Spiral rainbow

Daniele Trevisiol + Thomas Wiegandt + friends: Contemporary Chamber Music Of The Now



(selection from Douce Mountain Jam 2014 except Track 12) The unique beauty and aliveness of an inspired instant composition. Musicians; Ben Russell: piano – Daniele Trevisiol: violin – Dick Richards: digital percussion + sounds, harmonica – Gerd Neubeck: bass – Thomas Wiegandt: guitar, acoustic percussion, vocals + words, sound recording + editing – Ailin Becker: guitar(track 12)

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Contemporary Chamber Music Of The Now
2Night Drift
3Little Wisdom
4Freedom Waltz
5A Blues
6Romantic Italian
7In Motion
8Crazy Man 1
9Strangely Woven
10Boogie Woogie
11The Sky Is High
12La Defense