Spiral rainbow


there is nothing to be done
all is good
but it is not easy
and when things are bad
mad and sad
it is not easy
it is still up to you
and especially up to me too

I’m trying to get rid of the rhyme
and any conventions
and the concept of time
and my self inflicted detention
it is good enough just to be
no expectation
no anticipation
just follow the feeling
right on without reeling
and as you is me
and all is one
we have permission to be
the way it all began
before there was rain or sun
but then there was change
and change is life
it still sometimes feels strange
the deeper I dive
life evolves
with ever-changing waves
slow and fast
the past won’t last

all I can do is trust
I have to trust
trust I must
that it is good enough just to be
and resist to rhyme this again with “free”
as it has always been like this
yet it is all new
bright and darker than blue
(and a butterfly is fluttering out of my brain