Three Liners


Random poetry
Spiral rainbow

“HIGH CUE”S – a pun-tastic undertaking

admittedly not really a traditional haiku
just three short enough lines in english – boohoo
that will do just fine as a HIGH CUE


some times I fly so high
to visit you just to ask you
for a signal, a sign, an indication, a prompt reminder, for my cue)

Catch It While You Can “HIGH CUE”

a new song is like butterfly
just one time it flutters by
and then it is gone

Handy “HIGH CUE”

a “HIGH CUE” is quite handy
short, succinct, just follow your instinct
you might even catch a glimpse of some sense or meaning

Certainty “HIGH CUE”

sharing compassion has gone out of fashion
I, myself and me – the holy trinity
and then in the end there will be change

Love “HIGH CUE” One

I’m an over-achiever
brain washed, delirious in a fever
all i’m looking for is a whole lot of love

Love “HIGH CUE” Two

I’m an under-achiever
looked down and spat upon – a scumbag and a believer
all i’m looking for is that little bit of love

Body Lotion “HIGH CUE” 4×3

the rational mind is cold
and I long to be in your heart
but you seem to be far away

I’m getting old so I’m even told
and tired to perform my art
anyway I’m not sure what to say

the rational mind drowns in an ocean of emotion
while the clown laughs out loud with a fragile frown
trying to clean his painted face with body lotion

It takes courage and honesty
to let out what lives inside of me
for everyone out there to see.

Borderline “HIGH CUE” 6×3

they call it borderline
this is the life of mine
but in the end it’s all fine

I never, never knew
no idea what to do
feeling strange and blue

I am a drop of water
in the waves of the sea
I am an ocean of emotion

I am here
I am nowhere
I am everywhere

I am sound
now I can be found
both feet on the ground

I’m still borderline
this is the life of mine
but in the end it’s all fine

Dream Shadow “HIGH CUE” 4×3

long shadows in the sand
and I still don’t understand
the dream that you never dreamt

the red sun drowned in the blue sea
left only the faint glow and eventually
my eyes opened wide and I could see

she used to be here, now she is gone
some have been on the road too long
only to be remembered in an old song

a dream shadow
of a green meadow
in the grey ghetto

Contained Contentment “HIGH CUE”
far far away I can see the other side
it really seems much greener
but I won’t go there

1 – 2 – 3 “HIGH CUE”

I sign in with a dot, already caught on the spot
now I wish a line would bring me from A to B
now fenced inside of this triangle I imagine to be free (to drink my tea)

Silly Goose “HIGH CUE”

still the rainy day blues, despite that I paid for my shoes
expectations and assumptions and you are such a silly goose
many friends have left already and still there are more to loose

FAQ Hi Q(=bad pun)

Hi! said Q. and turned around
and A. replied: how do you do?
and by the way, F. still has to come up with an answer for you …

Mirrorless “HIGH CUE”

I’m living mirrorless now, more or less, I had to confess
I mean really, why should I look at my own face
I play by my own rules and walk at my own pace

Sunflower “HIGH CUE”

I fell out of my soft bed, I was dead
a smile on my face, not one regret
soon to be reborn as a sunflower instead

HIGH CUE Validity

high cue validity
how clever can I be
too clever to be free

Nailing it (kind of the “HIGH CUE” way)

Ok, I’ll drive you in, you don’t have to shout so loud
You are a nail and I’m a hammer, without a doubt
so what’s the fuss then all about?

“HIGH CUE” Enough

I wrote one, I wrote four
I could have written many more
But that’s not the point


I feel confined in my thinking mind
Finally I come to my senses , or do they come to me?
I walk through the unlocked door and Im free!

Alarm “HIGH CUE”

I need to sleep, sleep, deep, very deep
I’m counting sheep, millions of sheep
Off goes the alarm clock’s merciless beep

Fucked Brain “HIGH CUE”

I did not take any booze or drugs
But my brain feels fucked
Time to go for a walk outside…

I did not take any booze or drugs
But my brain feels fucked
Time to go for a walk outside…


The loony moony buzzing energy is in my head,
Even in the purple pillows of my cozy bed
That’s what she just said, she drives me mad!

Essence “HIGH CUE”

Just three lines
Maybe rhymed and a bit confined
still the essence shines

Sweet Defeat “HIGH CUE”

Its hard work to wrestle with words to write a sensible sonnet
dirty hands and bleeding knuckles from under the bonnet
A haiku only seems easy – even lazy – and is indeed a sweet defeat and sometimes a bit crazy

Achievement Bereavement “HIGH CUE”

Writing haiku’s seems to be an achievement
even to be turned out by the dozen without fussin’
but short lived and soon to be a bereavement

all one “HIGH CUE”

I’m trying to kill the loneliness
with being all one
instead of being all alone


the full moon rises over Mount Kid
like an egg yolk balloon and soon
turning paler the higher she goes

Unicorn “HIGH CUE”

I was born an unique unicorn
into a world so torn
I almost felt forlorn


the driveness
finally stops
in the Now


create and inspire
love and desire
slow and easy – so you don’t tire

In or Ex “HIGH CUE”

inspire or expire
whatever gets you higher
infinite rhythm, eternal fire


one haiku is a haiku
the plural of haiku
once and for all – is also haiku


we all need to look no further!
if we are aware of it or not
we are already here right now!

Magic “HIGH CUE”

the magic of rhyme
allow it to shine
for a spell …

No Talk “HIGH CUE”

the thinker, the talker, the doer
cut out the middleman
action speaks louder than words

can’t be explained “HIGH CUE”

Some things are plain to see
but just can’t be explained
and there’s no need for it neither


I’m a bird and I feel hurt
maybe it’s better not t
o sing, or say anything
and clip my own wing

Cosmic High Cookoo or Head Stuff “HIGH CUE”

we are the oscillations
of the cosmic vibrations
caused by the eternal and infinite orgasm

Reality “HIGH CUE”

somewhere between brainwash and poetry must be reality
maybe kind of halfway between oneness and duality
we all find out, eventually

On Time “HIGH CUE”

In time everyone will be running out of time
perfectly on time to be reborn
on the other side

Lonely Guitar “HIGH CUE”

so many lonely souls playing guitar
singing songs – reaching out – so far
burning like a shooting star

Eary “HIGH CUE” (ouch!)

there is an ear in fear
there is an ear in tear
an ear is near my dear

Trust “HIGH CUE”

there is rust in trust
it’s a risk but trust I must
not to be ruled just by lust


love is quite often against the odds
as we don’t know the full picture – not as yet
so we might as well spread our wings and fly

Futuristic Horror “HIGH CUE”

mental eraser
emotional taser
soul destroying laser

No Words “HIGH CUE”

the words to express what I feel have left me for a while
I’m not sure if it is good or bad
these mostly unknown and unnamed feelings remain


I could write a haiku
but I’m thinking of you
is that the best I can do?

Leaves “HIGH CUE”

We are like the swaying leaves
We don’t know when we will drop from our tree
And where the wind will blow us to


Old beings cast long shadows
Before the sun sets
And everything is wrapped in black velvet for a while


Too much of everything was never enough
just an empty lie and a big blown up bluff
I need real beauty and a warm feeling, no artificial fluff


I’m walking into the darkness of a cave
it is like returning home to the mystery, to my story
to a magical understanding beyond words

Togetherness “HIGH CUE”

togetherness, threegetherness, fourgetherness
many many gatherings
the rainbow feathered wings of like hearted friends

Too Much “HIGH CUE”

Too much of everything was never enough
just a lot of brainwash and a big bluff
I need warm beauty, no fluff and more stuff

Frog Concert “HIGH CUE”

They are croaking their nightly percussive chants
it’s a habitual ritual and a life celebration of insane intensity
no holding back until it stops as if rehearsed

Testosteron “HIGH CUE”

I male and 21
walking around with a loaded gun
desperately trying to have some fun

Ultimate Edge “HIGH CUE”

to allow and experience pure feeling
with awareness and without judgement
as long it is not toxic and hurtful!

Never Mind “HIGH CUE”

my mind wants to take me for a ride
but I politely decline
everything is fine!

Scream “HIGH CUE”

Every addiction is a scream for the love
I was not lucky enough to get earlier on in life
to enable myself now to give love to myself

Plain Truth “HIGH CUE”

what is it with us artists?
we are drawn to each other
but we are still looking for a home.

To Get There “HIGH CUE”

there’s always a free chair
on top of the stairs
I only have to get there

Magic “HIGH CUE”

sound and skin to skin – the healing within
the welcome of the magic forest warm
time and hurt trance-form