Spiral rainbow

You And Me Blues

I’ve tried to get the picture
and it was just another blast from the past
I’ve often been your blues
and surely paid my dues
and you’ve always been just a dream
as crazy as it seems
that’s why I still play the blues for you and me
And I’m trying to get the picture
And I walked down this road so many miles
With lots of frowns and lots of smiles
And I set the colors free
and things are getting easier to see
But I’m still trying to get the picture
still trying to make sense
without being too serious and too tense
but sometimes its getting quite intense
putting the pieces together
in any kind of weather
and finally I am free to see
relaxed enough just to be
and now I know what its all about
and there’s no more any doubt
There is no need to blankly stare or swear
It’s just what has been always there
for everyone who cares to see
same old story of you and me