Spiral rainbow

Kaleidoscope – a multi-instrumental experience



On this CD multi-instrumentalist Thomas Wiegandt plays 23 different musical instruments. These 23 original tracks have been recorded over 23 years and cover a broad spectrum of multi-cultural music. The listener may decide if there is any significance to the number 23, or if this is just a coincidence with actually no meaning at all. In any case: we await your feedback – kcabdeef. Total playing time of 75:48

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1Hang Steel Drum
2Spanish Guitar
3Gambang Xylophone
4Zen Harp-Zither
5Calebash Calimba
6Djembe Drum
7Sitalin Overtone Lute
8Suling Flute
9Euklang Aluphone
10Acoustic Highlife Guitar
11Shamanic Drums
12Gangsa Metallophone
14Cane Flute
15Singing Bowls
16Steel String Guitar
17Agogo Bells
18Ngoni Lute
19Bonang Trouvé
21Sawblade Sanza
22Harmonium + Casio
23Electric Guitar