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Thomas Wiegandt and friends – Dolce Vita – The music of life



Dolce Vita <-> Varieté De La Vie <-> Living And Alive <-> Vielfalt Des Lebens < Acoustic true vibration music, which is all about life in a poetic and passionate way. It’s not polished, but perfect as it is – in its imperfection and uniqueness. Lots of different sounds and tunes, talking and singing in different languages. Life and music: it’s good to keep both natural and real. Dedicated to the generous nature of the universe and the ancestors, who look after us. Music played, written and edited by Thomas Wiegandt 2002-2012 with the help of these friends: (1) Dink Rowe: voc. – (3,8,11,19) Basil Schur: clarinet – (4,10,22) Roxan Riou: voc. – (6,15,17) Seán: voc. – (12) Aleesha Wiegandt: voc. – (16,20) Ailin Becker: calimba, perc. – (23) Mark Minard: drum – (24) Sarah Zugno: voc. – Refléxion Inutile was written in Paris ~1980 by Corinne ? or Natalie Benaim The CD has 24 tracks with a total playing time of 67:39

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Dolce Vita – The music of life
2Unwind and Unfold (the un-song)
3An Bóthar Variation
4Refléxion Inutile
5October 2009
6On A Beach
7Ocean Of Time
8Trust (Sitalin)
10Refléxion Inutile 2
13Nilia (my beloved)
14Samala (healing chant)
15Tíntán (fire side)
18Double U Double U Double U Dot
19Leaves In The Wind
20Heitere Gelassenheit
22Refléxion Inutile (acapella)
23Ease At Last
24Dolce Vita