Spiral rainbow

Positive Vibration

The positive vibration is the most important survival tool at the beginning of the third millennium as despite of so much wrongdoing and lots of pitfalls, the two legged animals still don’t seem to grasp what is needed. What is needed is goodwill, cooperation and compassion to share this wonderful planet with our fellow beings. What is required as well that there is a critical mass of people subscribing to positive vibration, thus tearing off the mask of greed that capitalists are practicing and trying to program into their slaves that work for them by selling their lifetime. Once people have a practical understanding of what the positive vibration means — to see the happiness in the face of your fellow beings and that that is revolt enough to be positive, things will change. In the way that laughter is contagious, positiveness will be contagious in a similar fashion and at some page there will be a waking up from being in hell and the majority of two legged animals will have the ability again to create their own paradise. The positive vibration is about the empowerment of the individual to be deeply convinced that this is possible, because the capitalists brainwash machine is telling you the opposite each second through a multitude of media. Once an understanding is reached, that happiness is a real feeling and that it doesn’t depend on money or possession, things will change. Equally negative, beside the worship of money and possession, is the striving for power. There is no need for power if we can share. There is no need for power if we are happy. Jimi Hendrix said “once the power of love has overcome the love of power, the world will know peace.”