Spiral rainbow

Alternative Model And The Raise Of Consciousness

If we try to forget our conditioning and manipulative brainwash for a moment and think with a natural and cosmic logic structure we can come to this conclusion:

  1. No one can order anyone else to do or not do anything. The notion of regulations other than natural laws are fabrications of egocentric, greedy people with power issues  and/or vested interest. – Simple moral values: goodwill and humbleness. –> “Values of the people”
  2. No one can own land or anything else. The notion and existence of property is absurd on this planet that we share with other creatures. It is even more ridiculous in a cosmic context. Balance is paramount and a necessity for every system to work.
  3. Sharing and compassion, openness and transparency, responsibility and accountability are essential for a positive and fulfilling life.
  4. Care for planet Earth and our natural habitat is common sense. A grateful attitude, fairness and a sustainable lifestyle by humans are important for the preservation of the earth and a responsibility towards our children and future generations.