Commune Poetry


Random poetry
Spiral rainbow

That Is All!

A poem to the cosmic numbers

naught is all
rise and fall
all is nought
one soul – no thought

the end is the beginning
oneness – motionless – spinning

sound and light
day and night
space and time
curve and line

turn on with life
tune in with love
drop out with laughter

definite and defined
the elements combined
earth and air, water and fire
times heir, godly desire
deceptive fusion
heavenly illusion

I nfinite
E ternity
A ll
O ne
U niverse

black, white, day, night
six colours shining bright

octave spiral
angel love
up and down
double and half

stillness in motion
glowing ocean

all time ends
like existence and all illusion
space expands
one mysterious conclusion

Paint It Black

looking through the bottom
of redwood tam tam
as second hand gloves
touch the waves
timeless roads stopped
yesterdays tide
black skins are tied together
within small dusty huts
a child cries through
silent sorrows
undoing knots
of complicated thinking
bumpy roads
through the tropical heat
breathing iron red dust
rising in clouds to the sky
no gods worship
everyday’s laughter
and the goats are small in size
under confusing mangrove trees
colour is printed
bought and sold at the markets
washed permanently
until the blackness shivers
everything accelerates
for no good reason
no amulets grow on the trees
to give green oblivion
the wild animals are locked
inside in time tonight
the wedding is arranged
for tomorrow
the blessing of the sun
will grant forgiveness
no end is scheduled at this stage
life goes on
white dreams are bread
while the TV screams
while the koras are still playing
and the dogs are barking in a distance
and its safe to say : it is too warm
especially the beer out of the fridge
everybody is having a good time
as a tropical shower cools the night
the skin of the tam-tam is tightened again
as slow feet try to move me
out of the darkness


what would I do
if I met her in the dark
– could I go ashore
or would I stumble
what would I dream
if I met her in the dark
– could I explore her mind
or would I listen
what would I feel
if I met her in the dark
– could she be beautiful
or would I forget her
what would I recall
if I met her in the dark
– could I enjoy her love
or would I still be lost

Frog Turn

I was talking to the gods
oh yeah?
I was listening to the frogs
uuh ak – uwak uwak
double bubble
uuh ak – uwak uwak
drrh – tok – tok – brck
drums in a distance
and little pulsating lights
oh yeah?
how did you call them?
the ones that are alive
and they fly through the night
here and there
street smells of the moon beams
golden bells and silver streams
if only there weren’t these footsteps in the dark

Luxurious Lullabies

luxurious lullabies
are always leaking from the medieval tv
paralyzing the panther
who is still listening to the smell of the perfume
lingering over the red sofa

the heart beats
with the rhythm of a silent african drum
which can never be stopped
but forgotten in a rotten rhapsody of untrue colours
denying the shiny black fur to the night
being poisoned by luxurious lullabies

Meaning Less

meaningless melodies
driving me from light blue
into your exalted eclipse
through patience and pleasure

they thought different
and everyone wished to be
a giant and a genius
without any doubt

I am flying from bright red
into your loving light
out of sight are monkeys
playing simply in a unique game
while our senses are still dying
with a wild sigh

they thought
there must be
a meaning or madness
but it was not like that

Mystic Menu

I bought myself a sandwich
in the restaurant of language
and they served me a ticket
on which was written so wicked
that my next reincarnation
will be as a red carnation
on the planet of roses
sweet smell for all noses
composed with taste
without any waste
wrapped not in time
not necessarily combined
with any dream in which
still is space for language

The Nite

the lite of the nite
do not sigh anymore
will be without yesterdays gh
please please wait with the eight
don’t crucify her a second time
tearing her gh away
stealing her eternity
and her last sigh
without no lite

The Night And The Lord

the knight of the night
lost the first key
and left it to me
to sound like visible light
and I whispered
like wizard
and I cried
with all my might
until I forgot my voice
in the void of vocals
that the naught became no noise
frozen in cold walls

the lord of the light
later touched my ear
and melted the fear
as the morning sun ate the night
and I whispered
like a lizard
and I cried
into the light
and I sang like a lover
to earth and universe
as I dreamed of her
being reverse

One Day

I see the wrinkled Monday moon
Sunday has been forgotten soon
and again they are running wild inside
like waters of a roaring tide
so that I forget to sail
to the mother of the snail
and I cry :
who has stopped me?
who are they?
I will not ask why!
I still hope they die
but there is no end
there is always beginning
and there are always sent
there is no meaning
under the timeless tent
I still must be dreaming

but one day on a Sunday
I will set the waters on fire
and it should be soon
that I burn the moon
and drown my desire
in a heavenly bay

Love Magic

you are the animal I admire
you are the angel I desire
you are the water that sets me on fire
just let’s keep it like this: never retire!

I melt the time right to naught
I give it to you without a thought
I found you and yourself without having sought
let everything be different than what is taught

we met once at the border line
we whirled in spirals to combine
it is our spell and magic sign
that there is more than the sun for us to shine

The Unicorn

you perforate the heavens
you ignite the hell
you are called invisible
you ring the bell

you raise your horn
you gallop through fire
you are called unforgettable
you are free from desire

you fly without wings
you are so light
you are called untouchable
you are pure white

Sunday Walk

Sunday afternoon they walked though the fields
seven dwarves all together as it seemed
and they came to their house in a colorful mushroom
from the outside tiny but inside with much room
where six were silent
while one was speaking
he said “I believe in the incredible”
and all were laughing
about what it meant
to be forgotten as the unforgettable
and who might be for that responsible

Sunday night they walk through the skies
seven giant stars bright and wise
Monday morning they will be in a different disguise

In-white The Black-out

never think what kind of music
you will play next
just keep on flowing
and take a rest
forget the kakophonia
of all and everything and naught
for it is just a thought

out of white are just the beams
that stick into black
it is as easy as it seems
dreamless sleep is no lack
it is only oblivion
of all and everything and naught
as well it is just a thought

and then we wake again and remember
there is no reason to be proud
on all the deceiving perception
so better in-white the black-out

To Whom It May Concern

for the pleasure of my brain
I prefer to be insane
because then with ease
I can do what I please
and all I admire
I will forget it
and all I desire
I will shed it

there is a little man with pain
in the middle of the lane
trying to cross
to the other side
like a leaping frog
in the middle of the night

she never said hello or goodbye
and I know she was really not too shy
with her fancy dress
as a blue star
and she is still here
and out so far

so is it wild love or blind rage
that keeps me trembling on the stage?
and who of the misty milky way
is eating thousand years every day?
or is it wild rage or bind love?
am I an eagle and you are above?
and if silence is the last true word
it will be spoken but never be heard

The Secret Of The Seekers

what are you looking for in books and space?
do you not know in yourself all takes place?
is it so hidden and is it so far?
or is it not closer than any star?
and are the stars not everywhere?
do you really believe they are up there?
must it be necessarily extraordinary?
or are we not simply here just to be?
should the answer be not very unique?
then you are still not free and have to seek!


flow cosmic stream
with whirling sitar bubbles
and soft implosion of bright light

flow warmly through the hearts
cure the mind from false fantasies
and reconnect me to you

flow sweet flow
leave the demon saying no
and open the door

flow spread everywhere
erase all resistance and fear
flow always flow

By Kind Permission

I’m riding on a donkey
feeling like a monkey
if nothing is right
only then alright
but he said in this case
‘bad moon’ with a weird face
and I’m riding through the skies
without he fire of the sun in my eyes
but ‘I was dreaming that I’m awake
and I awoke and found myself asleep’
and he asked ‘what are you trying to do?’
and I said I have not a clue
so ‘hear me ye people of sighing
the sorrow of pain and regret
are left to the dead and dying
the folk that not know me as yet’
and I disappeared through the keyhole
for the sake of a fools soul


silent mystery is wiser than
written history because
his story do not know
my story

Perpetual Pendulum

I’ll tie you with a string
longer than any thing
because you are starving
with your penny-pension

I’ll hit you with a chord
stronger than any sword
because you are choking
in your dime-mansion

I’ll convert you into sound
that nowhere can be found
because it is free
from any mad realization

Secret Secret

write the right rite
ride the high tide
see the secret secret

get yourself in trance
get yourself entrance
it’s a chance with no fence

there is a son
behind the sun
there is a mind
before the moon
and the daughter is all alone
like the naught is only one

In The Wind

I tried to find
what I could not seek
what I could unwind
in the wind

I felt I should not worry
I better wait patiently
wrapped in a warm coat
in the wind

then I moved forward
and I moved backward
I moved to the sides
in the wind

finally I got the message
it was a colored paper
I could not read it
in the wind

then I went home
and I lit a candle
but it was blown out
in the wind

I closed my eyes
it was not dark
and there was nothing dreadful
in the wind

then she caressed my ears
and took me away
she said no word
in the wind

Black Jazz

I was turning rocks
’til they fell
into black jazz
into green grass
into no mess
into white bliss

I was drawing patterns
’til they danced
into black jazz
into green grass
into no mess
into white bliss

I had so much harm on me
’til my rhythm changed
into black jazz
into green grass
into no mess
into white bliss