Spiral rainbow

On Music: Art vs. Business

Where does music originally come from in the first instance anyway ?

Well, music must originate from outer or inner space. As music consists of vibrations and waves and frequencies, it must be transmitted by a cosmic broadcasting system and we, the two-legged animals on the 3rd rock from the sun, a.k.a. Mother Earth, somehow tune into Cosmic Radio and receive all sorts of sounds and music with our bodies and our souls. By being open and receiving and feeling the cosmic vibrations, we then can express them with our voice and with sound making or musical instruments.

It is similar with any true art, be it dancing, painting, sculpting, writing, poetry, etc.

By being open and responsive and dropping the human ego and the conditioning of commercial capitalist society for a while, we become the instrument, being played by the Universe or God or the Cosmic Energy or whatever you call it. The music transmitted can be called creative and constructive community music improvisations or positive vibration fun jam music, it is truly a celebration of life and togetherness and a manifestation of the creation itself!

In other words, we, the two-legged animals are travelers on a spaceship we call planet Earth. The cosmic vibrations are always in our atmosphere and in the air we breathe. During our lifetime on Mother Earth we can still tune into Cosmic Radio, the broadcasting system of the omni-versal spirit, everywhere and anytime. We can unite by jamming and become cosmic musical instruments ourselves and together all of us in this instant composition orchestra can play a snippet of that ever-changing cosmic symphony. Listen with open hearts and ears and you will hear a molecule of the miracle of the infinite creation.

Music business is a human greed and ego trip.

We do not need an exclusive ego obsessed star cult and worship of an elite, a.k.a. “celebrities” who are most likely lonely people who did not receive a sufficient amount of unconditional love in their childhood or in later years and are desperately craving to be seen and heard now by a huge number of people to acknowledge and validate their existence on planet Earth as well as receiving substitute love in form of money, possessions and the privileges of a luxury life style. As a society of equals we need community based inclusive and constructive togetherness music jams and celebrations of life and existence with no one left out. Everyone can make a valuable contribution according to their abilities. Everyone has a part to play to create the magical community music and sound patchwork of togetherness and unity.

Music and dance and other forms of art are personal expressions of individual and personal emotions and by doing so we maintain our emotional, social,mental and physical health as individual and as community. All people, who are willing to share their art in a constructive and co-operative way are welcome and important players. We, the people, are all community artists and do not need to worship an exclusive elite of chosen ones, who exclusively work to feed their egos and make profit for the commercial and capitalist music industry machine. We are equals with a wide range of individual abilities capable to create a beautiful artistic symphony, a communal patch work of freedom by relating with awareness and with a spirit of mutual respect.

We also want to be true to the uniqueness of any moment, to enjoy the here and now ( the “hear and know”) rather than to reproduce, reproduce, reproduce and repeat, repeat, repeat … true communal fun and happiness are the objective as well as togetherness rather than competition.

A new musical concept and morality

Music is free, the universe provides in a non-monetary way. However, the time and effort put in by musicians needs to be appreciated and rewarded in some way. We pay for many conveniences in our life, the prices are usually set by capitalists or commercial people and are mostly not negotiable. I suggest a new morality on a self-responsible and voluntary basis: if someone enjoys music by a musician, this person may consider making a voluntary contribution to the livelihood of that musician, as the musician provides entertainment or listening pleasure. An appropriate donation according to the means of the listener appears to be a fair exchange. There is joy in voluntary giving and being generous. It is the cosmic dance of give and take, it is a harmonious balance for the happiness of all. Fair exchange is true community spirit. What goes around comes around!