English Poetry


Random poetry
Spiral rainbow

Thomas Wiegandt – The Poet

Since I was 17 I have been writing hundreds of songs and poems, some of which I used to sing in the anonymous setting of busking in the streets of foreign cities.

It took me a long time and a lot of courage to put some of my poetry that had not been lost over the years up on the internet.

Finally I did it because after all I heard them on Cosmic Radio before falling asleep or driving alone in a car or being out in nature.

Most of these poems/songs have been scribbled on little scraps of papers and have been scattered everywhere in the house and when I find them, I now put them into a bag to type them later into the computer.

If some of my poems ever where published under my name at some stage as a book which some people have suggested to me (with my permission obviously or posthumously), I think a good title for one book would be: “A BAG OF POEMS”!

I am aware that with so many poems I have to sort my poetry into categories or themes. These could be:

Life experience, spirit messages (title: COSMIC RADIO), love, Irish identity (title: NO MORE IRISH POUNDS), German Poetry (title: DEUTSCHE UND AUSLANDSDEUTSCHE GEDICHTE), Haiku For Me And You (title: HIGH CUE), Blues, Childhood etc.

Another Book could have the title “TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH!” and would consist mainly of the political and philosophical poetry of 2 multi-media performance pieces “Going Back- a reflection on a species of 2 legged animals, who ignores his greedy and power obsessed wrong doing” and “SoulScape – an archaic and contemporary tribal exploration”, possibly in combination with some of my art work and photography, related in a meaningful way to the subject.

I like to encourage musicians and performers to use them, all you have to do is to contact me and tell me if you use any material commercially or in public, and please send me a copy of our co-operation!

Also please put on my name and as contact: www.cosmicradio.info

Please email me some feedback. I’m curious … individual perception is wonderful !

Poetry is amazing, written by spirit hands, it reveals mysteries in beautiful and mysterious words, leaves linear logic and everyday consciousness behind.

The veil is lifted for a very short moment, and we can catch a sneak preview, a glimpse into the essence, a taster of the truth.

Ramble on, old man, from beyond beyond, talk to the young folks over yonder who never will listen anyway, they need the experience. The old should know that they have been there at one stage, but maybe it’s the hope of one in a million seeds will actually germinate and grow into something beautiful beyond analogue deductions and the wildest imagination that keeps me going on and on, even getting stronger and maybe that’s all part of the big plan.

Sometimes we get a sneak preview in a song, a painting, a dance, or a poem – or when making love and exploding and being scattered throughout the omniverse, defying all human limitations, being just another humble cosmic spirit drop.


special words – poetry
sacred words – poetry
scared words – poetry
daring deeds – poetry
language of the soul
no aim – no goal
not making sense – poetry
no wall – no fence – poetry
out of the ordinary – poetry
no tomorrow – no yesterday – poetry
language of the soul
no aim – no goal
you and me – poetry
pure and free – poetry
roots and fruits – poetry
multi-coloured blues – poetry
language of the soul
no aim – no goal
gathering feathers
in all kinds of weather
follow your vision
without permission


The little wisdom we acquired
along the way yesterday
seems to drift away
if we don’t apply it today
and might be lost tomorrow

but tomorrow never comes
that’s what they say
and anyway
today is the tomorrow
you worried about yesterday

Don’t subscribe to the yestermorrow
it causes you pain, it brings you sorrow

It’s Here! Right Now! And It’s Enough!
no need for all that other stuff.

A New Start

(Chorus or harmony vocals singing: “today and everyday”)

Unfulfilled dreams
so many it seems
need living
and some giving …
today and everyday …
it always needs
what it takes
and more …
today and everyday …
more dreaming
no more dreaming
and no confusion
less illusion
a new solution
and no mind pollution
today and everyday …
know your heart
play your part
make a new start
it’s in your chart
today and everyday

Poet Looking For a Publisher

I have been writing for a while
just on impulse – I burnt my file
there isn’t much to it
somehow I just do it
I admit as a poet
I often blow it.
It doesn’t really matter
surprisingly it makes things better
as each and every poem
consists of a flexible foam
but I’m guilty of the one crime
to try too hard for a clever rhyme
sometimes, not really all the time
sometimes I even break the rule
and I hope that that’s cool
your anarchist fringe poet

CV of a multi-artist

1955 Thomas Wiegandt’s birth
on a spaceship called planet Earth
lives in Ballydehob near Bantry
travelled to many far away countries
lived high and low
almost kicked the bucket a few times
last time survived a brain hemorrhage
but it wasn’t yet time to go
(thanx for all the good wishes from here and there and beyond …)
travelled to inner and outer space
dropped out of the rotten rat race
now enjoys the magic of a happy place
trying to find a way through the maze.

Searching for Words

I’m still searching for the words
searching for a song
a song that makes sense after all
a song I can sing
sacred, scared and daring words
for peace of mind

my heart is beating fast
and I just can’t stand it anymore
to be misunderstood
even one more time
so please be generous

please be kind
forget to judge
just for this one time
and try to connect with me
and dare to connect with yourself
just for this one time

I must admit
I’m not too sure what I’m saying
but I know I have to try anyway
and I know after all the tune is true
and the sound is sound
and the essence is pure
and it’s all simple, very simple

I have a song
you have ears
sometimes I’m far away
and you are somewhere near
when things are upside down
and I keep forgetting
again and again and again
this song is our song
this song is about me and you

Poetry #2

Words drenched with feeling
And saturated with meaning
on a palette reaching from joy to neediness
Not to mention all the other ingredients
The heavy and worrying ones
The light and playful ones
Molten into one new artefact
still hurt but more intact
Hoping to communicate the unsaid
now less afraid, yes, less afraid
feeling almost reborn
speaking the unspeakable to someone unknown
Who is hoping to be recognized too
In one of the many deserts or in a prison or in a zoo
Longing for feeing
Searching the meaning

Ocean of time

is an ocean of time
the joy to be here
to be free without fear
Time – time is mine
no one can take it away
no rush – no delay
everything will be coming my way
is an ocean of love
sent from the spirit above
more than enough
Love sweet love
sent from heaven above
no one needs to starve
there is more than enough.

Changing – Again – Forever

again again again
birth and death are the same transition
we are just on a different mission
forever and ever and ever
changing changing changing
the hourglass is turned upside down
again again again
trickling grains of sand
first unnoticeably slow
changing changing changing
at last mercilessly fast
again again again
the hourglass is turned downside up
changing changing changing
squeezing through
into something new
again again again
upside down downside up
forever and ever and ever.

Sound Healing

(slow drum song in 6/ 8 with call and response)

Flow river flow
sound healing
feel the feeling
sound healing
go slow – go slow
flow river flow
heal the feeling
feel the healing
go slow – go slow
flow river flow
here and there
sound healing
for all to share
sound feeling
plants and animals
go slow – go slow
and you two legged animals
go slow – go slow
earth and universe
flow river flow

Some Sunny Day

(slow dreamy song)

I used to watch us dancing,
our cold feet touching the ground…
our naked souls soaked with soft rain
dripping from the trees into our brains
the leaking gutters are still filled with leaves
and the water is still pouring out
flowing to the west, disappearing into the grey mist
that hides the turquoise sea of the sunny days
with their weightless seagulls
screaming their songs into the blue skies…
but isn’t gravity a blessing in the end?
Thoughts may take us into space
away from Mother Earth,
but we surely will touch base again…
some sunny day


(Funky rap song with roots reggae drum)

Relate and connect
treat everyone with respect
Lets be one tribe
spread a happy vibe
Everyone is
your sister or your brother
your father or your mother
we are a tree
one big family
just dare to care
and care to dare
to share what’s there
and play it fair
and if you’re alert
no one gets hurt
it’s the way to be
one big family


amen – as a poet
I often blow it
and it doesn’t matter
it makes things actually better
as each and every single poem
seems to consist of some kind of foam
to be blown in unpredictable random patterns
on the sands of crowded and deserted beaches
much much further than the mind reaches

1 – 2 – 3 – again

(ascending guitar riff E-G-A-C-D-E)

  1. just for fun
  2. for me and you
  3. let it be
  4. is there more on a distant shore?
  5. feel alive
  6. get your kicks and learn some tricks
  7. life can be heaven
  8. relate, create and wash your plate
  9. let my eyes shine
  10. here I go again, again, again ….

Mantra Song

(to be sung repeatedly with layered voices, musically between an Indian chant and a Gospel song, with both calm and lively parts)

Child of the Earth
child of the Universe
live love
love life
be alive and happy!

Always new and already outdated

(guitar G-F)

Always new and already outdated (repeat some lines for building up intensity)
like a butterfly drifting by
drunk from the morning due
and it still makes me wonder …
Sometimes I awake
pale and naked
after another soul quake
and I am glad about that I actually feel safe
My awareness is the only mirror I got to go by
when I fly
as I still do
and some of you have reminded me too
I only hope the light is not already fading
as I find myself in a wooden boat
thrown around by the ever rolling waves of time
out on an ocean of love
in a dream inside of a forgotten cave
But after many many moons
the thoughts in my head are sill raging
and I never know
is there an end
and I never know
is there a land
beyond beyond
where I don’t draw a blank
and where things might be different
just nice and easy
and just around the next bend
where I can find
peace of mind
and a voice is whispering:
Just be
and be kind
to yourself
and that won’t hurt anybody else
you have already crossed over to another shore
And I find myself again
drenched to the bone as I am crawling in the sand
and I must say it is a bit strange

I feel high and the tide is low
and I still don’t know where to go
when I feel low and the sky is high
and I hear my heart beat and see my feet
passing by
and I guess
there is not much I can do
I just have to leave it at that
for now

Death Of A Hero

You put me there
and it wasn’t me
and I told you so often
that I didn’t agree
and you still insisted
and things got twisted
and I became an illusion
in your world of confusion
or was it the other way around?
anyway – I couldn’t be found
and I was nowhere to be seen
and I don’t know where I’ve been
in an empty dream
in a time machine
when finally you decided to turn away
a hero dies in the end anyway

In Our Dream

I’m living in a world that doesn’t feel right
an alarm clock wakes me from the peaceful night
I never care to know where I am
and I don’t even seem to give a damn
I’m programmed to rush around everyday
I’m busy all the time and hide my feelings away
letters and numbers on paper, clocks and screens
are almost killing me and most of my dreams
and even if I’m then finally with you
it is not easy to really get through
but together we are not so sad
not too numb and not too mad
and finally we can feel a little quake
when our naked souls start to shake
and we know now where to begin
we have the power from deep within
to make a change
to newly arrange
to dream our dream
to scream our scream
we can go where we have never been
and see what we have never seen

we have a choice in all the noise
to be be awake or asleep in our dream


I wonder where are you tonite?
to be honest I have lost touch
are you at home somewhere
do you have central heating now?
I must admit meanwhile I’m thinking about it too
do you feel comfortable inside now?
or are you still on fire
like in the days
when we were convinced that we had no home
like in the days
when it was the only way to be always out there
like in the days
when we tried to change the world everyday
and now it is late and I’m tired
I wonder where are you tonite?

Through The Mist

When I walk back through the mist of time
when I walk back through the mist of mine
when I dare to visit these scary places
when I find the ancient and painful traces
when I look the demon in the eye
when I finally wake up and cry
when I see the candle still burning
melting the mist and pain of yesterday
then I begin to feel
the love hidden in my soul
shining like the sun
that had been hiding behind all these rainy clouds
I know – I don’t know
(call and response gospel-style song) (not finished yet?)
I don’t know (call)
I know (response)
do you know (call)
I don’t know (response)
live simple
I know (response)
own little
I know (response)
take your time
I know (response)
enjoy your time
I know (response)
live your life
I know (response)
love your life
I know (response)
be generous and kind
I know (response)
strive for happiness
love and happiness (response)
don’t settle for less (everyone)
don’t settle for less (everyone)
don’t settle for less (everyone)

I don’t know (call)
I know (response)
do you know (call)
I don’t know (response)


(guitar song)

why should I live on the edge
when I can be happy at home
why should I be happy
when I can live on the edge (chord bridge)
I feel like a commuter
a commuter with a laptop computer
living in a real virtual world
living in a virtual real world (chord bridge or solo)
but actually I would like to be awake
in a dream instead of a world of fake
watching swans on a quiet lake
just stop for a while and take a break (chord bridge)
but then here it goes again
clouds of confusion in my brain
it is hard to be just a simple man
I’m still outside listening to the rain


if I look into the light
it is blinding me
and I have to look away
close my eyes eventually
I’m a mole, I’m a mole
locked up in the dungeon of my soul
but everyone will see
will be free eventually
someday I will step outside
and will float with the tide
from the dark into the light
and I will be you
and I will be me

Time is a joke

(Jazzy Blues in F#m: | F#m C#7 | B7 A E F#m | AE DA EF#m |)

Where has youth gone so fast
the endless nights of love and laughter
replaced by a little wisdom
and an aching body
and the days are getting shorter
Live today, young people
don’t die as yet, old folks
enjoy yourself, don’t work too much,
and if you can finally start to relax
and don’t waste time
fuzzing and fighting
don’t waste time
Don’t die as yet, young people
live today, old folks
and make love
do what ever you desire
and laugh and laugh and laugh
time is a joke
and aging, oh well …don’t think about it too much
don’t think about it at all!
Live while you can
When we were young
we did not know
and we were invincible
without a doubt
without any worries
Now we are older
maybe even wiser
but no more invincible
and doubts are creeping in
and this is a real worry
Live while you can
as good as you can

Music of today

(ancient sounding tune)

I just can’t listen to the music of today
it ain’t no music anyway
beauty, magic and passion
have gone out of fashion
I think I will follow my own instinct
before I’ll find myself all extinct
but that just can’t be
I’m gonna set myself free
painting beauty
weaving magic
exploding with passion
don’t care about fashion
I know what feels right is good for me
the brainwash media will disagree
bring the vibe back into the community
tribal spirit for you and me
I just can’t listen to the music of today
it ain’t no music anyway


L-Imitation (rhthm phrases)
Imi-Limitation (rhthm phrases)
let them leave us behind
we don’t mind
we are not blind
we can free our mind
just listen to yourself
yea-a-eahh! Yeah!
I can feel my body move
to a new kind of groove
just listen to yourself
taka dun ka – taka dun
the L-Imitation generation
creates the Imi-Limitation nation
I belong to no one
because I belong to everyone
I belong to everyone
because I belong to no one.
uuuh – aaah
L-Imitation (rhthm phrases)
Imi-Limitation (rhthm phrases)
let’s do what feels right
moving into the light

Enjoy Life

(guitar song A – Bm -Em – A)

Enjoy life, enjoy life today
Enjoy life in every possible way
Enjoy life, each and every day
and remember
today is the tomorrow
you worried about

Play The Game ?

guitar intro: rock’n’rolly C, G, then 2x rhythmic F?

first we are wild (C)
and then we get tamed (G)
we learn to play the game (F)
and we buried the child inside (Am-B7)

time to turn myself on
time to sing my own song
a song without end
and time and time again

I’m feeling complete
no need to compete
I got rid of my frown
I’m shutting down

it’s getting dark around my computer (Am-G)
no, no, don’t save (Am-G)
no, don’t save anything (Am-G)
it’s not necessary (Am-B7)

I’m going to bed now
nothing makes sense somehow
tomorrow is another day
all will be going my way

I keep saying that to myself (Am-G)
over and over again (Am-G)
I keep saying that to myself (Am-G)
over and over again (Am-B7)

first we are wild
and then we got blamed
we learn to play the game
but we don’t want to play it anymore

we set ourselves free
just to live naturally
freedom and fun
for you and for me

guitar outro: rock’n’rolly C, G, then rhythmic F? -D3 D2 D0 A2- C

I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I

(the vowel wave)
I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I
I’m chanting the vowels
as they used to do
long time ago
long long time ago
I’m shifting shape
as they used to do
long time ago
long long time ago
I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I
I’m a she-man,
I’m a show man
I’m a shaman
I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I
the walls must fall
one is all
all is one
I’m trying to have fun
I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I
everybody burns
everybody yearns
everybody learns
eventually ….
sooner or later ….
I – E – A – O – U — U – O – A – E – I

Sound Aspects of Speaking in Tongues

hi folks!
salamat pagi!
listen, listen to the sound
listen, what I found
don’t try to make sense
at least not too much
leave space
viel spass!
pas de problem!
akassa, akassa
let it flow!
listen, listen to the sound
it’s all around
and a word may have no meaning …
I ate a sandwich
in the restaurant of language
and that’s how it all started
und ueberhaupt: ich lebe jetzt von luft und liebe
l’amour toujours
pourquoi pas?
tomorrow never comes
uwaga, uwaga!
achtung, achtung!
ei verfflucht, Eifersucht
sucht eifrg,
vielleicht findet ihr ja was
liberté, égalité, fraternité
ces mots va tres bien ensemble
hakuna matata
auf dem papier, aber leider nicht hier
l’amour pour tous le monde?
you must be joking!
wir wollen ja nicht uebertreiben
je ne sais pas
c’est ne pas professionelle
t�g é go bog é
cigar , cigar – kali nikta
ich bin muede
fuer heute danke schoen
auf wiedersehen.
Bom dia,
inshallah, inshallah
that feels better
today is the tomorrow
I worried about yesterday
die sonne scheint
die nacht ist vorueber
seni sevi yurum
noeke in de koeke
spass muss sein
e subito, ho fame!
vla en pindakaas
why not another sandwich
from the restaurant of language
e apres ?
un vero paradiso:
dolce far niente
for a good while
quatsch, alles quatsch!
kann nicht sein!
habe ich ja gleich gesagt
und ihr habt nur gelacht
errare humanum est
quod erat demonstrandum
it’s all sound and sound enough
and mighty craic!
it seems I just can’t be serious!
ich hoer jetzt auf
terima kasih
I received love.
go raibh maith agaibh (gore mahagut)
and good luck to ye

Bayefall Reggae

(dedicated to Demba Sow)
(guitar reggae Em Bm Am Em or Em D C Em or Am Bm Em)

la ilaha il allah
la ilaha il allah
akassa – let it be
akassa – set me free
Reggae music, love and peace
Bayefall Reggae, Love and peace
djef djill – djef djill -djef djill
chain reaction
djef djill – djef djill -djef djill
what ever you do
is gonna come right back to you
Amadou Bamba – Amadou Bamba – Ibra Fall
Ibra Fall – Ibra Fall – Amadou Bamba
Reggae music, love and peace
Bayefall Reggae, Love and peace
akassa – let it be
akassa – set me free
la ilaha il allah
la ilaha il allah


Barack Osama and Obama Bin Laden
one alive – God bless America!
the other shot in the head- dead
and dropped into the sea – Allah akbar!
this is not a poem
this is a cock and bull story!

The Repair Song

(an anthem for Mother Earth)

care and share, we can repair
we can repair, share and care
live and let live
let live and live
all you need is love
love is all you need
go and let things flow
flow and let things go

Unwind and Unfold (the un-song)

(reggae-ish, Am C G Am, Am? F? G Am)

unfinished business
unnecessary repetition
unsolicited advertising
unwanted information
unwind and unfold
to the untold and unsung truth
unwind and unfold
to the unlimited potential
undo and uncondition
unlearn and re-position
unleash your own decision
unearth the unspoiled mission
undivided attention
unconditional love
unlimited possibilities
in an undisturbed environment
unheard voices
unseen visions
unlocking doors
to an unknown land
unbelievable future
with uncovered wisdom
unforgotten goal
untouched soul


I’m surfing the internet
with no regret
I’m leaving my digital finger print
and no one gives me a hint
on which journey did I embark
do I ride a dolphin or a shark
on a colorful screen in the dark

www dot – is it true or is it not?
www dot – what’s the plot?
www dot – thanks a lot!

information or recreation
is it true or is it invention
and what’s the intention

illusion – confusion – no clue – no conclusion

www dot – is it true or is it not?
www dot – what’s the plot?
www dot – thanks a lot!

Mr. Follow-Follow
this is hard to swallow
virtual reality might just be
more confusion for you and me

how can I know – I have to grow
common sense – is self defense

you just can’t believe
everything you see and hear, can you?
no – no – no !
things on a screen
are not what they seem
no – no – no !
you just can’t believe
everything you see and hear on a screen
That much is clear – have no fear

trust yourself and your friends
trust your family and people with good intent
live in your local community
www dot is virtual – it ain’t real …

A Long Long Time

a long long time ago
I was lost in my own world
for a long long time
I almost drowned
a long long time ago
I drifted under water
for a long long time
I swallowed a lot of water
a long long time ago
no one was there and I screamed
for a long long time
there was rarely a reply
for a long long time
I did not know what to say
a long long time ago
I was very young
a long long time ago
I had not learned to speak words yet
a long long time ago
I stayed on my own
for a long long time
some times I did crazy things
a long long time ago
now my head is above water
and it was about time
I can breath and I do
it feels like freedom
but still I’m searching
for solid ground under my feet
and sometimes I dare to swim
there is a voice in my head
never give up
don’t even think about it
after all it’s little we know
I don’t know what is around the next corner
and it’s not a long long time


lovers, let’s have fun tonite
lovers, enjoy and celebrate your life
the fire inside is burning bright
lovers can see the eternal life
dance in a trance until you shake
love is a game of give and take
lovers, let’s make love tonite
lovers, let’s keep the universe alive
recharge the the universal energy
lovers, renew your own vitality
what goes around comes around …
a lover – all over – all love her
this dance of ecstasy and oneness knows no sorrow
make love today don’t wait until tomorrow
it gives you peace and energy
it’s a natural high and it’s free

Funtasies Of The Thin King

the thin king did some thinking
and after burning all illusions
he came to the conclusion
to take the pain out of painting
and replace it with fun
so that it became a fun thing
what a fun-tastic fun-tasy
not silly at all
Flow River Flow
flow, river flow
I cannot make things happen
but I can drop my illusions
and enjoy the ride
flow, river flow

Blue Morning (Blues song)

I woke up this morning
and the sky was blue
fuck the blues
I have better things to do!
this is a sunshine day
for me and you
and I look around
everything is new
but actually …
this is not quite true
but actually …
this is not quite true
neither for me
nor for you
here we are still
no free will
same old story
it’s a worry
being inside the fence
seeing through a lens
not making sense
in a bad way!
not making sense
in a bad way!
lacking meaning
we lost the way
how did it happen?
hard to say
media mania
prescribed video
media mania
shallow audio
where can I go
when I’m feeling low
where can I go
when I’m feeling low
when I want to grow
I can hear the wind blow
I’m in the front row
how can I stop the show
I simply want to go home

New Morality

I have enough, more than enough
I can afford to give away
yeah, yeah
and that can make me feel even better
all smiles!
I’m sitting in a cave
feeling completely safe
sheltered from the storm
I have a soul mate to keep warm
love is the absence of fear
fear is the absence of love
it’s up to me
I can decide


(talk: one line ascending, next one descending)
empty eyes
empty space
too many lies
human race
all too fast
it can’t last
must play my role
empty soul
it’s all too much
I better let it go
voices in my head
I must feel my heart instead
I better let it go

NOW is always HERE

(I heard this song in a dream,
sung by a gospel choir,
to a slow 4/4 pulse with shakers and rattles
with konkelo bells
Kuku drum pattern a la Moussa Camara, TTB*B*B*TT**S*
and wah-wah guitar)

I’m a scribe
who takes no bribe
who will be forgotten
as change is the name of the game
and all I can tell you is this:
many worlds have existed
they vanished into oblivion
they have disappeared
everything will disappear
only NOW is always HERE
so there is nothing to fear
you are not alone
you are all one
com’on, com’on
just pass it on, pass it on

Brain Surgery

(I am so lucky, thanx everybody)

I’m riding on a train
rain in my brain
things are revolving
everything is dissolving
all runs into one
it’s no fun
the unknown is scary
very scary
but I was lucky
I made it home
and I’m not alone
happy end in the end
had been just around the bend
and on a unrelated matter
I hear a voice in my head
if you have no money
and no time
something must be wrong


(inspired by Bob Allen)

iPod – iPad
iThis – iThat
iPhone – I’m all alone
me gone – so long
I, myself and me
the holy trinity
I, myself and me
the lonely trinity
iSolation – iInsanity
we – that is you and me
(people shouting)
not enough – too much

Back Then

I walked into this garden again
the garden with a high hedge
where we used to walk around naked and timeless
youth on our side and self forgotten
sometimes the farmer from next door
would pass by sitting high on his tractor
catching a forbidden glimpse into our world
which was a paradise he hated
because he could not enter
I walked into this garden again
the garden with a high hedge
but time had passed
no one was there but me
and some vague memories


Bring a bit of sunshine into the room (C-G, “R’n’R”)
your smile surely could lift all the gloom (D-C-G)
let’s not submit to the media doom
give happiness a chance – a chance to bloom

let’s spread a good vibration
to each home in the whole nation

a smile is contagious (D, “punky”)
courageous – outrageous (C-G)

Cookie Suzuki

(remember the 5A Cafe in Bantry in the 80s + 90s)

Cookie Suzuki – I got your cosmogram
Cookie Suzuki – you send a message to me
Cookie Suzuki – you send a message in my dream
Cookie Suzuki says you can live your dream
Cookie Suzuki says everyone can live many dreams
Cookie Suzuki says and there is another message
make art from recycled material
that tells a story
a story with meaning
a story with feeling
and there was more
a lot
but I forgot …

Longing for the sky and beyond

I’m an eagle in captivity
and you came to visit me
spread your wings pretty bird
and set me free
I’m in a cage I know, I know
and you are outside
and I ask you: “Are you really free?
and where, where might you be?”

No more human sacrifice

We, the people, don’t need to be ruled
we, the people, can’t be controlled
by these dishonest and false guys
in suits and ties – telling lies
and the people pay the price
for these parasites to live in luxury
it’s time we set ourselves free
equals among equals is the way
we, the people will have our say
and the good old line from playschool
still and always has a bearing
sharing is caring
no more people sacrifice
no more human sacrifice
fear kills love and laughter
love kills fear, that’s what we are after
Remember Bob Marley said to us:
Wake up and live now!
Wake up and live!
Life is one big road with lots of signs,
So when you riding through the ruts, don’t you complicate your mind:
Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy!
Don’t bury your thoughts; put your vision to reality, yeah!
(B5 C5 G5 D5)

The triangle of balance

(spoken rhythmically by many people plus some good instrumental grooves in 3s!)

(sung melodically in a free but sensitive polyphonic way)

Playing – playing guitar

I’m playing guitar with no strings attached
I hope words and rhythm are well enough matched
I like to keep the sounds real, play what I feel,
and I hope it’s not too far fetched
I hope your patience is not already getting stretched
while I just follow a feeling
which I cannot name
floating around and drifting by
on a rainy day
with no intention or aim
just plucking away …
I’m playing guitar with no strings attached
I hope words and rhythm are well enough matched
floating around and drifting by
on a sunny day
just plucking away
on a sunny day

Star Wipe

(have fun with this one!)

let’s make a cheesy movie
shall we?
star wipe
stars and stripes
star wipe
the glamorous type
(never mind the less fortunate ones in them poor countries)
star wipe
another stereotype
(we’ve seen it all before)
star wipe
the prototype of HYPE
(refrain,sung in a cheesy way)
I’m so special, special
superspecial, uhh yeah
and I don’t care
except for my hair
and there (screech)
oh my god! there is a spot
star wipe
star wipe
and few more
maybe four
it’s a cheesy movie after all
(bit of silence, then rustling and coughing)
yawn – yawn
it’s a new dawn
the people are waking up
we had more than enough!
star wipe
what a bad vibe
no more brainwash media
no more egomania
we don’t need no celebrity
we need everyone to be important
and equal in the community
star wipe!!!
(maybe Softmachine quote, sung)
why, why, why
why are we sleeping?
(a few times and fade)


no confusion
human pollution
not a solution
not a solution
the heart better listens
when the soul speaks !


it’s that uncomfortable feeling
no one really wants to know about
so I better be quiet, keep it inside
and don’t shout it out loud
what is really going on
at best it’s expressed in a muffled song
that’s what it is
and that’s what it is all about
it is that underdose
that underdose of love
you and I – we never really got enough
weve overdosed on an underdose of love
it starts the minute we are born
and it’s a stinging and painful thorn
if you are not lucky
and it can happen to almost everybody
and might last until you die
and that’s unfortunately no lie
but I can decide to shout it out loud
what it is and what it’s all about
I don’t need to be too proud
everyone knows what it’s all about
it is that overdose
of the underdose of love

Zero The Hero

(a reworked Punk song, now acoustic)
from E minor to zero and I’m your hero
I play my guitar
I won’t go to far
just to the next bar

from noise to silence
no defense – no pretense
no more sitting on the fence

can I stop my fears?
and can you hear my tears
when I unplug my ears
can you stop my fears?
oh, no, no, no – not now!
maybe tomorrow – tomorrow – tomorrow …

I know she’s not a fairy
I know she can be scary
she does not eat meat
she does not eat wheat
and she avoids dairy
her name is Mary
she does not look like a fairy
not one bit

this is such a simple song
that’s ok – it ain’t wrong
and I keep it short
so you won’t get bored
oh Lord, you won’t get bored

from E minor to zero
I let it go
I got to go
I’m not your hero

Another Day In Paradise

I was walking
I looked down the empty street
but I couldn’t feel my feet
I seemed to move
but I couldn’t feel myself moving
I felt almost nothing
there was only a distant vague something
I knew I had lost my soul
I had fallen into a black hole
it seemed I had swallowed myself
and still somehow found myself
sitting on the same old shelf
trying to please everybody else
and I had to scream
to wake up from a bad dream
and I heard a soft voice
you can wake up now
it’s your own choice
sun light shone on my warm bed
when I lifted my head
and I said to myself
another day in paradise

Be You

(happy Senegalese tune)

Bijou Bijou
B U – B U
be you – be you
ever youthful you
be beautiful

Fun Lost And Found

(to the lifelong subscribers to grayness)

I tell you to shut up
once and for all
your orders are too tall and too small
you are being non-non-sensical
in the worst way sensible
and along the way the pun got tossed
time for you now to get lost

Open Love

I love the lovely openness
of all the open lovers
open love
your key can open the door to my heart
this is why you can contact me anywhere and anytime…
this is why you can connect with me anywhere and anytime…
love knows no limits
love doesn’t pretend
love doesn’t need gadgets and gimmicks
love leaves behind the limitations
open to give
open to receive
open flow
river of love

Only Once

sometimes you catch your luck
without a plan and enjoy the moment
in ecstasy just for that one time.
Its unique end exquisite.
It does not last
that’s why you will remember it.
Conclusion: do it, it will be real, very real.
rather than securing what ever it might be
for an unrealistic eternity

Play A Game For A Change

P.S. , this time not a post scriptum but a philosophical summary
well, we can leave meaning
it’s our own decision and requires dedication
it’s one of the hardest things to do
because we have to stop the flood of thoughts.
we can play a game
to eliminate our resistance to a good degree
we can start to take a holiday from words
no need or necessity to judge or even naming things
we can leave even music behind
and enter into sound space
our ocean of emotions can be expressed
through billions of variations of sound and movement!
scary? yes! but we all have done it!
just for a while to begin with


the poet-tree grows wild and free
if you allow it to be
and in case of any doubt
I better shout
shout out loud
especially when I’m in that lull
which makes me feel dull in my skull
I have to make some sound
and turn around and around
until I drift into the queendom of random
and random will overcome the beast of boredom
instantly – naturally
I just make some sound
and turn around and around
the poet-tree grows wild and free
if you allow it to be

Worth Trying

empty your cache
start from scratch
it won’t cost you any cash
and there is no catch
turn things around
upside down
what is beneath
what is underneath
this is the e-Revolution
this is the re-Evolution
it could be a solution
empty your cache
start from scratch
it won’t cost you any cash
and there is no catch
just strike a match
and light a candle
it’s worth trying

Far away vision

(intro in E)
when things start closing in (G)
and i have had enough of staring onto a screen (A)I finally wake up from an artificial dream by my own liberating dmore and more and more (C)
I’m stranded on a virtual shore (D)

things start closing in
I’m still trying to catch my dream
more and more and more
I’m stranded on a virtual shore

and when I finally go blank
I say: Gott sei dank!
and I suddenly realize
it is actually quite nice
seeing things thru my far away eyes

I can see the horizon (E)
with my far away eyes on (C)
I see the new sun rising (D-E)

(I can see the seasons
and I need no reasons
I feel high, when I see the sky
thru my far away eyes)

I need to look into the distance
to stay in balance
to experience the essence

now when things start closing in
I go outside walk down the bohreen
more and more and more
I catch my dreams on a real shore
more and more and more
I feel so much more self assured!

I need to look into the distance
to stay in balance
and experience the essence
now that I have begun to learn my own lessons

Never shut up – never close down (E-C)
Never shut up – never close down (D-E)

magic forest version:
when things start closing in
and I had enough from staring onto a screen
I finally wake up from an artificial dream
I run outside and walk down the bohreen
before I have to scream

more and more and more
I catch my dreams outside in nature
instead on a virtual shore
more and more and more
I feel so much more self assured!

I need to look into the distance
to stay in balance
to experience the essence

Trance Dance

you are moved by a higher force
to a higher place
that’s the space of healing
feel the feeling
never mind the mind

Feel the feelings


let’s not jump to conclusions
feel your own feelings
as an individual human being
I don’t need to follow somebody else’s illusions
I rather just check reality and see what there for me to see
don’t follow leaders (yeah Bob!)
watch your parking meters

The Arsehole Gene

there is a curse on the human race
which is in an absolute wrong space
acting totally out of place
having really lost their face
fallen from nature and from grace
and if there was some kind of a god
who had the power to change our lot
I would hope he could intervene
and stop the effect of the arsehole gene
that is present in many a human being
and I wish they could be freed
and leave behind all the greed
after all it’s not that much we need
why then the obsession to accumulate
to change our destiny is our true fate
so we better stop right now before it’s to late

Back In The Driver’s Seat

Dm Am C Em? Am

sometimes I feel I have to abandon
the freedom of random
and leave the kingdom of fun
stop eating my chocolate bun
maybe I need to jump the gun
just for a while
and even with a smile
yes, I have read my file
and with a certain regret
so I don’t entirely forget
for a change follow a plan
there are 3 seats in a van
but only one is the driver’s seat
where I can even put down both of my feet
and stop at the red octagonal sign
and get out to feel the sun shine
and start walking …

get your feet back on the ground
get your feedback on the ground

Money and Time

Time is money
money is time
non of it is mine
Time is money
money is time
do you get it
no, you don’t
99% is owned by a 1% elite
1% is owned by the people
people like you and me
so how can we be free?
and why is that so scary?
there’s still only one solution
it’s still called revolution
are we afraid of our own power?

Inter fear!

I like to inter fear
and listen to my ear
get out of my head
please come into my bed
we are both not yet dead
why not throw away the gun
and have some fun

The New Dawn

(Dm? Em Am?)

the new dawn is daunting, in the end it can’t last
the sun is rising fast
and then there’s task after task
but finally shortly after dusk
I hear the rustling of an unknown nature
it disturbs my unavoidable tasks
of going into the dark velvet of the night
and I feel that familiar fright
maybe I don’t want to leave behind the light
maybe I don’t want to give up the sight
and all that once has been so bright
maybe I don’t want to be out of sight
maybe I don’t want to be guided by the dark knight
and being embraced by the the velvet darkness of the night
maybe I still want to be a child and fly my kite
not a worry where it would take me at this flight
even not of getting caught in the electric wires up high
I still would hold on tight
I would just pull with all my might
I would not surrender without a fight
I like feeling strong and know it’s alright
what is it all about
I have not met myself yet
but I can see you in a distance
so there’s hope
meanwhile I have to trust my luck

In A Bookshop

getting lost between the shelves
full of piled up books
discarded to be sold
again and again
I cannot find humor
(though you pointed it out to me!)
between psychotherapy and trash can
I really tried, but I couldn’t.
no one can
no one can
put sense into a crazy man
nowhere in the universe
and not even in a bookshop

The Beach

place of eternity
forever from here to infinity
ever rolling times
blue blue skies and sunny sunshine
countless grains of sand
running through my hands
witnessing impermanence
I got another lease
in this place of peace
nothing to do
life is new

Drum Song For Spiral Stairs

(to be worked into a video!)
(drumming on parts of spiral stairs)

I’m feeling so high!
am I flying up in the sky?
do I better go down?
am I enlightened now or am I a clown?
is it a dare?
is it my fair share?
going down the stairs?
down the stairs?
to be turned around?
upside down?
still feeling high!
still flying up in the sky!
hahaha – hahaha – hahahigh – (o)high(o) (6/8 pattern)

Maire’s Email

Guitar Song
(G Bm F Am Em Am)

Actually its cooold. But I discovered unseen parts of the city today and
its nice and wintery and street music and old books for sale (which i
managed to resist) and after doing some Spanish homework don’t see
myself spending 3plus years studying something academic in university.
Been playing with clay and string and thinking I would quite like to
do an art course but its scary.

Heart On Fire

my head is empty
but my heart is on fire
from love or desire
there is all the feeling
(I admit I need some healing)
and no words to tell the story
but maybe I don’t have to worry
as everything is changing anyway
except of that burning feeling
low flames get higher
I’m staring into my fire
and my head is reeling
what’s going on
what’s wrong
is something wrong at all
summer is turning to fall
that’s all

A camera hanging on the wall

(good old analog days, dark rooms and paper prints)
I see a camera hanging on the wall
what has the camera ever seen at all
I wonder which pictures it took
I would like to take a look
and where are the pictures now
are they in the darkness of a pretty box
rarely opened, it doesn’t really need a lock
and who in future still will take a look
at a gone by page of an old book
what can we capture at all
being here in the free flow
can we recall the changing colours of last fall
that camera is still hanging on the wall

Free Music

music is free
it grows like a tree
and there is no fee
it’s not there for business
music is expression and bliss
music is no egotistical competition
it’s the sharing of vibrations
music is true
for me and you


Ieeh Samala – uh gunovoyeeh
(this chant I heard in a dream,
I don’t know what it means, but its peaceful vibration calms me and others down.
It is good to chant it! It is some kind of a mantra, please try it yourself)
(I play it too to familiarize myself with a new situation or as a first song of a gig,
it’s an arriving chant)
Tuning In
I’m tuning into the space
I’m tuning into the time
the time is now
I’m tuning into the vibe of the tribe
I’m tuning into you and into myself
I can hear myself singing
this is the beginning
this is a new new song
life has just begun
and it goes on and on
everyday is a new song
I can hear myself singing
this is the beginning
Ieeh Samala – uh gunovoyeeh
it’s an art to make a start
I feel I can open up my heart
I am free like the sea
the way to be

Walking Bass Tune

I don’t know how far will I go
I don’t know will I go thru this door
I don’t know will I dance on this floor
I don’t know does it take much more
my feet are already feeling sore
but I’d like to reach another shore
where I can explore or inplore
just playing a simple beat on the count of four
it wouldn’t really be much of a bore
I still could whisper or I could roar


long, long time ago in the West of Africa
mysterious sounds could be heard in the dark
sometimes near – sometimes far
long, long time ago in the West of Africa
Bolon walk on – walk on
Bolon walk on – walk on
5 strings and and empty space
lead us to the spirit place
5 strings made from gut, a stick and a gourd
inside of an empty hut, sitting on a board
strings talk, fingers walk
ancestors talk, spirits walk
all the way back
Bolon in West Africa
Bolon talk about the people
that have long gone
it’s a old, old song
Bolon talk about the people
who have moved on
who live in a spirit song
spirit sound – sound spirit
Bolon also talk about plants
Bolon also talk about animals
strings talk, fingers walk
ancestors talk, spirits walk
Bolon walk on – walk on
Bolon walk on – walk on

The Dare Song

close your eyes and tell me what do you see
are you still scared or do you finally feel free?
tell me what’s going on
so we can work it into a song
well – really – I’d like to know
who would dare to give it a go?
who would dare to give it a go?
maybe we could sing a song together
maybe we then can fly like a feather
being reborn as a phoenix on the wing
transforming into a queen and a king
and maybe we can connect
maybe we then can reflect
how to break on thru
and really stop feeling blue
now here is a dare
we can care to share
as love is a game of give and take
give and take
life is alive when I’m right awake
when I’m right awake


no one can shut up freedom
we can expose these few criminals
called politicians and business men
who are hungry for power
who are greedy for money
and mostly even both
no one can stop freedom
we can stop these few criminals
who want to control others
who make people suffer
and we can get rid of these criminals
who are only out there to rob us
who cause misery everyday
no one can imprison freedom
we can tell those criminals
to get lost and leave us alone
and to mind their own business
we know ourselves what to do
we know what is good for us
we will not accept those criminals
freedom is our birth right

B flat or B sharp

be flat
I know, I know – this I might regret
maybe the worst instruction I ever will get
then rather be sharp
and to get out from under the tarp
and dare to play that self built harp
yes, I think I really prefer it – be sharp!
and most of us know this is actually C
quite a simple key
to play in easily
and why do I still fail to see
keep it simple is a simple way to be free

Fall In Love

I love fall
I love to fall in love
I see colors everywhere
and that’s not all
I breath the sweet air
love is all around
it’s everywhere – everywhere
I also love spring
giving birth to everything
a new song to sing along
I love all the seasons
I need no reasons
life is free
to do what it pleases


slam – the door closed – bang
damn – I have been dosed back then
a phone rang
I didn’t answer it – instead I sang
in a somewhat slurred slang
that I myself strangely could not understand
nobody could
and no one would even bother
everybody rather blames the mother
who had screamed at the father
as he walked out of the living room
slam – the door closed – bang
damn thing – all these kind of memories
slam – I better close that book -x bang – damn
P.S.: note to myself: don’t look back, it’s alright!

Refuse to follow

mothers and daughters
fathers and sons
follow the spirit light
with a light spirit
and let’s be one
don’t follow leaders and politicians
strange people you even don’t know
you cannot trust their decisions
but you can trust the good people you know
so just say “No!”
I refuse to follow
we alone can look after ourself and our own

Modern Daze

(spelled D – A – Z – E)

endlessly nowhere
never somewhere
I can sense it
you play music to calm yourself down
in order not to hear the voices in my head
and not to be bored anymore or frightened
while I sing a new song and tap along
that way tuning into what’s going on
as I don’t want to hear the music in your head
which sometimes really drives me mad
too many layers – too artistic and polyphonic
leaving linear logic behind – and the secret prayers
to stop anything that troubles me within
and then bubbles up without a doubt or a shout
quiet determination is never very loud
and I feel humbled and I am not too proud
to admit that I don’t believe in achievements anymore
I rather walk through a newly painted door
and lie naked on the fluffy carpet on the floor
drifting away on the count of four
at the count of three already feeling free
freed from bipolar and binary one and two
(one and two – one and two – is it me – is it you)
and yes, you can see me in that mirror – that is you
and thanks for the constant reminder
this time I won’t forget to flush the loo

Too Much – Not Enough

I don’t need it – but I want it
that’s what they tell me
that’s what they sell me
too much – not enough (monkey chant = kecak style choir)
original man is a 2 legged animal
as far as I can tell
original woman is a 2 legged animal
as far as I can tell
it’s good enough to survive
to enjoy a simple life
no need to accumulate
no need to work till late
no need for greed
better plant a positive seed
(polyphonic choir with a simple Afro waltz drum pattern):
i See – i Hear – i Care – i Share

Jammin’ In Heaven

jamming’ in heaven
from eleven to seven
oh Lord – have mercy
so many have gone
jamming’ in heaven
and sometimes I wonder
that I still can be found
that I’m still around
after all the hurt and abuse
crazy drugs and all that numbing booze
finally I won’t refuse to cut myself loose
before I leave – before I have to go
knocking on heaven’s door
jamming’ in heaven
from eleven to seven
oh Lord – have mercy
I have blown my mind
too many times
having a good time
just looking for some love
here on earth – not in the heavens above
looking for some love
oh Lord – have mercy
where can you be


(descending chords, minor – major in half tone steps)

I hear the voices of the past
I really don’t want them to last
any longer – no, not any longer
I need to get much stronger
I’m still too fond of her
I’ still like to hear her purr
all dressed up in that velvety fur
that really needs to stop
that bubble must pop
now the penny must really drop
finally I don’t need to talk in tongues
I only need to breath deeply into my lungs
to know that I can belong
to someone who listens to my song
I’m sure we will get along just fine
without small talk and a bottle of wine
if we relax and take our time
to reflect as we allow ourselves to shine
in the end all will be fine
it will be sublime
shine your light – let it shine


being lazy is not at all crazy
being crazy is not at all lazy
I hope that’s not all too hazy
and not too elusive
it can be all inclusive


sun is shining
let us have a good time
sun is shining
let’s all wear a smile
it’s not too courageous
but it surely is contagious
everybody wear a smile
let us have a good time

La Defense

(true memories of a visit to the French capital)
Am Dm Em Am

On y va, (H)iggins!
Higgins is a dog with the usual sad look in his eyes
but he doesn’t mind and that’s no lie
though he finds it only remotely amusing
to other beings it would be at least confusing
but after all nobody knows you
and no one knows me either
surrounded by concrete, steel and glass
with it’s strange appeal and the absence of trees and grass
how much longer will this empty dream full of emptiness last
before the future is fading gradually into the past
modern times – le weekend a Paris
we are only visitors – you and me
that’s how it feels
no body lives here
except a lonely tear
and you are out of your mind
and seem not be able to find
what you are looking for
passing so many transparent doors
but fortunately you are not alone
Higgins is looking up to you, faithfully
he can’t help that
I have seen that slightly worried look on his canine face
and I know he feels out of place
maybe even fallen from grace
and God, there you go again
On y va, (H)iggins!
et le chien pense:
Mon Dieu, ouvrez la porte!
vite, vite …

Bird Of Paradise

(kind of Highlife tune GCD)

I’m a bird of paradise
I fly low and high
and let my colors shine
I celebrate this day – I feel fine
I enjoy being alive
in this beautiful paradise

A chant in time – into space

(waltz C Am F D7 – C Am D7 G7)

(this is my chant into space
I hope you all can hear me calling
it’s very important to connect
I can hear the timeless waves rolling
everyone needs some time to reflect)
Oh Mama, Mama
Where have you been so long
too many misunderstandings
not a happy song, things went so wrong
Oh karma, karma
it can turn around in the end
you really always believed in me
but couldn’t understand or give me a hand
Oh time wind, time wind
blowing autumn leaves
everything is changing
nothing ever is what it seems.
Oh children, children
learn to understand
happiness dances within you
be free and don’t pretend
Oh energy, energy
flow wild and free
the only way to be!
the one way for you and me
Oh Papa, Papa – C Am
willI find you somewhere in the end? – F D7
I’m not really sure what to do – C Am
but I owe my life to you too – D7 G7

Pleasure Of Creation

the 3 pearls of unimaginable pleasure
are the love goddess’s divine treasure
beyond linear logic and male measure
oblivion is the nature of fun and leisure

it’s an open secret
so it is no secret
yet it somehow is –
hidden right here and out in the open
(time to sigh followed by a short pause)
I’m eventually coming to some sort of realization
nothing is needed to be in the flow of the creation
but I’m lacking trust and I’ have been taught – taught – taught
and wasted much more than just a thought
I must confess: it’s definitely not easy to let go …
annoying and compulsive brain
and here the headestrian goes again
so who is the creator ?
is she maybe a beautiful creatoress ?
all naked or wearing a colorful dress ?
is she black or white ?
relaxed or uptight ?
or tied up ?
or cut loose ?
consumed too many drugs or too much booze
a repenting procrastinator
who’d given up on later
now an agile agitator
maybe the eternal animator
is no more or no less
an illusion born out of confusion
on my mental screen
or in my wildest dream
nothing more than a faint glimpse
or a vague guess at best
and trying to leave behind the chimps
before taking a well deserved rest

Why wondering at all ?!

why right – why wrong
it’s all part of the song
why right – why left
why left behind
why out of my mind
why stuck in my mind
why write – why write anything
for myself or anybody
why not just to be – be quiet
and leave everything behind
no need to seek as long as I can find
when I can find you – yeah you
and you and you too
when I have left it all behind
and feel your gentle touch
I promise not ask too much
I promise to stop dreaming
as long as we are gently leaning
into each other
holding one another
and who needs a mother?
we all do – me and you
and we need the earth too

Magic Happens

You turn me on
You get me high
You have me floating
Up in the sky
You’re out of sight
You’re all I see
Sometimes Im not sure
Am I you or are you me?
Without that I noticed
I lost all control
As magic just happens
To our bodies and souls
And I really hope
it will be always like this
No beginning – no end
Just eternal bliss
Or am I still dreaming
And not in touch with reality
But I feel wide awake
and your still here next to me

Mainstream Scientists

I enter numbers into a list, I’m a scientist
as far as I recall I really know it all
I test on mice, calculate the rise and the size
but rather ignore the inevitable fall
I’m intellectual and superior
inside I’m small and feel inferior
I can’t see the earth – I can’t see the sky
because I always have to ask how and why
I don’t admire the beauty of a flower
I prefer to know the height of a tower
I know about the fatal impact and chain reactions
but I can’t be held responsible for my own actions