Spiral rainbow

Thomas Wiegandt – The Poet

Since I was 17 I have been writing hundreds of songs and poems, some of which I used to sing in the anonymous setting of busking in the streets of foreign cities. It took me a long time and a lot of courage to put some of my poetry that had not been lost over … Read more

Family Photos

Thomas, Gisela & Michael Wiegandt – 1966

Photo Gallery of the Families Wiegandt – Falkenburg – Reuss – Pfleging – Mattern More family history

Healing Through Creating Art

Feathers in a pond

Trauma is a very common occurrence and is experienced in many shapes and forms. Every hurt individual sooner or later will ask some big questions…

Sound Healing

Decorated fruit bowl

Sound Sound Healing The Big Bang First, there was the big bang. Everything started

Community Music

Wild flowers

Drumming is one of the oldest form of music on our planet and is a sophisticated community art.

Rhythm comes natural and people of all age groups and backgrounds just love playing drums and learn it very quickly.

Interactions + Touch

Embracing sculpture

the sculpture we create between us when we are relating in a relationship is up to us only


Stained Glass

Emotions which are a result of all our impressions, need to be digested and/or expressed. A sharing of emotions in a safe space with compassionate listeners can give great relief and can be very healing, if done in a respectful and supporting way with confidentiality. TO BE CONTINUED …

Mental Wellbeing

Tree glade

Shamanism is the oldest belief system on earth practiced by tribal people who live(d) in harmony with nature. In the shamanic system everything is alive and can be related to in an appropriate and specific way.



You are what you eat. You are effected by all vibrations and atmospheres that you are exposed to. Choose your vibration exposure wisely if you have a choice. Try to keep a healthy balance of all your intakes. TO BE CONTINUED …


Sculpture on a beach

Spirituality is a personal and unique experience of a connection or connectedness to a higher consciousness or sphere, often referred to by religions as God (with a capital G!), a higher being that is being worshipped by many followers.

Physical Exercise

Cat on a wooden sculpture

al environment, healthy unpoisoned food, positive social environment, awareness, respect, kindness, compassion, strength, stretches, balance, stamina and perseverance, generally a holistic attitude, as in Qi Gong

Trauma + Addictions

Shiny model head

Trauma disrupts the natural flow. It is abrupt and violent, often it is unexpected and not natural. It is a shock on all levels, physically, emotionally and mentally.



Requirements And Conditions For A Happy Life (body, mind, spirit) natural environment healthy natural and un-poisoned food positive social environments

Musical Instruments by Thomas Wiegandt

Euklang (Oyklung) Metallophone

Inspired by Balinese Gamelan music and the over-abundance of materials in wasteful western countries.

The Junk Metallophones have been worked into polyphonic metallophone sets tuned to Gamelan scales or good sounding random scales, thus expanding the musical possibilities of expression. They are inexpensive player-friendly instruments, i.e. everyone with an open, social and respectful approach can play them. The sounds are pleasant and have a healing quality.


special words – poetrysacred words – poetryscared words – poetrydaring deeds – poetrylanguage of the soulno aim – no goalnot making sense – poetryno wall – no fence – poetryout of the ordinary – poetryno tomorrow – no yesterday – poetrylanguage of the soulno aim – no goalyou and me – poetrypure and free – … Read more


The little wisdom we acquiredalong the way yesterdayseems to drift awayif we don’t apply it todayand might be lost tomorrow but tomorrow never comesthat’s what they sayand anywaytoday is the tomorrowyou worried about yesterday Don’t subscribe to the yestermorrowit causes you pain, it brings you sorrow It’s Here! Right Now! And It’s Enough!no need for … Read more

A New Start

(Chorus or harmony vocals singing: “today and everyday”) Unfulfilled dreamsso many it seemsneed livingand some giving …today and everyday …it always needswhat it takesand more …today and everyday …more dreamingno more dreamingand no confusionless illusiona new solutionand no mind pollutiontoday and everyday …know your heartplay your partmake a new startit’s in your charttoday and everyday

Poet Looking For a Publisher

I have been writing for a whilejust on impulse – I burnt my filethere isn’t much to itsomehow I just do itI admit as a poetI often blow it.It doesn’t really mattersurprisingly it makes things betteras each and every poemconsists of a flexible foambut I’m guilty of the one crimeto try too hard for a … Read more

CV of a multi-artist

1955 Thomas Wiegandt’s birthon a spaceship called planet Earthlives in Ballydehob near Bantrytravelled to many far away countrieslived high and lowalmost kicked the bucket a few timeslast time survived a brain hemorrhagebut it wasn’t yet time to go(thanx for all the good wishes from here and there and beyond …)travelled to inner and outer spacedropped … Read more

Searching for Words

I’m still searching for the wordssearching for a songa song that makes sense after alla song I can singsacred, scared and daring wordsfor peace of mind my heart is beating fastand I just can’t stand it anymoreto be misunderstoodeven one more timeso please be generous please be kindforget to judgejust for this one timeand try … Read more

Poetry #2

Words drenched with feelingAnd saturated with meaningon a palette reaching from joy to needinessNot to mention all the other ingredients The heavy and worrying onesThe light and playful onesMolten into one new artefactstill hurt but more intact Hoping to communicate the unsaidnow less afraid, yes, less afraidfeeling almost rebornspeaking the unspeakable to someone unknown Who … Read more

Ocean of time

Loveis an ocean of timethe joy to be hereto be free without fearTime – time is mineno one can take it awayno rush – no delayeverything will be coming my wayTimeis an ocean of lovesent from the spirit abovemore than enoughLove sweet lovesent from heaven aboveno one needs to starvethere is more than enough.

Changing – Again – Forever

again again againbirth and death are the same transitionwe are just on a different missionforever and ever and everchanging changing changingthe hourglass is turned upside downagain again againtrickling grains of sandfirst unnoticeably slowchanging changing changingat last mercilessly fastagain again againthe hourglass is turned downside upchanging changing changingsqueezing throughinto something newagain again againupside down downside upforever … Read more

Sound Healing

(slow drum song in 6/ 8 with call and response) Flow river flowsound healingfeel the feelingsound healinggo slow – go slowflow river flowheal the feelingfeel the healinggo slow – go slowflow river flowhere and theresound healingfor all to sharesound feelingplants and animalsgo slow – go slowand you two legged animalsgo slow – go slowearth and … Read more

Some Sunny Day

(slow dreamy song) I used to watch us dancing,our cold feet touching the ground…our naked souls soaked with soft raindripping from the trees into our brainsthe leaking gutters are still filled with leavesand the water is still pouring outflowing to the west, disappearing into the grey mistthat hides the turquoise sea of the sunny dayswith … Read more


(Funky rap song with roots reggae drum) Relate and connecttreat everyone with respectLets be one tribespread a happy vibeEveryone isyour sister or your brotheryour father or your motherwe are a treeone big familyjust dare to careand care to dareto share what’s thereand play it fairand if you’re alertno one gets hurtit’s the way to beone … Read more


amen – as a poetI often blow itand it doesn’t matterit makes things actually betteras each and every single poemseems to consist of some kind of foamto be blown in unpredictable random patternson the sands of crowded and deserted beachesmuch much further than the mind reaches

Mantra Song

(to be sung repeatedly with layered voices, musically between an Indian chant and a Gospel song, with both calm and lively parts) Child of the Earthchild of the Universelive lovelove lifebe alive and happy!

Always new and already outdated

(guitar G-F) Always new and already outdated (repeat some lines for building up intensity)like a butterfly drifting bydrunk from the morning dueand it still makes me wonder …Sometimes I awakepale and nakedafter another soul quakeand I am glad about that I actually feel safeMy awareness is the only mirror I got to go bywhen I … Read more

Death Of A Hero

You put me thereand it wasn’t meand I told you so oftenthat I didn’t agreeand you still insistedand things got twistedand I became an illusionin your world of confusionor was it the other way around?anyway – I couldn’t be foundand I was nowhere to be seenand I don’t know where I’ve beennowhereeverywherein an empty dreamin … Read more

In Our Dream

I’m living in a world that doesn’t feel rightan alarm clock wakes me from the peaceful nightI never care to know where I amand I don’t even seem to give a damnI’m programmed to rush around everydayI’m busy all the time and hide my feelings awayletters and numbers on paper, clocks and screensare almost killing … Read more


comradesI wonder where are you tonite?to be honest I have lost touchare you at home somewheredo you have central heating now?I must admit meanwhile I’m thinking about it toodo you feel comfortable inside now?or are you still on firelike in the dayswhen we were convinced that we had no homelike in the dayswhen it was … Read more

Through The Mist

When I walk back through the mist of timewhen I walk back through the mist of minewhen I dare to visit these scary placeswhen I find the ancient and painful traceswhen I look the demon in the eyewhen I finally wake up and crywhen I see the candle still burningmelting the mist and pain of … Read more


(guitar song) why should I live on the edgewhen I can be happy at homewhy should I be happywhen I can live on the edge (chord bridge)I feel like a commutera commuter with a laptop computerliving in a real virtual worldliving in a virtual real world (chord bridge or solo)but actually I would like to … Read more


if I look into the lightit is blinding meand I have to look awayclose my eyes eventuallyI’m a mole, I’m a molelocked up in the dungeon of my soulbut everyone will seewill be free eventuallysomeday I will step outsideand will float with the tidefrom the dark into the lightand I will be youand I will … Read more

Time is a joke

(Jazzy Blues in F#m: | F#m C#7 | B7 A E F#m | AE DA EF#m |) Where has youth gone so fastthe endless nights of love and laughterreplaced by a little wisdomand an aching bodyand the days are getting shortereverydayLive today, young peopledon’t die as yet, old folksenjoy yourself, don’t work too much,and if … Read more

Music of today

(ancient sounding tune) I just can’t listen to the music of todayit ain’t no music anywaybeauty, magic and passionhave gone out of fashionI think I will follow my own instinctbefore I’ll find myself all extinctbut that just can’t beI’m gonna set myself freepainting beautyweaving magicexploding with passiondon’t care about fashionI know what feels right is … Read more


L-Imitation (rhthm phrases)Imi-Limitation (rhthm phrases)let them leave us behindwe don’t mindwe are not blindwe can free our mindjust listen to yourselfyea-a-eahh! Yeah!I can feel my body moveto a new kind of groovejust listen to yourselftaka dun ka – taka dunthe L-Imitation generationcreates the Imi-Limitation nationI belong to no onebecause I belong to everyoneI belong to … Read more

Enjoy Life

(guitar song A – Bm -Em – A) Enjoy life, enjoy life todayEnjoy life in every possible wayEnjoy life, each and every dayand remembertoday is the tomorrowyou worried aboutyesterday

Play The Game ?

guitar intro: rock’n’rolly C, G, then 2x rhythmic F? first we are wild (C)and then we get tamed (G)we learn to play the game (F)and we buried the child inside (Am-B7) time to turn myself ontime to sing my own songa song without endand time and time again I’m feeling completeno need to competeI got … Read more

Sound Aspects of Speaking in Tongues

hi folks!Asalam!‘ola!salamat pagi!listen, listen to the soundlisten, what I founddon’t try to make senseat least not too muchleave spaceviel spass!pas de problem!akassa, akassalet it flow!listen, listen to the soundit’s all aroundand a word may have no meaning …I ate a sandwichin the restaurant of languageand that’s how it all startedund ueberhaupt: ich lebe jetzt von … Read more

Bayefall Reggae

(dedicated to Demba Sow)(guitar reggae Em Bm Am Em or Em D C Em or Am Bm Em) la ilaha il allahla ilaha il allahakassa – let it beakassa – set me freeReggae music, love and peaceBayefall Reggae, Love and peacedjef djill – djef djill -djef djillaction-reaction-action-reaction-action-reactionchain reactiondjef djill – djef djill -djef djillwhat ever … Read more


Barack Osama and Obama Bin Ladenone alive – God bless America!the other shot in the head- deadand dropped into the sea – Allah akbar!this is not a poemthis is a cock and bull story!

The Repair Song

(an anthem for Mother Earth) care and share, we can repairwe can repair, share and carelive and let livelet live and liveall you need is lovelove is all you needgo and let things flowflow and let things go

Unwind and Unfold (the un-song)

(reggae-ish, Am C G Am, Am? F? G Am) unfinished businessunnecessary repetitionunsolicited advertisingunwanted informationRefrain:unwind and unfoldto the untold and unsung truthunwind and unfoldto the unlimited potentialundo and unconditionunlearn and re-positionunleash your own decisionunearth the unspoiled missionRefrain:undivided attentionunconditional loveunlimited possibilitiesin an undisturbed environmentRefrain:unheard voicesunseen visionsunlocking doorsto an unknown landRefrain:unbelievable futurewith uncovered wisdomunforgotten goaluntouched soulRefrain:


I’m surfing the internetwith no regretI’m leaving my digital finger printand no one gives me a hinton which journey did I embarkdo I ride a dolphin or a sharkon a colorful screen in the dark www dot – is it true or is it not?www dot – what’s the plot?www dot – thanks a lot! … Read more

A Long Long Time

a long long time agoI was lost in my own worldfor a long long timeI almost drowneda long long time agoI drifted under waterfor a long long timeI swallowed a lot of watera long long time agono one was there and I screamedfor a long long timethere was rarely a replyfor a long long timeI … Read more


lovers, let’s have fun tonitelovers, enjoy and celebrate your lifethe fire inside is burning brightlovers can see the eternal lifedance in a trance until you shakelove is a game of give and takelovers, let’s make love tonitelovers, let’s keep the universe aliverecharge the the universal energylovers, renew your own vitalitywhat goes around comes around …a … Read more

Funtasies Of The Thin King

the thin king did some thinkingand after burning all illusionshe came to the conclusionto take the pain out of paintingand replace it with funso that it became a fun thingwhat a fun-tastic fun-tasynot silly at allFlow River Flowflow, river flowI cannot make things happenbut I can drop my illusionsand enjoy the rideflow, river flow

Blue Morning (Blues song)

I woke up this morningand the sky was bluefuck the bluesI have better things to do!this is a sunshine dayfor me and youand I look aroundeverything is newbut actually …this is not quite truebut actually …this is not quite trueneither for menor for youhere we are stillno free willsame old storyit’s a worrybeing inside the … Read more

New Morality

I have enough, more than enoughI can afford to give awayyeah, yeahand that can make me feel even betterall smiles!I’m sitting in a cavefeeling completely safesheltered from the stormI have a soul mate to keep warmlove is the absence of fearfear is the absence of loveit’s up to meI can decide


(talk: one line ascending, next one descending)empty eyesempty spacetoo many lieshuman raceall too fastit can’t lastmust play my roleempty soulit’s all too muchI better let it govoices in my headI must feel my heart insteadI better let it go

NOW is always HERE

(I heard this song in a dream,sung by a gospel choir,to a slow 4/4 pulse with shakers and rattleswith konkelo bellsKuku drum pattern a la Moussa Camara, TTB*B*B*TT**S*and wah-wah guitar) I’m a scribewho takes no bribewho will be forgottenas change is the name of the gameand all I can tell you is this:many worlds have … Read more

Brain Surgery

(I am so lucky, thanx everybody) I’m riding on a trainrain in my brainthings are revolvingeverything is dissolvingall runs into oneit’s no funthe unknown is scaryvery scarybut I was luckyI made it homeand I’m not alonehappy end in the endhad been just around the bendand on a unrelated matterI hear a voice in my headif … Read more


(inspired by Bob Allen) spoken:iPod – iPadiThis – iThatiPhone – I’m all aloneme gone – so longChorus(sung):I, myself and methe holy trinityI, myself and methe lonely trinityiSolation – iInsanitywe – that is you and me(people shouting)not enough – too much

Back Then

I walked into this garden againthe garden with a high hedgewhere we used to walk around naked and timelessyouth on our side and self forgottensometimes the farmer from next doorwould pass by sitting high on his tractorcatching a forbidden glimpse into our worldwhich was a paradise he hatedbecause he could not enterI walked into this … Read more


Bring a bit of sunshine into the room (C-G, “R’n’R”)your smile surely could lift all the gloom (D-C-G)let’s not submit to the media doomgive happiness a chance – a chance to bloom let’s spread a good vibrationto each home in the whole nation a smile is contagious (D, “punky”)courageous – outrageous (C-G)

Cookie Suzuki

(remember the 5A Cafe in Bantry in the 80s + 90s) Cookie Suzuki – I got your cosmogramCookie Suzuki – you send a message to meCookie Suzuki – you send a message in my dreamCookie Suzuki says you can live your dreamCookie Suzuki says everyone can live many dreamsCookie Suzuki says and there is another … Read more

Longing for the sky and beyond

I’m an eagle in captivityand you came to visit mespread your wings pretty birdand set me freeI’m in a cage I know, I knowand you are outsideand I ask you: “Are you really free?and where, where might you be?”

No more human sacrifice

We, the people, don’t need to be ruledwe, the people, can’t be controlledby these dishonest and false guysin suits and ties – telling liesand the people pay the pricefor these parasites to live in luxuryit’s time we set ourselves freeequals among equals is the waywe, the people will have our sayand the good old line … Read more

The triangle of balance

(spoken rhythmically by many people plus some good instrumental grooves in 3s!) evolutionrevolutioninvolution(sung melodically in a free but sensitive polyphonic way)evolvingrevolvinginvolving

Playing – playing guitar

I’m playing guitar with no strings attachedI hope words and rhythm are well enough matchedI like to keep the sounds real, play what I feel,and I hope it’s not too far fetchedI hope your patience is not already getting stretchedwhile I just follow a feelingwhich I cannot namefloating around and drifting byon a rainy daywith … Read more

Star Wipe

(have fun with this one!) let’s make a cheesy movieshall we?star wipestars and stripesstar wipethe glamorous type(never mind the less fortunate ones in them poor countries)star wipeanother stereotype(we’ve seen it all before)star wipethe prototype of HYPEHYPE -HYPE -HYPE(refrain,sung in a cheesy way)I’m so special, specialsuperspecial, uhh yeahand I don’t careexcept for my hairand there (screech)oh … Read more


pulsationovulationfertilisationevolutionno confusionhuman pollutionnot a solutionrevolutionnot a solutionRe-EvolutionE-RevolutionrealisationNATURE KNOWS BESTrevelationthe heart better listenswhen the soul speaks !


it’s that uncomfortable feelingno one really wants to know aboutso I better be quiet, keep it insideand don’t shout it out loudwhat is really going onat best it’s expressed in a muffled songthat’s what it isand that’s what it is all aboutit is that underdosethat underdose of loveyou and I – we never really got … Read more

Zero The Hero

(a reworked Punk song, now acoustic)from E minor to zero and I’m your heroI play my guitarI won’t go to farjust to the next bar from noise to silenceno defense – no pretenseno more sitting on the fence can I stop my fears?and can you hear my tearswhen I unplug my earscan you stop my … Read more

Another Day In Paradise

I was walkingI looked down the empty streetbut I couldn’t feel my feetI seemed to movebut I couldn’t feel myself movingI felt almost nothingthere was only a distant vague somethingI knew I had lost my soulI had fallen into a black holeit seemed I had swallowed myselfand still somehow found myselfsitting on the same old … Read more

Be You

(happy Senegalese tune) Bijou BijouB U – B Ube you – be youbeautybeautifulever youthful yoube beautifulBijou

Fun Lost And Found

(to the lifelong subscribers to grayness) I tell you to shut uponce and for allyour orders are too tall and too smallyou are being non-non-sensicalin the worst way sensibleand along the way the pun got tossedtime for you now to get lost

Open Love

I love the lovely opennessof all the open loversopen loveyour key can open the door to my heartthis is why you can contact me anywhere and anytime…this is why you can connect with me anywhere and anytime…love knows no limitslove doesn’t pretendlove doesn’t need gadgets and gimmickslove leaves behind the limitationsopen to giveopen to receiveopen … Read more

Only Once

sometimes you catch your luckwithout a plan and enjoy the momentin ecstasy just for that one time.Its unique end exquisite.It does not lastthat’s why you will remember it.Conclusion: do it, it will be real, very real.rather than securing what ever it might befor an unrealistic eternity

Play A Game For A Change

P.S. , this time not a post scriptum but a philosophical summarywell, we can leave meaningit’s our own decision and requires dedicationit’s one of the hardest things to dobecause we have to stop the flood of thoughts.we can play a gameto eliminate our resistance to a good degreewe can start to take a holiday from … Read more


the poet-tree grows wild and freeif you allow it to beand in case of any doubtI better shoutshout out loudespecially when I’m in that lullwhich makes me feel dull in my skullI have to make some soundand turn around and arounduntil I drift into the queendom of randomand random will overcome the beast of boredominstantly … Read more

Worth Trying

empty your cachestart from scratchit won’t cost you any cashand there is no catchturn things aroundupside downwhat is beneathwhat is underneaththis is the e-Revolutionthis is the re-Evolutionit could be a solutionempty your cachestart from scratchit won’t cost you any cashand there is no catchjust strike a matchand light a candleit’s worth trying

Far away vision

(intro in E)when things start closing in (G)and i have had enough of staring onto a screen (A)I finally wake up from an artificial dream by my own liberating dmore and more and more (C)I’m stranded on a virtual shore (D) things start closing inI’m still trying to catch my dreammore and more and moreI’m … Read more

Trance Dance

you are moved by a higher forceto a higher placethat’s the space of healingfeel the feelingnever mind the mind

Feel the feelings

(Reggae?) let’s not jump to conclusionsfeel your own feelingsas an individual human beingI don’t need to follow somebody else’s illusionsI rather just check reality and see what there for me to seedon’t follow leaders (yeah Bob!)watch your parking meters

The Arsehole Gene

there is a curse on the human racewhich is in an absolute wrong spaceacting totally out of placehaving really lost their facefallen from nature and from graceand if there was some kind of a godwho had the power to change our lotI would hope he could interveneand stop the effect of the arsehole genethat is … Read more

Back In The Driver’s Seat

Dm Am C Em? Am sometimes I feel I have to abandonthe freedom of randomand leave the kingdom of funstop eating my chocolate bunmaybe I need to jump the gunjust for a whileand even with a smileyes, I have read my fileand with a certain regretso I don’t entirely forgetfor a change follow a planthere … Read more

Money and Time

Time is moneymoney is timenon of it is mineTime is moneymoney is timedo you get itno, you don’t99% is owned by a 1% elite1% is owned by the peoplepeople like you and meso how can we be free?and why is that so scary?there’s still only one solutionit’s still called revolutionare we afraid of our own … Read more

Inter fear!

I like to inter fearand listen to my earget out of my headplease come into my bedwe are both not yet deadwhy not throw away the gunand have some fun

The New Dawn

(Dm? Em Am?) the new dawn is daunting, in the end it can’t lastthe sun is rising fastand then there’s task after taskbut finally shortly after duskI hear the rustling of an unknown natureit disturbs my unavoidable tasksof going into the dark velvet of the nightand I feel that familiar frightmaybe I don’t want to … Read more

In A Bookshop

getting lost between the shelvesfull of piled up booksdiscarded to be soldagain and againI cannot find humor(though you pointed it out to me!)between psychotherapy and trash canI really tried, but I couldn’t.no one canno one canput sense into a crazy mannowhere in the universeand not even in a bookshop

The Beach

place of eternityforever from here to infinityever rolling timesblue blue skies and sunny sunshinecountless grains of sandrunning through my handswitnessing impermanenceI got another leasein this place of peacenothing to dolife is new

Drum Song For Spiral Stairs

(to be worked into a video!)(drumming on parts of spiral stairs) I’m feeling so high!am I flying up in the sky?do I better go down?am I enlightened now or am I a clown?is it a dare?is it my fair share?going down the stairs?down the stairs?downstairs?to be turned around?upside down?still feeling high!still flying up in the … Read more

Maire’s Email

Guitar Song(G Bm F Am Em Am) Haaaa!Actually its cooold. But I discovered unseen parts of the city today andits nice and wintery and street music and old books for sale (which imanaged to resist) and after doing some Spanish homework don’t seemyself spending 3plus years studying something academic in university.Been playing with clay and … Read more

Heart On Fire

my head is emptybut my heart is on firefrom love or desirethere is all the feeling(I admit I need some healing)and no words to tell the storybut maybe I don’t have to worryas everything is changing anywayexcept of that burning feelinglow flames get higherI’m staring into my fireand my head is reelingwhat’s going onwhat’s wrongis … Read more

A camera hanging on the wall

(good old analog days, dark rooms and paper prints)I see a camera hanging on the wallwhat has the camera ever seen at allI wonder which pictures it tookI would like to take a lookand where are the pictures noware they in the darkness of a pretty boxrarely opened, it doesn’t really need a lockand who … Read more

Free Music

music is freeit grows like a treeand there is no feeit’s not there for businessmusic is expression and blissmusic is no egotistical competitionit’s the sharing of vibrationsmusic is truefor me and you


Ieeh Samala – uh gunovoyeeh(this chant I heard in a dream,I don’t know what it means, but its peaceful vibration calms me and others down.It is good to chant it! It is some kind of a mantra, please try it yourself)(I play it too to familiarize myself with a new situation or as a first … Read more