Spiral rainbow

Inside The Labyrinth – A Shamanic Sound Meditation



13 tracks recorded live in the Unitarian Church inside a labyrinth during the Cork 2005 European Capital Of Culture closing celebrations 21-12-2005. Musicians: Thomas Wiegandt + Ailin Becker. Instruments: shamanic drums, Tibetan singing bowls, flute, ocarina, kalimba, percussions. Bonus tracks – from various Spirit Trance Drumming sessions: 14-16 (An Sanctoir – Ballydehob, April 2001 Thomas Wiegandt: drums) 17 (Hear + Now Sessions 2002, Thomas Wiegandt: flute, vocals, drums, bowls, rainstick. Mark Minard: drums, bowls) 18 (Hearing Voices – Sound Session, Cork 11-2006, facilitated by Thomas Wiegandt) 19 (Feedback – backward) Time: 73:49 minutes

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Inside the Labyrinth
1singing bowls (1)
2singing bowls/drum
3shamanic drums
4singing bowls/rainstick
5suling flute (1)
6ocean drum/rainstick
7shamanic drums/voice
8ocean drum/ocarina
9gamelan bowls
12suling flute (2)
13singing bowls (2)
14Spirit Drumming 1
15Spirit Drumming 2
16Spirit Drumming 3
17Inward Journey
18Trance Session
19Grand End