Spiral rainbow

Planet Talk

The planets have being talking as they do once in a while (G B)
and again they talked about planet Earth (F)
or as they call her, Blue Gaia,, Blue Gaia. (Dm E (4) Am)

She had been spinning in a very subdued manner on her orbit for a while
Gaia was apparently not well at all
and seemed all dazed and confused.

Mars said to Venus: Gaia must be in a lot of pain
you can tell by all the bad vibrations
like earth quakes and floodings that get quite heavy now at times.

Venus replied to Mars: yes, she really needs love, a lot of love
but I think she has got the Humans,
that bleed her, suck her life and her blood.

Jupiter shook his head and muttered: that’s very nasty indeed.
The clever planet Mercury thought for a moment and added:
it’s bad now, but she will get rid of the humans – eventually.

if the humans don’t assume a modest and humble attitude
and care for her with love and gratitude
Gaia will unleash storms and earthquakes, droughts and floods

We all know that Gaia always has been resourceful and very strong
and managed to get well again
and it won’t be long until we hear her sing her happy song.

Kronos happened to be present as well as an always welcome guest
and he chuckled and said: as I keep saying, it’s all a matter of time

Saturn adjusted his majestic rings and passionately exclaimed
just make an effort to align
and concentrate and act before it’s all too late