Spiral rainbow


Spirituality is a personal and unique experience of a connection or connectedness to a higher consciousness or sphere, often referred to by religions as God (with a capital G!), a higher being that is being worshipped by many followers.

Spirituality is mysterious and beyond comprehension and cannot be understood by an individual person.

Spirituality is part of everything,all, nothingness and naught.

Spirituality is and is not.

Spirituality is Now.

Spirituality is free.

Spirituality is not a religion. It does not have an agenda or any beneficiaries. Most religions have some form of spirituality integrated among their doctrines.

Personal Development

The belly-button is the centre of being in this life while manifested as a human on planet Earth.

Essential conditions for healing and general ease in life are awareness and relaxedness (no resistance, complete surrender to the omni-verse and the cosmic Flow in the Now.

Resistance often gets in the way of positive change because of negative judgement of the personal self-development work.