Spiral rainbow

Requirements For Life

natural environmenthealthy unpoisoned foodpositive social environment awarenessrespectkindnesscompassion Helpful Abilities, which will improve by exercises:strengthstretchesbalancestamina and perseverance generally a holistic attitude, as in Qi Gong

Positive Vibration

The positive vibration is the most important survival tool at the beginning of the third millennium as despite of so much wrongdoing and lots of pitfalls, the two legged animals still don’t seem to grasp what is needed. What is needed is goodwill, cooperation and compassion to share this wonderful planet with our fellow beings. … Read more

Homo Sapiens – a critical western world view

The two legged animal that scientists call “Homo Sapiens”, Latin for “the knowing man”, displays frequently a self-overrating behaviour bordering on megalomania. The species “homo sapiens” lacks respect and consideration for its fellow human beings and other creatures. Mankind (or rather man-unkind!) also lacks compassion as it is alienated from nature and even from itself.

Human Interaction

The relationship between parents and children is regulated by the conventions of the society they live in.  Grave personal and societal problems can arise from poor emotional relationships between parents and children, often a result of a reduced natural bonding in the first place. Many mothers don’t breast feed or hold their children closely and … Read more

Relationship Maintenance

safe space listening skills good will to find a better way and happiness no expectations and no assumptions sharing and caring transparency and acountebility expression and the taking in of our needs

Mental Humbleness

The overactivity of thinking and the unnecessary accumulation of non-applicable knowledge by the two-legged anima called human being  is superfluous, harmful and dangerous. Non-applicable knowledge that is not in a positive  and caring way is an obsessive and compulsive activity of the ego resulting in a accumulation of mental bulk  and ultimately a waste of … Read more

The People Benefits

Positive People Togetherness – (17 recommendations as a code of conduct) This is a “bullet list of 17 recommendations” for community projects based on good will and awareness, rather than lengthy legal jargon. It is not a manifesto as such, but some main focus points for creating an organic “social sculpture”. these are check points for the individuals … Read more

Sovereignty – A Simple Declaration

I and you are sovereign two legged animals. We cannot be ruled and oppressed by others such as leaders, governments and institutions. That is terror and we never gave our permission to give up our self-determination. We are free beings in Nature, which sustains us. Therefore we have to honour and care for Nature in … Read more

Personal Development

bellybutton is the centre of being. essential conditions for healing and general ease in life are awareness and relaxedness, that are a pair. resistance gets in the way of positive change because of negative judgement of self development work.

Helpful Recommendations For Many Problems

Keep it simple: follow your heart, talk to people and other creatures, walk outside in nature and absorb natural healing, express yourself in non-harmful ways, hold yourself and care for yourself like you would for a baby, love yourself and others unconditionally. General causes for serious troubles: Ignorance and alienation from self and nature

Cosmic Common sense Awareness System

< > Nothing is written in stone. < > Change is the only constant in the Omni-verse. < > Energy is the life spirit of the Omni-verse (= The Omni-verse runs on Energy, also called the spirit or “god”. < > Change creates life energy that regenerates itself (eternal life? does it really exist? is … Read more

The Artist’s Toolbox

First, I have to agree wholeheartedly to Joseph Beuys’s statement, “every human being is an artist.” Being an artist just means to be playful at any age, not just as children. This observation has been of course made many times by philosophers and founders of religions. The toolbox of the artist depends entirely on the … Read more

Revisionary Art

Revisionary Art promotes with multidisciplinary recycle and Nature Art to go forward and work towards positive change by revising the current toxic and destructive values and power structures and moving towards a constructive and self-responsible community attitude through caring and sharing living close to nature with individual spirituality instead of the oppressive prescriptive and limiting … Read more

Property is an Illusion

No one can own anything, simply because we are two legged animals sharing that planet with many other beings. We don’t have any privileges to anything, we are just a part of everything and therefore, should have a humble and modest attitude toward our surroundings and our fellow beings. The idea to own anything is … Read more

An Anarchist’s Analogy

The head and also all governments and legislations exert and perform terror in the interest of an elite in power. The body and also all beings know how to live and do not need regulations and instructions, only space, mutual respect and fair play. I need anarchy, spirituality and good intent to live and to … Read more

The Digital era – a turning point in history

Digital technology gives us the illusion of power and freedom of choice via computer, smartphone’s and other digital gadgets. None of it is real and will fulfil and satisfy your essential and real needs. It’s virtually virtual manipulation of the broad masses lacking critical thinking as well as numbing distraction for the benefit of a … Read more

States Of Being

(a philosophical structure!) ( symbols: (0)=neutral, (+)=positive, (-)=negative) ) (0) contentment is the neutral state. there is one positive strand: (+) happiness, joy (++) ecstasy (+++) oblivion ( = back to the source = unity= oneness = 1) there are 2 negative strands, A + B: A(-) sad A(–) depression A(—) self-destruction (= annihilation = … Read more

Some Big Topics

Mother: western therapists tell that joke, if its not the one thing, then its your mother. too true in the western world most of the time but not all the time. Many of my african friends find this to be beyond comprehension, because they love their mothers, who had carried them around for the first … Read more

Some Reflections

Waiting come to think of it, there is nothing to wait for as it either is already there or it will happen in its own time. No point to think about it then, no point to think these kind of thoughts at all. It is now anyway. Desire what is that ? this always chasing … Read more

Words of Wisdom

Aphorisms By Thomas Wiegandt I was lucky to still have grown up with proverbs being used in the countryside. Proverbs and aphorisms are banisters in life. Collection in no particular order : Take time out in time. Don’t tire to inspire before you expire. Now is the time, don’t think so often and unnecessarily about … Read more