Spiral rainbow


Shamanic Art Film “SoulScape”trailer
Soulscape Poems and Archaic Roots Music played on authentic ancient instruments from around the globe by Thomas Wiegandt, Ailin Becker and Amanda Vonricken, spontaneous painting by Det Schlich and Carina Thornton, plus dancers at the Ballydehob Social Club, 5-5-2012, 4 p.m.
Poetry is the backbone of this performance.

Music can be described as archaic, rhythmic, minimal, trancy, earthy, intense … the idea is to tune into the Now and leave the everyday consciousness and 21st century social control behind with its brain wash and fear of being judged from the outside for who we really are (scary:) – I hope to upload 2 music samples soon.
Musical instruments: some ancient instruments like a Kundu drum with a lizard skin from Papua New Guinea and a David’s harp from Ethiopia plus a Balinese Gangsa and many others.
Dance or better authentic movement: tuning into the music on an individual feeling level by the dancers/movers at the time of the performance exploring the reality of the now on a deeper level, with an emphasis on slow earthy vibrations. Costumes/masks also earth tones. (more detail obviously will develop during the rehearsal – only one rehearsal! = not to dilute the essence)
Painters will paint a picture onto a blank canvas/card board during the performance

Intro: 1 or 2 laptop computers on the empty stage play clips of the anti nuclear demonstrations in 70 s Germany, while people find a seat.
Performers come on stage, Thomas plays octaphon while Ailin closes the laptop computers and the performance begins..

1) (T: Octaphon stops)

Blow-ins In The Wind (spoken)
I saw the best minds of my generation blown
Alan Ginsberg wrote this in 1955
the year I was born
and the best minds of my generation were still blown
when I grew up
to many were too stoned and too alone
same old story is still going on and on
we were blow-ins in the wind
naive and on the mend
enjoying the storm at the beach
blown away and out of reach
with empty hands and all alone
and we did not dare to go home
to keep on mowing the lawn
hoping to be eventually reborn
but instead waking up before dawn shivering
as does my neighbor Mr.John O’Blivion
and what would that be good for
being in denial as before
awakening on the same familiar shore
same old same thing and more …
so let’s move on and relax
no worries about money and tax
and have a break
at the shore of a lake
just a quick reality check
shivers of happiness down our backs
and no more wishing to forget
and no fear – of being here …
just timeless paradise – without lies

2) (AM: chimes intro, T: Ethiopian Harp, AI: frame drum, AM: Djembe + shakers)

… and the beat goes on (sung)
first there was the big bang
everything started then
and the beat goes on
and on and on
(drums + perc. carry on)
listen to the music and move
be alive and move to the groove
and the beat goes on
it’s been there all along
(drums + perc. eventually ends)

3) (AI: gangsa harmonies, T: ocarina, AM: Ocean Drum, spaciously),

Tuning In (sung)
I’m tuning into the space
I’m getting to know the place
I’m tuning in time
I’m taking my time – it’s my time
(AM: Ocean Drum stops, T: egg cutter)
the time is flowing thru the now
and I’m floating along – somehow
I’m tuning into the vibe
tonight we unite as one tribe
and we take no bribe
(AI: gangsa)
I’m tuning into you
and iI’m tuning into myself
we are tuning into nature itself
and we are tuning into the omniverse

4) (AI: Bamboo-phone, T: log-phone, AM: shakers)

Magic Forest (spoken)
(little written notes – or: small posters?, given to various members of the audience to read out loud or hold up)
long time ago
the 2- legged animals lived a simple life
in the magic forest
magic times long time ago
(T: jaws harp, horn, AI + AM: percussions , eventually ends)
long time ago
the 2- legged animals lived a simple life
in the magic forest
magic times long time ago

5) (AI: bones pulse)

Human Animals (spoken)
why do human beings often don’t feel their bodies anymore ?
why are human animal so often unhappy ?
why do human beings live in their heads a lot of the time ?
why do they talk and talk so much ?
why do so many things need to be said ?
talking almost non stop – talking non stop
why all that racing and rushing around ?
rushing around almost non stop
have we lost the plot
watch your cat, watch your dog
watch any animal – look around – it’s time to stop
(Bones stop, just voice)
the human animal really needs more care
let’s retrieve what is missing
something that is not there

6) (T: Kundu Drum – pa.dupa.. , AI: caxixi + shekere, AM: scraper, then block)

Good Vibration (sung)
spread a good vibration
through out the whole nation
this is not a new revelation
it’s been true for every generation
media brainwash is a bad attraction
money and power – the old corruption
disruption of the natural flow
rushing around and nowhere to go
how low can the 2 legged animal go
stop the mind pollution
get rid of the old confusion
be part of the new solution
it’s called re-evolution
we can unite tonight
we can shine a light
and we can drop our fear
for that we need no special gear
shed no tear – play your part
follow the heart – listen to the ear
spread a good vibration
through out the whole nation
(T: Bougarabou, other carry on, all perc. stops eventually)

7) (T: horn, AM: chimes – eventually stops)

Questions (spoken)
what is going to work out in the end
is not so hard to understand
but some questions need to be asked
some questions need to be answered
to be answered by someone
some questions need to be answered
by everyone
how do we survive
what is acceptable in life
and what won’t be regrettable
which people are actually compatible
which pieces of the puzzle are fitting
what do I see from where I’m sitting
and how can I know
that I’m in the flow
and how would it feel
to be free and real
would I sense it
would I be able to make the right decision
with no hesitation and no concession
make the right move
move to my groove
walk into the right direction
with or without reflection
and keep on moving
towards you and towards me
and how will it all be
will it be easy then — finally

8) (T: jaw harp, AI: Kalimba, AM: hooves rattle – eventually stops)

Up In The Sky (sung, acapella
or: reggae-ish Bm – A, then G – A – B)
there are so many clouds up in the sky
and there are too many thoughts in my mind
and life is passing me by – and by
and just around the corner there are so many things to find
so many new things to replace the old thoughts in my mind
I simply need to re-arrange
and be ready right now – for a change
(AI: gangsa, T: Suling flute, AM: rainstick)

9) (AI: bones, AM: block, T: Kundu drum – rubber beater – eventually stops)

Stones (spoken)
I was sitting by the stones
the bones of the earth
the stones started to talk
they told me the story of my birth
and many ancient stories I needed to know
so finally I was able grow
and hear the call
and make sense of it all
I’m a link in a chain
and nothing had been in vain
but the chain twists around and tangles up at times
a picture of confusing lines
which lead back to the beginning
it’s an unbroken chain
and I’m holding on to it now
as I’m sitting by the stones
the bones of the earth
staring into timeless space
forgetting… and vaguely remembering
that I have been here before
in another life

10) (AM: rainsticks, T: long bamboo flute – eventually stops)

(AI: caxixi 6/8, AM: slow rainsticks)
Relationships (sung)
keep gently leaning
into each other
and feel the gentle touch
and don’t ask too much
keep the balance
and don’t fall either way
don’t fall away
don’t fall – at all
and heed the call
from someone
who is still recovering
from more than one fall
(T: bamboo flute)
may happiness be a delicious food
enjoy the ride as long as it’s good
and let go when it’s not good anymore
that just might open a new door
a door that wasn’t there before
walk right through
who knows what it is good for
(T: bamboo flute)
(all music stops)
control and regulation
are the tools of insecure people
who do not trust their fellow beings
control and regulation
are the tools of selfish people
who abuse their power
and who take advantage of a situation
equals are caring
and able to act self responsibly
for the individual and common good

11) (AI: Bamboo-phone, T: Ethiopian Harp)

The Warm Healing (spoken)
people are hurt, people are crazy
that is surely for definite, not just maybe
no need to work too hard
nor to be too lazy
the sharing a lot of a warm feeling
will do the healing

12) (T: Kundu Drum, AM: Djembe – AI: various – eventually stops)

Mask Dance (spoken)
when wearing the mask
we can accomplish the task
and then we can take off the mask
as we dare to be ourselves
and be out there on our own
no more hidden away on top of a shelf
and for our own sake
finally falling awake
and starting to shake
this time for real and not a fake
starting to shake all over
starting to shake before it shakes us
let music and dance be a powerful magical ritual
and allow that to become eventually habitual
music and dance and all the arts –
outer expression of the inner spirit
from deep within our hearts
the free spirit of joy and creation
out in the open
(T: HD bell 4/4, –> AM: Djembe, AI: shakers, and then group improvisation)