Random poetry
Spiral rainbow

Tell it to yourself

What ever happened (E Blues solo phrase)
can you tell it to yourself? (E Blues solo phrase)
can you feel the pain (G – A7)
out in the rain (G – A7)
before you can let it go again? (G – A7)
get it out of the system!
in a non hurtful way
don’t let it hang about
don’t let the bad vibe stay
and if you can tell it to yourself
tell it also to somebody else
to hand it down to a witness
so it won’t happen again
and hurt somebody else
and cause unnecessary pain
get it out of the system!
in a non hurtful way
don’t let it hang about
don’t let the bad vibe stay

The Blues

Whoever you are whatever you do
the blues always will be looking out for you
the blues is the risk you take to be real
everybody who cares about you knows how you feel
it’s always the same old deal
everyone can tell what’s fake – or what’s real
yeah! yeah!
it’s always been that way
and it’s gonna stay that way too
everyone wakes up one morning
feeling nothing but blue
I’m searching for my love
trying to find you

Multi-coloured Tune

rhythmic guitar song with alternating chords E7/A – D7/B – solo in B Blues mode, also Indian scale and rhythmic chords

This is just the soundtrack of my dreams
I really don’t know what it means
but it sure is not what it seems
If I want to grab it
it just slips away
it’s always been like that
that’s all I can say
(solo in B Blues mode)
It’s gone, it’s gone
same old song
always changing
but I just carry on, carry on
I’m playing a multi-coloured tune
coloures floating by
(solo Indian scale)
I see shapes in the sky
one might say
the world passes me by
(rhythmic chords)
Day dreaming
sound painting
on an acoustic guitar
in the third millenium

Valentyne’s Day

inside you hear a scream
you are sitting in front of a screen
you are writing on the wall,
it’s a facebook call for all
you sure got the blues today
but wait until tomorrow
because today is actually not the day
and anyway it’s just a business holiday
invented by capitalist money making society
maybe be brave and wear a small badge tomorrow
“I’m ready for LOVE!

Mosquito Blues

I must admit I have been stung before
and I am sure I get stung some more
it’s a hot hot nite – mosquito blues
uh love, what are you doing to me
uh love, can’t you let me be
it’s a hot hot nite – mosquito blues

Blue Morning

I woke up this morning
and the sky was blue
this is a sunshine day
for me and you
and I look around
everything is new
but actually …
this is not quite true

Different Kind Of Blues

I had the blues along time ago
you said you never let me go
but then you were gone one sunny day
I was so hurt and didn’t know what to say
the story seems always to be the same
but there is really no point to complain
now things have moved on and there’s still plenty to do
there is still that feeling, but it’s a different kind of Blues

Duality Blues

man is the hunter
woman is the game
the chase is on
it’s nature’s way
there are only 2 questions
will he really finally get her
and does she really want to get away
anyway, it’s the same old game we play

Drifting Blues

I’m drifting, I’m drifting
like a boat out on the deep blue sea (2x)
I’m still searching for your loving
why can’t I be free
I’m drifting, I’m drifting
like a boat out on the deep blue sea (2x)
the waves keep on rolling
my love where might you be
I’m drifting, I’m drifting
like a boat out on the deep blue sea (2x)
I have been out here such a long time
love sweet love please set me free

Moon Blues

I’m counting the bars no more
I’ve been to too many before
up and down all over town
I’m counting the bars no more
I’ve must have played them all
on the fret board of my guitar
at least that’s what it feels like
And now I’m just drifting – drifting to another shore
I’m counting the bars no more
I’m just playing how I feel
it’s the only way now to be real
it’s my way to be in tune
with the vibrations of the moon
I’m counting the bars no more
some people call it lunacy
to me it’s just trying to be free
and to just play how I feel – how I feel
and not having to stop too soon …
and not having to ramble on and on and on
after all it could be a very short song
just having fun and being all one with the sun

Goddess Have Mercy

I rather enjoy you as my muse
than keep singing the same old blues
God knows I paid my dues
too many drugs, too much booze
and way too much too loose
(Goddess have mercy!)
she can’t keep her colors inside the lines
she is so beautiful and out of her mind
she can’t be confined and that’s fine
she got rid of the lines
for the colors to flow and flow
she blows my mind
for the colors to explode

You And Me Blues

I’ve tried to get the picture
and it was just another blast from the past
I’ve often been your blues
and surely paid my dues
and you’ve always been just a dream
as crazy as it seems
that’s why I still play the blues for you and me
And I’m trying to get the picture
And I walked down this road so many miles
With lots of frowns and lots of smiles
And I set the colors free
and things are getting easier to see
But I’m still trying to get the picture
still trying to make sense
without being too serious and too tense
but sometimes its getting quite intense
putting the pieces together
in any kind of weather
and finally I am free to see
relaxed enough just to be
and now I know what its all about
and there’s no more any doubt
There is no need to blankly stare or swear
It’s just what has been always there
for everyone who cares to see
same old story of you and me


my love is like a river
it must flow into the sea
there is so much i would give her
oh goddess where might you be?

Blues Change

why not turn the blues around
just keep your feet and ears to the ground
transform despair and misery into sound
whatever you were looking for can be found
you gotta open up and look around

Out Of The Blue

people, people, people
how blue can you get?
wouldn’t you eventually turn a dark violet
or even all black
don’t you long for someone
or that something you really lack?

and do I really have to choose
between gutter ecstasy and highway Blues
all these crazy thoughts
about nothing, everything, all and nought
I ought to set them free
let it all be
now I can shine my love light in the night
so you can find me
and we hold each other tight