Spiral rainbow

Interactions + Touch

Relating And Flowing

the sculpture we create between us
when we are relating
in a relationship
is up to us only

together we are creating a vibe
which almost becomes a being
by our doing and by our not doing

we can care
and be aware of this sculpture
we create between ourselves
the shapes and spaces change
and will flow and grow
high and low
intertwined for a while
sweet oblivion and a smile

Relationship Maintenance Conditions:

safe space
listening skills
good will to find a better way and happiness
no expectations and no assumptions
sharing and caring
transparency and accountability
expression and the taking in of our needs

Expectations and assumptions are the killer of any positive relationship. Openess, honesty and honour will see you through.

Ocean Of Love

LOVE – is an ocean of time
the joy to be here
to be free without fear

TIME – time is mine
no one can take it away
no rush – no delay
everything will be coming my way

TIME – is an ocean of love
sent from the spirit above
there will be enough


keep gently leaning
into each other
and feel the gentle touch
and don’t ask too much
keep the balance
and don’t fall either way
don’t fall away
don’t fall – at all
and heed that call
from someone
who is still recovering
from more than one fall

may happiness be a delicious food
enjoy the ride as long as it’s good
and let go when it’s not good anymore
that just might open a new door
a door that wasn’t there before
walk right through
who knows what it is good for

control and regulation
are the tools of insecure people
who do not trust their fellow beings

control and regulation
are the tools of selfish people
who abuse their power
and who take advantage of a situation

equals are caring
and able to act self responsibly
for the individual and common good