Spiral rainbow

Always new and already outdated

(guitar G-F)

Always new and already outdated (repeat some lines for building up intensity)
like a butterfly drifting by
drunk from the morning due
and it still makes me wonder …
Sometimes I awake
pale and naked
after another soul quake
and I am glad about that I actually feel safe
My awareness is the only mirror I got to go by
when I fly
as I still do
and some of you have reminded me too
I only hope the light is not already fading
as I find myself in a wooden boat
thrown around by the ever rolling waves of time
out on an ocean of love
in a dream inside of a forgotten cave
But after many many moons
the thoughts in my head are sill raging
and I never know
is there an end
and I never know
is there a land
beyond beyond
where I don’t draw a blank
and where things might be different
just nice and easy
and just around the next bend
where I can find
peace of mind
and a voice is whispering:
Just be
and be kind
to yourself
and that won’t hurt anybody else
you have already crossed over to another shore
And I find myself again
drenched to the bone as I am crawling in the sand
and I must say it is a bit strange

I feel high and the tide is low
and I still don’t know where to go
when I feel low and the sky is high
and I hear my heart beat and see my feet
passing by
and I guess
there is not much I can do
I just have to leave it at that
for now