Spiral rainbow

Inquisitive Poetry

That’s right, the enquiry into the depth of my and everybody else’s soul
to temporarily reconnect with the eternal vibrations of the cosmic source.
The ultimate yearning,learning, discerning
Sometimes I wonder: Is there a plan?
Any plan whatsoever?
Or does creativity just randomly explode or implode
in the same way like mine does on a microscopically small scale
in the lower world of a 2-legged animal in the outskirts of the omni-verse?
or are these just the inexplicable transformations of occasional shockwaves from a trauma like the big bang and some resulting suffering as consequence that inevitably can’t be helped.
The hope and consolation in poetical form that everything will heal itself over time.
For a moment the former mental patient might be at peace in the imagined world of the now in a distant future.
That is way to bleak.
These superfluous thoughts are just mind gymnastics at best.
I discard them right now.
The demons are driven out.
That feels way better.
Relaxed for a while, with no agenda at all,
I am just grinning for no apparent reason,
like an innocent imbecile in the heartless mind of a lonely scientist.
To really come clear
I sometimes also speak or sing in tongues now
without sounding an intended or recognizable word
and it doesn’t even hurt one bit,
it just exercises my lungs
and keeps my mind blank
It is a fresh breath of air
and I shake the blues out of my hair
Gone- no more there
all these desperate thoughts of confusion and despair.