Spiral rainbow

“the freedom of beach” – the forgotten human right

please allow me just a few words,
I promise it wont take too long,
take your time,
the time you rarely take for yourself,
take the time to listen.
allow yourself to be idle and take the time just to be.
try to stop the voices in the head,
that tell you to do things .
who are these voices anyway?
to tell you anything!
its your time after all,
and its my time too.
remember: as long as you don’t harm other beings,
or have a negative impact in any way,
you are free to do what you like,
and you are not accountable to anyone.
so feel allow yourself the freedom of beach
as a reminder you can call it “the freedom of beach”
no one can tell you or make you do anything,
only you can do that
so can everyone else!