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Ethnic Forgery – Music from around the world



An amazing variety of acoustic ethnic music played on many different musical instruments from around the globe. The CD has been recorded in West Cork, Ireland by multi-instrumentalist Thomas Wiegandt, being joined by various local and international musicians. They play a range of both lively and meditative pieces inspired by African, American, Asian and other musical traditions. The musicians involved are Ailin Becker, Jeremy Baines, Andy Carling, James Casey-Ellis, Norman Collins, Dearbhail Connon, Doctor Dink, Toby Eaton, Frank Germuth, Markus Hohmann, Ato Mariano, Gert Neuberger, Katie Nixon, Dick Richards, Ben Russell, Basil Schur. The CD has 24 tracks with a total playing time of 70:50

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Ethnic Forgery - Music from around the world
1Native Indian Chant
2Village Carnival
3South African Tune
4Roots Blues 29
5Rhythm Djungle
6Still Around
7Maori Song
8Cave Time
9Flying Birds
10Men-s Stick Jam
11Tropical Fish
12Bursting Out
13Being Home
14Spirit Cell
15Ancestor Voices
18Sitadanga 7f
19Indian Earth Chant
20Mongolian Gamelan
21Long Time Ago
22Djungle Groove