Spiral rainbow

A Dare My Dear

(C Em C D G)

hello my dear – I beg your pardon
I’d like to visit your magic garden
I’d like to get lost in the magic forest
I like to imagine that would work out best …
meanwhile I pledge to remain on my ledge
standing right here near the scary edge
wearing my heart as a throbbing badge
while I cut the red roses of your hedge
just to catch a glance of you
that would see myself through
while glowing in an electric kind of blue
and the high hope to finally talk to you
but I feel like an old fool
who has to regain his cool
because I actually know
if things are in a natural flow
that’s the way they are meant to go
then there’s absolutely no need for a show
and if you felt inclined and really would want it
you surely would be the one to make the first contact