Raps, Rhymes + Crimes


Random poetry
Spiral rainbow

Rhyme Crime

feeling emotionally constipated
mentally, mildly fascinated
with obvious and obsessive rhymes
executed like endless repetitive crimes

I know! I did it! Many times even! I confess!

Now I repent and am asking for redemption
before applying for my old age pension
without anxiety and tension

Committing A Rhyme

only because it rhymes doesn’t make it poetry
its probably even somewhat dull and boring
like attending obligatory afternoon tea
being far removed from remotely scoring

a rhyme can be a crime
not just accidental fun
like an unintended pun
so maybe we’d better give it the gun!
no rhyme, no reason
not at all random, almost treason

End Rhyming

The end rhyme pretends
that everything will be resolved when it ends
it might even make in the end some sense
or will it be just a letdown
after a senseless suspense

eventually and inevitably
a new start will be another beginning
and again the bell will be truly ringing
and I can be sure of one thing luckily
change will evolve and all will flow naturally


Inhale, exhale
female or male
breath a gale
slide slow like a snail
tell your tale
don’t get too pale and frail
obviously follow your own trail
don’t derail
and sail to your destination
without delay and hesitation


please don’t try so hard to please
strive to be at ease
and breath, yes, breath!
any tickle and tease needs a release
and please don’t freeze
and refrain from saying cheese
no more selfies please
wipe that artificial smile
of your face for a while
and for a change be real
and do what you feel
and refrain from saying cheese


Don’t tire, don’t tire !
do your best to inspire !
inspire before you expire
guard your fire
don’t be a buyer
try to fly higher
fulfil your desire
to reach the top of the spire
sometimes even aspire
to be a live wire –
without being wired
you won’t get fired

Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions
you may drop all idiotic illusions
and forget all the customized confusions

Don’t tire, don’t tire !
inspire before you expire !


yell and yellyou might as wellride the swellas far as I can telland ring the bellat very high decibel

yes, yell if you smellhell, yes, Mademoiselleget rid of that gelmisbehave and misspell my belleand as well say farewellto Coco Chanel and caramelyou are a gorgeous gazelletell all about that spelland don’t sell your bellyou might very well get wellwhen you crack the shellcut up the padded celland rebel in your luxurious hotelwhile the personel is busy in the citadelor trying to propel the carouselor even might quell a parallel carteldon’t dwell upon to underselland yell and yellyou might as wellride the swell!Yours truly, Marcel


we are stressed
we need to rest
to pass the test
there will be no unrest
lest to save us from the worst
I suggest find the treasure chest
within the worries of the west
later then you may finally rest
in peace under trees – at best


could have been a queen
in my dream, in my dream
when I was a teen
to be noticed and seen
I admit I was pretty green
but also very keen
to be a radical rapper
even a side stepper
but I was way to dapper
not a crazy and lazy leper
and also not a father mucker
or a mindless macho sucker
neither I am a pheasant plucker
or a driven down town trucker
who again has hit that damn ditch
and needed more than one stitch
ain’t that a bitch – ain’t that a bitch
that I’m even not rich or at least a witch ?
I feel a twitch and an itch
to swiftly switch to perfect pitch
to just avoid another glitch
I got derailed
no harm to have failed

Bubble Wrap Rap

bubble wrap – bubble rap – bubble wrap – bubble rap
bubble – bubble – bubble – bubble

bubble trouble – double trouble
leaving nothing but rubbish and rubble
pop the giant Babylon bubble – Babylon bubble
lay waste to the wicked over-creation trouble

I’m locked up inside in my comfy cozy bubble
all on my own – all alone – afraid of trouble
I must burst this lovely luxury bubble
and release the accumulated trouble

I have to start unwrapping and unwrapping
and now I’m stepping out and dare to do some rapping
while obsessively compulsively popping
all the bubbles
leaving behind a lot of my troubles
stabbing and popping all the bubbles
leaving behind all of my troubles
all the padding of the bubble wrap
is a well constructed bubble wrap trap

(sung like “Spoon” tune)
I am popping all the bubbles of my bubble wrap trap (3x)

doing the bubble wrap rap
doing the bubble rap

no more padding and protective wrapping
I better carry on doing some more rapping
rapping while I’m walking down the street
and feel the rain and feel the heat
and touch the ground with my naked feet
looking around for some people to meet

no more bubble – bubble – bubble trouble
no more Babylon trouble bubble
no more bottling down the brainwash crap
I’m alive and kicking and not yet dead
I must unwrap – unwrap – unwrap
I better do the bubble wrap rap

it’s my first step out of the Babylon trap
unwrap and doing the bubble wrap rap

Just having some PUN

Once aPUN a time a PUNda, a right son-of-a-PUN, thought it was really PUNny to open PUNdora’s box in PUNama and released a plethora of PUNtastic PUNs into the world creating a PUNorama full of public laughter, really second to PUN.

Subsequently the PUNda was PUNished for the PUNdaemonium he had caused with all these PUNs, that son-of-a-PUN, what a PUN in the arse!
He had actually caused a real PUNdemic!