Spiral rainbow

Calle 33 – Cosmic Radio



“Kraut Rock” jam sessions from a remote place. Once upon a time there was a commune of some unusual individuals who lived together in an old farm house in the countryside in northern Germany. They often played music for their enjoyment, that just happened spontaneously and unfolded miraculously as if by magic by unconsciously tuning into Cosmic Radio! None of the players was too sure how this happened and worked and it did not matter one bit! The wonderful nights were fun and full of musical surprises that no one could remember too clearly afterwards … Musicians: Kira Boschen, Martin Gust, Martina Fahrenberg, Thomas Wiegandt, Wolfgang Steinke and some others.

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Calle33 Jam Sessions
1Trance Mission 1
2Trance Mission 2
3Happy Jam
4Dancing colours 1
5Dancing colours 2
6Dancing Colours 3
8Minimal Trance 1
9Minimal Trance 2
10Halt Mich Fest