Spiral rainbow

Cosmic Common sense Awareness System

< > Nothing is written in stone.

< > Change is the only constant in the Omni-verse.

< > Energy is the life spirit of the Omni-verse (= The Omni-verse runs on Energy, also called the spirit or “god”.

< > Change creates life energy that regenerates itself (eternal life? does it really exist? is it relevant or necessary for anything?

< > The Omni-verse is a communication network.

< > Everything, all and nought(nothing) are alive and communicate via resonating vibrations of a super complex nature.

< > Resonating vibrations form ever changing “beings” on all levels and in different dimensions in the  Omni-verse.

< > Positiveness, compassion and common sense maintain the Omni-verse.

< > A relative balance has to be maintained to avoid destruction of the Omni-verse and the Energy.

For appropriate behavior of the two legged animals called humans please observe my Aphorisms:)