Spiral rainbow

Busy and Buzzing

the head is buzzing like a city
where the traffic never stops
even at four in the morning
I hear the ticking of the clocks
even at this ungodly hour it’s still noisy and busy
the never-ending thoughts are making me dizzy
and i wish there was a traffic jam
and it all would just stop with a bang
followed by a second of silence then
yes that is a good plan
but there it goes again
I hear the drums in my head
telling me you are not dead yet
I feel moved by the grooves
I have to get off from my seat
and start moving to the syncopated beat
to manifest the vibe from inside
outside in nature to stay alive
everything is all over the place
really no where in particular
but right in the face
I try to be mindful not to get lost again – in my dreams
I try to be mindful not to get lost again – in that daze
wasting more of my lifetime, in the end nothing remains
and anyway as you came into this room now
and are looking over my shoulder
as I am now older and bolder
I tell you if it’s worth your while
take the whole pile
you might as well publish that stuff
that I wrote down from a voice above
it wouldn’t matter to me much at all
but it could be someone else’s call
maybe to break down the conventional barriers
the terrestrials might finally release their terriers
to play free in the wild with a smile
and for a while again act like a child
make sense without any sense at all
as long as you manage to fly you can’t fall
connect via feeling
spiraling up without a railing