Spiral rainbow

Bubble Wrap Rap

bubble wrap – bubble rap – bubble wrap – bubble rap
bubble – bubble – bubble – bubble

bubble trouble – double trouble
leaving nothing but rubbish and rubble
pop the giant Babylon bubble – Babylon bubble
lay waste to the wicked over-creation trouble

I’m locked up inside in my comfy cozy bubble
all on my own – all alone – afraid of trouble
I must burst this lovely luxury bubble
and release the accumulated trouble

I have to start unwrapping and unwrapping
and now I’m stepping out and dare to do some rapping
while obsessively compulsively popping
all the bubbles
leaving behind a lot of my troubles
stabbing and popping all the bubbles
leaving behind all of my troubles
all the padding of the bubble wrap
is a well constructed bubble wrap trap

(sung like “Spoon” tune)
I am popping all the bubbles of my bubble wrap trap (3x)

doing the bubble wrap rap
doing the bubble rap

no more padding and protective wrapping
I better carry on doing some more rapping
rapping while I’m walking down the street
and feel the rain and feel the heat
and touch the ground with my naked feet
looking around for some people to meet

no more bubble – bubble – bubble trouble
no more Babylon trouble bubble
no more bottling down the brainwash crap
I’m alive and kicking and not yet dead
I must unwrap – unwrap – unwrap
I better do the bubble wrap rap

it’s my first step out of the Babylon trap
unwrap and doing the bubble wrap rap