Spiral rainbow

Flow Motion

there is so much to be scared about
that there is no point in being scared at all
whatever it is – it won’t last
whatever it is – it will pass
everything alive and living
will melt into oblivion

it is enough to just get on with life
life unfolds to survive
mortality might be scary
but change is necessary
immortality is absolutely impossible
it would be utterly irresponsible
many tried desperately
and just failed miserably
gimmicks like getting nailed to a cross
instead of running off …
some managed to be remembered for a few thousand years

That’s not much in a cosmic dimension!
a dimension beyond comprehension
being forgotten is the name of the game
it’s no shame at all because it’s all the same
Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, and all the others
forgotten as their sisters and brothers
forgotten as their fathers and mothers
everyone will be eventually forgotten!
rotten mummies in Egyptian cotton
so better strive to be alive
to get on with living life.
listening, moving, grooving
to the eternal rhythm
inside of the cosmic prism

dancing forever
in any weather
free and easy
moving slowly
in flow motion only
it’s a long dance
it’s a chance
to go slow and flow
is the eternal way of letting go