Spiral rainbow

Think Less !

(according to Thomas)

in the beginning there was nothing.
there was no motion, just silence
it was like that and there was no change for almost ever.
then a mystery happened which cannot be ever understood.
a vibration was born out of nothing.
the time wind started blowing
and the motionless cosmic egg started to move.
the vibrations multiplied infinitely
and thus the shell of the cosmic egg cracked and broke open
and in an ecstatic cosmic dance the omniverse was born and unfolded
and everything was created
and it was neither good or bad
it just was

after a long time in a suburban solar system
on the third rock from the sun
which is called earth
a four legged animal started to walk on two legs
and is now called “man”
this gifted two legged animal began to evolve
to due to a higher perspective and a better overview
and the resulting loss of maximum earth contact and proper grounding
man started to reflect upon the world
man started to think about everything
most men were very proud of their acquired knowledge
every man seemed to know more than their fellow humans
and most man could not stop thinking
the species man needed help urgently
to find a way out of this dilemma
so man created God in his own image
and started praying to God to ask for help
but God was quiet and did not answer

the human beings had lost the path by thinking too much
and by not paying attention to their bodies and ignoring their feelings
and even God that man had created in his own image did not send help
then a few clever men declared themselves priests
the priests told there fellow men they could reveal God’s wisdom
but they were not honest and abused their power
and that did not improve the human dilemma
it made things worse and many men became very confused
as they did not trust their own judgement and their own feelings anymore
confusion is a very unpleasant state of being that other animal only rarely experience
man eventually became all confused and helpless and did not know what to do anymore
scientists tried to explain everything on earth and under the sun and even beyond
but even the intelligent scientists were not able to change the general bad feeling of feeling bad
many men started even to hurt and kill each other in large numbers
and there was a lot of pain, suffering and unhappiness caused by man
meanwhile some people realized the only salvation was to think much less and to feel a lot more
to be mindful rather than to have a full mind
to be aware what is really going on
to feel the earth under their feet
and to be aware of the breathing
and the beating of the heart
and to share and care
and to heal and become whole again
by doing what feels good
to be true to our animal nature and our cosmic spirit
after and despite of all man can realize
that man has a choice
to hear the voice within
without somebody else
man lives in hope

Animal Sense (Think Body) | Bm G | Bm G | Em A Bm | G A Bm |
before we get rid – of every -ism | Bm G |
we need to practice a lot of animalism | Bm G |
we can sense what we’re missing | Em A Bm |
it’s a simple and earthy natural rhythm | G A Bm |

when finally all the numbers run into one | Bm G |
the mind stops thinking and bodies are having fun | Bm G |
our souls enjoying themselves in the warmth of the sun | Em A Bm |
a new life has just begun | G A Bm |
think with your body – feel with your mind | Bm G |
think with your body – feel with your mind | Bm G |
let your nose and feet find the way | Em A Bm |
always – anytime – each and every day | G A Bm |
let your nose and feet find their way
right now and each and every day

Attention to all human and humanoids and human nerds
a dark force sends lots of thoughts
this is a cosmic virus
beneficial thoughts can be recognized by that they are applicable in a positive constructive communal and omniversal way!
for that wo/man needs to remember him/herself through body awareness and must resist over-activity and the wickedness of the over-creation and become a balanced part of the sound system of the positive vibration imagi-Nation!

Inevitable Chaos
sometimes the creation needs to forget itself
and then there will be chaos and nothingness
for a spell
everything will be spiraling out of control
all around
and around and around
and upside down
and inside out
everything thrown all about
in a random way
an unpredictable play
eventually bits will repeat themselves and form patterns again
and new structures will be born and evolve infinitely
and thus creation starts anew
order and chaos are the cosmic breath
the original dual principle

I’m talking to the world 
(a performance with KlingKlong metallophones and spoken (improvised? poetry) in a public space (moderately crowded), an anonymous setting, addressing random passers-by.)

Why am I doing this??
This is a dare!! (alternating loudly and whispered)

If I stay detached in an engaged way
I will encounter momentary bliss, freedom and truth.
Now, what about you?
Curiosity made you stop!
or something else?

I’m talking to the world – the poem

(obviously dedicated to the two legged animals, who will hopefully wake up and refrain from destroying our wonderful spaceship, we are traveling on)
(alternately spoken loudly and whispered)

life is a dare 
for everyone out there
for me to do this here 
to conquer the fear
for you to be curious 
and listen to it for a bit 
it might very well reflect you 
if the mirror is true 
such is the nature of information 
such is the nature of vibration 
words are pebbles thrown into a pond 
and then the ripples do their thing 
unfolding,meeting, creating 
even elating
just to confuse your mind
and a blissful moment to unwind 


I can see clearly now the thoughts are gone.

Loneliness (a performance piece)
(multi-layered choir singing)

no less
no more

we are born
to be
all one

just one
for some time
turning over pages
for a while
going through stages
walking many miles

we die
to become
one with all
and be free
in eternity 

gravity strikes
nothing has been in vain