Spiral rainbow
Feathers in a pond

Healing Through Creating Art

Trauma is a very common occurrence and is experienced in many shapes and forms. Every hurt individual sooner or later will ask some big questions...
Decorated fruit bowl

Sound Healing

Sound Sound Healing The Big Bang First, there was the big bang. Everything started
Wild flowers

Community Music

Drumming is one of the oldest form of music on our planet and is a sophisticated community art. Rhythm comes natural and people of all age groups and backgrounds just love playing drums and learn it very quickly.
Embracing sculpture

Interactions + Touch

the sculpture we create between us when we are relating in a relationship is up to us only
Stained Glass


Emotions which are a result of all our impressions, need to be digested and/or expressed. A sharing of emotions in a safe space with compassionate listeners can give great relief and can be very healing, if done in a respectful and supporting way with confidentiality. TO BE CONTINUED …
Tree glade

Mental Wellbeing

Shamanism is the oldest belief system on earth practiced by tribal people who live(d) in harmony with nature. In the shamanic system everything is alive and can be related to in an appropriate and specific way.


You are what you eat. You are effected by all vibrations and atmospheres that you are exposed to. Choose your vibration exposure wisely if you have a choice. Try to keep a healthy balance of all your intakes. TO BE CONTINUED …
Sculpture on a beach


Spirituality is a personal and unique experience of a connection or connectedness to a higher consciousness or sphere, often referred to by religions as God (with a capital G!), a higher being that is being worshipped by many followers.
Cat on a wooden sculpture

Physical Exercise

al environment, healthy unpoisoned food, positive social environment, awareness, respect, kindness, compassion, strength, stretches, balance, stamina and perseverance, generally a holistic attitude, as in Qi Gong
Shiny model head

Trauma + Addictions

Trauma disrupts the natural flow. It is abrupt and violent, often it is unexpected and not natural. It is a shock on all levels, physically, emotionally and mentally.


Requirements And Conditions For A Happy Life (body, mind, spirit) natural environment healthy natural and un-poisoned food positive social environments