Spiral rainbow

A chant in time – into space

(waltz C Am F D7 – C Am D7 G7)

(this is my chant into space
I hope you all can hear me calling
it’s very important to connect
I can hear the timeless waves rolling
everyone needs some time to reflect)
Oh Mama, Mama
Where have you been so long
too many misunderstandings
not a happy song, things went so wrong
Oh karma, karma
it can turn around in the end
you really always believed in me
but couldn’t understand or give me a hand
Oh time wind, time wind
blowing autumn leaves
everything is changing
nothing ever is what it seems.
Oh children, children
learn to understand
happiness dances within you
be free and don’t pretend
Oh energy, energy
flow wild and free
the only way to be!
the one way for you and me
Oh Papa, Papa – C Am
willI find you somewhere in the end? – F D7
I’m not really sure what to do – C Am
but I owe my life to you too – D7 G7