Spiral rainbow

Property is an Illusion

No one can own anything, simply because we are two legged animals sharing that planet with many other beings. We don’t have any privileges to anything, we are just a part of everything and therefore, should have a humble and modest attitude toward our surroundings and our fellow beings. The idea to own anything is particularly absurd if we look at the relative size and the lack of emotional intelligence in the whole context of the omniverse. However, in reality, in every country you only have the possibility of relative freedom if you own a piece of land which is your property. Own is an inverted commerce. So if you want to have a little bit of freedom, your only way is to buy a property, preferably in a more remote part of the world with a relatively liberal/political system. That will enable you to realize some of your visions to some degree and you be able to create some works of art on a bigger scale in collaboration with Mother Nature. Of course, that piece of property must be public and open to all positive beings on the planet. Which means even to other two legged animals as long as they respect your property there is no reason why not to grant them access. So if you have set up some nature and art spaces, which I call Magic Forest, which I encourage people to do and to share your land and the artworks that you have set up there. Ideally the Magic Forest should be a space where people just can be in a peaceful natural surrounding with specially created art spaces of a particular theme. I suggest as a focal point to think about these spaces as fun and healing and being not too intellectual as the head heavy civilization of the two legged animals is one of the main causes of the general unhappiness. Rather than investing in money and possessions, I would think it’s more beneficial to everyone to invest in happiness moments, because everything will pass anyway. Or as my grandma put it, “the last shirt has no pockets.” I hope I made it clear that possessions are an illusion which cannot really exist in any sane person’s sound mind. However, the brain wash machine goes on and on and we have to train ourselves to decide what we do with our lives and to make conscious decisions rather than just become another Mr. or Mrs. Follow Follow.