriker
Ihr da OHM macht WATT ihr VOLT
stehlt unsere Zeit und unser Gold
alles ganz legal und total unverzollt
bald kommt dann auch noch das Mikrochip-Implantat
und manche andere niedere digitale Satanstat
denn der Staat besteht ja nur durch Betrug und Verrat
mir langt es schon lange , ich werde jetzt zum Tier
ich passe jetzt besser auf, dass ich die Kontrolle nicht verlier
und trinke lieber ein oder zwei Bier und überhaupt: ab dafür!

Besinnungen und Besinnlichkeiten für unterschiedliche Gelegenheiten
(gewidmet Johann Martin Usteri)
Die von heimlichen Hormonen und chaotischen Chromosomen
verdrehten und ungebetenen Gedanken
wanken und schwanken ohne Schranken
und sie zetern und zanken
spinnen zornige und dornige Ranken
obgleich doch inmitten vom Paradies
und keinesfalls im düster verdrießlichen Verlies
der Denker das Denken einfach nicht lässt oder nur sehr selten ließ 
und nur manchmal aus reinem Zufall auf den Stein der Weisen stiess 

Diese Hirngespinste verschwenden kostbar Energie
immer mehr und mehr und pausieren dabei doch nie
von spät bis früh und von früh bis spät 
bis der Denker dann vielleicht schließlich doch ein Lichtlein erspäht 
und das reine und blinde Glück ihn führet zu sich selbst zurück 
so Stück für Stück über die schmale und schwankende Brück 
und gegebenenfalls unter Umständen sogar nochmal zurück .

Dann lacht das Leben
und alles ist vergeben
und es ward nicht vergebens
so freut euch des Lebens 
hienieden und seid zufrieden 
ohne zu viele Pläne und Worte zu schmieden

Deutsche Scheiss-Effizienz 
nicht trödeln, nicht blödeln
auf keinen Fall eigenbrödeln
geh lieber statt dessen schnell noch ködeln 
ein anderer denkt  daran möglicherweise ebenfalls schon
aufm Weg zum nächsten verfügbaren und unbesetzten Thron
und ist der schneller …
ja, was dann?
gehste dann zur Notdurft in den Keller?
scheisst draußen dann oder gar auf nen Teller?
ist doch nicht schön, musst doch selbst du gestehn!

der Stabreim sprach zum Grabstein 
du wirst nie zum Schüttelreim 
versuch es nicht und lass es sein

darauf sagte der Grabstein
du rüttelst lediglich Scheim 
ich schweige lieber und hüte mein Gebein

Commune Poetry – 80s

These poems have been written in an artistic and therapeutic (only we didn't know that at the time) commune in a small village called Calle in the north of Germany. Often being in an altered state of mind we were trying to figure out with various artistic means what life as a two legged animal on planet Earth is all about. Enjoy and don't judge!


That Is All!


A poem to the cosmic numbers

naught is all
rise and fall
all is nought
one soul – no thought

the end is the beginning
oneness – motionless – spinning

sound and light
day and night
space and time
curve and line

turn on with life
tune in with love
drop out with laughter

definite and defined
the elements combined
earth and air, water and fire
times heir, godly desire
deceptive fusion
heavenly illusion

I nfinite
E ternity
A ll
O ne
U niverse

black, white, day, night
six colours shining bright

octave spiral
angel love
up and down
double and half

stillness in motion
glowing ocean

all time ends
like existence and all illusion
space expands
one mysterious conclusion

Paint It Black

looking through the bottom
of redwood tam tam
as second hand gloves
touch the waves
timeless roads stopped
yesterdays tide
black skins are tied together
within small dusty huts
a child cries through
silent sorrows
undoing knots
of complicated thinking
bumpy roads
through the tropical heat
breathing iron red dust
rising in clouds to the sky
no gods worship
everyday's laughter
and the goats are small in size
under confusing mangrove trees
colour is printed
bought and sold at the markets
washed permanently
until the blackness shivers
everything accelerates
for no good reason
no amulets grow on the trees
to give green oblivion
the wild animals are locked
inside in time tonight
the wedding is arranged
for tomorrow
the blessing of the sun
will grant forgiveness
no end is scheduled at this stage
life goes on
white dreams are bread
while the TV screams
while the koras are still playing
and the dogs are barking in a distance
and its safe to say : it is too warm
especially the beer out of the fridge
everybody is having a good time
as a tropical shower cools the night
the skin of the tam-tam is tightened again
as slow feet try to move me
out of the darkness


what would I do
if I met her in the dark
– could I go ashore
or would I stumble
what would I dream
if I met her in the dark
– could I explore her mind
or would I listen
what would I feel
if I met her in the dark
– could she be beautiful
or would I forget her
what would I recall
if I met her in the dark
– could I enjoy her love
or would I still be lost

Frog Turn

I was talking to the gods
oh yeah?
I was listening to the frogs
uuh ak – uwak uwak
double bubble
uuh ak – uwak uwak
drrh – tok – tok – brck
drums in a distance
and little pulsating lights
oh yeah?
how did you call them?
the ones that are alive
and they fly through the night
here and there
street smells of the moon beams
golden bells and silver streams
if only there weren't these footsteps in the dark

Luxurious Lullabies

luxurious lullabies
are always leaking from the medieval tv
paralyzing the panther
who is still listening to the smell of the perfume
lingering over the red sofa

the heart beats
with the rhythm of a silent african drum
which can never be stopped
but forgotten in a rotten rhapsody of untrue colours
denying the shiny black fur to the night
being poisoned by luxurious lullabies

Meaning Less

meaningless melodies
driving me from light blue
into your exalted eclipse
through patience and pleasure

they thought different
and everyone wished to be
a giant and a genius
without any doubt

I am flying from bright red
into your loving light
out of sight are monkeys
playing simply in a unique game
while our senses are still dying
with a wild sigh

they thought
there must be
a meaning or madness
but it was not like that

Mystic Menu

I bought myself a sandwich
in the restaurant of language
and they served me a ticket
on which was written so wicked
that my next reincarnation
will be as a red carnation
on the planet of roses
sweet smell for all noses
composed with taste
without any waste
wrapped not in time
not necessarily combined
with any dream in which
still is space for language

The Nite

the lite of the nite
do not sigh anymore
will be without yesterdays gh
please please wait with the eight
don't crucify her a second time
tearing her gh away
stealing her eternity
and her last sigh
without no lite

The Night And The Lord

the knight of the night
lost the first key
and left it to me
to sound like visible light
and I whispered
like wizard
and I cried
with all my might
until I forgot my voice
in the void of vocals
that the naught became no noise
frozen in cold walls

the lord of the light
later touched my ear
and melted the fear
as the morning sun ate the night
and I whispered
like a lizard
and I cried
into the light
and I sang like a lover
to earth and universe
as I dreamed of her
being reverse

One Day

I see the wrinkled Monday moon
Sunday has been forgotten soon
and again they are running wild inside
like waters of a roaring tide
so that I forget to sail
to the mother of the snail
and I cry :
who has stopped me?
who are they?
I will not ask why!
I still hope they die
but there is no end
there is always beginning
and there are always sent
there is no meaning
under the timeless tent
I still must be dreaming

but one day on a Sunday
I will set the waters on fire
and it should be soon
that I burn the moon
and drown my desire
in a heavenly bay

Love Magic

you are the animal I admire
you are the angel I desire
you are the water that sets me on fire
just let's keep it like this: never retire!

I melt the time right to naught
I give it to you without a thought
I found you and yourself without having sought
let everything be different than what is taught

we met once at the border line
we whirled in spirals to combine
it is our spell and magic sign
that there is more than the sun for us to shine

The Unicorn

you perforate the heavens
you ignite the hell
you are called invisible
you ring the bell

you raise your horn
you gallop through fire
you are called unforgettable
you are free from desire

you fly without wings
you are so light
you are called untouchable
you are pure white

Sunday Walk

Sunday afternoon they walked though the fields
seven dwarves all together as it seemed
and they came to their house in a colorful mushroom
from the outside tiny but inside with much room
where six were silent
while one was speaking
he said "I believe in the incredible"
and all were laughing
about what it meant
to be forgotten as the unforgettable
and who might be for that responsible

Sunday night they walk through the skies
seven giant stars bright and wise
Monday morning they will be in a different disguise

In-white The Black-out

never think what kind of music
you will play next
just keep on flowing
and take a rest
forget the kakophonia
of all and everything and naught
for it is just a thought

out of white are just the beams
that stick into black
it is as easy as it seems
dreamless sleep is no lack
it is only oblivion
of all and everything and naught
as well it is just a thought

and then we wake again and remember
there is no reason to be proud
on all the deceiving perception
so better in-white the black-out

To Whom It May Concern

for the pleasure of my brain
I prefer to be insane
because then with ease
I can do what I please
and all I admire
I will forget it
and all I desire
I will shed it

there is a little man with pain
in the middle of the lane
trying to cross
to the other side
like a leaping frog
in the middle of the night

she never said hello or goodbye
and I know she was really not too shy
with her fancy dress
as a blue star
and she is still here
and out so far

so is it wild love or blind rage
that keeps me trembling on the stage?
and who of the misty milky way
is eating thousand years every day?
or is it wild rage or bind love?
am I an eagle and you are above?
and if silence is the last true word
it will be spoken but never be heard

The Secret Of The Seekers

what are you looking for in books and space?
do you not know in yourself all takes place?
is it so hidden and is it so far?
or is it not closer than any star?
and are the stars not everywhere?
do you really believe they are up there?
must it be necessarily extraordinary?
or are we not simply here just to be?
should the answer be not very unique?
then you are still not free and have to seek!


flow cosmic stream
with whirling sitar bubbles
and soft implosion of bright light

flow warmly through the hearts
cure the mind from false fantasies
and reconnect me to you

flow sweet flow
leave the demon saying no
and open the door

flow spread everywhere
erase all resistance and fear
flow always flow

By Kind Permission

I'm riding on a donkey
feeling like a monkey
if nothing is right
only then alright
but he said in this case
'bad moon' with a weird face
and I'm riding through the skies
without he fire of the sun in my eyes
but 'I was dreaming that I'm awake
and I awoke and found myself asleep'
and he asked 'what are you trying to do?'
and I said I have not a clue
so 'hear me ye people of sighing
the sorrow of pain and regret
are left to the dead and dying
the folk that not know me as yet'
and I disappeared through the keyhole
for the sake of a fools soul


silent mystery is wiser than
written history because
his story do not know
my story

Perpetual Pendulum

I'll tie you with a string
longer than any thing
because you are starving
with your penny-pension

I'll hit you with a chord
stronger than any sword
because you are choking
in your dime-mansion

I'll convert you into sound
that nowhere can be found
because it is free
from any mad realization

Secret Secret

write the right rite
ride the high tide
see the secret secret

get yourself in trance
get yourself entrance
it's a chance with no fence

there is a son
behind the sun
there is a mind
before the moon
and the daughter is all alone
like the naught is only one

In The Wind

I tried to find
what I could not seek
what I could unwind
in the wind

I felt I should not worry
I better wait patiently
wrapped in a warm coat
in the wind

then I moved forward
and I moved backward
I moved to the sides
in the wind

finally I got the message
it was a colored paper
I could not read it
in the wind

then I went home
and I lit a candle
but it was blown out
in the wind

I closed my eyes
it was not dark
and there was nothing dreadful
in the wind

then she caressed my ears
and took me away
she said no word
in the wind

Black Jazz

I was turning rocks
'til they fell
into black jazz
into green grass
into no mess
into white bliss

I was drawing patterns
'til they danced
into black jazz
into green grass
into no mess
into white bliss

I had so much harm on me
'til my rhythm changed
into black jazz
into green grass
into no mess
into white bliss

Short Story

Sand Fleas: A Holiday Story

by Thomas Wiegandt
(Written on Crete 1976, originally in German)
Everything is a question of an initial impulse – what follows, is just a limited chain reaction. This thought somehow got in to my mind on a hot, sunny day while lying on a beach on Crete. It seemed almost impossible to lift my limp body from the sand. Basically, that was a lack of motivation, but in that moment, I couldn't do much about it.
Lying in the sand had finally become unbearable, but ages must have passed before I finally managed to get up. I was standing on my feet now, but everything around me still seemed distant and far away. I obviously had overdone the sun worship.
The blood red sun was drowning in the sea, when my feet began to move, slowly. I was wondering where I was actually going to go to. I did not know, it certainly would be a surprise. Besides, I had decided on purpose not to waste a thought on a fixed aim, at least in my holidays I wanted to allow myself the freedom of complete aimlessness.
It was nearly dark when I arrived in the village. It was one of the small fishing villages one accidentally arrives at, and which had been totally spoilt by tourism with its inhabitants loosing their friendly hospitality and now only worshipping money. So I decided not to stay there but to give my aimlessness full rein. I kept walking away from the village towards a dark, violet silhouette of steeply rising mountains in some distance. A little later a car stopped, gave me a lift for some miles, and dropped me at a crossroad. Meanwhile the moon had risen, casting a silver light over the rugged mountains which seemed to be not too far away now.
It was then that it became clear to me that I was aiming for the peak and that only a dark ascent would lead me in to the lighter regions, freed of the illusion of individual perception and embraced by sweet oblivion being in unison with nature. They say that it is only one step from a mountain peak to the starry sky. A hallucinatary step maybe, but sometimes I think that I actually have done exactly this and that even I myself had been pure light before infinity spat me out again as refracted light, shining through the prism of a creative god with all his subjective inadequacy. Playing a game of creation out of boredom.
Forgive the gods, they say, because they don't really know what they doing, as they only lead a shadow-like half-existence in the other-world. Still, they are also the ones responsible for the sand trickling through the narrow waist of the hour glass, causing the sand-fleas to jump in panic. They are easily entertained, and they cannot help themselves but to play this unpleasant role which had been assigned to them by others. Infinity has punished them by conjuring them up in thoughts all the time, though their names may change gradually, or even randomly over time.
I felt pain, and saw that my knees were bleeding. A journey without aim can be quite troublesome. I do not know for how long I was creeping uphill in the dark. Suddenly, I came to the realization that I had to forget everything, past and future, and I saw a new mysterious formula written in glowing letters. It read: 3+7=9+0, and everything in front of my eyes went black – or was it white – I am not sure at this stage anymore. Maybe it would be best called beyond.
In this beyond space I find myself now listening to my own music, over and over again. Time is dissolving and disappearing in patterns that dance through space, shapes and forms being freed from all their fading colors. I feel the pure vibration in its primitive essence, purified through ecstasy. You don't exist anymore, and I am gone, too. We are like stars beyond the imagined universe, created by a divine but careless thought, and then being placed somewhere in space forever to sparkle forever more. From time to time we let go and touch down lightly, occasionally it could be a crash landing too and then we hit rock bottom. We realize that we are alive, living beings. Our eyes then shine like the sun and the moon, illuminating the space and we are offering ourselves to the celestial bodies. They may take us up on our offer someday. That's right, we will be then in a land where you are me, and I might not exist for a spell. Panicky people uneasily call it ecstasy, as if the word was contagious, whereas the actual state is, even very much so. Here the written word inevitably ends and is silently transformed into random action.
I was still creeping uphill when it was dawning. The night kissed the morning, and it was very cold. Exhausted I noticed that the peak had come considerably closer. Being finally so near, I had totally forgotten, what I had been looking for. Anyway, I did not know how to express my gratitude to the mountains properly, but I think I somehow did.
A quantum leap must have occurred, that is my only explanation. And even despite the strict prohibition against carrying any secret thoughts in my luggage, I chanced it this time. Anyway, as far as I know, nobody has ever been caught and fined so far for doing so. Maybe nobody has even ever been checked. This is probably because hardly anyone ever tried. Does this make sense? In other words: Most quantum leaps are completely mindless, maybe even totally unconscious. Some two-legged animals call it nothingness. The nothingness only exists in secret thoughts, so secret, that they permanently forget themselves. They must have forgotten everything over time, except the nothingness. Definitely time to move on – eventually. But unfortunately, this is not the end, even if most by now will long for it, some will fear it at the same time, and others will just conveniently deny it. But then, there are a few that evoke it. It is true, and it does exist, the end without end. It is said that time is getting lost all the time like the serpent that swallows its own tail, thus creating the magic circle. Out of this circle, endless spirals rise and fall forever. They form the vibrations which some minorities among the two-legged-animals talk about much too often, the heretics that dreamt up flower power at best. Everything comes in waves and it will come again and again, slightly changing – forever. A straight line is an impossible and preposterous concept, though, funnily enough, the vast majority of the two-legged-animal believes in it most of their lives. And then again, it could be even worse, but let�s not go there. All that I have thought once, but now I reject it. I would not necessarily call it wrong, as there really is no right or wrong. It's just the temporary fantastic fantasy of a young headestrian heading higher all the time. Maybe it is just a dream, from which I hopefully soon will wake up and find myself lying on a beach, trying to forget everything but the initial impulse that kept me awake during this holiday near ancient Knossos on Crete. I like to give my regards to the sand-fleas they kept me awake too.
P.S.: I decided not to kill Minotaur after all, I am just going to ignore him from now on, assuming that he is not a she, which really makes no difference, you just never know in ancient Greece.


Reflexion Inutile

This is a French poem which I did not write, but I got it in Paris in 1981,
it is by Corinne ? or Natalie Benaim.
Roxan Roui and I recorded it as a song in 2011, have a listen !
Un arbre mort sur un chemin
Un saule pleureur pleurant ses feuilles
sur la tombe de l’arbre mort
Mais qu’est-ce que la mort?
Nul ne pourra jamais le dire.
Car la mort n’est rien.
Rien qu’un trou noir ou se perdent les mots.
Des gens meurent sans rien connaitre, sans rien voir.
Des enfants meurent en naissant
Des femmes en enfantant
Quand trouvera-t’on le secret de l’immortalite?
Comme chaque goutte d’eau revient a la mer,
l’homme doit revenir a la terre
Non, pas a Dieu car je ne crois pas en Dieu.
Je crois en quelque chose qui est en nous, qui nous entoure.
Ce qu’il y a la fois de plus beau et de plus detestable: la Vie.