Spiral rainbow

The Artist’s Toolbox

First, I have to agree wholeheartedly to Joseph Beuys’s statement, “every human being is an artist.” Being an artist just means to be playful at any age, not just as children. This observation has been of course made many times by philosophers and founders of religions. The toolbox of the artist depends entirely on the environment and the personality of the artist. The whole wicked over creation culture created by greedy specimens of the two legged animals have created so much waste which can be reused in a meaningful way, most of the time free of charge, so no need to enter an art supply shop or leave it to the privileged people. The urge of creating art is a natural impulse, other animals play and create artistic objects too. As the toolbox is very individual, obviously, there is one thing the attitude would have in common which is free and non-hurtful expression of feelings without mental limitations as art really is mainly about the process of playing and creating things and there are no limitations to playfulness other than naturally getting tired.