Spiral rainbow

In Another Life – an Art Exhibition Performance 7-2012 (O – 7)

0 GUITAR: instrumental in Em –> “Samala”

–> trip to Guinea, West-Africa 1990 – Famoudou Konate, Griots
(musicians who sing the history of families and community events as well as moral stories)
I’m western modern day “Truebardour” and I sing about this exhibition,
about the stories of the pictures and how they came about.

1 GUITAR: (11 – 13 – 1)

Early Memories (same chords as “Lovers”,F?-Am-Em-Am)
I’m floating thru timeless spheres
clouds of colors everywhere
eventually forming shapes
and lines and scripts
script beings becoming alive
dancing to rhythmic sounds
unity – no you – no me – unity
eternal time
this was 1954 or 1955
I was alive, but I hadn’t been born yet
hadn’t been born yet …
I’m floating thru timeless sheres
clouds of colors everywhere


Art School
When I was 22 years old I went to Art School
after a few months at Art School
I noticed that most art students did copy
they copied a famous painter or one of the professors
who themselves copied a famous painter
this seemed to be a useful technical exercise
but spirit and fun were missing
I was more interested in creating something
that I did not know before what it was
that I had not seen before
an unexpected surprise
before my eyes
something that happened magically
something I didn’t have to think about
I liked to work with found objects
transform them following an impulse
the mood of the moment
no aim – no plan
magic happens – it does!
and it’s a surprise
it’s always a surprise

3 SHAKERS: (3)

The art studio in the squatted house at the height of Punk
let’s go inside – into my room
unwanted things left behind, a lot of rubbish and some old house paint
an old sheet of tin – let’s begin
but wait a minute:
let’s get a bucket of water – just in case
but don’t do this at home, folks
or at least do this on a concrete floor
now I begin
that sheet of tin on the floor is my canvas
I apply some gloss onto the tin
then some white spirit
it sure has its merit
you will see!
I strike a match
and set it on fire
when the flames get higher
I extinguish them with paint
dripping paint onto the flames
quick – open the windows
a lot of smoke
and the toxic stink of burnt paint
bursting bubbles – don’t faint
this painting has been on fire
vielen Dank


In A Maze
drawing doodles in school
marginal art with only one rule
drawing doodles in school
marginal art with only one rule
just don’t interrupt the line
that will just do fine
just carry on and after a while
be amazed in a maze
in an amazing maze
I’m seeing something new
and I know you can draw a line too
Wikipedia: A doodle is an unfocused drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied.

5 KALIMBA: (18, 19)

Book Without Pages and Second Dream (=Zweitraum)
once upon a time, actually in 1993 in Heidelberg
there where 2 fancy boxes of chocolates
and yes we ate them! – hmm, hmm
all that was left was the golden package.
too golden to throw it away!
nail varnish remover turned gold into silver
gold into silver – gold into silver
modern day achemy
a hairpin drew some lines
and nail varnish added some color!
and there it was:
Book Without Pages and Second Dream

6 SITALIN: (6 – 10)

Universal Energy
colors, lines and shapes and spirals (2-5-10-7)
colors, lines and shapes and spirals (2-5-10-7)
universal energy (2-5-low3-0)
omniversal geometry
it is kind – it blows your mind (5-7 7-10-7)
it sets me free – and it is free (0-5-2-0 0-low3-0)
colors, lines and shapes and spirals
universal energy
it blows our mind
blows our mind for free
universal energy
(universal pattern in 16: 0-0-0-00-00-0-0-)
Trees are our friends
Trees are our friends
Trees are our friends
trees give us oxygen to breath
trees are home to birds and bees
trees are very strong
trees have been here long
trees have deep roots
trees give us plenty of fruits
trees are beautiful
trees give us wood
wood is beautiful – and useful
it warms me on a cold day
(sticks stop)
neel ain teen tohn
mor a heen tohn fayn
(Irish: there is no fireplace like your own fireplace)