Spiral rainbow

When I die

When I die
I will fly
high in the skies
no more lies
no disguise
I will be free
boundless cosmic energy!
until I fall down again by gravity
things don’t matter much anymore
I’m stepping through another door
I’m ready when you are – here we go
flying high and sinking slow
I’m ready on the count of four
and on the count of three
I bid ye farewell – my illusions of identity
I bid ye farewell – holy trinity
I, myself and me – egotistical insanity
finally and accidentally also the end of duality
no more tic
no more toc
no more tic toc
no more watching the clock
clock out in time
on the count of one
no more worries
just having fun
freedom instead of lies
and watch out – here comes my super hero
it’s the endless circle – the infinite zero