Spiral rainbow

Empty Business

empty business
busy emptiness
you still can touch me

I reached the border and can’t cross over
and I ask myself why
why don’t I grow wings to fly
why am I still timid and shy

I write the words
that you cannot hear
in your own world
of tears and fear

all I see is green
I am in a dream
I have always been
do you know what I mean
I found my archives from the past
and I hope they are gone at last
the time that it takes to grasp

words, words, thoughts in my head,
I ought to do all these necessary things
it’s my duty as a responsible adult
rushing, rushing
no rest, running after something
again and again
falling into pools of pre-programmed thinking
drifting away further and further

I forgot to check in with myself
I forgot to feel my feelings
my pain is covered up by rushing around
and thinking what to do next
everything is so important

I am staring into the distance and watching
and am I still watching
am I listening at all
while I do what I’ve been doing for a long time
a very long, very long time
falling, falling into pools of pre-programmed thinking
drifting and drifting and drifting further and further and further
losing my pain conveniently

we share the passion for gates – pathways to another world and beyond!