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Human Interaction

The relationship between parents and children is regulated by the conventions of the society they live in. 

Grave personal and societal problems can arise from poor emotional relationships between parents and children, often a result of a reduced natural bonding in the first place.

Many mothers don’t breast feed or hold their children closely and long enough. Fathers are frequently absent or not very involved with their children and don’t serve as a convincing positive role model.

Many children in the world suffer from childhood trauma a.k.a Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), which can negatively impact their adult lives.

People also suffer from alienation from nature due to a not species-appropriate upbringing in artificially created environments and the lack of connection and experience of the natural world around them.

Mankind has created an unrealistic and warped culture of rules, conventions and questionable values for themselves over thousands of years.

Now most humans have a reduced ability for happiness and are emotionally impaired.

Personal and non-commercial art can serve as a pathway for recovery and discovery. Exploring one’s own soul-scape can liberate from the societal conditioning of living a prescribed and limited life. –  Many people are now “headestrians”, out of touch with their primal instincts.

The human centred view of the world is a self-inflicted limitation. The egotistical human attitude and behaviour endangers every species on the planet if not adjusted by the humans before it is too late.