Spiral rainbow

Some Big Topics

Mother: western therapists tell that joke, if its not the one thing, then its your mother.

too true in the western world most of the time but not all the time.

Many of my african friends find this to be beyond comprehension, because they love their mothers, who had carried them around for the first two years and by that they absorbed closeness and the rhythm of life.

Anger: anger would be for me something that is triggered by an outrageous injustice. Anger is scary.

It needs wisdom and courage to decide when to contain or to express anger and to do the right thing then in an appropriate way and hopefully not to cause too much damage and unnecessary harm.

Sex: probably the strongest motivation, obviously nature’s trick to reproduce, resulting at best in temporary union and short lived post-ecstatic blissful oblivion and then it’s back to duality again – fuck.

Death: The best symbol would be the hourglass, sand is trickling, first slow then fast, squeezing through into something new.

Reborn into the omniverse again, being part of the boundless cosmic energy.

The journey from individual being to be a part of all and everything.

It is scary because it is kind of unknown, but somewhere there is also the sense that that has happened before.