Spiral rainbow

Paint It Black

looking through the bottom
of redwood tam tam
as second hand gloves
touch the waves
timeless roads stopped
yesterdays tide
black skins are tied together
within small dusty huts
a child cries through
silent sorrows
undoing knots
of complicated thinking
bumpy roads
through the tropical heat
breathing iron red dust
rising in clouds to the sky
no gods worship
everyday’s laughter
and the goats are small in size
under confusing mangrove trees
colour is printed
bought and sold at the markets
washed permanently
until the blackness shivers
everything accelerates
for no good reason
no amulets grow on the trees
to give green oblivion
the wild animals are locked
inside in time tonight
the wedding is arranged
for tomorrow
the blessing of the sun
will grant forgiveness
no end is scheduled at this stage
life goes on
white dreams are bread
while the TV screams
while the koras are still playing
and the dogs are barking in a distance
and its safe to say : it is too warm
especially the beer out of the fridge
everybody is having a good time
as a tropical shower cools the night
the skin of the tam-tam is tightened again
as slow feet try to move me
out of the darkness