Spiral rainbow


Shamanic Art Film “SoulScape”trailerSoulscape Poems and Archaic Roots Music played on authentic ancient instruments from around the globe by Thomas Wiegandt, Ailin Becker and Amanda Vonricken, spontaneous painting by Det Schlich and Carina Thornton, plus dancers at the Ballydehob Social Club, 5-5-2012, 4 p.m.Poetry is the backbone of this performance. Music can be described as … Read more

Going Back

a reflection on a species of 2 legged animals, who choose to call themselves Homo Sapiens, who actually ironically does not know despite the name and out of male ignorance and arrogance does not want to know about his greedy and power obsessed wrong doing, which will be inevitably fatal for this species and possibly … Read more

Think Less !

Genesis(according to Thomas) in the beginning there was nothing.there was no motion, just silenceit was like that and there was no change for almost ever.then a mystery happened which cannot be ever understood.a vibration was born out of nothing.the time wind started blowingand the motionless cosmic egg started to move.the vibrations multiplied infinitelyand thus the … Read more

Chronos – or – Time Eats Soul (a chronic dis-ease)

a multi-media performance incorporating poetry, music, visuals and dance.(a critical reflection on time)— a provisional version, open to improvement! —Backdrop (either a real prop or a pre-fab projection onto a big screen):a giant clock with 2 people tied to the hands of the clock, which move sometimes slow, some times fast, eventually then stops and … Read more

In Another Life – an Art Exhibition Performance 7-2012 (O – 7)

0 GUITAR: instrumental in Em –> “Samala” –> trip to Guinea, West-Africa 1990 – Famoudou Konate, Griots(musicians who sing the history of families and community events as well as moral stories)I’m western modern day “Truebardour” and I sing about this exhibition,about the stories of the pictures and how they came about. 1 GUITAR: (11 – … Read more

A Potpourri of Pot Poetry

More or less randomly chosen poetry, possibly via the random poem button on the website, recited over a rhythmic sound carpet of miniature Gamelan consisting of Kling-Klongs, which are recycled aluminum pots worked into randomly tuned polyphonic metallophones, played and read without the use of pot 🙂 Always definitely new and and a surprise, food … Read more