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Land of Magic – acoustic ethno ambient music



Soulful and gentle roots world music, melodic and rhythmic, featuring the Balafon (West African Xylophone), the Hang (a Swiss novelty steel drum), the sitalin (a sitar lute, build by Thomas), the Euklang (a tuned cylindrical aluminium drum, build by Thomas) and many other instruments. Musicians: Thomas Wiegandt: guitar, sitalin, flute, hang, euklang, gambang, drum — Ailin Becker: drum, hang — Fred Rasta Mali : Balafon — John O’Sullivan Sherig: hang — Sound Editing: Peter Sai-Ngarm, Thomas Wiegandt. The CD has 17 tracks with a total playing time of 70:15 Feedback: It puts a nice atmosphere into the house and the children also liked it very much. (Justine Foster, West Cork Art Centre) Sweet music, thank you. Caroline Carey (dance + movement teacher, West Cork)

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Land of Magic
1Call From Mali
2Magic Light
5Afro Dro (Circle Dance)
6Hang On
7Land of Magic
8Take Your Time
9Late Summer
10Shepherd-s Dance
12Jah Dro (Circle Dance)
13Happy Feeling
14Dancing Feet
15Another Land
16Dragonfly (Hang Version)
17Late Summer (First Transmission)