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Thomas Wiegandt – A minor Love Affair – Ambient guitar music



A pleasant and harmonious collection of ambient music by Thomas Wiegandt played mostly in the key of A minor on guitar, mandolin and sitalin – with some transmissions from ancient times plus some more recent classical and popular references … The CD has 11 tracks with a total playing time of 49:00. Feedback: “This is really good !” (daughter Aleesha Wiegandt, 8 years of age)

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A minor Love Affair
2Flowers In The Wind
3The Way Back
4Ancient Time
5Stairway For Elise 15
6Nocturne Espagnole 5a
7By The Well
8Stairway For Elise 17
9Fire Dance
10Nocturne Espagnole 15
11Peaceful Feeling