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The Digital era – a turning point in history

Digital technology gives us the illusion of power and freedom of choice via computer, smartphone’s and other digital gadgets. None of it is real and will fulfil and satisfy your essential and real needs. It’s virtually virtual manipulation of the broad masses lacking critical thinking as well as numbing distraction for the benefit of a small greedy world elite. Oppose and reject. Find an escape route. Or rise and claim people power. We are at a turning point in history: a general human intellectualisation worldwide in combination with the enforced social distancing is being used as a propaganda to push more and more for a digital, technocratic society with surveillance of the individual A witch hunt of people that oppose and don’t comply with rules and regulations under the pretence of health and safety is already underway by the media and is being absorbed by some more fearful people. This new inquisition is stamping critical and opposed people as antisocial elements and people start to denounce one another. The digital technology used by the ones in power  inevitably will create a surveillance system of the individual and will result in a far reaching technocratic oppression.