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Thomas Wiegandt: Out There – Somewhere … – a musical expedition



A Kraut Rock music collage of nicely diverse pieces surfaced after 20 years. (Kraut Rock, meanwhile a trade mark, is a derogative in the English language for the inventive and highly individual Rock music in Germany in the 1970s) All acoustic and electric instruments have been played and recorded by multi-intsrumentalist Thomas Wiegandt in a farm house in the small village of Calle in the north of Germany in 1983/84. Only single takes were recorded on tape cassette, no overdubbing of instruments, several instrument are sometimes played simultaneous at the same time. Guest artists: tom cat Jimmy Kater and film star Marika Roekk. Straight transfer from original tape in 2004. Sound editing by PeterSai-Ngarm in 2007. The CD has 16 tracks with a total playing time of 57:44

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Out There Somewhere
1Guitar Start
5Flute - Percussion
7Casio - Electric Guitar
8Marika Roekk
9Casio Herbststrum
12Melodic Jazz Guitar
13Slow Harmonium
14Electric Guitar
15Guitar - Ocean
16Casio - Flute - TV - Electric Guitar