Spiral rainbow


What is that whole show?
How can I grow?
And where will I go
When I’m feeling low
And I have no clue what to do
When I’m lonely and longing for you
What is going to turn me on?
Where can I have a bit of fun?
And who is going to turn me down?
Who in the end will turn me in
with shaky knees and a scared grin?

And after I have been in the loony bin
Will I later remember what I have seen?
How is it going to turn out in the dungeons of a cloud?
Will I laugh in ecstasy in my crazy fantasy?
Or will I bash against the unlocked door and shout
Let me out, Let me out
for crying out loud!
What is this all about?

And when I’m out again in the street
With an aching heart and wandering with sore feet
Will I knock again on your colorfully painted door?
And ask you to let the butterflies dance once more

And once again I might turn myself in
And tell you everything and where I’ve been
Inside of you and in my meandering dream
And tell you everything and all that I’ve seen
All my hopes and fears inside of the relentless machine
The grass on the other side surely is always only too green

And sometimes I get so blue, it’s true
That’s when I’m thinking and dreaming of you
I feel so high when we are together
interwoven like a beautiful fabric and light as a feather
Like stars in the soft and dark velvet sky
That would be the perfect moment to die

eternity is growing wings, but are we ready to fly?