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Euklang (Oyklung) Metallophone

Musical Instruments by Thomas Wiegandt

Inspired by Balinese Gamelan music and the over-abundance of materials in wasteful western countries. The Junk Metallophones have been worked into polyphonic metallophone sets tuned to Gamelan scales or good sounding random scales, thus expanding the musical possibilities of expression. They are inexpensive player-friendly instruments, i.e. everyone with an open, social and respectful approach can play them. The sounds are pleasant and have a healing quality.

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Thomas Wiegandt – Best Songs

Thomas Wiegandt – Best Songs

Compilation of meaningful songs with poetical, philosophical, spiritual and critical lyrics Musicians: Ailin Becker (drums, perc.), Daniele Trevisiol (violin), Rafael Wiegandt (drum kit, perc.), Thomas Wiegandt (vocals, guitar, sitalin, jaws harp, Ngoni, perc., sound editing)
Thomas Wiegandt – Best Instrumentals

Thomas Wiegandt – Best Instrumentals

Multi-instrumental music compilation with a tribal ambient feel. Thanks to the musical contributions of Ailin Becker, Mali Rasta Fred and Paul Mayer.
A minor Love Affair

Thomas Wiegandt – A minor Love Affair – Ambient guitar music

A pleasant and harmonious collection of ambient music by Thomas Wiegandt played mostly in the key of A minor on guitar, mandolin and sitalin – with some transmissions from ancient times plus some more recent classical and popular references … The CD has 11 tracks with a total playing time of 49:00. Feedback: “This is ... Read more
Beyond The Strings

Thomas Wiegandt – Beyond The Strings

Instrumental guitar music to dream and drift downstream … or maybe just to listen to … Thomas Wiegandt finally releases some of his own guitar compositions and improvisation… likely to be enjoyed by people who in this fast paced third millenium with all its technolgy and gadgets still like to listen to just a humble ... Read more
Dolce Vita – The music of life

Thomas Wiegandt and friends – Dolce Vita – The music of life

Dolce Vita <-> Varieté De La Vie <-> Living And Alive <-> Vielfalt Des Lebens < Acoustic true vibration music, which is all about life in a poetic and passionate way. It’s not polished, but perfect as it is – in its imperfection and uniqueness. Lots of different sounds and tunes, talking and singing in ... Read more
Ethnic Forgery - Music from around the world

Ethnic Forgery – Music from around the world

An amazing variety of acoustic ethnic music played on many different musical instruments from around the globe. The CD has been recorded in West Cork, Ireland by multi-instrumentalist Thomas Wiegandt, being joined by various local and international musicians. They play a range of both lively and meditative pieces inspired by African, American, Asian and other ... Read more
Guitar Poems

Thomas Wiegandt – Guitar Poems

Some poems for strings by Thomas Wiegandt played on guitar, sitalin and bass – transmissions by Cosmic Radio concerning the present Zeitgeist of the fast changing Now. Saxofon: Anja Maier. Sound Editing: Thomas Wiegandt
Hear and Now: Coming Together - Music Improvisations from West-Cork

Hear and Now: Coming Together – Music Improvisations from West-Cork

Acoustic music recorded in West Cork, Ireland. Exploring the vast scope of music improvisation became an exciting journey into the unknown full of magic and surprises. The musicians come from very different musical backgrounds and the improvisations do not necessarily represent the individual musician’s usual type or style of music. This CD has been funded ... Read more
Inside the Labyrinth

Inside The Labyrinth – A Shamanic Sound Meditation

13 tracks recorded live in the Unitarian Church inside a labyrinth during the Cork 2005 European Capital Of Culture closing celebrations 21-12-2005. Musicians: Thomas Wiegandt + Ailin Becker. Instruments: shamanic drums, Tibetan singing bowls, flute, ocarina, kalimba, percussions. Bonus tracks – from various Spirit Trance Drumming sessions: 14-16 (An Sanctoir – Ballydehob, April 2001 Thomas ... Read more

Kaleidoscope – a multi-instrumental experience

On this CD multi-instrumentalist Thomas Wiegandt plays 23 different musical instruments. These 23 original tracks have been recorded over 23 years and cover a broad spectrum of multi-cultural music. The listener may decide if there is any significance to the number 23, or if this is just a coincidence with actually no meaning at all. ... Read more
Thomas Wiegandt – Master of None

Thomas Wiegandt – Master Of None

A multi – instrumental Kaleidoscope. This is the 2nd volume of another 23 original tracks featuring another 23 different musical instruments. Thomas Wiegandt: multi-instrumentalist + vocals — Ailin Becker: drums, percussion — Det Schlich: drums, percussion, vocals (9) — Jens Franke: drums, percussion) — Paul Mayer: drums, percussion — maybe someone else? Instruments built by ... Read more
Land of Magic

Land of Magic – acoustic ethno ambient music

Soulful and gentle roots world music, melodic and rhythmic, featuring the Balafon (West African Xylophone), the Hang (a Swiss novelty steel drum), the sitalin (a sitar lute, build by Thomas), the Euklang (a tuned cylindrical aluminium drum, build by Thomas) and many other instruments. Musicians: Thomas Wiegandt: guitar, sitalin, flute, hang, euklang, gambang, drum — ... Read more
Out There Somewhere

Thomas Wiegandt: Out There – Somewhere … – a musical expedition

A Kraut Rock music collage of nicely diverse pieces surfaced after 20 years. (Kraut Rock, meanwhile a trade mark, is a derogative in the English language for the inventive and highly individual Rock music in Germany in the 1970s) All acoustic and electric instruments have been played and recorded by multi-intsrumentalist Thomas Wiegandt in a ... Read more
Time Temple Reflections

Time Temple: Reflections

The music on this CD is ambient music to slow down and to enjoy being in the moment, being in a time temple… The improvisations, played mainly in eastern scales on acoustic instruments, create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere. The different pieces are reflections of different moods, ever changing with the flow of life. Improvised ... Read more
Rough Cuts + Derelict Demos

Thomas Wiegandt – Rough Cuts + Derelict Demos

A collection of songs that had gathered over some decades and had never been used, but maybe still a worth while listen.
Contemporary Chamber Music Of The Now

Daniele Trevisiol + Thomas Wiegandt + friends: Contemporary Chamber Music Of The Now

(selection from Douce Mountain Jam 2014 except Track 12) The unique beauty and aliveness of an inspired instant composition. Musicians; Ben Russell: piano – Daniele Trevisiol: violin – Dick Richards: digital percussion + sounds, harmonica – Gerd Neubeck: bass – Thomas Wiegandt: guitar, acoustic percussion, vocals + words, sound recording + editing – Ailin Becker: ... Read more
The Soft Edge of Awareness

Daniele Trevisiol + Thomas Wiegandt: The Soft Edge of Awareness

Alternative chilled out classical music. 12 relaxing tracks for many occasions Musicians: Daniele Trevisiol: violin – Thomas Wiegandt: electric guitar, vocals, sound recording + editing Total playing time of 78:49 minutes
Daniele Trevisiol + Thomas Wiegandt: Violin Songs

Daniele Trevisiol + Thomas Wiegandt: Violin Songs

Poetic songs trying to fathom the human condition, beautifully accompanied by violin being played with great feeling. Musicians: Daniele Trevisiol: violin Thomas Wiegandt: guitar, vocals, song writing, sound recording + editing Ailin Becker: percussion (1,4), guitar (9), cover foto – Gerd Neubeck: Bass (9) recorded in Ballydehob, Ireland in November 2013 This CD has 9 ... Read more
Drumming in the Streets

Drumming in the Streets – Tribal Rhythms Recorded in West Cork

This drumming CD has been recorded live in the streets of Bantry, Skibbereen and Clonakilty in West Cork, Ireland during several festivals. It captures the real tribal feel of music recorded outdoors. Percussionist Thomas Wiegandt, joined by various local and international musicians, plays a range of both lively and meditative rhythms with influences from African, ... Read more
Bang On : Ballydehob World Percussion

Bang On : Ballydehob World Percussion “Best Of”

.::.::. neo-tribal togetherness rhythms .::.::. Ailin Becker: drums, percussion – Anne Barry: drums, percussion – Detlef Schlich: drums, percussion, vocals – Jens: drums, percussion – Patrick Healy: banjo, bass, percussion – Thomas Wiegandt: vocals, drums, perc., dan moi jaws harp, flutes, harmonica, bass, sound editing. Sincere thanks to various unnamed guests. Recorded at the Ballydehob ... Read more
Calle33 Jam Sessions

Calle 33 – Cosmic Radio

“Kraut Rock” jam sessions from a remote place. Once upon a time there was a commune of some unusual individuals who lived together in an old farm house in the countryside in northern Germany. They often played music for their enjoyment, that just happened spontaneously and unfolded miraculously as if by magic by unconsciously tuning ... Read more